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WCW Thunder 5/3/2000

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WCW Thunder
Memphis, Tennessee
May 3, 2000

Since the debut of the new WCW on April 10th, The New Blood faction had done nothing but try to take out The Millionaires’ Club. Whether it be The Nature Boy, Hulk Hogan, Sting or The Total Package, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo had focused their men on the destruction of the veteran superstars. On the Thunder broadcast from Memphis, Tenn., The Millionaires’ Club exacted a bit of revenge on the young rebels, leveling the playing field four days away from Slamboree.

Backstage, the Millionaires’ Club, along with Horace Hogan, Kanyon, Kronic, Curt Hennig and Hugh Morrus, waited for The New Blood to arrive at the arena. As the limousine pulled up, the MC and their allies attacked, dragging Russo, Bischoff and the rest of the NB out of the limo and giving them a much-deserved beating.

Backstage, Vince Russo scolded the New Blood for not coming out on top in the scuffle. He told the group to follow him as he headed to the ring.

Interview: Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and the New Blood
Russo took the mic and called out the Millionaires’ Club. Hulk Hogan’s music played, and the group — along with their allies — made their way to the stage. Russo said he was challenging the whole gang to a series of matches under New York rules. He stated that there would be no DQ, no referee and the participants would count their own pinfalls. Flair accepted the challenge and the entire MC group charged the ring. Russo and Bischoff high-tailed it out of the ring as security attempted to break up the melee.

New York Rules Match
Chris Kanyon d. Jeff Jarrett with Kimberly

Jarrett came to the ring and challenged Kanyon to come out for the first of the no holds barred matches. Kimberly told Page that he wasn’t good enough for her and said he owed everything to her and Eric. Jarrett and Kanyon fought in the aisle at the start of the match. Once in the ring, Kanyon countered everything Jarrett had to offer. When Kanyon missed a splash off the top, The Chosen One gained the advantage briefly by throwing Kanyon out of the ring. As Kanyon regained control, DDP ran in and dropped Jarrett with the Diamond Cutter, setting Chris up for the win.

Backstage, Russo told The Wall not to let him down.

New York Rules Table Match
The Total Package d. The Wall

Vince Russo, with a hesitant Elizabeth, joined the announcers at the commentating area. Flair made his way out to watch Luger’s back, also joining the broadcasters. The Wall worked over the Package, choking him on the ropes. The Nature Boy tried to get Russo at every opportunity. Package fired back on Wall, but was distracted by Russo, who cracked Flair with the bat. As Luger racked The Wall, Vince hit Package with the bat. As he fell, Luger dropped The Wall through a table, gaining the victory. After the bout, Russo challenged Flair to five minutes in the ring, who jumped in for a fight. As Vinnie Ru placed Liz in the way, she kicked him low, allowing Flair to go for the figure four on the evil boss. The Franchise and Bagwell ran in to attack Ric, but Kronic came out to even the sides. Billy Kidman came to the stage and told Flair to get up because he was “about to make the Nature Boy’s ass famous.”

New York Rules Match
No Contest – Ric Flair vs. Billy Kidman

Flair took to the cocky Kidman, ready to battle against anything the New Blood had to offer. Billy brought Flair down hard with a superplex off the second rope. Kidman called out Hogan’s name as he fought The Nature Boy. Billy’s overconfidence shined as he missed a splash off the top turnbuckle. Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr. charged the ring, stomping on Ric. Kevin Nash entered and dropped them both, jackknife powerbombing Konnan for his troubles. Hulk Hogan hit the stage and chased Kidman back to the ring. Mike Awesome ran in, but was also met with a jackknife powerbomb. Nash said that Awesome was the winner due to “Outsider” interference.

Backstage, Vampiro ran his head into a locker as he prepared for his upcoming battle.

New York Rules Match
Diamond Dallas Page d. Vampiro

As Vampiro came out of the entrance on the stage, Sting waited in the darkness, attacking his hated enemy. He dumped a bucket of the red liquid on Vampiro, who was dropped with a Diamond Cutter and pinned as soon as he entered the ring.

