CSWF 8/28/2004

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from http://www.declarationofindependents.net/doi/pages/index1.html


From Wayne, NJ
Referees: Ref Koehner and Ref Molineaux
Commentators: Gerry Strauss and Sean
Ring Announcer: Someone new, as it seems to be the CSWF tradition
Approx Attendance: 265+, easily the biggest crowd in CSWF’s young history

PRESHOW: DDP did a Question and Answer session with the ringside ticket holders. It was said to be very fun, and DDP was very outgoing with the fans.

The show started off in usual fashion, with Gina Levy singing the National Anthem.

Before I get into the review, I should mention that the Wayne Pal Center, the building where the show was held, had its air conditioning break, making the fans have to watch this show in 85 degree heat. I’m sure the building made good on concessions. This was the first time that CSWF has ever encountered this problem, which they really can’t be blamed for.

In The Match of the Night
Mike Kruel d. Nick Berk

I am sure some are saying, “Match of the night, MiC are you drunk?” And while the answer is yes, it still doesn’t take away from this match, as I personally thought this was the best all around match on the show. As I’ve said on this site numerous times, I am not a huge Kruel fan, because it seems that he only works on one body part the entire match and also because he lacks charisma. Well maybe Bradshaw beat some charisma into him, because this was the most charismatic Kruel match I’ve seen. Give credit to Nick Berk as well, as he did a good job playing a heel, and wasn’t too over the top. These guys gelled very well together here.
As far as the match itself, it started off with both guys trading submissions. After a hiptoss from Kruel, Berk got back up and sent Kruel over the top turnbuckle backwards, with a hiptoss of his own. Kruel came back with a big back drop in this match. In the middle of the match, Kruel hit a classic 80’s Stinger Splash, getting the electric crowd (That’s right- a CSWF crowd was very loud tonight) into the match. Kruel then hit a version of the Kiss your X goodbye for 2. At this point, Matt Striker came out to scout both men, seemingly to join his Youngbludz group. Striker would watch about 5 minutes of the match, then go to the back without interfering. Berk hit this nice combo of a german suplex, taz plex, followed by a tiger suplex for 2. Incredible. Kruel bounced back with 3 rolling northern lights suplexes for a 2 of his own. Berk got back to his feet, and was able to superplex Kruel. Unfortunately for Berk, Kruel cradled Berk as both men hit the mat, and was able to hold Berk down for the three count.
Excellent match here. This match told a good story and both guys looked really good here. You can’t take anything away from Kruels wrestling, so it was great to see him add more charisma to his matches. I’d like to see a rematch between these two.

Mega d. The Hungarian Barbarian w/Miss Asia by DQ

Mega was super over with the Wayne crowd. Mega was sporting his FAT IS GOOD shirt, and recieved a great crowd reaction. Unfortunately the match was horrible. Hungarian Barbarian was just off all night and wasn’t able to do seemingly anything right. He threw this ugly ass drop kick that didn’t even connect with Mega, which sent Mega crashing to the mat somehow. Mega was able to come back with a DDT and slam. The Hungarian Barbarian came back with some offense, and laid Mega out. The Hungarian Barbarian then went for a standing moonsault, which should’ve been aborted, as somehow The Hungarian Barbarian moonsaulted Mega’s right knee cap. After more crappy wrestling, The Hungarian Barbarian painfully puts this match away by choking Mega with his belt. As the ref tries to break it up, the Hungarian Barbarian hits the ref, which resulted in the DQ.
POSTMATCH: CSWF Management aka JD Dreamer, with his red shirt Security, Mason Raige, came out. Mason laid Hungarian Barbarian out with a nicely executed clothesline over the top rope. Raige and Levy went to tend to Mega. Mega was able to get up and recieved a very loud ovation.
CSWF doesn’t need the Hungarian Barbarian around, but he was forced to be used after Mega’s original opponent, Mana, wasn’t going to be able to show up to the show. (More on that later)

