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WCW Thunder 5/22/1998

Written by Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Thunder
From: Cleveland, OH

Disclaimer from Bob: I do not have this event on tape or DVD. Thus, this recap is rather brief. Sorry in advance. Not like much ever happened on Thunder anyway.

The show opened up with Tony Schiavone hyping up what happened on Nitro until one half of the WCW World Tag Team Champions, the Giant, came out. Giant made it clear that he had apologized to Sting and that they are the champs. Giant claims that Sting is all New World Order and they are getting along as a result. Lex Luger comes out to tell Giant that Sting is not New World Order. Giant decides to try and recruit Luger but is instead spat in the face by Luger. Luger bails as Giant takes out security.

Opening Contest: Ernest Miller defeated Yuji Nagata:
Miller picked up the win following the Feliner.

Former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho came out and talked about being a conspiracy victim. He names several conspiracies such as the 1918 Chicago White Sox and JFK death among others. Jericho tells JJ Dillon that Malenko wasn’t part of the battle royal and he should have his championship back.

Second Contest: Chris Jericho defeated Super Calo: Jericho made short work of Calo as he wins the bout with the Lion Tamer.

Raven makes his way out with his own security guys. He insults Saturn for disrespecting him and ruining their friendship. He thought that Saturn was loyal. As the Flock looks on in the front row, Saturn comes down to the ring. Saturn says that Raven is drunk with power and that he isn’t a zombie following his orders like the other Flock members. However, Saturn says he is still Raven’s friend and to continue to be his friend Raven can no longer order him around. This leads to Raven apologizing and Saturn seemingly accepting it. Saturn heads to the front row and remains with the Flock. Raven turns his attention to Kanyon and runs him down. Mortis, aka Kanyon, appears to clal Raven out from the crowd and is attacked the security guys. But that isn’t the case as Kanyon, under a disguise attacks Raven and hits the Flatliner to end the segment.

Third Contest: WCW Television Champion Fit Finley defeated Jim Neidhart to retain the title: Finley manages to retain the championship following a tombstone pile driver.

Tony Schiavone calls out the number one contender for the WCW Television Championship, Booker T. Instead, Chris Benoit makes his way out and wonders why Booker T has been deemed the number one contender. Schiavone explains that the committee had came to the decision. Benoit wants to hear from Booker T himself. Booker does come out and tells Benoit that their feud is over with and that the committee made their decision. Booker asks Benoit kindly to leave so he can have his interview time. Benoit ends up hitting Booker with a cheap shot and attacks Booker until security comes out. Stevie Ray comes out as well and tells Booker that he has forgotten where he has come from and he needs to wrestle Benoit.

Fourth Contest: Jim Duggan defeated Brian Adams by disqualification:
Duggan had the early advantage but was stopped by Adams with a cheap shot. However, Adams couldn’t keep his cool and ended up hitting the referee causing the DQ.
After the match, Duggan attacks both Vincent and Adams after they tried to beat him down.

Fifth Contest: Saturn defeated Hammer:
A decent back and forth match between Flock members. Raven enters the ring and plants Hammer with a DDT. Saturn tells Raven he didn’t need his help and plants Hammer with the Spicolli Driver.
After the match, Raven has a stare down with Saturn but backs away.

Rick Rude comes out delivers his classic opening line telling the overweight fans to shut their mouths and show respect for the soon to be WCW United States Champion, Curt Hennig. Hennig ends up issuing a challenge to WCW US Champion Goldberg to a match at the Great American Bash and compares Goldberg to the Titanic. He will find all the holes he can to sink Goldberg’s title reign!

Sixth Contest: Horace defeated Juventud Guerrera:
Horace pulls out the win following a lariat.

Randy Savage delivered a promo to promote the big tag team main event match taking place at the Great American Bash. Savage notes that he hates Roddy Piper but they both hate Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart more. Savage also says he will want a piece of Piper afterwards. He doesn’t know what the word icon means, but he knows what madness is all about.

A pre-tape video of Eddie and Chavo at home with their grandma is shown. Eddie translates what she says in Spanish. According to Eddie, she wants Chavo to start winning.

Seventh Contest: WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. to retain the title:
Malenko manages to counter a middle rope tornado DDT with a spine buster and forces Chavo to submit to the Texas Cloverleaf.
After the match, Eddie berates Chavo until Chavo hits him with a right hand! Chavo tosses the towel down and leaves.

Main Event: Lex Luger defeated the Giant by disqualification:
The match didn’t have any time since they were running late. New World Order Sting aka the fake one returned and attacked Luger causing the DQ. Luger is able to clothesline him over the top to the floor but turns around only to be met with a choke slam from Giant. Giant puts a New World Order t-shirt over Luger to end the show.

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