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FIP Melbourne Meltdown 5/26/2007

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

Ring announcer Jonathan Gold kicked off the show by reluctantly introducing DP Associates – running noticeably low on personnel on this night; Dave Prazak, Mr. Milo Beasley, and Jimmy Rave. Prazak expressed his frustration with Delirious not listening to him last night because he is a moron who covers his face and can’t speak proper English. Dave officially fired Delirious from his faction, and warned Delirious not to show up because he has hired a bounty hunter to take him out! Prazak said he has secured an FIP title shot for Jimmy Rave against Roderick Strong, whose days as champion are numbered! Jimmy Rave challenged Roderick Strong to come out so they could do the match right now. The FIP champion immediately popped out from behind the curtain, but Prazak wouldn’t allow his “crown jewel” to wrestle without proper backstage preparing first.

Jerrelle Clark vs. Damien Wayne: Dave Prazak continues to degrade Jerrelle Clark on commentary all because Clark turned down the chance to join DP Associates over two years ago! Damien Wayne is making his second appearance in an FIP ring, and really took his game to the next level trying to prove that he belongs in Full Impact Pro. The newcomer scored an impressive upset victory over the FIP veteran ( 6.5 / 10 ).

After winning over the fans of FIP the previous night in his debut match, Danny Daniels came out and turned up the heat – cutting a heel promo insulting the fans and telling them how much Florida stinks! The villainous Danny Daniels then issued an open challenge, which was immediately accepted by Florida Heritage champion Erick Stevens. Who better to defend the honor of Florida than the man who holds the belt that represents the rich history of the entire State? Danny Daniels asked Stevens to put his title on the line, and the fighting champion agreed. Ring the bell!

FIP Florida Heritage Title Match – Erick Stevens vs. Danny Daniels: The strategy utilized by the Midwest-based Danny Daniels was to work over Erick Stevens’ arm so he couldn’t execute the Doctor-bomb. This put Stevens’ reign as Florida Heritage champion in serious jeopardy. Erick Stevens fought back like a true champion and managed to hit the Doctor-bomb on Danny Daniels for the win to retain his title ( 7.5 / 10 ). After the match, Damien Wayne showed up and challenged Erick Stevens to put the Florida Heritage title on the line against him at the next event. Stevens accepted and promised Wayne that he would find out that “Stevens Rules!”

The ever-growing YRR group of Chasyn Rance, Kenny King, Salvatore Rinauro, Becky Bayless, and Lacey came out to the interview area – all holding cell phones – to cut their usual arrogance-based promos to generate a little old fashioned heat. Apparently they came out just to tell the fans that they didn’t have to be there and were leaving the building. Sean “X-Pac” Waltman showed up wearing a shiny new ring gear, and wanted to give Kenny King the chance to be made famous.

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman vs. Kenny King w/The YRR: This is exactly what Sean Waltman should be doing…. wrestling the young guys with potential and giving them the benefit of his wisdom inside the ring. This guy should be a major player in TNA or WWE but he chooses to maintain his freedom on the independent circuit to give back to the business. Waltman won the match, but got pummeled by the YRR after the match until The Heartbreak Express (wearing new green and blue ring gear) and Steve Madison made the big save ( 6 / 10 ). The HBE wanted to continue the fight they started with the YRR the previous night, the YRR refused, proclaiming that they are “wrestlers” and agreed to a regular six-man-tag match.

The Heartbreak Express & Steve Madison vs. The YRR (Chasyn Rance & Salvatore Rinauro & Kenny King w/Lacey & Becky Bayless): The match was virtually untainted until Salvatore Rinauro got horny and started kissing Becky Bayless right in the middle of the match. This distraction was about to cost the YRR the match until Chasyn Rance and Kenny King came in and started whacking their opponents with chair-shots causing the disqualification ( 7 / 10 ). The YRR gave Steve Madison a spike pile-driver on top of a chair busting him open pretty badly! Erick Stevens came out and chased the YRR away from the ring. Sean Davis got on the microphone and challenged the YRR to an Anything Goes Street Fight next month! And also promising lots of blood!

Ricky Vega vs. The Masked FIPper #15: Ricky Vega from Puerto Rico came out and issued a challenge to the “toughest man in FIP,” but his challenge was answered by a skinny five-footer named the Masked FIPper, who came out to “Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant’s old theme music and even boogied around the ring like Valiant. Ricky Vega squashed the poor young wrestling school trainee like a bug ( 2.5 / 10 ). I am just afraid Ricky Vega might become the next Canadian Cougar.

FIP World Title Match – Roderick Strong vs. Jimmy Rave w/Dave Prazak: It was a hard-fought evenly matched contest marred by occasional interference from Dave Prazak and Mr. Milo Beasley at ringside. Jimmy Rave used a concealed chain to knock out Roderick Strong and score a shocking pin to seemingly capture the FIP World title! Dave Prazak was thrilled that DP Associates finally had some GOLD! Recently fired DP Associate Delirious ran down and instructed the referee to look inside Jimmy Rave’s tights (for some reason he didn’t hesitate), and when he did he found the weapon, and restarted the match! Roderick Strong immediately went into his trademark flurry of offense and finished off his challenger ( 8.5 / 10 ). Cheaters NEVER win!

The furious Dave Prazak screamed at Delirious for sticking his nose in DP business. Prazak said he warned Delirious not to show up tonight, and now he has to pay for it – giving the signal for the mystery bounty hunter (Necro Butcher) to pop out from behind the curtain and attack Delirious!

Delirious vs. Necro Butcher: The barefoot bruiser brutalized Delirious all over the arena. Fight! Fight! Fight! The fans scattered and Delirious fought back, peppering Necro with as many folding chairs that he could get his hands on! The crazy no-selling bastard Necro Butcher regained the advantage as Dave Prazak barked orders from the sidelines. Eventually Delirious began yet another come back but Jimmy Rave returned to put a quick end to that! Dave Prazak produced an ether-soaked rag, which Butcher used to render Delirious unconscious until Roderick Strong made the save ( 7.5 / 10 ). This was not a match – just a fight for the entertainment of the fans, but I guess you could call it a No Contest. Roderick Strong offered Jimmy Rave a No-DQ rematch next month for the FIP title!

FIP Tag Team Title Match – The Briscoe Brothers vs. Tyler Black & Marek Brave: This is the kind of match that defines the term “Main Event.” And the cool thing is that this feud is just getting started. The Black and the Brave were battling really hard to prove to everybody that they belong in the main event with the Briscoes. This was the event where Marek Brave took a terrible face-dive on the floor which ended the match pre-maturely and put him Brave on the shelf for several months. Unless I somehow missed it, the FIP post-production team edited out the actual moment that took Marek out, but you could see that something had gone wrong when he just collapsed in the corner of the ring and didn’t get up. They went right to the finish and the referee through up the “X” to signal the crew that one of the boys was hurt legit ( 7.5 / 10 ). Unfortunately a really fantastic match was spoiled by a terrible injury. Thankfully, Marek Brave would have a complete recovery and start wrestling again two months later.

Final Thoughts:
Solid outing with good effort from start to finish.

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