Sonjay Dutt w/Crowbar d. Dan Barry
Special Ref: JD Dreamer

For some reason, this match needed a special referee. It should be known that Sonjay Dutt was injured but still kept his booking and wrestled this match here. Sonjay, in addition to being injured, was missing his front teeth, due to a match in CZW a few weeks back.
This was an untypical Barry and Sonjay match. Instead of a high flying affair, both guys pulled the ECW card, as Sonjay attacked Barry during Barry’s entrance. This would lead to a 10 minute brawl all over the building, which saw both guys get thrown into metal objects. At one point, Sonjay threw Dan Barry into the bleachers. This led to both guys brawling thru the doors of the building. Barry was able to come back, and get Sonjay in the ring, where he worked on Sonjay’s knee. Barry then hit a yakuza kick, but wasn’t able to pick up the pin. The finish of the match saw Sonjay roll through Barry, hook Barry’s leg with one arm, and hold the ropes with another arm.
Decent match, considering Dutt’s injury. A funny sign in the crowd said “I’m a Dutthead.” Eh, at least I thought it was funny. I’d like to see a rematch here when both guys are 100%.

In a Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Havok/Papadon (of The Solution)/CSWF Internet Champion Mike Tobin w/The Sure Thing John Shane d. Ken Scampi/Josh Daniels/Danny Jax w/Tara Charisma
Order of Elimination:

Scampi pinned Tobin after hooking the legs off an irish whip
Papadon pinned Scampi after a backbreaker
The Solution pinned Jaxx after a Problem Solver
Josh Daniels pinned Papadon after a suplex
Havok lastly eliminated Josh Daniels after a gore

I thought this was a good match, that really picked up when it came down to The Solution vs Josh Daniels. Papadon and Josh Daniels had good interaction as they traded various suplexes. It looks like CSWF is setting up a match between Scampi and Tobin later down the road, as Scampi pinned Tobin first. I thought the match should’ve been the other way around, with Tobin and Scampi being the last guys, to build up the Internet title more. It was cool seeing The Solution wrestle more like singles wrestlers in this match, despite this being a 6 man tag. It would be interesting to see The Solution do a Briscoe gimmick where they wrestle singles. Considering that CSWF dropped the whole Solution/AMW feud anyway, it might be the best idea. Plus you usually don’t see a tag wrestler beat an accomplished singles wrestler on too many shows, so maybe that’s the route CSWF is going down.

POSTMATCH: John Shane laughed about winning. He mocked Tara and said she belonged cooking. Shane added more female insults, as he shit on his arch nemesis Tara Charisma. This led to Bill Apter interrupting Shane. Tara Charisma then snuck in the ring, behind Shane’s back. Tara grabbbed a frying pan, that Shane brought in the ring to mock Tara with, and kabonked him over the head. Tara gets the last laugh on Shane.
Solid match here. The Tara/Shane stuff seemed quite rushed, and it looks like this feud ended the wrong way in my eyes. Where Solution and Daniels go from here is unknown.

Diamond Dallas Page d. Chris Kanyon

PREMATCH: DDP cuts a baby face promo to get the crowd behind him.
This match started off exactly like the Barry/Sonjay match, as both guys brawled all over the building. At one point, DDP busted open Kanyon’s head, as blood spilled all over. These guys made their ways to the bleachers, where DDP chucked Kanyons head into the white wall, adding a nice blood stain to the PAL building. Both guys continued to fight all over for 10 minutes. Finally both guys made their way into the ring. Kanyon brought out some brass knux and punched DDP in the head. The ref saw it and called for the DQ.
Immediately, loud chants of BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT echoed through the building. I was shaking my head, as I couldn’t believe this was the finish as well. All of a sudden, Larry Zybsyko came out. He says that Kanyon is here to wrestle. Zybsyko then made this a retirement match, where the loser would have to retire. Well that is the first time I saw that stipulation just thrown into a match the same day of a show. Anyway, Zybsyko orders this match to restart in the ring.
The match was restarted, and DDP and Kanyon went another 15 minutes in the ring. Despite hitting three low blows on DDP, DDP wouldn’t stay down. Kanyon then hits a diamond cutter on DDP, but DDP kicked out at 2. After more action, DDP came back and hit his Diamond cutter to pin Kanyon, to pick up the win and a hefty paycheck.
POSTMATCH: Kanyon cut a promo talking about his love for the wrestling business. He talks about watching shows at MSG. Kanyon then talks all lovey-dovey about Page. He says Page was always there for him and blah blah blah. Both guys then hugged in the ring. Immediately afterwards, Kanyon took a swing at DDP, but DDP saw it coming, ducked it, and hit another Diamond Cutter on Kanyon, before leaving the ring and making his way immediately to the gimmick table to sell autographs.

