NWA-TNA Impact 12/24/2005

Full TNA iMPACT! Results  12/24/05 (taped 12/13)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Highlights are shown from last week’s iMPACT! to start the show. Highlighted is Jeff Jarrett’s interview at the end where Monty Brown agreed to side with him.

-The iMPACT! opening airs.

-Tenay welcomes us to the show, tells us season’s greetings, and mentions the matches scheduled for tonight.

-Out comes Matt Bentley in a Santa Claus outfit with a scantily clad Traci in a Santa’s Little Helper outfit at his side. Christian Cage’s theme comes on to interupt them, and out he walks. Christian says he knows Santa is busy, but so is he. He has a big match coming up with Chris Harris, but before he takes care of that business he has to take care of business here. He asks “Santa” if he forgot where he lives or something? He says everyone knows he’s going to become world champion, but he says maybe people are right in saying he doesn’t look like a world champion. So he began to ask himself what he required to look more like the world heavyweight champion. He asks Santa to please make his dream come true, and he asks him to please have his presents. Santa hands him a present, and Christian quickly unwraps it to reveal white pants like Jeff Jarrett would wear. Christian asks Santa where he found them, 1985? Christian says he has to see if they fit, and he tries them on. He says, “Nice bulbs,” to Traci. Christian says if only he had a catchy slogan to connect with the people. He then takes out a shirt and puts it on. It’s the old WWF Jeff Jarrett “Don’t Piss Me Off” shirt. The old WWF logo can even be seen, although small, on the back of the shirt. Christian then puts on a blonde wig and sunglasses. Christian then says, “Don’t piss me off. Wow, that’s money!” Christian says his transformation is almost complete. He says he knows he lacks talent, and he can’t beat anybody on his own. He asks Santa for someone to help him. Santa says he has to run because he has “things to do” (he looks at Traci), but he will leave Christian with something. The crowd chants, “Stuff her stockings.” Gotta admit, that was funny. Santa pulls out a silver mini guitar and hands it to Christian. Christians asks, “Is this what a world champion is supposed to look like? Do I look like a complete jackass?” Christian then struts in the ring. Jarrett’s theme comes on, and out he and Monty Brown walk. They double team Christian in the ring. Christian dodges a clotheslines, mocks Jarrett by strutting, and bails out of the ring. The lights go out and flash with a scorpion appearing on the video screen. Tenay asks, “Could it be? Is Sting headed to TNA?”


-Shane Douglas is backstage with Christopher Daniels. Douglas talks about this being Daniels’ return to the ring in a few minutes. He asks him if coming off a grade 3 concussion, did he bite off more than he can chew by agreeing to a match with Joe at Final Resolution? Daniels talks about that’s what he has done his whole career. He asks Joe what the worst thing that he can do to him? He says he will take the things most dear to Joe at Final Resolution, his winning streak, his aura, and his X Division title.

Eric Young w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Christopher Daniels
Alex Shelley comes out with a camera to film the match. The “Shelley Cam.” Daniels starts off with right hands and chops. Young bails to the outside. Shannon Moore is back, on top of the entranceway wall, watching the match. Young takes advantage. Daniels slides to the outside to recoup. Young comes out and Daniels nails him with left hands. He throws Young back in the ring. Daniels takes him down. Young comes back and throws Daniels to the corner. Young with right hands. Daniels fights back with right hands of his own. Daniels throws Young to the corner, and he flips into it. Daniels throws Young off the top moments later, after Young blocked the first attempt. Daniels with an Enziguiri, followed bya modified Rock Bottom. Daniels with his big moonsaults off the top. D’Amore distracts the ref. Daniels nails the Angel’s Wings and gets the pinfall. A short match with not much to it, but not bad by any means. Yet another screaming reminder that iMPACT! needs to be longer so matches like these don’t have to be rushed.

Winner: Christopher Daniels


-Douglas is backstage with Bob Armstrong, BG James, and Kip James. Armstrong talks about being disappointed with what has happened with the Kru. Well, actually he said the “family.” He says they can still forgive and forget, and 4 Life Kru can be the best team of the new year. Kip says there is no way to fix it, and BG asks how it can be fixed also. Bob says he can help put it back together so they can make history. He says he knows Konnan is not here, but he can talk with Killings. He says he’s going to talk to him now, and he makes BG and Kip promise to not do anything until he is finished.

Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Chris Sabin
Abyss throws Sabin into the corner. They circle each other, and Sabin goes behind. Abyss quickly breaks the hold. Sabin with right hands, but Abyss just throws him to the corner. Sabin goes for an arm drag, but Abyss just picks him up and drops him to the mat. Abyss with a big right hand. Sabin reverses an irish whip and nails some right hands. Sabin runs right into a shoulder block. Sabin with a drop kick. Sabin drop kicks Abyss’ legs to drop him to his knees. Sabin with some roundhouse kicks. Sabin runs and kicks him in the back of the head. Dave Hebner is shown on top of the ramp taking notes. They fight to the outside. Sabin goes for a huracanrana, but Abyss hangs on and rams Sabin’s head into the steel steps twice. Tenay and West mention Hebner is wearing a shirt with a TNA iMPACT! logo on it. Tenay says, “Did I miss a memo? Is he working here?” Back in the ring, Abyss throws Sabin to the corner. Abyss charges in and nails a big splash. Sabin rolls to the outside. Mitchell nails Sabin with his cane. Abyss pulls Sabin back into the ring. Abyss with a right hand. Abyss wrenches at the neck of Sabin with a neck vice. Sabin fights to his feet to break the hold. Or at least he tries to, but Abyss nails him with some right hands. Abyss runs into an enziguiri. Sabin with another. Sabin comes off the top with a dropkick. Abyss still doesn’t fall. Abyss goes for a splash in the corner, but Sabin dodges it. Sabin with a springboard tornado DDT for a 2 count. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock, but he can’t lift Abyss. Sabin springboards off the middle rope, but Abyss catches him and nails the Black Hole Slam. Abyss makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Good match. Abyss was able to come off looking very powerful without winning via a complete squash.

