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CZW Possession 8/14/2004

Written by: Sean McCaffrey from


Live from the ECW Arena in Philly
Announcers: John House and Eric Garigulo
Referees: Brian Logan and Mike Kehner
Ring Announcer: Dennis Shock
Attendance: 300-350, presumably down due to Hurricane Charley warnings

The show opened up with former CZW Heavyweight champion, Justice Pain coming to the ring. Pain, who returned at the last show to the promotion, let it be known to everyone that he had an open challenge to everyone in CZW. As soon as he said that, 1/2 the CZW locker room came out, with John Zandig bringing up the rear. Pain quickly jumped to the outside. Zandig polled the crowd to see if they wanted to see Pain get his ass kicked. The crowd gave a loud yes. Zandig said it was up to Pain to pick who he wanted to wrestle. Pain picked Derek Frazier.

Justice Pain d. Derek Frazier

The CZW locker room and Zandig surrounded the ring during this match. This match went back and forth, but everyone knew that Frazier didn’t have a chance in hell against the only CZW Grandslam champion. Pain hit a nice belly to belly early on in this match. Frazier seemed very nervous in the ring as he miscalcuated on several DDT’s. Pain hit a low blow and a DDT to capitalize midway through the match. Frazier came back with a dragon sleeper. It wasn’t enough as Pain was able to put away Frazier with the Pain Thriller. (Version of the Angle Slam)
Frazier was out of his league in this match. Pain looked solid.
POSTMATCH: Pain bailed out of the ring as he didn’t want any shit with the other CZW wrestlers. Pain then noticed Wifebeater and Big Mack Smack sitting in the VIP section of the Arena. Pain said he sees them. Before anything could happen, Nick Gage of the H8 club ran Pain away from the aisle.

6-Man Tag Match
Sean Bishop, DJ Hyde and Jon Dahmer d. CKNY (Cory Kastle/Niles Young) and Merc

Eh, I didn’t really get into this match, and judging by the crowd, neither did they. This match wasn’t that offensive, but nothing really stood out. CKNY looks like a very poor mans Backseat Boyz. Hyde hit some big moves in this match, such as a brainbuster, that looked very good. Team Dahmer pretty much dominated this one, and Dahmer got the win after a rough ass piledriver on Merc.

Ghost Shadow d. Spyral and Sam Sational

This was Ghost Shadow’s return to a major company in some time. Spyral comes from the Buffalo region. This was a very electric match that had the crowd into it. This match saw alot of big spots such as dives to the outside and jumps off the top rope. Spyral and Ghost Shadow looked very impressive here. The finish saw Ghost Shadow put Sam Sensational in an octopus while Sensational had Spyral in a leg lock. Sensational tapped out and Ghost Shadow got the victory.
Good outing by all three guys.

All Money Is Legal (K-Murda/K-Pusha) d. Pinkie Sanchez/Azraiel

This was Pinkie’s debut in CZW and AMIL’s and Azraiels return. I think both guys earned a spot in CZW, or at least a return match as all four men looked good. Pinkie/Azraiel looked decent for a makeshift tag team. Pinkie did a good job of getting some easy gay heel heat, while Azraiel looked, well different, as he was dressed like a leprauchaun with horns. Azraiel hit a backbreaker early in. AMIL came back with some submissions. K-Pusha hit his top rope swanton to the crotch of Pinkie. Azraiel came back in and hit his running yakuza kick series. Pinkie then went for a dive on K-Murda on the outside. In a spot that had the crowd loud, K-Pusha hit a moonsault from the top rope to the outside. The finish of the match saw AMIL hit a double neckbreaker on Pinkie for the win.
Good, enjoyable match here. AMIL have potential to be a big name tag team.

We then took a 5 Minute Intermission, as CZW was having electrical difficulties. It was found out that there were was too much wattage running on one circuit.

John Zandig came out. He hypes up the PPV taping for 9/11. He talks about the four way on the show. He apologizes for the delay and this 5 minute intermission is over.

4 Way Elimination Match
Bobby Quance d. Arik Cannon, Jay Lethal & Nate Webb

Order of Elimination: Jay Lethal, Nate Webb and Arik Cannon
I thought this was a good match here, but just short. Jay Lethal was eliminated about 7 or so minutes into the match, which was pretty wack. This match featured alot of different styles of wrestling, as we saw mat wrestling, submission wrestling and even some strong style wrestling. The finish of this match was really good as well. Cannon hit a wicked german suplex on Nate Webb for a 1-2-3. Quance then followed up with a picture perfect shooting star press on Cannon for the pinfall.
Good showing by all four guys.

First Blood Match
Adam Flash w/The Dew d. Ian Knoxx

It was pretty ironic for CZW to have a first blood match, when alot of CZW matches wind up bloody anyway. Both guys killed each other in this one. This match was just a fight. The ending of this match was crazy as well. After Ref Brian Logan was knocked down, Flash was cut up and bloody. That didn’t stop Flash. Flash got a 15 foot ladder. The Messiah came out and set up a table on the outside. Ian Knoxx wound up on a table with a chair across his face. Flash climbed the ladder in the ring and hit the Last Call from the ladder to the outside, smashing the chair and Knoxx’s body through a table. Flash then hid his bloody face. The ref turned around and saw Knoxx on the outside and called the match over due to Knoxx’s cut up head.
This match was all about the last spot, everything else was so so. I did however, enjoy the story the match told.

