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UPDATED 9/19/2011:
WWF House Show 2/22/1988 (Bigelow/DiBiase)
WWF House Show 4/25/1988 (Strike Force/Demolition)
WWF House Show 8/27/1988 (Savage/DiBiase)
WWF House Show 9/11/1988 (Rude/Roberts)
WWF House Show 9/24/1988 (Savage/DiBiase)
WWF House Show 10/10/1988 (Savage/Brown)
WWF House Show 10/28/1989 (Warrior/Andre)
WWF House Show 11/25/1989 (Duggan/Savage)
WWF House Show 1/31/1992 (Taker/Hart, Roberts/Savage)
WWF House Show 2/23/1992 (20 Man Battle Royal)

ROH on HDNET 9/7/2009 (Lynn/Black)
ROH on HDNET 9/14/2009 (Steen & Generico/Briscoe’s)
ROH Final Countdown Tour: Dayton 9/18/2009
ROH Final Countdown Tour: Chicago 9/19/2009
ROH on HDNET 9/21/2009 (6 Man Tag)
ROH Final Countdown Tour: Boston 9/25/2009
ROH Glory By Honor VIII The Final Countdown 9/26/2009

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