INTERMISSION- The show was on pace to go four hours at this point. DDP signed autographs for the crowd.

For the CSWF Cruiser X Title
LumberJack Match
CSWF and TNA Wrestlers surrounded the ring with Team CSWF and Team TNA on either side
(c) Mike Shane w/Traci Brooks and Crowbar d. The Grim Reefer w/Maddox in a disgraceful match

This match sucked due to Mike Shane being unprofessional. The story of this match was Reefer getting no offense. After about 10 minutes of Reefer having no offense, Mike Shane was thrown into the corner and was chopped. Mike Shane’s face turned beat red, and he quickly reversed Reefers offense. Reefer then went for another move, but Shane blocked it off. Shane eventually was thrown to the outside, where April Hunter pounded on Shane. Shane went back in the ring, and cut off more off Reefers offense. Shane then rolled up Reefer, out of no where to pick up the pinfall.
Horrible match. It is obvious to everyone, except for CSWF that Michael Shane is using CSWF as a payday. This is the third time that I’ve seen Mike Shane go half ass in a match. This was the third time I’ve seen Mike Shane on a CSWF show wrestle an indy guy, and give the indy guy no chance of looking good or getting any offense in. You’d figure that the third time would be a strike, but instead, CSWF will be booking Mike Shane on their next show. I guess it makes the decision to go to JAPW (which is running head to head with CSWF that day) over CSWF that much easier.

According to CSWF management, Reefer was scheduled to win the match and the championship. During the entire match, Shane wouldn’t let Reefer do any moves, which hurt the quality of the match. Reefer then got so disgusted at Mike Shane’s blatant disrespect and unprofessionalism, that Reefer told Shane to roll him up and go to hell. Words were exchanged in the back between the two, but that was the extent of it, as no physical violence took place.

Joel Grayson wrote a good column about this, which is available on the main page of the DOI. It is obvious, that Shane is just using CSWF for some easy money, and for Shane to disrespect another CSWF wrestler is just horrendous. How CSWF can allow this to continue every show that Shane is on is beyond me.

11 CSWF wrestlers expressed their disappointment in Mike Shane’s actions, which is very unordinary, as CSWF has a friendly locker room. CSWF would be wise to fire Mike Shane, as this match killed the flow of the show, and took away a potential match of the night candidate. For what it’s worth, CSWF did express to Reefer that they weren’t happy with Shane either, and this match would not affect Reefer’s status with the company. By being professional, and not lacing Shane up, Reefer will remain in CSWF, as he’s booked against Sonjay Dutt at the next show. That should be a good one, as these guys have wrestled each other in ROH, CZW, SSCW and in other feds.

CSWF management did talk to Shane about his conduct during the match, but it was nothing more than a slap on the wrist, as Shane will be back on the next show. CSWF also did an angle for the DVD where Michael Shane vacated the championship, as Shane wants to challenge Slyck Wagner Brown for Slyck’s Heavyweight title. Well, it looks like Michael Shane has learned something from his uncle- how to lose championships without getting pinned. Hopefully Shane takes another page from his uncle and pays a visit to a Syracuse Bar someday soon. I don’t think most would mind if Shane lost his smile and never came back to CSWF. And that’s coming from a Shawn Michaels fan.

