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NWA-TNA Impact 11/26/2005

Full TNA Impact! Results 11/26/05 (taped 11/15)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Highlights air of the confrontation between Monty Brown and Christian last week, to start off the show.

-The iMPACT! opening airs.

-Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show and notes Jarrett will be wrestling Kip James tonight, as well as Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss.

Monty Brown vs. Helvis Elliot
Brown starts off with rapid right hands. Brown with lots of right hands. Brown sends him into the ropes and nails the Pounce. Brown makes the cover and gets the quick pinfall. Typical squash.

Winner: Monty Brown

-A 3 Live Kru video package airs.

-The 3 Live Kru, along with Kip James, come out to the ring. BG James thanks the TNA officials for letting the Kru come out to air their dirty laundry. James says as much as he loves Killings and Konnan, he loves Kip too. He says the Kru is his family, but so is Kip. Konnan says Kip always latches on to someone else, he used to be Honky Tonk’s manager, in DX someone else was the real star, and he almost married some guy named Palumbo. BG gets mad and says Konnan never gives Kip a chance. BG says he needs an up or down vote now. He says he has never lied to the group. He asks Killings first if he allows Kip as a member of the family. Killings says he never has doubted BG from day one, and he says “any family of yours is a family of mine.” BG says, “Now this is the hard part.” Konnan screams, “No this isn’t the hard part!” BG yells. He says Konnan hasn’t stopped bitching. BG says he’s either “with us or against us.” BG asks Konnan if he’s ever given him a reason to doubt his word? Konnan says no. Konnan says he’s going to keep it real. Konnan says “If he’s your brother, and he’s your brother, he’s my brother.” They all unite and BG James calls them the 4 Live Kru.


-They air a segment with a doctor explaining Christopher Daniels injury, stemming from the Genesis PPV match with Joe.

Chris Sabin vs. X Division Champion AJ Styles
First of all I have no idea why this match was not advertised at all, but Kip James vs. Jeff Jarrett was? Anyways, they start off exchanging position. Sabin puts Styles in an arm bar. Styles reverses it, but Sabin quickly reverses it back and they reach a stand still. Time for a commercial.


Action has picked up. Sabin with a standing headlock. Sabin with a hurracanrana. Sabin comes off the ropes and Styles nails him with a high dropkick. Near fall. Styles with a forearm shot and a backbreaker. Near fall. Styles with a leglock and reverse chinlock submission. Styles runs into a kick to the gut. Sabin goes for a running powerbomb, but Styles rolls through. Sabin then rolls through for another pinfall attempt. Sabin goes for a German suplex, but Styles flips out of it. They exchange position in the go behinds before Sabin rolls him up for a 2 count. Sabin puts on a modified headlock. Styles reaches the ropes to break it. They exchange forearm shots. Sabin gains the advantage with rapid fire forearms for a moment. Styles comes back then with a series of forearms. Sabin flips out of a Styles Clash attempt, and they exchange hard chops in mid ring. They each go for a dropkick, and each hit each other. Both men slowly get up to their feet. Sabin with a jawbreaker. Styles with the moonsault into the reverse DDT. Near fall. Samoa Joe comes out on to the ramp to watch, with the bloody towel around his neck. Sabin nails an enziguiri kick. Sabin with his running sit out powerbomb. Near fall. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock, but Styles fights out. Styles with a kick and goes for the Styles Clash. Sabin fights out. Sabin tries to reverse out of a Styles Clash attempt by lifting his head, but Styles rebounds off the ropes, comes back to his feet, and nails it. Styles makes the cover and gets the pin. Good match.

Winner: AJ Styles

-A Raven video package airs, highlighting his attempts to get his title rematch.

-Larry Zbyszko approaches Raven in a car backstage earlier today. Larry again has a contract for Raven to release himself from TNA. Raven says he isn’t signing anything. Larry says he has a match for him next week. House of Fun match. Raven says he won’t be held accountable for the blood bath and carnage he leaves in his wake.


-Shane Douglas is backstage with Christian Cage. Douglas says Christian’s arrival has rocked the entire wrestling world. Christian says apparently some people haven’t been happy with the way he’s conducted his business, namely Monty Brown. Christian says Monty might want to hold off on the period. He might want to throw in a comma or a semi-colon because this story isn’t over. Christian says he told Larry Zbyszko he wanted Monty Brown at Turning Point and the match was signed. Christian says he’s going to put on his sunblock and hunting boots and head out on to the Serengeti. Christian says Monty better not be worried about Christian leapfrogging him. He should be worried about him going right through him. Gail Kim then comes in to interrupt as Christian was getting ready to say “That’s how I roll.” She says Christian made the wrong choice in not aligning himself with Scott D’Amore and Jeff Jarrett. AMW comes into the scene. Harris says they heard enough talk from him at Genesis, all that is left to say is “bad move.” Storm says payback is a bitch, and there is no way Christian will get near the NWA World Title. Storm closes out the segment saying, “Sorry bout your damn luck.”

Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy
Hardy starts off with right hands. Hardy with a couple clotheslines. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Abyss escapes. Hardy with a roll up after dodging the Shock Treatment. Hardy clotheslines Abyss out of the ring. Hardy slingshots out of the ring, but Abyss catches him and rams him into the ring post. Abyss sends Hardy into the ringside barrier. Abyss then rolls him back into the ring. Abyss charges into the corner and splashes Hardy. Abyss chokes at Hardy in the corner. Abyss with right hands. Abyss with a chop to the chest. Abyss charges into the corner, but Hardy misses. Hardy with right hands. Hardy ducks some clotheslines and nails a flying forearm. Hardy with a twisting corkscrew out of the corner. Near fall. Hardy goes up top, but he misses the Swanton Bomb. Mitchell throws a chair into the ring to Abyss. Abyss waits for Hardy to get up. The lights then go out. They come on and Sabu is outside the ring with a chair wrapped in barbed wire to distract Abyss. Hardy takes the chair away from Abyss. Hardy nails Abyss with the chair a couple times. The ref then takes it away. Hardy nails the Twist of Fate and gets the pinfall. Not many good parts to this match.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

-Sabu gets in the ring with the chair wrapped in barbed wire. Abyss bails out. Tenay sells the point that Abyss has to face his fear, barbed wire, at Turning Point in the barbed wire match.


-A very well done video package talking about Rhino’s life growing up and breaking into the wrestling business airs.

NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett w/ Gail Kim vs. Kip James w/ 4 Live Kru
Kip James gets on the mic and says, “If you’re not down with the 4 Live Kru, I’ve got 4 words for ya….I’m Kip James Bitch!” We then immedietely go to a commercial.


Jarrett knocks Kip James off the ring apron and they fight to the outside. Jarrett sends him face first into the ringside barrier. Jarrett then throws him face first into a chair. Jarrett takes him over to the announce position and throws him into the table. Jarrett grabs a steel chair and nails him in the gut with it. The Kru is nowhere to be found now with no explanation. Jarrett again throws Kip face first into a ringside barrier. Jarrett clotheslines him over the barrier into the fans. They fight amongst the crowd, with Jarrett stomping Kip. Jarrett throws Kip up in the air and face first down on to the barrier. Jarrett then throws Kip into the wall, before throwing him over the barrier back into the ringside area. Jarrett tosses him back into the ring. Jarrett with some right hands. Jarrett comes in to jump across the back of a layed out Kip James across the middle rope, but Kip moves. James with a gutwrench slam. James blocks a right hand and nails one of his own. And again. James with a back elbow. James with a clothesline. James sends Jarrett into the corner. James charges in and nails a splash. James goes for the Famouser, but Jarrett dodges it and goes to the outside. A debuting Jackie Gayda then walks out. She storms down the ramp yelling at Jeff. She walks past Jeff as Jeff tries to hold her back. Jackie goes for Gail Kim. Jarrett keeps saying, “It’s not what you think.” Jarrett tells her to leave and pushes her. She then slaps Jarrett. Jackie then tackles Gail Kim and they get into a catfight. Security comes out to break it up. Kip takes Jarrett into the ring on the offensive. Kip with a backbreaker and then the Famouser. Kip makes the cover, but Jarrett kicks out. James puts Jarrett into a sleeper hold. Bobby Roode comes into the ring and breaks a hockey stick across Kip’s back as the ref is distracted with all the commotion on the outside. Jarrett then nails the Stroke and gets the pinfall. I liked the way they handled Gayda’s debut, and it should be interesting to see where they go with this. In a way, it’s kind of funny that the two hottest young women in the company are fighting over one the oldest wrestlers in the company, but hey, I guess that’s what you get when you have all “the stroke.”

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

-BG James then comes out and gets into a fight with Jarrett and Roode. The 2 on 1 is to much, and they work over BG. Killings and Konnan then run out. They clean house. Team Canada then runs out and it’s a huge brawl in the ring. Team Canada is getting the better of the Kru, as Jarrett is walking up the ramp yelling, “Where’s Gail?!”

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