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FIP Heatstroke Night Two 7/8/2006

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

The second night of FIP’s hottest weekend of the summer began with the appearance of FIP’s hottest asset, So-Cal Val. She tried to convince Black Market that she had a change of heart, and said they had her support. I’m not sure why, but they actually believed her. Then suddenly the Heartbreak Express attacked Black Market from behind with steel chains! Shocking, just shocking! NOT!

The opening match featured two babyface wrestlers trying to work their way up the FIP ladder of success. It was the seasoned veteran Alex Porteau defeating the masked Canadian Cougar to pick up yet another victory since joining FIP ( 6 / 10 ).

Colt Cabana came out and wanted a match with anybody in DP Associates, but he instead got So-Cal Val sending out Kory Chavis to accept the challenge. I think Val is sending Chavis into matches she knows he cannot win, just so she has an excuse to fire him at some point. As the match was getting started, Black Market came out and yelled at So-Cal Val and said they had The Heartbreak Express in a Double Chain match in the main event!

Colt Cabana and Kory Chavis was an interesting match-up. Chavis needs a versatile opponent to pull off a good match, and Cabana certainly helped him raise the bar. They put in a solid performance for a match placed low on the card. So-Cal Val actually adds a lot to Chavis matches with her outside distractions. Colt Cabana proved his superiority with a victory ( 6.5 / 10 ). After the match, American Dragon and B.J. Whitmer attacked Colt Cabana until Davey Richards and Homicide made the save! Dave Prazak set up a tag team show-down for later on in the show.

The next three matches featured all three members of YRR flexing their combined muscle against three of their biggest adversaries in singles matches. Kenny King defeated Salvatore Rinauro ( 7 / 10 ). Steve Madison beat former partner Erick Stevens ( 7 / 10 ). Last but not least, Chasyn Rance was pinned by HIS former partner Seth Delay ( 7.5 / 10 ). They were all good, but not great matches. Of course, each YRR guy needed the help of his fellow YRR members to pick up the first two victories – but ended up getting out-smarted in the third contest. Kenny King and Steve Madison were about to spoil the third match when Sal Rinauro and Erick Stevens thwarted their attempts to interfere. I like the YRR gimmick. I could totally see So-Cal Val joining YRR at some point.

The first half of the double main event involved four of my favorite independent wrestlers. It goes without saying that I expected a lot from the tag team match featuring DP Associates, American Dragon and B.J. Whitmer, against the team of Homicide and Davey Richards — who were accompanied by Colt Cabana: Cabana had to pull out his ‘managers license’ when Prazak protested his presence at ringside. I fully expected Homicide to pin or submit American Dragon to set up a future title bout between them, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Davey Richards making Dragon tap out to win the match ( 8 / 10 )! Dragon vs. Richards sounds like a super hot match if you ask me!

The next stage in the continuing tag team blood-feud between The Heartbreak Express and Black Market was a vicious Double Chain match for Black Market’s FIP Tag Team championships. Sean and Phil Davis played the cowardly heels, avoiding the inevitable moment of being chained up to one of their opponents. The Davis boys then took a beating for several minutes before making a comeback. It didn’t take long before the blood started flowing from the foreheads of all four combatants. Sean Davis looked particularly disgusting while sporting a crimson mask. Jim Crockett would have been extremely proud to see this match. The brutality came to an end when Joey Machete choked out Sean Davis with the chain until he submitted (or passed out). Black Market retains their FIP Tag Team titles ( 8.5 / 10 ).

Final Thoughts:
The feud between The Heartbreak Express and Black Market, coupled with the consistent use of some of ROH’s biggest stars, has really helped put FIP on the independent wrestling map. These DVD’s are definitely worth checking out if you’re a wrestling fan – new or old. They manage to blend old-style wrestling with modern day drama with absolute perfection. For fans of ROH, it’s a chance to check out your favorite wrestlers in a completely different environment, and if you’re anything like me, it will only lead to a deeper appreciation for the industry, and its performers.

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