NWA-TNA Impact 12/8/2005

Full TNA Prime Time iMPACT! Results – 12/8/05 (taped 11/29)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-The Impact opening airs right away to start the show.

-Tenay welcomes us and builds up the show.

NWA Tag Champs America’s Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) & NWA World Champ Jeff Jarrett vs. The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) & Jeff Hardy
AMW brings a table to the ring that says “Reserved for Team 3D” on it. Jarrett attacks Hardy on the ramp right away to start off. Hardy and Jarrett brawl on the ramp. Stevens and Storm are fighting on the ramp, and Stevens gives Storm a snap suplex. Douglas and Harris are fighting at the top of the ramp. Both men tease falling off the top of the ramp, blocking moves. Eventually, Harris goes for the Catatonic, but Douglas reverses it and pushes Harris off the ramp into his tag partner Storm below. Stevens catapults his partner Douglas into a flip off the ramp on to AMW below. Hardy and Jarrett continue to fight on the outside. Eventually, Harris is in the ring with Douglas. Douglas gets crotched on the top rope by Storm. Harris superplexes him off the top. Douglas nails a running high knee. Stevens and Jarrett are tagged in. Stevens takes him down with a lariat. Stevens cleans house. Stevens clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the outside. Hardy slingshots himself in a crossbody over the top on top of Jarrett. Stevens slams Storm down, and Hardy nails the swanton on him. Hardy makes the cover, but Harris pulls him off. The Naturals go for the Natural Disaster, but Jarrett comes in for a low blow on Douglas. Douglas blocks it and they set up Jarrett in the Natural Disaster. Storm comes in and nails a superkick to Stevens to break it. Stevens then receives the Stroke from Jarrett. Jarrett makes the cover for the pinfall. A short but exciting match.

Winners: AMW & Jeff Jarrett

-Harris handcuffs Hardy to the guard rail outside the ring after the match. The table is then brought in the ring. Storm sets Stevens up but Douglas comes in to break it up. It’s 3 on 2 though, and eventually AMW and Jarrett gain advantage. AMW gives Andy Douglas the 3D through the table.

-A Rhino video package airs.


-Raven is backstage with Larry Zbyszko getting held back by security. Raven wants a title shot, but Larry says losers don’t get title shots and he lost last week. Larry says “wait til you see who I got for you at Turning Point. You better sign this release.” Raven says he doesn’t care who it is, he’ll send them back in a casket.

Samoa Joe vs. Amazing Red
Alex Shelley is outside the ring video taping the match. Red with some quick right hands and some kicks. Red runs into a huge clothesline that flips him over backwards. Joe with a snap mare and some kicks to the back. Joe with a knee drop. Tenay talks about Daniels still being on the shelf from the level 3 concussion he got from Joe. Joe with a running knee in the corner to Red. Joe stomps away at Red’s face. Shelley accidently gets in the way, and Joe gets distracted. Red rolls himup for a near fall. Red with some offense, including a head scissors take over and a flip splash. Red runs into a big powerslam. Joe throws Red into the corner, sets him up on the top, and nails the muscle buster. Joe then locks on the Kokino Clutch for the submission victory. Good match for what it was supposed to be, a match to make Joe continue to look unstoppable.

Winner: Samoa Joe


-Tenay is in the ring with AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, and Sonjay Dutt. Tenay says 2005 will be remember in wrestling for the debut of Impact on SpikeTV. He says it will be remembered for the incredible 3 hour TNA PPVs and the emergence of the X Division in wrestling. Tenay says 2005 will be remembered in the world of baseball for a team that is like the X Division, “no limits”, that being the World Series Champion Chicago White Sox. Tenay then calls out the guests. He says it’s time to welcome a pro wrestling hall of fame manager and Chicago’s number one baseball fan. He then says it’s also time to welcome a former pro wrestler and current White Sox strength coach. And finally, he says it’s time to welcome the star catcher of the World Series Champion Chicago White Sox. Tenay then calls all three of them out saying it’s time to welcome Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Dale Torborg, and AJ Pierzynski. The three men walk down the ramp to the Impact theme. The crowd chants “Bobby.” Torborg and Pierzynski come to the ring in White Sox jersey and each carrying a bat. Tenay first asks Heenan if he ever thought he’d see the day where the Sox would win the World Series. Heenan said he knew as soon as they signed AJ they were going to be heavyweight champions of baseball. Tenay then congratulates Pierzynski on the world championship. He thanks Tenay and then says he’s been a pro wrestling fan his whole life. He says seeing what TNA has done this year has been an even more incredible year for them. He says they are there to congratulate TNA by presenting them with some White Sox presents. They hand the 3 X Division wrestlers the signed baseball bats and jerseys. AJ hands the other AJ an autographed bat. Tenay then makes mention of announcers during the season borrowing AJ Styles nickname and referring to AJ Pierzynski as “The Phenomenal” AJ Pierzynski. Torborg says he wants to make sure Sabin gets one of these autographed bats, autographed by the whole team. Heenan the presents a jersey to Dutt. Tenay then says it’s AJ Styles turn to do the honors. Styles says, “on behalf of TNA and the X Division…” The Diamonds in the Rough theme comes on. Simon Diamond says he has a problem. Diamond says he hates to be the one to break up this feel good moment of the year. He says he can’t believe we are taking time on a wrestling show to present baseball players with awards. Diamond says Pierzynski’s claim to fame was that he struck out but got to first base because the catcher fell asleep. Diamond says Pierzynski hit .256 on the season. Diamond says that’s 1 out 4. He says if Skipper of Young were 1 out of 4 in a wrestling match, he would fire them. He says he’d fire himself. He says Pierzynski needs to take his .256 batting average, “the guy that couldn’t succeed in my sport and had to go to yours” (referring to Torborg), and they need to go back to the south side. Torborg shoves Diamond. Diamond says he’s hitting .256 so he has to bring his designated hitter to do his job. Diamond says he doesn’t hit .256, he hits home runs. He then hits Torborg. Torborg quickly tackles him and wails on him with right hands. Security gets in the ring to break up things. Pierzynski shoves down David Young. Security holds back Young.


