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NWA-TNA Impact 11/12/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results 11/12/05 (Taped 10/26)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Highlights from last week’s two hour primetime special air.

-The Impact opening airs.

-Tenay welcomes us to the show. He builds up the matches announced for tonight’s Impact.

-Monty Brown comes out with a mic in hand. Brown talks about being the most dominant man in the business. He says he not only deserves a title shot, he demands it. Brown congratulates Jarrett on winning the title, but he says if there’s anyone that is more deserving to be the World’s champion they need to come out to the ring and prove it. He says Jarrett will feel the Pounce. Abyss’ theme comes on and out walks Abyss with James Mitchell. Mitchell says Brown’s brains must be scrambled. Mitchell says some clarification is in order. He says that Brown sure whines and complains a lot. He says if he didn’t know better, he’d think he was listening to Raven. Mitchell acknowledges Brown is a world class athlete, and he says he is one of the few that does deserve a title shot. But he says there is one man more deserving, and that man is Abyss. He says “Go show him Abyss.” They get ready to face off, but Jeff Hardy’s theme then comes on. Hardy comes out. A brawl starts in the ring the second Hardy gets in the ring. After getting beat down by both men, Hardy makes a comeback, but not for long. Brown takes Hardy down with a fall away slam, and then Brown and Abyss fight. Hardy comes off the top and takes out both men with a dual drop kick. Security then comes out and breaks things up.

–COMMERCIAL BREAK–(The old Morphoplex commercial with the infamous Traci Brooks line airs)

-A video package for the Elimination X match tomorrow at Genesis airs.

Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries
Christopher Daniels is at ringside for commentary. Tenay mentions Daniels will team with Joe tomorrow in the first ever Elimination X match at Genesis. Joe takes Aries down immedietely with a big kick. Joe pushes Aries into the corner and works him over with some kicks. Joe pushes him to another corner and nails a big chop. Joe tosses him across the ring, but runs into a kick. Aries with a kick and a headlock on the mat. Aries with a dropkick to a seated Samoa Joe. Aries comes back with a back elbow. Aries with a running drop kick to Joe in the corner. 2 count. Aries tries to irish whip Joe but Joe blocks. Joe with an atomic drop. Joe with a running boot. Joe with a back splash. Daniels builds up the X Division as the division that defines TNA. Joe with a reverse chin lock. Aries comes back with a crucifix slam. Aries goes for a suplex but Joe blocks it. Aries with some forearm shots. Joe lifts up Aries and crotches Aries on the top. Joe nails the muscle buster. Joe then locks on the Kokino Clutch and Aries taps. Decent match in a sense that Samoa Joe seemed dominant without completely squashing Aries by allowing him to get in a few nice moves.

Winner: Samoa Joe

-Joe and Daniels staredown each other near the announce booth. Tenay again mentions they will be teaming tomorrow on the PPV


-Scott D’Amore is backstage in Larry Zbyszko’s office with Shane Douglas. D’Amore says that since Larry was so gracious to grant Petey Williams his match with AJ tonight, finisher vs. finisher, in return he’s here to do something for Larry. D’Amore says that he loves the fact that Larry made the 3LK vs. Team Canada match for tomorrow at Genesis. D’Amore proposes poles are put up in each corner of the ring with a hockey stick at the top. If the men reach the sticks, they can use them. Larry sounds iffy on the idea because it’s too violent. D’Amore says he was just thinking about the buyrate, and it’d be through the roof. Larry then agrees to the stipulation. Larry says he will also make Kip James the special ref. D’Amore doesn’t like that. Douglas says, “Looks like you got a little more than you bargained for.”

Lex Lovett vs. Kip James
James pushes Lovett into the corner and works him over with a kick and punches. Lex nails a running leg lariat. Lex with a back elbow. 2 count. James nails a modified back breaker. James yells out, “I’m Kip James Bitch!” and gives Lex a full nelson slam. James makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Total squash.

Winner: Kip James

-Team Canada’s theme comes on. Roode, Young, and A1 come out with hockey sticks. BG James and Ron Killings run out and take them out with steel chairs. BG points to the ramp, and Konnan comes out and throws his shoe at Eric Young. BG and Killings get in the ring with Kip. Konnan stays on the outside and watches them celebrate. Tenay says Konnan still doesn’t trust Kip James.


