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NWA-TNA Impact 11/19/2005

Full TNA Impact! ResultsĀ  11/19/05 (taped 11/15)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-The show starts off showing highlights from this past Sunday’s Genesis PPV.

-The Impact opening airs.

Samoa Joe vs. Jerrelle Clark
During Joe’s entrance, they show footage of Joe snapping at Genesis and attacking Christopher Daniels after the work. Joe wears out a towel with Daniels’ blood on it. Tenay says Daniels is sidelined indefinitely after that violent attack from Joe. Joe pushes Clark into the corner and takes him to the mat. He kicks away at him on the mat. Clark tries to fight back, but to no avail. Clark receives some kicks and then a running knee in the corner. Joe stomps away at his face and then charges across the ring with a boot to the face. Tenay talks about Styles saying Joe broke the unwritten code among X Division wrestlers at Genesis. Joe chops Clark in the corner. Joe runs into a boot from Clark. Clark goes for a tornado DDT out of the corner, but Joe throws him off. Joe with a kick and a back splash. Joe nails the muscle buster. Joe quickly then locks on the Kokino Clutch and Clark has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

-After the match, AJ Styles comes up on the video screen. He screams at Joe to get his attention. Styles talks about the X Division having a code of respect that Joe must think doesn’t apply to him. Styles says he stepped on all the wrestlers and the fans that supported him. Styles screams at Joe, as he turns around, to not turn his back on him. Styles says even though it’s unusual for a champion to challenge the challenger, he is challenging Joe to a match at Turning Point. He says Joe’s winstreak will come to an end. Even though it was a short segment, it was one of the strongest, most intense promos I’ve seen Styles cut.


-Tenay and West greet us at ringside. Tenay talks about TNA returning to PPV in December with Turning Point. Tenay talks up the Joe/Styles match for the PPV. West then talks about the barbed wire match that Abyss and Sabu are going to be having at Turning Point. Tenay then says they are waiting word on who Jarrett will defend his title against at Turning Point.

-Jarrett’s theme comes on and out he walks with Gail Kim. He asks Tenay who he is facing at Turning Point. He says Tenay is supposed to know it all. Tenay says Larry Zbyszko is supposed to be having a conference call to determine the opponent. Jarrett says he is going to get his answer right now.

NWA World Tag Champions America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) vs. Sonny Siaki & Apolo
All four men fight in the ring to start things off. Siaki and Apolo take their opponents down with double arm drags. They flapjack Harris together. AMW rolls to the outside to regroup as we go to a commercial break.


Siaki and Storm are fighting on the ramp. Apolo is fighting with Harris. Storm runs in the ring and nails Apolo in the back. Harris is tagged in. Harris throws Apolo to the corner. Harris runs into a boot. Siaki and Storm are tagged in. Siaki nails some forearm smashes on both members of AMW. Siaki with a neckbreaker on Storm. He takes Harris down. Storm is thrown to the outside. Apolo superkicks Harris. Siaki covers for a near fall. Apolo slingshots over the top to the outside at Storm, but Storm has a bottle and breaks it over Apolo’s head as he comes down. Siaki turns around into a shot from Harris whom had a foreign object in his hand. AMW nails the Death Sentence on Siaki. Storm covers to get the pinfall. Average match.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted

-After the match, Chris Harris gets a table out from under the ring. They set it up in the ring. Harris gets some spray paint and paints “3D” on the table in bright yellow. They get ready to give Siaki a Death Sentence through the table, but Team 3D’s theme comes on. Team 3D runs out and AMW bails out of the ring. Brother Ray gets on the mic. He says AMW doesn’t know the first thing about using a table. Brother Ray says they have some good news and bad news. Good news for themselves, but bad news for AMW. He says they just got done talking to Zbyszko. For the first time ever, at Turning Point, it will be AMW vs. Team 3D, and it will be a tables match. They then throw the table out of the ring and at the ramp towards AMW.

-Shane Douglas is standing by backstage with Jarrett and Kim outside the office of Larry Zbyszko. Jarrett instructs Gail Kim to call Larry on his phone right now. Gail says she doesn’t trust Larry. Jarrett says he wants his answer tonight.


-A video package airs recapping the actions of 3 Live Kru and Kip James over the past couple of months.