Winner: Abyss


-A very good segment airs called “Global Impact.” Highlights are shown of the 2 week trip TNA superstars Sonjay Dutt, Simon Diamond, and Shark Boy made to India. They really came off looking like a huge deal over there, and the piece mentions TNA iMPACT! is one of the highest rated shows in India.

Ron Killings vs. Kenny King
King attacks Killings from behind to start the match. He nails some punches and kicks, followed by a spin kick. King with some right hands. King with a running clothesline on Killings in the corner. King turns around to celebrate, and then turns back around into a drop kick from Killings off the top. Killings with a leg lariat. Killings with a front suplex. Killings with an axe kick. Killings makes the cover and gets the pinfall. Extremely short. The very small amount of offense King was allowed to get in looked pretty good, although I don’t know about wearing boxing trunks for wrestling.

Winner: Ron Killings

-After the match, Bob Armstrong comes on the ramp with a mic. Killing says no disrespect, but he is done and has nothing to say. Bob just shakes his head looking confused and walks off.


-A well done video package recapping the Raven/Zbyszko feud airs.

NWA Tag Champion Chris Harris w/ Gail Kim and James Storm vs. Christian Cage
Storm tries to grab Christian right at the beginning, and the ref immedietely orders Storm back to the locker rooms, banning him from ringside for this match. We then go to a commercial break..


They lock up as the bell rings. Cage with a shoulder block. Cage with a hip toss. Cage with a few chops. Harris reverses an Irish whip, and Gail Kim grabs Christian from the outside. Cage runs to the outside and chases Kim around the ring. Cage runs right into a clothesline from Harris. Harris tosses Cage on top of the steel railing head first. Back in the ring, Harris comes off the top with an axe handle smash. Harris makes the cover for a 2 count. Harris with a delayed vertical suplex. Harris puts on a headlock. Cage fights to his feet and breaks the hold. Harris nails a left arm lariat. Harris gets another 2 count. Harris with a kick to the chest, and Cage just slumps to the ground at his feet. Harris with some right hands to the head. Cage with some punches to the gut to fight back. Harris tosses him into the ropes, and Cage lands with his neck across the middle rope. Kim then chokes him across the rope. Harris charges at him, but Christian grabs him and tosses him to the outside. Christian then slumps back to the apron. Harris goes up top and comes off with a axe handle smash again, but Cage nails him with a shot to the stomache. Christian with some punches and 2 clotheslines in a row. Christian with an enziguiri. Cage gets a 2 count. Cage with a back elbow and a tornado DDT out of the corner. Cage gets another 2 count. Cage goes up top. Kim holds on to his foot, and Harris climbs up top with Cage. Harris goes for a superplex, but Christian blocks it and throws Harris down to the mat. Cage comes off the top with a frog splash attempt, but Harris moves out of the way. Harris goes for a pin and gets a 2 count. Cage goes for the unprettier, but Harris blocks and rakes the eyes. Harris follows that up with a full nelson slam. Harris gets out some handcuffs and wraps his fist init. Kim distracts the ref. Cage ducks the punch and nails a reverse DDT. The ref finds the handcuffs. The ref then gets distracted with Gail Kim. Storm runs out and nails Cage with one of the tag title belts. Storm rolls to the outside and hides under the ring. The ref sees the belt laying on the apron, and he looks around in confusion. Harris is making the cover, and eventually the ref makes the count but its only a 2 count. Harris pulls Cage to his feet. Harris goes for the Catatonic, but Christian slips out. Cage goes for the Unprettier, but Harris shoves him off into the ropes where Storm is standing. Storm throws Christian down neck first across the top rope. Christian turns around as Harris approaches him. Cage throws Harris into Storm on the apron. Harris turns around and receives the Unprettier from Christian. Cage makes the cover and gets the 3 count. Very solid main event. Its too bad more of the matches on the show don’t get this much time to develop.

Winner: Christian Cage

-Jarrett runs out and blindsides Christian. He works over Cage with punches and kicks. He throws Cage into the ropes, and Cage is able to stop himself and roll out of the ring. Cage walks up the ramp, but Monty Brown runs out from behind him and takes him out with a clothesline to the back. Brown and Jarrett double team Cage around the ringside area. They continue to just annihilate Cage. They lay Cage out across the broadcast table. Jarrett gets a chair. Jarrett with a chair shot to the back of cage. Jarrett screams, “Merry Christmas!” at Cage. They rolls him into the ring. AMW throw Cage into the ropes and Brown nails The Pounce. Jarrett pulls him to his feet and executes the Stroke on Cage on top of the NWA World Title belt. The show ends with Tenay reminding us to tune into iMPACT! next Saturday on New Years Eve for the iMPACT! double header. Talk about death for ratings. A show on Christmas Eve followed by the show airing on New Years Eve next week.

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