WWF Superstars 1/5/1991

Written by: Tom Hopkins

Superstars 01/05/91 Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper and Honky Tonk Man are calling the action.

-Texas Tornado vs. Tom Stone-
Tom Stone attacks from behind which wasn’t a very good idea. Tornado easily fights back and a discus punch sends Stone to the outside. Kerry follows and bodyslams him on the padding. Kerry batters Stone in the corner then back drops him off the rebound after a whip to the other corner. Kerry puts on the claw, and a discus punch finishes this at 1:46. This was building to a Tornado/DiBiase feud that never materialized. I’ll have to double-check, but did Kerry’s suicide waylay those plans? Kerry was pretty energetic here. *.

UPDATE! Gene introduces us to some promos, first up is Macho King Randy Savage where he threatens Ultimate Warrior. Warrior responds in a taped interview with Gene.

-Warlord vs. Donny Steele-

Warlord doesn’t even get ring music. Steele just doesn’t stand a chance. Warlord talks about his upcoming Rumble appearance in a pre-taped vignette. A full nelson finishes this match at 1:36. Ouch, bad match. DUD.

Mooney brings us to the control center where Royal Rumble is hyped with promos from Bret Hart, Paul Roma, Jimmy Snuka, Brother Love & Undertaker and British Bulldog. Each of them says they will win the Rumble but that is impossible since only one man can win!

-Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. JT Smith-

JT Smith picks up the two-by-four and impersonates Duggan, so Duggan clotheslines him to the outside. JT Smith comes back in, is bodyslammed, and the three-point stance clothesline finishes this at 1:47. DUD.

Sean Mooney brings us more Rumble promos from Tugboat, Barbarian (w/Heenan) and the Rhodes’.

We head over to the Brother Love show where his guest is none other than Hulk Hogan. Hogan’s gonna win the Rumble, or so he says.

Speaking of Hogan winning the Rumble, let’s look at last year’s Rumble and the epic Warrior/Hogan confrontation as well as a promo from Smash of Demolition. Geno runs down the list of competitors in the Rumble, too. Earthquake, Jake Roberts, and Big Boss Man get in promos, while DiBiase gets his own promo-vignette. He demeans Virgil again, setting up their eventual break-up.

-Orient Express vs. The Mulky Brothers-

I don’t know too much about the Mulky brothers. Kato gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to start, and Tanaka leapfrogs Kato to the back of one of the Mulky’s. The other Mulky comes in and totals one offensive move before getting drop-kicked. The Rockers give us a pre-recorded about wrestling the Orients. The super-kick into a German suplex finishes this at 2:06. At least these guys mix up the offense and not just punch-punch-bodyslam-finishing move that the other guys usually do. *.

Mooney gives us more Rumble promos including: Luke of the Bushwhackers, Mr. Perfect, Dino Bravo, Rick Martel and Jim Neidhart.

The announcers close us out, with Honky giving us a bad poem about Warrior losing at the Rumble.

-The Bottom Line-
This was just crap. Four matches that totaled about 10 minutes overall, and 30 minutes of other stuff. This was bad even for Superstars standards. Very bad, very, very, bad.

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