-3LK is backstage with Douglas. Douglas mentions that TNA management has granted James time next week to make an announcement about the future of 3LK. James is excited and says it’s about change. Konnan and Killings are skeptical. James says the decision he has made is for the best of all of them. James says he has a meeting to go to right now, but Konnan and Killings should trust him. Konnan wants to know now, but James says he can’t give him an answer now because it’s not secure yet.

Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Rhino
Tenay builds up the fact that Abyss will wrestle Sabu in a barbed wire match at Turning Point. Abyss works over Rhino with some big right hands. Rhino fights back with some right hands of his own. Rhino with a clothesline after blocking a hip toss attempt. Abyss rolls to the outside. Rhino slingshots over the top rope with a cross body on to Abyss on the outside.


Rhino has an arm submission locked on down on the mat. Abyss fights out. Rhino with some right hands. Rhino clotheslines Abyss over the top rope to the outside. Mitchell gets in the ring. Rhino sets up to Gore him, but Abyss grabs him from the outside and crotches him against the ring post. Abyss stomps away at Rhino. Abyss then chokes Rhino with his boot. Rhino fights back with some chops. Abyss sends him back down with a big right forearm. Abyss with more right hands. Abyss locks on a neck vice. Rhino fights to his feet and breaks the hold. Rhino with a flying clothesline. Rhino with a shoulder block in the corner. Rhino runs into a big boot. Near fall. Abyss with right hands. Rhino with a spinebuster. Near fall. Rhino goes to the outside and takes out a table from under the ring. Rhino slides it into the ring. Rhino sets up the table in the corner. Rhino works over Abyss some more. Abyss comes back and whips Rhino into a non-table corner. Abyss goes for a choke slam but Rhino fights out. Rhino with a belly to belly suplex. Rhino sets up for the Gore as Abyss gets up near the table. Abyss moves and Rhino crashes through the table. Abyss covers for a near fall. Abyss goes for the Shock Treatment, but the lights go out. They come back on and Sabu is outside the ring with a chair wrapped in barbed wire. Abyss freaks out and turns around right into a Gore from Rhino. Rhino covers and gets the pinfall. Certainly not a bad match, but another match that was just average to me.

Winner: Rhino

-Jarrett is backstage with Larry. He asks Larry about them having a deal. Larry says the real deal is Jarrett will defend the belt at Turning Point against Rhino. Jarrett says he’s been on the phone all day, and all he comes up with is the rubber match between he and Rhino? Jarrett then asks about Raven and Monty Brown getting title shots. Larry is confused. Jarrett says yeah he hates both of them, but fair is fair. Jarrett says Larry is not running this place, TNA Management is. Gail Kim says Larry is on thin ice.


-Christian Cage comes out to the ring. Christian talks about ruffling some feathers within TNA by the things he said at Genesis. He recaps some of the things he said. He again mentions he didn’t come to TNA because he got fired or had no place to go. He said he came there because TNA is the place to be. He says he came to TNA to get the respect he deserves. He said he came to take the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He says if anyone in the back has a problem with that, he doesn’t really care “because that’s how I roll.” Monty Brown’s theme comes on. Brown comes down to the ring. Brown says Christian better hit the brakes “on that garbage.” Brown says Christian is no longer up north rolling. Brown welcomes Christian to the Serengeti. Brown says the quality of speech is not always the same as the quality of thought. Brown says he hasn’t said or proven anything. Brown says the Alpha Male has rolled over everything put in his path. Brown says the only way Christian will leap frog over him on his way to the title is if Brown lays down first, and Brown says he lays down for nobody. Brown says he will take Christian Cage and make him feel the…and Christian cuts him off before he can say Pounce. Christian talks about Brown liking to “pounce on men.” Christian says whatever he does in his spare time, he’s not here to judge. Christian says it sounds to him like Brown is afraid about losing his spot. Christian says he damn sure should be. Christian says unless he plans on “nutting up”, he better go find someone else to Pounce. Brown attacks him and works over Christian. Christian comes back with some right hands. Brown reverses and Irish whip and nails the Pounce. Brown’s theme comes on. Brown stands over Christian in mid-ring as the show goes off the air. Very good segment. The two had chemistry when it came to promos with each other, so let’s hope that will translate into chemistry in the match as well.

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