WCW Thunder 5/10/2000

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WCW Thunder
Springfield, Illinois
May 10, 2000

As the Millionaires’ Club tried to regroup after several setbacks on Nitro, the pack was still missing some of their key players in Ric Flair, DDP and Kanyon. Many incidents throughout the night made for another interesting edition of Thunder on TBS. Eric Bischoff tried to buy the Hardcore Title from Terry Funk, the Animals stacked the deck against The Hogan family, Vampiro and Sting heated things up in their feud, and Vince Russo, in his continued attempt to get under Ric Flair’s skin … took Flair’s own flesh and blood on a trip to the big city, playing “pseudo dad” to the naive David.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Chris Candido with Tammy d. Crowbar with Daffney

Candido taunted the Springfield crowd as Tammy prepared to reveal another skimpy outfit. Crowbar showed that he could go in the ring with the Cruiserweight champion, taking him off guard with some innovative moves. Tammy came up to the apron to break up a pin attempt; always prepared to do anything to protect Candido and the gold. The psycho challenger hit a big splash and a clothesline from the apron to the floor, wearing down the champion. Candido drove Crowbar down with a powerbomb from the top, on his way back up however, Daffney brought him down with a “Frankenscreamer” huracanrana. This prompted Tammy to come in and the catfight was on. After the dust settled, it was Hard Knox getting the win, retaining his Cruiserweight title.

Backstage, as Terry Funk stood in the New Blood dressing room, Eric Bischoff tried to buy the Hardcore Title from the legend. Funk told Easy E to stick it where the sun didn’t shine. Bischoff told The Cat to get him Harlem Heat.

Outside, Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner arrived to the arena. In the background, the Goldberg monster truck pulled up to the back of the building.

In a pre-taped vignette, Vince Russo took David Flair, Crowbar and Daffney on a tour of the Big Apple. He told Daffney to go play in traffic, so she did. He then treated Crowbar and Flair to one of New York’s famous nude women revues.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Terry Funk d. Harlem Heat 2000 with J Biggs

Stevie Ray told Funk to get to the ring and get his old ass kicked. The Funker came in with two raw chickens, which he used as weapons in this hardcore battle against three men. Soon, the HH members took over on the legend, trying to not only win the title, but end his career. As Stevie Ray held Terry, Big T refused to hit him, smashing the trashcan lid over Ray’s head instead. While the Heat fought from within, Funk leveled Cash with a chair and took the victory.

Interview: Vampiro
Mike Tenay sat down with Vampiro earlier in the day for an intense interview. The dark angel said he was not in character and wore the face paint because he was ashamed of growing up being poor. Vamp said that he took Sting’s crow on Monday because “Steve” didn’t have time to take care of it. He told the story of Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a bat for attention, and stated that he wanted to re enact the event on Thunder. Tenay begged him not to and, just as he was about to perform the act, Sting charged the set, beating Vamp around the studio. Vampiro laughed in Sting’s face all the while.

“The Perfect One” Shawn Stasiak d. Corporal Cajun

Lash said he was to be referred to as Corporal Cajun form there on out. Curt Hennig joined the announcers at ringside. The Perfect One showed his skills in the ring, dominating over the Corporal. Cajun fired back, ducking a rollup attempt that sent his opponent to the floor. Hennig interfered, dropping Cajun face first on the announcer’s table, priming him for a loss against The Perfect One.

Backstage, Vince Russo told Elizabeth that if she could beat Rhonda Singh, she could go back with The Total Package.

Back in the Big Apple, Daffney freaked out as she came upon the Statue of Liberty .. on the sidewalk. Russo told them that they move Liberty around everyday to a different place, giving everyone a piece of the old lady.

Disqualification – Rhonda Singh d. Elizabeth
Liz looked scared out of her wits as she walked to the ring to face the woman known as Monster Ripper. Singh brushed off a kick and squashed Liz in the corner with her backside. As she went for a full splash, The Total Package ran in, blocking her from getting to his girl. Singh charged and Elizabeth kicked her right into a Torture Rack, courtesy of Luger. The referee called for the bell, disqualifying Liz for interference. Luger and Liz embraced in the ring as Russo sent Chuck Palumbo in with the baseball bat. He swung and hit Liz in the back before destroying Package as well. He carried the limp body of Elizabeth back to Russo on the stage.

Interview: Vince Russo, David Flair and Daffney
Russo claimed to be the man who broke Ric Flair. He stated that Ric tortured David for 21 years, but Vinnie Ru was there to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. David said his father was nowhere to be found when he was growing up. As much as Ric had no time for his son over the years, David said he now had no time for his dad. Russo called out Arn Anderson, who he claimed was just as guilty as The Nature Boy. Arn said that Russo was called a groupie and a wanna be by the veterans in the back, and that David was being snowed by Russo’s feigned compassion. The Enforcer went on to explain how he was with Ric through the years, when he worked sick, hurt and missed his family everyday as he traveled town to town to put food on the table. Russo told Arn that he would face David in a match later in the show. Anderson told David to be ready.