Bill Apter was up next. He brought out Derek Morgan. They then called out DDP, and Apter and Morgan presented Page with an “Icons of Wrestling” Plaque. I believe this is a way for CSWF to keep DDP on their website as a wrestling legend to appear in CSWF. Although I wouldn’t call DDP a legend or an Icon (Read the Ric Flair book), I would call DDP a very good ambassador for the sport of pro wrestling. Page accepted the Plaque. He gave a thank you speech, and plugged an upcoming convention in Tampa, which is scheduled for Jan 28-30.

Matt Striker d. Rob Eckos

PREMATCH: Striker cut a promo calling himself a 5 Star Player. Striker then downplayed Eckos some.
It was funny watching these guys wrestle, as these guys were hilarious and on point in 3PW just a week ago. That’s the problem with the indies- friends in one place, enemies a week later. Eh. Both guys brawled early on. Striker worked on Eckos back during the match. Striker hit a version of the overdrive. Striker wins this with the lungblower.
POSTMATCH: Striker puts Eckos in a crossface. Nick Berk then ran out to make the save. Striker let go of the hold. All of a sudden, Berk turned and started kicking the crap out of Eckos. It looks like Striker has recruited Berk to be his partner in the Youngbludz.
I think this angle was wack all around. Striker and Berk are better as singles wrestlers, and I don’t think either need a group affiliation to improve themselves. Who knows if this leads to Striker/Berk vs Eckos/Kruel at the next show.

Four Way Womens Match
For the CSWF Womens Title
April Hunter d. (c) Trinity, Traci Brooks w/Crowbar and Ariel to become the new CSWF Womens Champion

The story of this match was Trinity and Traci, of TNA, wouldn’t touch each other, as they wanted to keep the belt in TNA’s stable. I thought this was a pretty solid womens match. While some fans didn’t like that Trinity and Traci wouldn’t touch each other, I thought it was good as it played up the CSWF vs TNA storyline. The finish of this match saw Trinity accidentally hit Traci Brooks with the title in the face. Ariel was knocked down. Trinity went to hit April with the belt, but was germaned suplexed so hard that the title flew out of the ring, as April picked up the pinfall and her newly won title belt.
Good womens match with 4 of the top names out there. April wins what has to be every womens title she’s ever competed for.

Billy Firehawk, promoter of the CSWF came out. He cut a promo. He puts all the CSWF wrestlers over. He says that internet reporters, such as myself and Brett (by name) say that he uses CSWF to put himself over. He says that’s not true and he’s all about the wrestlers. He announces that he’s retiring, because CSWF is for the fans. Firehawk then thanks the fans for coming out.

I understood Firehawk’s promo, and it took courage to retire from his own promotion. Either he could become more respected by allowing the better talent show their stuff, or he could be super dick heel and just come back next show. I never really had a problem with Firehawk on the show, where it would affect me going to a CSWF show, but Firehawk made the right decision, in my eyes, as he was involved in some of the worst CSWF matches ever. Even Firehawk has to know that pinning Dan Barry with ease hurts Barry’s credibility going into a match with Sonjay Dutt at the next show. Either way, I hope Firehawk sticks to his guns and continues to better the CSWF product with JD Dreamer/Dave Levy, as they did on tonights show.

Intermission- CZW…er CSWF staff set up the steel cage

War Games Cage Match

Rules weren’t announced live, but you picked them up as you went along
Both teams surround the ring, and every 5 minutes one wrestler from alternating teams enters the ring until all 8 men have entered. Once all 8 men have entered, to win the match, your whole team has to escape from the cage or someone has to get pinned to win the match for your team.
Sound confusing? Imagine watching it without the rules even being explained.
Team CSWF (Danny Doring, Chris Hamrick, Sinister X & (CSWF Heavyweight Champion) Slyck Wagner Brown) d. Team TNA (Julio Dinero, Americas Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) & Ron Killings) w/Miss Michelle in a clusterfuck
Order of Entrance:

1. Julio Dinero vs 2. Danny Doring
3. Chris Harris
4. Chris Hamrick
5. James Storm
6. Sinister X
7. Ron Killings
8. Slyck Wagner Brown