For the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship
(c) Sonjay Dutt d. Jimmy Rave

This match was fast paced and saw some submissions early in. After getting Rave down, Sonjay went for a lionsault and missed. Sonjay came back with a top rope elbow drop. Jimmy Rave was able to mount some offense of his own with the chronic crossface. Sonjay then hit a springboard rana, before polishing Rave off with a roll-up for three.
Short little match. When was the last time Rave won a significant match in CZW?
POSTMATCH: M-Dogg 20 came out. He attacked Sonjay, while wearing Sonjay’s stolen title. We find out that Rave was the one who gave M-Dogg the title, and was the mole in CZW. M-Dogg and Rave beat Sonjay up some more, and let Sonjay know if they want the title, then to fucking get it. M-Dogg and Rave then went to the back. As they went to the back, a fallen Sonjay got the mic and said he’ll see those two on 9/11, with his tag team partner, The Amazing Red. I must take Red for granted, because the crowd popped so loud, that it was just a level shy of a Hogan pop.

Intermission was up next. A few more beers in the rain, and it was time for more CZW.

Adam Flash who was sitting on a stage was attacked by Ian Knoxx. Ian Knoxx then challenged Flash to a cage match for 9/11.

#1 Contender’s Match for the CZW Iron Man Title
Alex Shelley defeated B-Boy

This was a strong match here. Both guys looked well. I would’ve liked to see this match go longer, as it only seemed that it went 10 minutes or so. B-Boy had alot of offense early on, but wasn’t able to put him away for the count. Shelley came back towards the end and hit the ShellShock for the 1-2-3.

Second Round Xtreme Strong Style Tournament
CZW Iron Man Title Match
(C) Chris Hero defeated BJ Whitmer

This match was a fight. Early into the match, Whitmer was busted up and he was sporting a true crimson mask. This match saw a different mix of styles and it turned out good in front of the CZW fans here. By winning this match, Hero will wrestle against Whitmers ROH partner, Danny Maff on a future show. This match saw alot of weapons used, including a chair shot which busted open Whitmers fucking face. Hero was able to pin Whitmer to defend his title and to advance in the tournament.

CZW World Heavyweight Title Match
Homicide and Messiah w/The Dew went to a no-contest

Good match, horrible finish. Homicide came to the ring sporting B-Boys face mask. Before the match, Zandig showed Homicide a suitcase. He let Homicide know that there was a bounty on Messiah’s head.
This match started off with some vicious chops. Both guys went to the outside and brawled. Both guys crashed into the rails. Homicide took the bell ringer/wrench and wacke Messiah with it. Messiah came back and hit Homicide with the belt. After more outside brawling, the match went back into the ring. Messiah hit a lionsault to slow down Homicide. Homicide then hit a fisherman suplex. Messiah came back with a superplex. Messiah then hit an avalanche bomb for 2. Homicide then went on the offense and hit a cannonball dive to Messiah on the outside. Both wrestlers then got more 2 counts on each other. After some false finishes, Homicide hit his brutal lariat. The ref counted 1…2… and then The Dew pulled the ref out of the ring. This is where the match ended.
POSTMATCH: Justice Pain comes out. He goes to hit a Pain Thriller on Homicide, but Wifebeater w/Big Mack Smack came out. Wifebeater breaks up the Pain Thriller. Wifebeater and Pain looked at each other eye to eye. Then all of a sudden, Wifebeater and Pain joined up and beat up Homicide and Messiah, reforming the original H8 Club.
After leaving, Homicide got the mic. Homicide asked for Pain in a match. Zandig said it’s on for 9/11. Homicide said he’s going to be kicking Corino’s ass on 9/11 in Japan, so he was going to have to wait on that. Zandig promised Homicide Justice Pain for a later date.
POSTPOSTMATCH: After all the talking, Pain came out again. Pain and Homicide fought, but then The Messiah came out. We had a three way brawl, that eventually had to be broken up by the CZW Locker room.
The match was pretty good. Messiah has improved alot since I last saw him. I thought the whole H8 club angle took away from the CZW title. It looks obvious that Justice Pain will become the next CZW Heavyweight Champion. I think CZW booking, not CZW wrestlers, dropped the ball with this match. I just hate when promotions have a good title match just to ruin it at the 20 minute mark with some bullshit.

Tables Match (All Team Members Must Be Eliminated)
6 Man Tag Team Match
CZW Tag Team Champions, The Blackout (Ruckus/Sabin) and Eddie Kingston w/Maven
Bentley and Robby Minero d. The H8 Club (Nick Gage/Nate Hatred) and Chri$ Ca$h
I don’t know how Ca$h wound up with the H8 Club. I can’t even believe that this match was the main event with better matches on the show. After alot of wrestling it came down to Chri$ Ca$h as the last member left on his team, as Gage and Hatred were eliminated after Mireno threw baby powder in Gage’s eyes. Ruckus and Kingston hit a double powerbomb on Ca$h through a table for the win.
POSTMATCH: The BlackOut said they will own CZW in the future.

Final McWord

A decent show with its ups and downs. I enjoyed The World Title match, but hated the World Title finish. I didn’t get why the tag team match was the main event. The Iron Man Match was also done nicely as well.

Some news coming out of the show was that Sonjay Dutt broke a tooth after getting thrown into a guard rail.
Pinkie Sanchez had a severe sprained hand, which he suffered the night before at DPW.
Also Bandido Jr was originally scheduled to be Pinkie’s partner, but he never made it to the arena.

It seems that Justice Pain is back to CZW in a big time way, as he’s now involved in a heavyweight title feud. It should be interesting to see what Pain does on the upcoming shows.

B-Boy losing to Alex Shelley was odd in my opinion, considering B-Boy is the “hometown” favorite.

Overall- the show was alright, but not as good as the previous show, Best of The Best IV. I think CZW had a solid show for the hardcore CZW fans, but for me it came off as just another show.

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