Backstage, Bischoff, The Cat and Chuck Palumbo discussed strategy in the hallway.

Outside, Hulk Hogan arrived to the arena.

Backstage, Bischoff once again demanded the Hardcore Title from Terry Funk. The legend told the boss to take it from him if he wanted it. Eric said Funk would have one more match before Thunder was over.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Terry Funk d. “The Main Event” Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo entered the ring once again with Luger’s music, light show and ring attire. Funk came out for his second match of the night. The Main Event got hardcore right away, smashing the champion with a chair and setting a table in the corner. After going through the table, the man of 1,000 lives revived and fought Palumbo all the way through the crowd and into the backstage area. The two didn’t let up a bit, taking the brawl outside. As Main Event attempted to throw Funk over the edge of the building, Luger saved him, slamming Palumbo into a dumpster, where The Funker got the pinfall. Package threatened Main Event if he didn’t tell him where Liz was. R&B Security showed up and maced Luger.

Outside, Big Sexy Kevin Nash arrived in a white stretch limousine. In the background, Norman Smiley and Ralphus stood on a street corner. Ralphus held a sign that read “will wrestle for food.”

No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere, Handicapped, Texas Death, I Quit Match
The Filthy Animals d. Horace Hogan

Bischoff stated that if Hulk Hogan interfered in the match, Horace would be fired from WCW. The Filthy Animal clan surrounded the ring as Horace went to work on Billy. After Kidman knocked down the referee, Bischoff changed the rules to No DQ. The fight spilled to the floor, with Easy E calling for Falls Count Anywhere. Another rule changed made it a handicapped match, allowing the Animals to charge the ring and destroy Hogan. Kidman dropped a big elbow off the top rope but Horace kicked out at two and a half, bringing the crowd to their feet. Hogan got the pin, but Eric changed the rules yet again to a Texas Death Match, giving Billy to the count of ten to get up. Bischoff smashed a chair over Horace’s head and changed it to an I Quit Match. He told Horace that he would give him the opportunity of a lifetime and offered to let him into the New Blood. Hogan responded by spitting in Eric’s face, who told the Animals to finish him off. After the bell, The Hulkster charged in and chased Eric to the back. Nash ran in to save Horace from a further beating. Russo came to the stage and told Big Sexy that he made him cool in the WWF, and he would make him cool again. The New Bloodbath fell from the sky, covering Nash in the ring.

Outside, Bischoff and Russo ran for their lives, hiding in the white limo. Hulk and Big Sexy came out and smashed in the windows with baseball bats.

No Contest – Arn Anderson d. David Flair with Daffney

Arn tied up several times with Flair, pushing him away and asking him if he was ready to change his mind. Everything David tried to do, Anderson countered it and then some. Crowbar ran in, but was met with a patented Anderson spinebuster. Daffney hit The Enforcer low before Flair smashed a mini Statue over Anderson’s bad neck. Flair went on to lock the figure four on an unconscious Arn.

In another vignette from New York, Russo, Crowbar, Flair and Daffney ran roughshod throughout the FAO Schwartz toy store.

Interview: Rick Steiner
The Dog Faced Gremlin told Goldberg that Tank would take him down if he ever got the guts to come back. He introduced Tank to the ring, who came out to Goldberg’s entrance, carrying sparklers to the ring. Rick told his brother he finally got his payback from a year ago when Scott joined the nWo. As Tank called out Goldberg, Kronic made their way out to challenge Steiner and Abbott to a fight. As soon as the four tangled, Buff and The Franchise hit the ring, making it a four on two disadvantage for the Kronic team. Big Poppa Pump came out, but Rick and Tank took off, leaving Scott and Kronic to beat down R&B Security.

Outside, the Goldberg monster truck destroyed Steiner and Abbott’s car.

On the streets of New York, David Flair proposed to Daffney.

Ambulance Match
Sting d. Mike Awesome

Awesome jumped Sting as he stepped through the ropes. Mike immediately went under the ring for a table, bringing it onto the ramp. Sting dropkicked the table into Awesome’s face and broke it in half with a backdrop. They fought to the top of the ambulance that was parked on the side of the stage. Awesome went for an Awesome Bomb, but Sting slid over his back and delivered a Scorpion Death Drop. He opened the ambulance and was met by Vampiro, who spewed red liquid into his face. With Awesome still on top, Vamp put Sting inside and drove away as Thunder faded to black.

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