Once Slyck entered the ring, it was announced that the War Games match officially began. Then what the fuck was I watching for the 30 minutes before it?
This match was long and tedious, and the 85 degree heat in the building during this four hour show didn’t help matters. James Storm, who was injured, laid under the ring for the majority of the match after crawling out of the ring. The ring, being only 16 feet wide wasn’t enough to hold all 8 men. Somehow in a big cage match, not one guy had a drop of blood trickle. Mike Shane interfered during the match, but was quickly sent to the back. The final three men in the cage were Slyck, Hamrick and Dinero. Slyck hit the Slyck Slam on Dinero. Chris Hamrick then climbed the shaky steel cage, and perched himself on the top rope. Hamrick then jumped off the top rope and landed with a leg across Dinero’s chest. Slyck quickly rolled Dinero up to get the win.
POSTMATCH: CSWF officials entered the ring and screamed for medical attention. Hamrick legit knocked himself out jumping from the top, as he lost his wind, and weakened himself. He was shaken up, but was able to walk out under his own power, 10 minutes after the show ended. I believe he will be ok.
I really thought the finals should’ve been Slyck vs Killings as they were built up as the two main eventers in all of this. Slyck pins Dinero after Hamrick hits the big move. It doesn’t exactly slam the feud dead against TNA, as in reality, Killings was able to escape pretty easily. I think the match was a good concept but just bad execution.

Final McWord

Easily the best CSWF show I’ve ever attended. Where some CSWF shows seem like there is always some bad thing for every good thing, the good outweighed the bad by alot here. The heat did suck some enjoyment out of the main event, as people did start to leave, so the match might come off better on tape.

CSWF seemingly is dropping the NWA TNA vs CSWF feud, as every title belt is now worn by a CSWF Wrestler, except the CSWF Tag Team Titles, which the AMW hold. CSWF is very high on AMW, and AMW will be in CSWF for some time. Also the Cruiser X Championship, which was held by Shane, is now vacated, and is rumored to be won by a CSWF wrestler.

CSWF is bringing in TNA wrestlers AJ Styles, Abyss and D-Lo Brown for the promotions 10/30 show, but I don’t think the TNA vs CSWF angle will be played up that much. After all, Mike Tenay, the leader of all this, hasn’t been on a CSWF show in 6 months.

CSWF discovered a natural feud between Berk/Kruel, as both came off looking very good tonight.

The Michael Shane incident is despicable, and it’s a shame that CSWF doesn’t have the balls to fire someone who is using the company for money, and has proved time and time again that he’s not a company guy. Plus, it’s not like Shane is drawing any fans or has had one spectacular match bearing him being necessary on any CSWF show.

My thoughts and condolences go out to Mana “The Polynesian Warrior” who is going through a death in his family. Mana was scheduled to wrestle Mega, but due to his personal situation, he wasn’t able to make it, as he did have every intention of showing up to the show before his situation. Again, the DOI sends our condolences to Mana.

I was dead wrong on DDP, and I am grateful for that. DDP was a consumate professional. Not only was he 4-5 hours early for the show, he signed autographs for everyone. According to many CSWF wrestlers, he was a pleasure in the locker room and took time out to speak to everyone. He also gave CSWF 30 minutes of action, which is triple what I thought would’ve happened. I gotta give props to Page for helping CSWF and reminding me and others that not every ex WWF/WCW wrestler is bitter.

I thought CSWF delivered a sound show here. Things still need work, but this is the indies. There were alot of good matches, and some matches could’ve been better if there were no injuries or atttitude problems.

You gotta give CSWF credit- they have never cancelled one show. Every name they advertise has apppeared for them. I don’t know how profitable CSWF is, but I do know that they have credibility and respectability when it comes to delivering talent and shows. Some promotions could learn from them.

This was the highest attended and loudest CSWF crowd in their history. The crowd was very hot during many matches, and DDP easily brought in 100+ people to CSWF. Hopefully they come back for the next show.

Overall- a good offering from CSWF, as the promotion delivered, but some wrestlers didn’t.

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