Pro Wrestling World 1 2/7/2004

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from

Pro Wrestling World 1
From Philadelphia, PA
Approx Attendance 475-550

This show was originally set to take place in Deer Park, NY. Due to problems, which there are 19 different versions of, this show would up being the first half of a wrestling doubleheader. The show started at 4PM, and I think John Zandig should commended for letting Steve Corino and World 1 be able to present their product in front of a large Philly audience, while running their show only 4 hours later.

Quick Correction: Guillotine LeGrande was representing PWF, not NYWC, like I said in the last review. Also, the promotion the wrestlers are representing will be right next to them.

The Solution (SSCW) d. Alex Law/Ricky Landell (World 1 Dojo)

Like I said in the previous review, Law/Landell are very new to performing in front of large audiences. They looked decent here, but still need more work. Havok hit a HUGE stalling suplex, holding up Landell for seemingly 30 seconds. Solution broke out some of their old offense with their running kicks in the turnbuckle, finishing it up with a big team gore from Havok. Solution win this match with a problem solver. This was more or less a squash, as the larger Solution ate up Law/Landell.

Greg Spitz (IWA PA) d. Evan Myers (World 1 Dojo)

Eh, I didn’t really like this match. Greg Spitz to me, seems like a weaker version of Mike Tobin. Spitz did hit a nice brainbuster on Myers midway through the match. Spitz wins with a sit out razor’s edge. Could’ve been better.

The Christopher Street Connection (JAPW)/Jason The Legend (World 1) d. Mega (Freelance)/Guillotine Legrande (PWF)/Jack Victory (PWF)

The CSC were on fire this weekend like a fag with chlamydia. I would recommend the tapes of these shows to anyone, with the great wrestling as the number one reason, and the CSC antics and the way they own the crowd as number two. During the match, PA State Athletic Commissioner, Frank Talent, was wearing the CSC garb, which illicted a good crowd reaction. The end saw the CSC make the hot tag to Legend, and Legend went apeshit wiping everyone out, and hit a reverse powerslam on Guillotine for the 1-2-3. A version of this match took place on Friday, and this one was definitely much better.

For the CZW Tag Team Titles
© Rebels Army (Matthews/Rebel from CZW) d. Mean Mark Mest (CCW) and Johnny Rock (No promotion given)

Mean Marc Mest looks like the Michelin man. He was the only wrestler on this show that could wear hula hoops as a belt. Extra large hula hoops. The crowd noticed that too, and many YOU FAT FUCK chants broke out. Mest played the big man role this match, with slow and shoddy offense. This match was pretty much a way to get some CZW on the show, and it showed. Rebel’s army picks up another victory on this tour with the hart attack.

CM Punk (ROH) d. Rapidfire Molanado (IWA PA)

Like I said in the last review, CM Punk has really elevated himself to the upper echelon of indy wrestling. I think the word indy could be removed from that previous sentence as well. Rapidfire, who usually is a solid wrestler, looked a bit off in this one. Punk hit a nice top rope leg drop in this match. Lots of submissions in this one as well. Punk wins this with his version of the DDT, where he hooks the arms and legs as he goes down. (If anyone knows the name of the move, feel free to email it in)

Yoshihito Sasaki (Zero 1) d. Josh Daniels (World 1)

This was a really good match. Josh Daniels has came along way since his IWF days in Patterson, NJ. A match with the other Daniels could really elevate his career. This match was a technical wrestling clinic, with Sasaki winning with an inverted running DVD. PAW match, as was most of the World 1 matches this weekend.

Gotta love the ECW Arena where beer is always flowing. 5 beers later, intermission was over and we started up again.

Low Ki (Zero 1) d. Matt Striker (3PW)

PAW match. I thought there were three matches of the night, and this was one of them. I said earlier on this site, that 2004 is the year that Matt Striker really breaks out, and this match will probably be the first one of 2004, where Striker really starts to make a name for himself. Fantastic match. Striker took a hell of a beating from the vicious kicks from Low Ki, and his chest was as red as an embarrassed 9th grader’s face when shitting his pants in gym class. I think that all three shows are worth getting on tape, and I think this was one of the best matches on the whole tour. Striker working with an injured shoulder shows his pride for the sport. Low Ki was also on his game as usual and took some vicious chops, as well as the lungblower from Striker. Low Ki finally gets the win when Striker taps out to the Ki Klutch.

Spanky (Zero 1) d. Homicide (ROH)

How the hell could anyone follow Striker/Ki? Homicide and Spanky showed how. Excellent match. This was Spanky’s second match since the WWE, and Homicide gave him a beating, and in the end, a great match. Homicide really worked the submissions a lot in this match, but Spanky was either able to get out of them or get to the ropes. Homicide was able to kick out of a Sliced Bread, and both men got up and grappled. Homicide went for the cop killa, but Spanky turned it into another Sliced Bread for the win. Another PAW match, that had the crowd on its feet.

Simon Diamond/CW Anderson (NWA TNA/MLW “The Extreme Horsemen”) d. Steve Corino (World 1) and Justin Credible (PWF Universal Champion)

Another excellent match. The last four matches, aka all the matches of intermission, were all PAW and just solid wrestling. It showed the meaning of WRESTLING on the marquee. Simon Diamond, who is probably better suited as a sports entertainer, showed his vast, and excellent wrestling during this tour. I also haven’t seen Justin Credible look this good since ECW. Towards the end of the match, Credible hit the That’s Incredible tombstone piledriver on Simon. CW Anderson scored the win for his team, after his spinebuster on Corino.
Hmmm…. Corino losing 2 out of 2 nights, while being the booker and owner of this promotion? Seems that the sports entertainers could learn something.

Before the match, the Japanese and American anthems were played. Sort of weird to do this with only one match remaining, especially when you’re getting drunk.

For the World 1 World Heavyweight Championship
Masato Tanaka (Zero 1) d. Jerry Lynn (NWA TNA)

Another phenomenal match. Lots of false finishes. Crowd was hot during this whole match. This was 20 minutes of great wrestling. Jerry Lynn hit his cradle piledriver and everything else in his arsenal but Tanaka was able to kick out of everything. Tanaka hit a huge splash in this match. Crowd was going nuts for Tanaka. Tanaka wins with powerful rollup.

Final McWord

Another excellent outing for World 1 on their second day of their tour. While everything before intermission, (Excluding Daniels/Sasaki) was pretty much forgettable, but after intermission the show went from ok to amazing.

I’ll have more on World 1 and my overall opinion of it in the last World 1 review.

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