WCW Thunder 3/1/2000

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WCW Thunder
FargoDome, Fargo, North Dakota
March 1, 2000

In honor of the Uncensored PPV coming up in just a few weeks, everyone seemed to have the same game plan in Fargo… beat people up and break as many rules while doing it. Team Package continued to send out their message to Hulk Hogan and Sting, breaking Vampiro’s arm and leaving Bagwell laying. Referee Mickey Jay evened the score with Mark Johnson, compliments of a roll of coins. The Wall proved why he is the most dangerous man in the wrestling world. Dustin added fuel to the already burning fire of Rhodes/Funk 2000. And the nWo continued to prevail on their way to Uncensored, with hopes of taking all of the WCW World gold.

Backstage, as Sid Vicious arrived at the arena, Terry Taylor told the champion he had set up what Sid wanted.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Chavo Guerrero Jr. d. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea with Paisley by DQ

The champion went right after Chavo, taking him to the canvas with a vicious knee lift. Guerrero fought back, sending the Cruiserweight champ reeling through the ropes to the floor, where he crashed down with a top rope dive. Inside the ring, Paisley distracted the referee and The Artist cracked Guerrero over the head with the title belt. Charles Robinson turned around and caught TAFNAPI with the strap and immediately calling for the bell, awarding the bout to Jr. via DQ.

Interview: Team Package
The Total Package told Mean Gene he would finish off Vampiro later in the Thunder broadcast. The Nature Boy said he would throw around what was left of Buff Bagwell after Package took him apart on Monday Nitro.

Interview: Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chavo told Mean Gene he went broke on the sales job he had over the past few months. He said he would come back after the Cruiserweight Title, as he lifted Gene’s watch from him.

Interview: Dustin Rhodes
Dustin said he was sick of signing autographs and shaking hands with people and would do it no more. Rhodes directed the crowd to the big screen, where a clip of Terry Funk’s autograph signing was shown. As the fans filed through the line, Dustin snuck up from behind the table, attacked Funk and poured hot coffee on him. Back in the ring, as Dustin taunted the crowd, Funk hit the ring, laying Rhodes out with a steel chair. American Dream 2000 fired back on The Funker with the chair, until security hit the ring to break up the fight.

Interview: The Harris Boys and Jeff Jarrett
Heavy D and Big Ron told The Mamalukes they were next on the list after tonight’s business. Jarrett told Gene that one of the nWo girls would be dismissed by the end of the night. He would hold a series of contests; the girl with the least amount of points would hit the high road.

Backstage, Booker, Kidman and Sid prepare for their match later in the show.

Hardcore Match Fit Finlay and Brian Knobs and The Dog d. 3 Count

As 3 Count started their dance routine, Knobs and Finlay came out, introducing their partner, Al Greene, who they called The Dog. Led to the ring by Fit on a leash, The Dog was let loose and immediately attacked all three hardcore champions. Soon tables, trashcans and 3 Count members covered the ring mat. The end came when The Dog splashed Shannon Moore through a table in the ring, putting an end to the massacre.

Interview: La Parka
The chairman told Mean Gene in his Mexican jive that he would win his match tonight with two chair shots… one for him and one for his homies. After the interview, Gene entered the nWo locker room to see how the contest was progressing.

Interview: The nWo
Gene was there for round one of the contest… a spelling bee. The first three girls were given hard words or were tricked by their meanings. The fourth beauty was asked to spell rat, which she did, scoring points for round one. Next up… test of strength.

La Parka d. The Demon

It was Halloween all over again as The Demon fired up on the masked luchador early on. After the Demon’s Elbow the KISS creation was caught low by La Parka back kick. This allowed The Chairman to take control and eventually score the victory.

Backstage, Nick Patrick told Mark Johnson to suit up and get ready for his match against Mickey Jay.

Backstage, the nWo contest continued, with contestant No. 4 beating Mean Gene in an arm wrestling match, gathering more points for herself in the competition.

