NWA-TNA Impact 12/17/2005

Full TNA iMPACT! Results 12/17/05 (taped 12/13)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Highlights from Turning Point air to start the show.

-The iMPACT! opening airs.

-Tenay talks about this past Sunday’s PPV and TNA hitting another home run on PPV. He says the face of TNA will change forever in 2006 when Jarrett’s music comes on. Jarrett asks Tenay whats going on. He wants to know the details of what is going on with Sting. Tenay says, “Who the hell do I look like, Columbo?” Jarrett says if TNA management wants a war, they are going to get it. He says they made a statement, so he’s going to make a statement tonight.

X Division Champion Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal
Jarrett and Joe stare down each other on the ramp as Joe makes his entrance. Joe starts off with a standing headlock. Joe nails a shoulder block. Lethal counters with a arm drag. Joe nails one of his own. They exchange takedowns. They both make their way to their feet and reach a stand-still. Joe with some kicks that take Lethal down. Lethal with a backflip dropkick and a leg lariat. Lethal with a dropkick to the back of the head. 2 count. Joe blocks an Irish whip attempt and reverses it into an atomic drop. Joe takes him down with a running boot and follows that up with a back splash. Joe with a hard chop in the corner. Joe with a running knee into the corner. Joe then nails his running kick to the face with Lethal seated in the corner. Joe puts on a reverse chin lock. Lethal fights out of it. Lethal runs right into a powerslam. Joe puts him up on the top and nails the muscle buster. Joe locks on the Kokino Clutch and that’s it. Good opener. Hopefully Lethal sticks around as he could be a good, fresh-face addition to the X Division.

Winner: Samoa Joe


-Shane Douglas is backstage with Konnan and Killings. Douglas asks him about the ambush on Kip James that Konnan committed. Konnan says he never trusted Kip and knew he was up to something. He says Kip tried to play him, but he played himself. Konnan says Kip was going to convince BG to attack him, or he was going to do it himself. Konnan decided to take him out first. Killings asks Konnan why? He says they were like family, they should have talked it out. Killings says to stick a fork in it, because it’s done. He says they have more problems than they can deal with, he doesn’t know who he can trust. Killings says he’s done with it. Konnan tries to stop him saying that he’s his brother.

Alex Shelley vs. Matt Bentley w/ Traci
Shelley takes the offensive first with a knee and some punches. Bentley comes back with a tip toss and dropkick. Bentley with a series of punches. Shelley runs into a boot to the face in the corner. Bentley with a dropkick off the second rope. Bentley goes for a suplex, but Shelley bites his hand. Bentley comes back with a punch, but Shelley soon takes advantage with some punches and a dropkick of his own. Shelley with a side suplex. Shelley locks on his head scissors into a scissors stomp. They exchange chops. Shelley with a knee lift. Shelley with a charging double knees to the chest followed by a tornado DDT. Near fall. Shannon Moore is then shown standing on top of the entrance wall with a sign that reads, “X Division Needs To Get Punkd.” Tenay calls him the Prince of Punk. TNA security head Don Harris tries to get him down as Shelley looks on. A distracted Shelley receives a clothesline from Bentley. Bentley nails an atomic drop and an enziguri. Near fall. Bentley nails a STO. Near fall again. Moore is shown still standing up there. Shelley rolls up Bentley and holds the tights to get the pinfall. Good match other than a finish that kind of came out of nowhere that was a bit flat.

Winner: Alex Shelley

-Douglas is backstage with Jarrett. Jarrett talks about being sick of mind games. Jarrett goes up to AMW and says they are going to find out by the end of tonight’s show who is with the, and who’s against them. Jarrett asks AMW where Monty Brown is. Gail Kim walks in. Jarrett asks her where the hell she has been. She says never mind where she’s been. Kim says they need to talk right now. Jarrett says Jackie Gayda doesn’t exsist. Kim yells that that is exactly what she wants to talk about. Jarrett says it’s not what she thinks. Kim is pissed and pushes Jarrett yelling, “Don’t touch me!”


-Backstage, Douglas is with Abyss and James Mitchell. Close-ups are shown of Abyss’ cuts on his arms. Douglas asks Mitchell if Abyss is being overlooked for an NWA title shot. Mitchell says that is absolutely the case. He says the list of contenders reads like a census from a petting zoo, completely with Ravens, Rhinos and dumb beasts from the Seregeti. He asks why they are ranked ahead of Abyss? He says nobody else has given so much and gotten so little in return. He says he is sick of hearing about the troubles Rhino has faced. Mitchell says these trials and tribulations are nothing compared to what Abyss has faced. Mitchell says Abyss is ready to set his sights on the NWA World Title. He calls Abyss a weapon of mass destruction, and he says he holds the detanator. Scott D’Amore walks in. He tells Mitchell he has a little business proposal he’d like to talk to him about as the camera cuts away.

Rhino vs. Joe Doering
Rhino with a quick kick and rapid fire punches. Rhino with kicks in the corner. Rhino throws him head first into the turnbuckle. Rhino with more kicks in the corner. Doering with some punches to come back. Doering with a whip to the corner. He runs right into a back elbow from Rhino. Rhino with a clothesline. Rhino with a shoulder smash. Rhino with a belly to belly suplex. Finally, a wrestling move. Rhino nails the Gore. Rhino gets the pinfall. Not much of a match. Alot of punching, a belly to belly, and a Gore. Good intensity, though.