Finisher vs. Finisher
Petey Williams w/ Scott D’Amore vs. X Division Champion AJ Styles

During Styles’ entrance, the camera zoomed in on a sign that said “AJ Styles – The True Captain Charisma.” Kind of ironic considering who is supposed to be coming to Genesis tomorrow. They lock up. It goes nowhere with both men dodging each others moves. Williams takes Styles down but gets punched in the nose. Styles with some right hands. Styles with a running clothesline in the corner. Williams rakes the eyes. Williams attempts the Destroyer, but AJ dodges it. Styles with some right hands. Styles with a high drop kick. Styles comes off the ropes but D’Amore grabs his leg. Styles argues with D’Amore. Williams comes back with some punches. Williams with a chop and some punches in the corner. Williams with a whip across the ring. Williams works over Styles in the corner. Styles with some punches to the stomach. Williams dodges an enziguiri. Styles nails the Paylay kick. Styles with a series a couple clotheslines and a back elbow. Styles with a suplex into a neckbreaker. Petey rolls up out and over of a Styles Clash attempt and nails a DDT. Styles fights out of a Destroyer attempt. Williams with a side Russian legsweep. Williams goes for the Destroyer again, but Styles fights it off again. Williams runs into an elbow. Styles with a forearm and his moonsault into a reverse DDT. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Petey grabs the ropes to block it. Styles pulls him back and inadvertantly knocks out the ref. D’Amore comes in the ring with the belt in hand. Styles nails him with a kick. Styles goes to give D’Amore the Styles Clash. Petey nails him in the head with the belt first. Petey then nails the Canadian Destroyer to get the win. Tenay reminds us again that the only way to win the match was to nail the signature move, no pinfall needed. Pretty good match, but compared to what these guys usually do it was just average.

Winner: Petey Williams

–COMMERCIAL BREAK– (The “Traci Line” Morphoplex commercial airs for the third time)

-A video package focusing on the history and importance of the NWA World Title airs.

-Douglas is backstage with Larry and Raven. He says they’ve agreed to meet peacefully. Larry says this is over, he can’t walk around looking over his shoulder all the time. Raven says Larry’s ability to squander talent is rediculous. Larry mentions he is not able to fire Raven, but he can book him any way that he wants. He says he can put him through hell to prove he’s worthy of a title rematch. He says that his hell will begin tomorrow. Larry says that if he doesn’t want to, all he has to do is sign a release form and he can leave TNA. Raven goes to attack Larry, but Larry’s security guards hold him back.

NWA World Tag Champions America’s Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) & NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett w/ Gail Kim vs. Chris Sabin, Lance Hoyt & Jeff Hardy
Both teams make their entrances, and we go to a commercial break.

–COMMERCIAL BREAK– (“Traci Line” Morphoplex commercial for the 4th time)

Sabin and Storm start off. Storm works over Sabin. Sabin comes back with an arm drag. Sabin with a monkey flip. Sabin with a running forearm in the corner. Hoyt and Harris are tagged in. They push each other back and forth. Hoyt with a clothesline. Hoyt with a side slam. Near fall. Harris with a knee lift. Jarrett is tagged in. Jarrett with some right hands. Jarrett runs into a back elbow. Hardy is tagged in. Hardy with a jumping clothesline. Storm holds Hardy and Jarrett runs in. Hardy moves and Jarrett takes out Storm. Harris is tagged in soon after. Harris with a delayed vertical suplex. Near fall. Storm is tagged in. Harris with a snap mare and then Storm nails a drop kick to the seated Hardy. Near fall. Storm with a back elbow smash. Jarrett is tagged in. Jarrett chokes Hardy across the middle rope and then jumps across his back. Harris is tagged in. Harris with some forearm smashes and a kick. Harris chokes Hardy across the middle rope. Storm is tagged in. Hardy with a springboard twisting body block to take out both members of AMW. Hoyt is tagged in. Hoyt cleans house on AMW. Harris takes him out from behind. Hoyt with a double flapjack plant on both men. Hoyt takes out Jarrett with a boot. AMW then attacks Hoyt from behind. Sabin gives them a dual dropkick. Hoyt clotheslines AMW out of the ring. Hardy jumps off Hoyts back, going over the ropes to the outside, taking out AMW. Hoyt slingshots over the top rope to the outside, taking out AMW. Sabin ducks a guitar shot in the ring from Jarrett. Jarrett reverses the Cradle Shock. Sabin dodges the Stroke. Sabin with a tornado DDT. Near fall. Sabin goes up top. Gail Kim crotches him. Jarrett gives Sabin the Stroke from the middle rope. Jarrett makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Average match.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett & America’s Most Wanted

-After the match, they continue to work over their opponents. They handcuff Hoyt to the ropes. AMW holds Hardy as Jarrett gets his guitar. Rhino’s theme comes on. Rhino charges into the ring with a steel chair. Jarrett and AMW bail. Team 3D then walks out behind Jarrett and AMW on the ramp. Team 3D and AMW fight, and Rhino comes out to the ramp and fights with Jarrett as the show goes off the air.

-A well done video package building up Genesis tomorrow airs.

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