NWA-TNA Impact 12/31/2005

Full TNA iMPACT! Results 12/31/05 (taped 12/13)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-The show starts with Shane Douglas approaching Bob Armstrong. Armstrong is just arriving at the show backstage, and Douglas asks him about the split going on with the 4 Live Kru. He says he is going to try to talk to Konnan tonight and straighten everything out.

-A video recap is shown of last week’s show.

-The iMPACT! opening airs.

-Tenay welcomes us to the show and runs down the line-up for tonight.

Monty Brown & NWA World Champ Jeff Jarrett w/ Gail Kim vs. Kenny King & Shark Boy
Before the match, Jackie Gayda comes out and confronts Jarrett on the ramp. She attempts to slap him before security halls her away. Brown works on King in the ring, while Jarrett and Shark Boy fight on the outside. Jarrett lays out Shark Boy at the announce position. Brown and King go to the outside. Jarrett and Brown work over their opponents around ringside in a brawl. Shark Boy sends Jarrett into the rail and bites him on the ass. Shark Boy throws Jarrett into the ring. Shark Boy comes off the top with a dropkick. Shark Boy comes off the top with another. Shark Boy goes up top yet again, but Brown crotches him. Jarrett works over Shark Boy in the corner. Brown works over King with some punches and chops. Brown lays out King with the Pounce. Jarrett then gives Shark Boy the Stroke. Brown covers King and Jarrett covers Shark Boy as they make the double pin. Not much to this match. A basic squash.

Winners: Monty Brown & Jeff Jarrett

-After the match, the lights go out and flash again as the Scorpion logo comes on the screens.

-Don West runs backstage and approaches Jackie Gayda, whom is being held by two security members. He asks her if this is a lover’s quarell. She says its the furthest thing from that. She says its about business and an agreement, and Jeff Jarrett keeping his word. She says that Jeff promised her an oppurtunity here on Spike TV so she quit her job and life at the time to do so. She says when she was waiting for the call from Jeff, she turned on the TV and saw Gail Kim in the spot she was promised making her money. She says Jeff is going to have to give her the money she was promised. She says she knows some information on Jarrett that TNA management doesn’t want to come out. She says Jeff knows exactly what it is that she knows. She says if he doesn’t give her the money she was promised and he keeps wanting to make her life a living hell, she will let this information come out.

-A 2005 TNA on Spike highlight video airs.


-A Rhino highlight video airs.

A-1 Ralphz w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Rhino
Rhino starts off with a side headlock out of the lock up. Rhino with a shoulder block followed by a big clothesline for a near fall. Rhino throws A1 to the outside. Rhino slingshots himself over the top rope with a cross body on top of A1 on the outside. Rhino throws his opponent back in the ring and covers him for a 2 count. A1 gets in a neckbreaker. A1 stomps at Rhino and gives him some right hands. A1 chokes Rhino across the middle rope. Rhino fights back with right hands. Rhino with a leaping clothesline. Rhino with a big spinebuster. Rhino nails the Gore. Rhino makes the cover and gets the 3 count. Another match with nothing too special, just two big guys going at it.

Winner: Rhino

-After the match, D’Amore hits Rhino from behind with the hockey stick. Rhino gets pissed and turns around. Rhino grabs D’Amore, but Abyss comes out and choke slams Rhino. Abyss pounds at Rhino on the mat with a series of right hands. Abyss then executes the Black Hole Slam on Rhino. Abyss, James Mitchell, and Scott D’Amore scream at Rhino on the mat. Tenay and West talk about Mitchell and D’Amore having agreed to work together and how that could end up being a scary thing.

-Backstage, Bob Armstrong is talking with Konnan. Bob is trying to get his side of the story. Konnan says he has never liked Kip James, and he thought that BG might do something to him first. Konnan says he will never be able to mend this, and he lives by his senses. Bob says they can fix this thing. Bob says 2006 could be the year of the 4 Live Kru. Bob talks about family, and he talks about being the first to call Konnan when he had his concussion and inviting him to his home. Bob says the sky is the limit for this group. Konnan says he will be man enough to shake hands and ask for an apology. Konnan says he doesn’t want to let Bob down. He says he has a reputation as kind of a hot head, and the only way to change this is by changing himself.

