WCW Thunder 5/17/2000

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WCW Thunder
Lafayette, Louisiana
May 17, 2000

At the end of Monday’s Nitro broadcast, we found out that Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo would be doing business elsewhere for Thunder and that The Franchise Shane Douglas would be in charge for the night. The Franchise barked orders from the start, but as the show progressed without the two big sheriffs around, Shane found out exactly how loyal the New Blood were going to stay to the new Deputy Douglas

Outside the arena, Shane Douglas checked off the names of the New Blood members as they exited their bus. Konnan challenged Douglas’ authority, leading to the New Blood members breaking into a fight amongst each other. The Millionaires’ Club seized the opportunity to attack the whole pack of them, creating a WCW riot in the parking lot.

Interview: The Millionaires Club
The Millionaires’ Club came to the ring, along with the Misfits In Action and Booker T. Hulk Hogan told The Franchise that whatever he had planned for the evening, it wasn’t going to take place. The New Blood came to the stage, with Douglas reminding everyone who was put in charge. Hulk challenged Kidman to a match at the Great American Bash and told Horace he would go one-on-one with his uncle later on Thunder. When Jeff Jarrett came to the stage and called out The Nature Boy, Flair smacked him in the back of the head with the WCW Title, before the New Blood jumped on him. The Millionaires’ Club ran up the ramp for the save.

Backstage, as Shane Douglas tried to regroup his troops, The Filthy Animals said they would not fight his battles for him and walked off.

No Contest – The Filthy Animals vs. The Misfits In Action

The Animals came to the ring with a very cool new entrance. Major Guns accompanied the Misfits to the ring, looking ready for a fight. All four members of the MIA splashed Disco in the corner before Guns came in to get her two… cents in. Rey went onto Rection’s shoulders for a huracanrana, but the Captain held him up. As Rey punched his way out of the move, Rection fell forward, landing between the legs of Mysterio. Shawn Stasiak came out and DDT’d Lieutenant Loco on the ramp, causing the ref to throw the match away. Booker hit the ring and sent the Animals and Stasiak heading for higher ground. Major Guns gave Loco mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after the attack.

Backstage, The Millionaires smiled as they watched the action on the monitor. The Total Package excused himself, saying he had something to take care of.

Interview: The Misfits In Action and Booker T
Booker told Mean Gene that he was sick of the New Blood and that it was time for him to go to war.

Backstage, Billy Kidman took offense to Horace reaching for Torrie’s arm to go to the ring. Horace knocked Kidman to the ground and grabbed Wilson, heading into the arena.

Hulk Hogan d. Horace Hogan with Torrie Wilson

Hulk jumped on Horace as he entered the ring, with the action quickly falling to the floor. Inside, The Hulkster used the weightlifting belt, bringing it down hard across the back of his turncoat nephew. Torrie distracted the referee, allowing Horace to jump Hulk from behind. When Torrie hugged and kissed Horace, Kidman charged the ring in a jealous rage. Hulk threw Billy over the ropes through a table, before pinning Horace for the 1-2-3. Hulk teased punching Torrie after the match, but kissed her instead. Wilson fell to the mat with a big smile on her face, obviously enjoying the smooch from The Hulkster.

Outside, The Total Package asked a building security guard where the nearest gym was.

As the WCW camera crew followed Package to a local gym, Lex told everyone to leave. As The Main Event Chuck Palumbo did a set on the bench press, Luger stepped in as his spotter before attacking him. He beat Palumbo around the gym, including clocking him over the head with a 40-pound plate.

Outside, Ralphus and Norman Smiley sold bootleg F.U.N.B. shirts in the parking lot.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Terry Funk d. The Cat

The Cat talked smack on the hardcore legend, as Funk walked from the ring and punched Miller right in the head. Soon, they took the fight behind the curtain to the backstage area. Trashcans, soda cans and popcorn bags were just a few of the items that were used in the brawl. Outside in the street, The Cat hit Funk with a rake as the two headed for Norman and Ralphus’ car. Funk smashed in the windows, with Smiley desperately tried to save the tee shirts as they were scattering around the lot. The Cat pushed Norman against the fence, prompting the former champion to take a chair over Miller’s back. Funk pinned Cat in the trunk of the car to retain the Hardcore Title.