Backstage, the New Blood was falling apart as Russo screamed at everyone, wondering why everything they did was backfiring.

Backstage, the Millionaires’ Club and friends celebrated their successes thus far on the show.

New York Rules Match
Sting d. Mike Awesome

Awesome told Sting he didn’t care where he came out from, just to get to the ring and fight. The Stinger came out of the regular entrance way and went to work on his mighty opponent. The Misfits in Action, who were fired on Nitro, jumped out of their ringside seats and destroyed Awesome at ringside before rolling him back into the ring. Sting slapped on the Scorpion Deathlock and won the match as Awesome tapped out.

Backstage, Vince Russo told Scott Steiner he was their only hope. Big Poppa said he was doing it for himself, not The New Blood.

New York Rules Match
Countout – Hulk Hogan d. Scott Steiner

Steiner said he was sick of hearing Hulk Hogan talk about his spot in wrestling. He called out The Hulkster, who came out roaring. Steiner jumped Hogan as he slid into the ring. Hulk fought back and brought the fight to the floor and into the crowd. Hugh Morrus held Steiner as Hogan threw a series of punches. Big Poppa Pump called for the New Blood to help, but no one came. Finally, he left the ring and took a count-out loss.

Backstage, Bischoff told someone on the phone to hurry up and get to the arena. Steiner threatened Russo and Bischoff for not having his back.

Outside, a black limousine pulled up with the F.U.N.B. initials on the license plate.

New York Rules Match
Kronic d. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell

Clark and Adams double-teamed Douglas in the beginning, trying to wear down the champions early. All four men continued to fight, Clark and Buff in the ring, Adams and Douglas on the outside. The Franchise used the championship belt as a weapon on Adams on the outside. After countering a double team attempt by the champions, Kronic dropped Douglas with a double slam for the win. After the match, Kronic held the belts high as the announcers wondered if the titles were on the line.

Backstage, Bischoff gave the New Blood and Russo a pep talk, saying he had things under control.

Outside, the black limousine still sat running, as Tony Schiavone and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan talked about who could be inside.

Interview: Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo and The New Blood
The New Blood members carried weapons with them as they entered the ring. Bischoff stated that if the Millionaires’ Club wanted guerrilla warfare, they got it. Flair and the Club came to the stage and challenged the New Blood to an over the top rope battle royal, stating that the last man in the ring would get a shot at the WCW Title at the Great American Bash.

Battle Royal Winner – Ric Flair

The Millionaires’ Club charged the ring and all 22 men battled it out for a shot at the world title. Soon, more WCW superstars entered the ruckus, helping the New Blood in their fight. The Misfits in Action entered from the crowd, giving the MC a few more on their side. Tank Abbott headed to the ring, as if the match wasn’t dangerous enough. Horace, Kanyon, Hennig and Kronic were all eliminated from the match. Madusa, Asya and Mona even joined in the fight. Hacksaw’s music played and Duggan came out, 2X4 and all, siding with the Millionaires’. Outside, the limousine door opened, and a man was shown from the knees down, walking toward the building. The mystery was finally answered as “The Macho Man” Randy Savage walked into the arena, bringing the entire ring to a standstill, with everyone wondering what side he was on. That too was answered as he leveled the New Blood members, one by one, bringing the Memphis crowd to their feet. As Savage eliminated several participants, the match was down to four men, Kidman, Hogan, Douglas and Flair. Bret Hart came to the ring and nailed Hogan with a chair, making him easy prey for Kidman to throw out. Seconds later, Hogan pulled down the top rope, causing Billy to fly out himself. With Flair and The Franchise left in the ring, Russo entered, but hit Douglas with the bat by mistake. The Nature Boy took the bat and clobbered Douglas, hard enough to knock him over the ropes, sending Flair to the Great American Bash to challenge for the WCW Title. After the bout, Hogan suplexed Kidman through the announcer’s table, as DDP and Jarrett fought on the scaffold above the stage. Pure pandemonium set in to carry WCW into the Slamboree PPV this coming Sunday.

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