Konnan & Kip James w/ BG James & Ron Killings vs. Sinn & Helvis Elliot
Konnan, BG, and Kip do their usual spiels on the microphone. Kip and Sinn brawl at the beginning. Kip gives him a front suplex. Konnan comes in and gives Helvis the rolling thunder. Kip gives Sinn a big slam. Konnan puts Helvis in the Tequila Sunrise for the submission victory. Nothing to this match.

Winners: Konnan & Kip James

-After the match, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong comes out on the ramp and gives a thumbs up to 4 Live Kru.

-Terry Taylor is backstage with Bobby Roode and Scott D’Amore. Roode pushes Taylor out of the way. Roode says at Genesis, Christian had the oppurtunity of a lifetime to join Team Canada. He says Christian made a stupid choice. He says he turned his back on D’Amore and the entire country of Canada. He says tonight he will prove he is the greatest and show him how a true Canadian rolls. D’Amore says after all they’ve been through, he finally sees the person he really is. He says he was too egotistical to rule this place with Team Canada. He says their friendship ended at Genesis when he dropped him on his head. He says he has a new family now, Team Canada, AMW, and Jeff Jarrett. D’Amore says he told Christian there was a change in power, and tonight he will feel the full force of it. He then says, “You’ve gotta get this done, Bobby.”


Bobby Roode w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Christian Cage
Tenay mentions this is Christian’s TNA in-ring debut. D’Amore pumps up Roode on the outside. Christian comes up to him and they trade right hands. Chrisitian takes advantage. Christian walks into a knee to the gut. Roode nails Christian with some right hands. Christian reverses a whip, and he sends Roode over the steel steps into the guard rail. In the ring now, Christian with some stomps to the head of Roode. Christian with right hands in the corner. Christian with a back elbow. Christian with a suplex into a face plant. Christian with a cover for a two count. Roode comes back with some punches. Christian floats over out of the corner and goes for the Unprettier, but Roode gets out. Christian goes for a tornado DDT out of the corner, but Roode reverses out and throws Christian on the top rope gut first. Christian hangs on the top rope and Roode charges in with a shoulder block, sending Christian off the rope/apron into the steel guardrail on the outside. Roode comes out of the ring and throws Christian down on the ramp with a front face plant suplex. D’Amore attacks Christian with some kicks as Roode distracts the ref. Back in the ring now, Roode with some knees to the gut. Christian is thrown off the ropes and receives a knee to the gut. Near fall for Roode. Roode with a scoop slam. Roode comes off the second rope with a knee drop. Another near fall. Roode puts Christian in a bear hug submission in the middle of the ring. Christian fights out. Christian floats over a knee to the gut attempt and rolls up Roode for a near fall. Christian goes for the Unprettier again, but Roode slips out again. Roode with a running spear sending Christian into the corner. Roode with a gut buster out of a fireman’s carry. Roode pulls down his knee pad and goes to the middle rope again. He comes off for a knee drop, but Christian puts his leg up and nails Roode in the chin as he comes down. Christian fights to his feet and nails some right hands. Christian with some clotheslines and more rapid fire punches. Christian with another clothesline for a near fall. Christian comes off the ropes, and D’Amore hits him from the outside. Roode then hits a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Roode goes for a piledriver, but Christian reverses it and slingshots Roode into the corner right on top of the ref whom was yelling at D’Amore. Christian then comes in with a running clothesline, but Roode moves, and he takes out the ref in the corner. Christian then goes for the Unprettier, Roode counters, but Christian counters back with a reverse DDT. He goes for the cover but the ref is out. Christian tries to revive the ref. Christian brings D’Amore into the ring. Monty Brown runs out and attack Christian from behind. Brown wails on Christian with right hands and stomps. Brown goes for the Pounce, but Christian dodges it, and he takes out D’Amore. Christian throws Brown out of the ring. Roode tries to hit Christian with a hockey stick, but Christian dodges it with a drop toe hold. Christian then hits Roode low with the hockey stick and executes the Unprettier. Christian makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Good match.

Winner: Christian Cage

-Brown gets in the ring as Christian celebrates. Brown nails Christian with a clothesline as he turns around. Brown with some right hands and the Pounce soon after.


-Abyss and James Mitchell come to the ring. Mitchell says Sabu has the tenacity of a cock roach. After repeated beatings from Abyss, he kept coming back for more, and somewhere along the way discovered his one weakness. His fear of barbed wire. He says he has told Abyss the only way to get rid of the fear is to face it head on, and that’s why he will face Sabu in TNA’s first barbed wire match at Turning Point. He says Abyss will take great pleasure to use the barbed wire to rip Sabu’s flesh off his bones. He then says he will go around the ring to pick up the clumps of flesh so he can feed them to his dog. The lights go out. When they come back on, Sabu is in the ring and magically the ropes have vanished and been replaced with barbed wire. Sabu stands there looking at Abyss who looks frightened.

-A music video building up Turning Point airs to end the show.

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