Winner: Rhino

-Rhino gets on the mic. He says, “Son, I just kicked your ass, bitch.” Rhino says he has to give Jarrett credit, because it took him and all of his little bitches to beat him at Turning Point. Rhino says he beat him from one end of the arena to the other while making him bleed. He says they will cross paths again real soon. He says he will go through all of Team Canada one by one, until he gets his hands on that “fat little bastard” Scott D’Amore. He says he will cut D’Amore in half with a Gore! Gore! Gore! It’s too bad Rhino wasn’t allowed to cut promos like this in WWE.

-Douglas is with Jarrett again. Jarrett approaches the Diamonds in the Rough asking if they are with him. They laugh as if it was even a question that they are. Jarrett says they need to solve some problems and take care of Team 3D tonight. Gail Kim comes up and asks him if he has time to talk now. Jarrett says they will talk later as he walks away saying he’s busy right now.


-Douglas is now with Larry Zbyszko backstage. Is it me, or is this becoming the Shane Douglas show this week? He’s getting more airtime than a Morphoplex commercial. Anyways, Douglas asks him about the Raven situation. Larry says it will be ending soon. He says upper management wants the situation ended. Larry says at Final Resolution, he will choose an opponent and situation. He says if Raven wins the match, he will get an NWA World title match. If he loses, he’s out of TNA forever.

The Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Elix Skipper) w/ Simon Diamond vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray & Devon)
It’s a big brawl in the beginning with Team 3D winning. Skipper gets a legdrop & side slam combo move from Team 3D. Brother Ray with a neckbreaker. Skipper runs right into a clothesline. Near fall. Young gets planted face first on the mat by both members of Team 3D. Devon clotheslines him out to the floor. Devon lifts Skipper up in a press slam and throws him over the top rope. Time to go to a commercial…


Brother Ray and Skipper are in the ring. Skipper reverses an irish whip, and Diamond trips up BRD. Young is tagged in. The Diamonds in the Rough double team BRD with some stomps. Young chokes him across the middle rope. Young with some punches. Dave Hebner is shown on the ramp taking notes on a clipboard. Wests asks, “Which one is that?” Tenay says he’s not sure if it’s Dave or Earl Hebner. The fans erupt into a “You Screwed Bret!” chant directed at the twin brother of the man that really screwed Bret. A “You Screwed Hogan!” (1988) chant would have been more fitting here. Young with a dropkick to BRD. Skipper is now the legal man. Skipper with a roundhouse kick to the chest, followed by another. Skipper keeps kicking him as BRD asks him to “bring it on.” Skipper nails Devon on the apron. Young and Skipper double team BRD with punches in the ring. BRD comes back on Young with some quick punches before Young rakes him in the eyes. Skipper is tagged in. Skipper works over BRD with some punches. BRD comes back and slams Skipper to the mat. Brother Ray goes for a pin. Skipper with a forearm shot. Skipper runs right into a full nelson slam. Both men are down as they crawl towards their corners. Skipper and Young ar etagged in. Devon takes out Skipper and Young. Devon with a shoulder block to Young and a neckbreaker to Skipper. Devon with a spinebuster on Young for a near fall, as Skipper makes the save. Devon takes young down. Skipper makes the save again. Team 3D nail a reverse 3D on Young. Diamond distracts the ref on the apron. Devon goes over to get him down, but Diamond grabs Devon in a full nelson. Skipper charges in, but Devon moves, and Skipper ends up taking out Diamond. Skipper is put on BRD’s shoulders and receives the Doomsday Device. They then nail the 3D again on David Young for the pinfall. Pretty average match.

Winners: Team 3D

-Shane Douglas is shown backstage with Jeff Jarrett again, this time in the Team Canada locker room. Jarrett asks D’Amore if he talked to Monty Brown. He says he told Brown that Jarrett wants to talk to him tonight. He says, though, that he thinks Brown likes him about as much as he likes Jarrett. Jarrett asks Gail what’s wrong? She says nothing. Jarrett tells the guys it’s time to go to the ring.


-Footage is shown of Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles at the SpikeTV Video Game Awards ceremony. They show the Rock, and Tenay says, “You’ll never guess who Jarrett bumped into backstage.” Tenay says stay tuned to SpikeTV for more information on the VGAs.

-Jarrett, AMW, Abyss w/ James Mitchell, Gail Kim and Team Canada are all in the ring. Jarrett says the fans needs to sit down because what he is about to say has nothing to do with them. He addresses the people in the ring saying this is a war with TNA management. He talks about Rhino, Team 3D, and Christian Cage coming to TNA. He then addresses TNA playing even more mind games with an apparent new addition to the roster, Sting. Jarrett says that was the straw that broke the camels back. He says it’s a war, and they are about to find out where people stand. He asks D’Amore if he’s on his side, and he said Controversy In Canada proved he is with him. He asks AMW if they are with him and of course they are. Jarrett then addresses Abyss. He talks about Abyss giving more to TNA then almost anyone and having nothing to show for it. Abyss shakes his head yes that he is with him. He then calls out Monty Brown to get his answer. Brown’s theme comes on as he comes out. Brown uses his Serengeti lingo, and he says he wants to run wild and not be limited like TNA management has done to him. He says that he has never liked Jeff, but what he has said so far does have some merit. Brown says he doesn’t play political games, but what Jarrett has said makes sense. Brown says he lives by three rules: kill or be killed, hunt or be hunted, and survival of the fittest. Brown says if the war lines have truly been drawn, then the Alpha Male is all in. Jarrett extends his hand, and Brown shakes his hand. Brown says, “Let the war begin!” The lights then flicker as the Scorpion appears on the video screen again. Team 3D, Christian, and Rhino stand on the ramp staring down the men in the ring. Tenay says, “Jarrett, you want a war. It looks like you’ve got a war!”

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