NWA-TNA Impact 1/14/2006

Full TNA iMPACT! Results 1/14/06 (taped 1/3)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-The Impact opening airs.

-Tenay welcomes us to the show and says Mr. TNA for 2005 will be crowned later.

Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Jay Lethal
Abyss takes the early advantage, but Lethal tries to fight back. Lethal with an enziguiri. Lethal goes for a splash in the corner, but Abyss moves and nails a clothesline. Abyss hits his Torture Rack Slam. Abyss then nails the Black Hole Slam and gets the pinfall. Quick squash match.

Winner: Abyss

-Some of the award winners for 2005 are announced. Jackie Gayda won female of the year, even though she’s barely been around? Sabu vs. Abyss in the barbed wire match won match of the year. Wow, I don’t think so. Team 3D won tag team of the year. This is getting rediculous. Styles vs. Daniels was named feud of the year, which was a little more acceptable.

-Mike Tenay is in mid ring to announce Mr. TNA 2005. He introduces AJ Styles. Styles receives the award as the crowd chants, “Joe Got Screwed!” Styles talks about his match with Tanahashi at Final Resolution tomorrow. Shannon Moore runs out from behind and throws powder in AJ’s eyes. Shannon steals his Mr. TNA plaque and runs out of the ring. Styles chases him.

-A video package featuring Styles’ opponent tomorrow, Hiroshi Tanahashi.

-TNA fans are asked to name things they think of when they hear the name Sting. The Scorpion Deathlock, Stinger Splash, and Scorpion Death Drop are all named.


-Don West and Mike Tenay talk about the whole storyline involving the 4 Live Kru split and Bob Armstrong. They talk about being disgusted in Konnan for attacking Bullet Bob. Tenay mentions that Bob needs knee surgery.

-Shane Douglas is backstage with BG James and Kip James. BG talks about what Konnan did to his dad. BG is pissed. He says the “James Gang” will take out Konnan and his group. Good promo.

-Christopher Daniels comes out for guest commentary on the next match.

X Division Champion Samoa Joe vs. Cassidy Riley
Riley starts out going for some forearms but Joe comes back with a kick to the face. Joe with a knee drop to the face. Shannon Moore and AJ Styles are still going at it, and they run out fighting into the ring. Styles receives a forearm from Joe. Moore runs away still with the plaque. Styles nails a kick to Joe’s head. Riley makes the cover for a 2 count. Joe nails a running knee to the face on Riley in the corner. Joe nails the Muscle Buster followed by locking on the Kokino Clutch for the win. Another match timing in at under 2 minutes. What wonders a longer show would do for this company, let’s hope they get it in 2006.

Winner: Samoa Joe

-Joe grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. He goes for another Muscle Buster on Riley, this time on the chair. Daniels runs into the ring to stop him. Joe swings the chair at Daniels, but Daniels dodges it. Daniels takes the chair and hits Joe in the back with it. Joe falls out of the ring and Daniels screams for him to bring it on.

-More comments on Sting from the fans air.


-Shane Douglas is backstage with Jackie Gayda. Douglas asks her about the letter she gave Scott D’Amore last week. She says what was in it is nobody’s business right now but her and Jeff. She says she listed her demands in the letter. D’Amore comes in and says Jackie is blowing things out of proportion. Jackie gets mad. D’Amore agrees with her that Jarrett can’t be trusted, but he says that doesn’t mean they can’t still work together. Jackie says she doesn’t care, her demands still need to be met or else. AJ Styles and Shannon Moore come into the scene brawling until security comes in.

