FIP Hot Summer Nights Night One 6/29/2007

Written by: Brad Dykens from Online World of Wrestling

The show kicked off with the return of Black Market, with the lovely Allison Danger, signifying the end of their 90-day mandatory absence after losing a “Loser Leaves FIP” match to the YRR in February. The YRR sent out their entourage of flesh, Lacey, Rain, and So-Cal Val to try to seduce the Black Market into a truce. Black Market declined and Allison Danger attacked the three YRR girls while the YRR, plus their hired assassins Madman Pondo & Ricky Vega, showed up to attack Black Market until Seth Delay and former YRR leader Steve Madison made the save.

“Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney vs. Rex Sterling: This ham-and-egger lasted way too long with the obviously superior “Sweet & Sour” athlete. The ICW/ICWA Texarkana Television champion did his best to make the young jobber look decent. Larry Sweeney prevailed and continues to climb up the ladder to the top of the FIP roster where he belongs.

Eddie Kingston vs. Gran Akuma: Eddie Kingston finally debuted with FIP, after an injury derailed his plans to debut back in December of 2006. Kingston has been highly praised by fans of independent wrestling, but I have not had the opportunity to see enough of him to form my own opinion. He certainly looks a lot different since I last saw him – about fifty pounds lighter. Kingston made an excellent first impression on the FIP audience, making short work of Gran Akuma – which is exactly how Sweeney’s match with Sterling should have gone down!

Sara Del Rey vs. Allison Danger vs. Lacey vs. Daizee Haze: The recently crowned SHIMMER champion, Sara Del Rey, came out with her shiny new belt and issued an open challenge, which was quickly accepted by Daizee Haze, then Lacey (with Rain), and finally Allison Danger – setting up a sexy four-corner survival match, but the coveted SHIMMER championship was not on the line. God bless SHIMMER. The devilishly brash “Minnesota Home-wrecker” Lacey pulled out the victory to earn a shot at Sara Del Rey’s SHIMMER championship at the SHIMMER Florida debut on July 1st, which is apart of the “Hot Summer Nights” tour.

Hallowicked vs. Jigsaw: Some people celebrate Halloween every year on October 31, while Hallowicked and Jigsaw celebrate Halloween 365 days of the year! Jigsaw downed his fellow Chikara native with his trademark Jig-and-Tonic finisher. Babyface reactions for both competitors after the match, with hand-shakes and high fives all around ringside.

The YRR came out to proclaim their overwhelming self-importance over the microphone, and bragging over the fact that Black Market was unable to compete tonight. Irish Airborne showed up in FIP for the first time and said they didn’t respect the YRR because of what they did to Black Market. Eventually they got around to arranging a tag team match!

Irish Airborne (Jake and David Crist) vs. The YRR (Sal Rinauro & Jason Blade w/So-Cal Val): In what could only be described as a spectacular upset, the fresh new team of Irish Airborne bested the arrogant YRR faction, despite the protests of their long-legged valet, So-Cal Val. Call me.

Erick Stevens vs. Damien Wayne: Before the match, the confident Damien Wayne came out and vowed to take the Florida Heritage title back to North Carolina with him. Florida Heritage champion, and the fastest rising wrestler on the independent circuit, Erick Stevens, hit the ring and said the Florida belt was staying around his waist and more importantly staying right there in Florida *cheap pop*! Erick Stevens kept his promise and used his trademark Doctor-bomb to finish off his North Carolina challenger.

Anything Goes Match – Roderick Strong vs. Jimmy Rave (w/Dave Prazak & Mr. Milo Beasley): Ever since the departure of American Dragon, Dave Prazak has desperately wanted to bring the FIP gold back to DP Associates. Jimmy Rave is perhaps Prazak’s only chance at achieving this goal, but the powerful Roderick Strong was not ready to give up his championship without a fight. After some intense brawling and minor weapons action, Strong scored the pin and returned to the locker-room with his Full Impact Pro championship in tact.

Street Fight – The Heartbreak Express & Steve Madison & Seth Delay vs. The YRR (Kenny King & Chasyn Rance) & Madman Pondo & Ricky Vega w/So-Cal Val: YRR members Kenny King and Chasyn Rance appeared from behind the curtain, flanked by their “hired assassins,” Madman Pondo and Ricky Vega. Their opponents for this Melbourne Street Fight included the Heartbreak Express (Sean and Phil Davis), Seth Delay, and former YRR leader Steve Madison. I hope they have a janitor on the payroll, because they made a complete mess of the entire building. The teams paired off to do battle in all four corners of the arena, causing fans to scatter, while trying to maintain their composure. God bless rowdy male wrestling fans who drag their hot girlfriends out to the matches. Pondo failed to sell anything as usual, while brutalizing his opponents with his trademark stop-sign and staple-gun. This match proved why they have to put disclaimers on event tickets these days. Pondo produced a pair of scissors and stabbed Sean Davis in the face with it – because that is soooooooooo realistic, right? Madman Pondo started stapling money to the blood-soaked forehead of “Superstar” Sean Davis. The only thing I hate more than Madman Pondo is the idiot people who think his unrealistic hardcore crap is entertaining. Ricky Vega tried to F5 Phil Davis, but Sean Davis low-blowed Vega and Phil scored the pinfall to win the match! Afterwards, the rest of the YRR, including the pretty little army of flesh, hit the ring for a beat-down. Black Market and Allison Danger also showed up, and they got the last word by laying out all four members of the YRR, much to the horror of So-Cal Val!

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