-A 2005 “Impactful Moment” airs. It’s the mock funeral AMW, Jarrett, and Team Canada did for Team 3D.


-A Samoa Joe highlight video airs.

Roderick Strong vs. X Division Champion Samoa Joe
Strong with some chops that don’t faze Joe. Joe with some kicks. Joe with a snap mare and a chop to the back followed by a kick to the chest. Joe with a knee drop. Shannon Moore is again on top of the entranceway with his “X Division Needs to get Punk’d” sign. Joe with a running knee. Dave Hebner is out on the ramp taking notes. Joe puts Strong in a submission, almost like a pretzel with the arms while locking down on the head as well in a Dragon Sleeper type move. Joe with some chops. Strong gets in a couple clotheslines. He comes with a running boot to the face. Strong with a backbreaker, hurting his knee in the process. Strong with a loud chop. Strong with another. Joe slips out of a move and puts on a sleeper, but Strong rams him back into the corner. Strong runs into the corner, but Joe catches him and throws him down to the mat. Joe positions him up top and nails the Muscle Buster. Joe locks on the Kokino Clutch and gets the submission. Best match of the show so far.

Winner: Samoa Joe

-Backstage, Konnan and two of his buddies have taken out Bob Armstrong. Konnan yells to tell BG and Kip to not send an old man to do their dirty work. Konnan’s says their is a new clique in town. His two buddies are Homicide and Apolo.

-Another 2005 “Impactful Moment” airs. It’s Christian’s arrival in TNA.


-The next 2005 “Impactful Moment” is Jarrett winning the title from Raven in Canada, and his newfound alliance with AMW and Team Canada.

NWA World Tag Champ James Storm w/ Gail Kim & NWA World Tag Champ Chris Harris vs. AJ Styles
They lock up and Storm locks on a headlock. Storm takes him over with a headlock take-over. Styles fights out of the hold. Storm with a shoulder block. Styles kips up. Styles with a high dropkick. Storm rolls to the outside to regroup as we go to commercial.


Storm with some kicks and punches. Styles comes back with a flying head scissors. Styles scoop slams Storm and follows it with a knee drop. Styles whips Storm to the corner. Styles charges in with a flying forearm. Storm fights back and nails the “Eye of the Storm,” the airplane spin release throw. Storm continues to work over Styles. Storm puts on a reverse bear hug. Storm with a knee to the gut as Styles was charging off the ropes. Storm gets a 2 count. Storm puts on a chinlock. AJ blocks a superkick attempt and nails the pailay kick. Styles with two clotheslines. Storm dodges the third. AJ moonsaults off the middle rope, kind of stumbles on landing, but nails his reverse DDT. Storm comes back with a jawbreaker. Storm charges Styles into the corner and drives the shoulder. Storm sets AJ up on the top. Styles fights him off. Storm falls to the mat. Harris comes up and fights with Styles. AJ comes off the top with a cross body as the ref argues with Harris on the apron. Gail kim comes off the top with a huracanrana attempt, but Styles hangs on and is going to execute a Styles Clash, but Storm comes in and breaks a beer bottle over Styles’ head. Storm nails the superkick and gets the pinfall. Overall a good match, best of the show. Kind of slow throughout the middle, and a couple of botched spots. Other than that it was good.

Winner: James Storm

-Christopher Daniels comes out and yells at the ref that Storm used a beer bottle. He points out the glass all over the ring. Tenay talks about Daniels and Styles being longtime rivals, but Daniels is coming to the aide of Styles. Larry Zbyszko comes to the ring with a microphone, and we go to a commercial break.


-We’re back with Larry speaking in the ring. Larry says he confers with Daniels and has seen what’s been going on. He says at the stroke of midnight tonight, they will settle this confrontation. America’s Most Wanted will defend the NWA World Tag Titles against Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. Daniels and Styles shake hands. AMW comes in the ring and they all fight. Kim jumps on Daniels back, allowing Harris to gain the advantage. Storm chokes at Styles in the corner. They work on Daniels head, and the announcer mention Daniels just came back from a brutal concussion. Christian Cage runs out and AMW bails. Christian gets on the mic and tells people they shouldn’t switch off Spike. He says at midnight Daniels and Styles will win the NWA Tag Titles, and to top it all off, TNA will make the announcement of the newest addition to the TNA roster.

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