Sonjay Dutt, Matt Bentley & Chris Sabin vs. Team Canada (Petey Williams, Eric Young & A-1 Ralphz)
Alex Shelley comes out with his video camera to tape the match from ringside. Sabin and Young start off. Young quickly tags out after receiving one chop. Williams is in. Sabin takes hold and tags in Bentley. They give him a double chop. Alex Shelley is shown filming the match from the outside as Petey Williams goes on the offensive. Traci distracts Williams and Bentley rolls him up a couple times for near falls. Bentley nails an overhead belly to belly for a 2 count. Bentley puts on an armbar and tags in Dutt. They exchange blows. Dutt with a drop kick to the knees followed by a kick to the back of the head. Williams tags in A1. A1 goes for a powerbomb but Dutt fights out. Dutt with kicks to the legs. Dutt moves out of the corner and dodges A1. Dutt slingshots off the top with a crossbody, but A1 catches him in midair and powers him down to the mat for a 2 count. Team Canada double teams Dutt in the corner. Young is tagged in. Dutt dodges a backbody with a kick and nails a head scissors. Sabin comes in with a missile dropkick. Sabin nails an atomic drop on a recently tagged in Williams. Sabin with a lariat, mule kick, and enziguiri. Sabin with a cradle suplex for a 2 count that Young breaks up. Bentley takes out YOung and fights with him to the outside. Dutt takes out A1 with a dropkick on the apron. Dutt slingshots to the outside with a crossbody on A1. Sabin with a powerbomb, then picks him up and goes for the Cradle Shock but Williams slips out. Sabin hits the ropes, Alex Shelley grabs his leg and this allows Williams to nail the Canadian Destroyer for the pinfall. Short match but good.

Winners: Team Canada

-A highlight video on Raven airs.


-A highlight video featuring Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett’s comments on TNA, Christian, and Sting airs. They talk about not being intimidated by anyone, and it won’t be any different with Sting.

NWA Tag Champions America’s Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) vs. Christian Cage & Rhino
Everyone makes their entrances and we go right to a commercial before the start of the match.


Christian and Harris start things off in the ring. They lock up and jockey for position. Harris gets in some knee lifts and forearms. Harris takes Christian down with a couple big right hands. Harris with a shoulder block. Christian comes back with a huracanrana. Christian with a snapmare and a kick to the back. 2 count. Christian with a big chop and tags in Rhino. They throw Harris into the corner and Christian whips Rhino into Harris with a big shoulder smash. Harris comes back shortly later and tags in Storm. Storm with right hands but RHino fights back. Rhino with a hip toss. Rhino goes for the Gore, but Storm quickly moves. Storm with an armbar into a slam. Harris is tagged in. They nail double back elbows. Harris tosses Rhino into the corner. Storm then chokes him across the middle rope and Gail Kim slaps him as the ref is distracted. Rhino comes back with a slam and tags in Christian. Christian takes out Storm on the apron. Christian with a reverse DDT into a backbreaker for a 2 count. Christian gets distracted by Gail Kim and Harris nails him from behind and nails a belly to belly overhead release on Christian over the top to the outside. We then go to a commercial.


Harris still works over Christian. Harris then with a delayed suplex. 2 count. Storm is tagged in. Storm with numerous headbutts followed by a big right hand sending Christian down. 2 count. Christian dodges the superkick and nails the reverse DDT. Rhino and Harris are tagged in. Rhino takes out all members of AMW. Rhino with a belly to belly on storm. Rhino with a spinebuster on Harris. He goes for the cover, but Storm breaks it up. Storm with a right hand. Rhino dodges a double team and tosses Storm to the otuside. Christian made the blind tag and comes off the top with a cross body on Harris. Near fall. Rhino and Storm fight on the outside. Harris pokes Christian in the eyes and goes for the Catatonic. Christian dodges it. Christian goes for the Unprettier but Gail Kim comes in and kicks him while the ref was distracted on the outside. Harris goes for the cover and gets 2. Gail Kim goes up top and Team 3D comes out and crotches her. The ref gets distracted, and Harris grabs some knucks. Team 3D comes in and send Harris down to the mat with a reverse 3D. Rhino Gores Storm. Christian nails a frog splash on Harris and gets the pinfall. Good main event. However, it was almost exactly like a typical WWE main event match. Slow building, outside interference.

Winners: Rhino & Christian Cage

-Monty Brown, Abyss and Jeff Jarrett run out after the match and clean house. The fans chant for Sting. It all clears out to Christian in the ring by himself with Jarrett and Brown. Christian fights back for a moment. Christian sends Jarrett to the outside, but Brown then nails the Pounce on Christian. Jarrett comes in the ring with a guitar and smashes it over Christian’s head. The lights go out and Sting’s voice comes on the PA. He calls them Queen of the Hill and Alpha Female. Sting says let the mind games begin. He teases them to look up in the rafters, and then tells them to look under the ring. He says they better have eyes in the back of their head. Sting says, “At Final Resolution, it’s gonna be showtime folks!”

-A music video airs building up Final Resolution to end the show.

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