Pro Wrestling World 1 2/6/2004

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Pro Wrestling World 1
February 6th, 2004
Pottstown, PA
Approx Attendance: 175-225

The debut of World 1 started off with a bang on Friday night, in Pottstown, PA, the former home of PWF, the same promotion Steve Corino had a hand in. Keep that in mind, as even though PWF is defunct now, many of their championships were recognized and so was there talent.

Show opened up with the Match Listings aka The Fight Schedule, as Prodigy’s “Breathe” blasted in the background.

Rebels’ Army (Rockin Rebel/Greg Matthews) d. Ricky Landell/Alex Law

During everyone’s ring entrance, the wrestlers would be announced as “representing (Insert fed here)” Rebel’s Army repped CCW in Quarryville, PA, and Landell/Law represented the World 1 Dojo. This was actually Landell/Law’s third match as pro wrestlers. Rebel as usual, was full of charisma. This was my first time seeing the CZW tag team champions team up, since a CCW tape. Matthews has come a long way from Tough Enough. Rebel’s Army does the Dudley Boyz “Wassup” spot, but instead of a headbutt, Rebel leg drops Landell in the balls. A hart attack later, Rebel’s Army picked up the pinfall victory when Greg Matthews pinned Landell. Landell/Law didn’t look that bad for one of their first few matches, but still have some way to go.

Mega/Mana/Guillotine LeGrande d. Rapidfire Molanado/Jack Victory/Jason The Legend

Mega was representing “Freelance”, Mana was repping WXW, Guillotine was repping NYWC, Rapidfire was from IWA PA, Jack Victory was from PWF and Jason The Legend was just from World 1. Legend looked like a member from Rebel’s Army, as he was wearing the same outfit, but he hasn’t joined up with them, yet. This match was too long and the crowd showed their disapproval. Rapidfire and Mana battled each other a lot in this match, due to their WXW feud. This match escalated into a 6 man brawl, with all 6 guys in the ring. Mega hits a huge full nelson slam on Rapidfire to pick up the pinfall victory.

CM Punk d. Greg Spitz

Punk was from ROH, Spitz from IWA PA. This was a mismatch, as CM Punk is on a whole different level and a bonafide indy star. Punk dominated most of this match, hitting a nice double underhook backbreaker, a huge forearm and many submission moves. Spitz hit the stroke, which the fans recognized and chanted “You’re Not Jarrett!” CM Punk finished this one off with a sick ass ddt, where he had Spitz arms and legs tied up on the way down. I don’t know what he calls it, but it was a nice move.

The Christopher Street Connection (Mace and Buff E) d. The Solution (Havok and Papadon)

The CSC repped JAPW, while Solution, who just recently won the SSCW Tag team titles, represented SSCW. The CSC were sporting new outfits, which were dark purple singlets with pink lettering. The CSC are the most entertaining tag team, and wrestlers today. During the whole Pro Wrestling World 1 tour, they got the hugest crowd response, and looked really good in the ring, since returning from Japan. Buff E, was really on all night with his super gay ass antics. Watching him freak out a near 300 pounder (Havok) was hysterical. While World 1 will most likely be known for superior athletes (which all 4 men were) and their fantastic wrestling, World 1 had great entertainers with the CSC around. Mace during the match rode Papadon like a pony, which had the crowd in an uproar. Solution whipped out some new double team moves tonight, including a samoan drop from Havok, followed by a quick kneedrop by Papadon. Buff E hit a Testicleslam (Chokeslam from the balls) on Papadon. The CSC then hit the Gaybasher on Papadon for the 1-2-3. Very fun match.

Homicide d. Yoshihito Sasaki

Homicide was from ROH and Sasaki repped 0-1. This was a good match with lots of submissions and quick strikes by both guys. Some of the submissions were camel clutches, armbars and more. Sasaki hit a huge top rope dropkick on Homicide Homicide eventually hit a huge yakuza kick, which he followed up with a top rope move. An STF later, Homicide was victorious via tapout.

Miller Lite time. Miller Lite is the only American beer I can get into. The commercials are really true, so if you’re gonna drink some American beer, get Miller.

Justin Credible/Jerry Lynn d. Low Ki/Spanky

Credible was announced as the PWF Universal Champion. Lynn was from TNA, Low Ki and Spanky were from Zero 1. I thought this was match of the night, but there were a lot of good matches on this show. This was Spanky’s first match since leaving the WWE. I think that makes the promotion stick out more, and I think they can draw even more people with Spanky on the shows. This show didn’t even get a chance to advertise Spanky, so the live crowd got a surprise for their money. Spanky came out to his Titanic music, so it looks like he is going back to his Zero 1 roots. Lots of big moves in this match including the Ki Klutch on Jerry Lynn, The Sliced Bread #2 and a Credible superkick. Just a really excellent match. Spanky held nothing back, and many commented on about how he can really wrestle now. Jerry Lynn hits a cradle pildedriver on Low Ki for the victory.
POSTMATCH: Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible teased a fight against each other, but both walked out.

National Anthem time, with two matches left on the show. I don’t know if this is Japanese custom or not .

For the PWF Tag Team Championships
© Striker/Josh Daniels d. Simon Diamond/CW Anderson

Striker and Josh were from PWF, Diamond/Anderson were from TNA and MLW respectively, repping the Extreme Horsemen. This was a solid tag team bout. CW threw Striker pretty hard over the top rope, seemingly injuring Striker. Josh Daniels has added a lot of muscle since returning from Japan. Simon/CW whipped out a great double move, when Simon slingshotted Josh Daniels into a CW superkick. Daniels eventually rolled up Simon for the quick 1-2-3 to retain the tag belts.

Masata Tanaka d. Steve Corino

This was an excellent main event. Both wrestlers represented World 1. Corino, who got the advantage midway in the match, would call out his moves in Japanese and English, and hit a nice DDT (Val Venis planted style) and a huge STO. Tanaka was able to rebound though and hit some brutal forearms on Corino. The Horsemen, who were at ringside, and tried interfering, and were successful early on, but were eventually wiped out by Tanaka. Tanaka hit a huge superplex, followed by a frogsplash but only got 2. Corino rebounded, and went apeshit with a chair on Tanaka’s head, as Tanaka took 6-7 chairshots. Corino hit a lariat afterwards, but only got 2. Tanaka then wound up and hit a spinning forearm on Corino for the win.
POSTMATCH: Horsemen jump Tanaka, but the faces run in to make the save.

Final McWord

An excellent show that ran for a little more over 2 hours. There were no storylines or “sportz entertainment” but the show was very entertaining and featured a lot of great athletes. More on this in the final World 1 review. I thought the Low Ki/Spanky vs Lynn/Credible and Corino/Tanaka were excellent.

Overall, a great show, which the Pottstown faithful (A great area for quality wrestling) enjoyed. 8 matches in 2 hours was a smart idea and the crowd was hot all night. I honestly thought the show started off slow, but by the end of the night, the later matches more then made up for it. 1 Review down, 3 to go!

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