Mike Awesome was shown carrying a stretcher to the ring.

Outside, Ralphus and Smiley were arrested for indecent exposure.

Ambulance Match
Scott Steiner with Midajah and Shikira d. Mike Awesome

Awesome said that since he already put Kanyon out of wrestling, he would do the same to DDP at the Great American Bash in an Ambulance Match. He challenged anyone to come to the ring and face him. Big Poppa Pump came to the stage and said that the only faction he was a part of was the one with his freaks nation wide. The match got underway fast, with Steiner delivering a huge belly to belly suplex. Midajah and Shikira looked concerned on the ramp as Awesome took over, showing his power on Big Poppa. As Steiner slapped on the Steiner Recliner, Goldberg’s music played, but it was actually Tank Abbott mimicking the former champion again. Scott jumped Abbott on the stage, but Rick Steiner and Awesome joined in the fight, making it three-on-one. The Goldberg monster truck drove into the arena, distracting Rick and Tank enough for Scott to fight back and throw them onto the hood. The truck drove away with Rick and Abbott still aboard, giving Awesome a chance to retreat by going into the Ambulance, thus making Big Poppa Pump the winner.

Backstage, Shane tried again to get the New Blood to rally together.

Interview: Kanyon
In a pre-taped segment, Mike Tenay interviewed Chris Kanyon from his hospital bed. Kanyon said he was physically weak and emotionally worse. He still wants to wrestle, but first has to concentrate on walking again. Kanyon stated that after all Page had been through, throughout the match and in his personal life, he owed it to him to save him up on the cage. Tenay brought up that Page is walking today while Chris is in a hospital bed. Kanyon, after all he had been through, was still worried about DDP getting himself in too deep.

Backstage, Kronic called Shane on his cell phone, challenging him to a three-way dance. Douglas said he had the New Blood to watch his back, but they all walked out the door, leaving him alone.

Backstage, Kronic attacked The Franchise in the dressing room.

Three-Way Dance
Brian Clark d. Brian Adams and The Franchise Shane Douglas

Clark and Adams brought Douglas to the ring, continuing the beating they started in the back. Clark drove The Franchise to the canvas with a pump handle powerslam. As Shane was thrown over the ropes, he grabbed the tag team belts and headed down the ramp. The Wall appeared and put Douglas through a table. Back inside, Kronic delivered their patented double slam on Shane for the win.

Interview: Ric Flair
The fans chanted “15 times” to Flair as he stood in the ring, once again the king of WCW. The Nature Boy said he respected Jarrett, stating he was from the old school. Flair said that Vince Russo grew up with his parents wanting him to be like Bruno Sammartino, but “little skinny Vinnie” wanted to be the Nature Boy. Jeff Jarrett’s music hit the sound system and The Chosen One came down the ramp for a fight. As Crowbar, David and Daffney joined in the ruckus, Arn Anderson made the save for his long-time friend, Ric Flair. Arn told Jarrett, Crowbar, Daffney and David that in 10 minutes, they were going to be taken to task, Horsemen style.

Backstage, Vampiro told Sting he was going to take him to hell, as he set a Stinger mask on fire.

Interview: Sting
Sting told Vampiro he was real close to snapping and that he said he was going to take him out on him in Louisiana. Vampiro came out and told “Steve” that he didn’t finish Vamp off on Monday because some part of Sting liked him. The dark angel said that at the Great American Bash, the two would wrestle in an Inferno Match. Sting said no, but Vamp stated that he had no choice as the ring ropes suddenly caught on fire.

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson d. Jeff Jarrett and David Flair and Crowbar and Daffney

Flair came to the ring, but on the screen, David, Crowbar and Daffney attacked Anderson in the back. Jarrett jumped the Nature Boy on the ramp, but he fought back, laying in some of his famous chops. This comeback would not last long however, as David and Crowbar ran in, making it three-on-one. Kevin Nash made the save as Flair got the pin on Daffney. Nash took a chair shot, but was unaffected and chased Jarrett to the back. In the ring, the WCW Champion staggered, collapsing on the ramp.

Outside, Douglas waived Jarrett onto the bus. As they prepared to drive away, The Millionaires’ Club grabbed the side of the bus and tipped it on its side. The Goldberg truck raged toward the bus as Thunder went off the air.

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