Backstage, Sting tells The Total Package that he is back and will destroy him at Uncensored.

Backstage, as TTP and Elizabeth make their way to the ring, Package tells Sting to watch what he does to Vampiro.

Backstage, the Kid Cam filmed Miss Hancock attempting to proposition Buff Bagwell. Buff Daddy tells her to stay put until after his match.

The Total Package with Elizabeth d. Vampiro

Package backed Vamp into the corner and delivered a slap across the face to set the tone for the match. The gothic one countered his opponent several times, but the experience of Package put him in control again. TTP used his strength and power to throw the good sized Vampiro around, wearing down the back as a set up for the Torture Rack. As Package attempted his signature move, Vampiro slid over the top, escaping from the hold. Ric Flair ran into the ring, distracting the referee and giving Elizabeth free reign to attack with the bat. Package easily applied the Rack and scored the tainted victory. After the match, Package placed Vamp’s arm in the chair and chalked another broken arm onto his list.

Backstage, as Vampiro refused to be taken in an ambulance, Fit Finlay attacked him, beating him to a pulp.

Mickey Jay d. “Slick” Mark Johnson

Jay backed Johnson into the corner and delivered clubbing forearms to the chest. Johnson, wearing a slapnuts shirt, fought back, choking Mickey in the corner. Referee Nick Patrick handed something to Jay, who knocked Johnson out cold and got the 1-2-3 count. Jay stood over Slick Mark and opened the role of quarters he just took over his head.

Backstage, Mean Gene was in his glory as the swimsuit contest got underway. No. 4 wins again, and Gene takes off to prepare for another interview.

No Contest – The Wall vs. Crowbar

Crowbar dove over the top rope onto the former bodyguard, taking him to the floor. Inside the ring, David Flair took a chokeslam, allowing Crowbar time to retrieve a chair, which he slammed over the skull of The Wall. The end came when The Wall chokeslammed Crowbar from the ring apron, straight through the announcer’s table to the floor. At this point, the referee had no choice but to throw the match out. The EMTs took Crowbar out on a stretcher.

Interview: Sid Vicious and Billy Kidman and Booker
The three told Mean Gene that the “chrome dome” Harris Boys and The Chosen One would feels their wrath later in the night’s main event.

Backstage, the nWo girls ask Jeff Jarrett if they can have a few minutes to freshen up before the decision was made. Jarrett says yes and contestants one, two and three trash No. 4, pouring powder on her and messing her hair. Jarrett says she looks like hell, and is the girl to go.

Ric Flair d. Buff Bagwell

Bagwell got the crowd on his side as he prepared to battle the 14-time heavyweight champion. Buff applied the figure four at the start, but Flair was quick to get to the ropes. As Buff took it to Ric in the corner, The Nature Boy let loose with a pair of low blows, putting him the driver’s seat. Bagwell got to his feet and sent Flair across the ring upside down to the floor. After applying his Blockbuster finisher, Buff was on his way to victory until Package and Liz hit ringside. The devious Elizabeth distracted referee Robinson, as TTP thrashed Buff with the ever-present bat, setting Flair up for the win. Team Package continued their assault after the bell until Curt Hennig ran out for the save.

Backstage, Buff Bagwell offered to cheer up the distraught nWo girl that was sent packing.

Jeff Jarrett and The Harris Boys d. Booker and Billy Kidman and Sid Vicious

Jarrett send the three remaining nWo girls back to the dressing room at the start. Booker, Kidman and Sid stood side by side with a common goal – to eliminate the nWo. Billy and Booker had the Harris Boys scattering, but were slowed down as Kidman caught a clothesline, landing on his head. After a series of sidekicks and a powerbomb by the WCW Champion, Jarrett was covered, but only two was counted before Big Ron pulled referee Patrick out of the ring. Kidman came from the top with a missile dropkick, but hit Booker inadvertently, allowing Jarrett to score the pin. After the bell, Kidman was dropped with the H-Bomb and Sid took the guitar over the head as Thunder came to a close.

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