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NWA-TNA Impact 1/21/2006

Full TNA iMPACT! Results 1/21/06 (taped 1/17)
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Highlights are shown of Sting’s return at FInal Resolution. They call it “The greatest moment in TNA history.”

-Don West is shown in the parking lot earlier today trying to find Sting to get an interview.

-The Impact opening airs.

-Tenay welcomes us to the show. He tells us that Sting will say his first words on national TV in over 5 years.

The Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young) w/ Simon Diamond vs. Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt
Dutt and Sabin work over their opponents at the beginning double teaming them. Eventually, Simon Diamond trips up Dutt from the outside. Skipper comes back with a clothesline to Dutt. Skipper and Young work over Dutt. Sabin gets tagged in after Skipper and Young had some problems. Dutt nails a springboard dropkick on Skipper. Sabin then nails a kick to Skipper in the corner. Dutt nails his top rope Hindu Press on Young and makes the cover for the pinfall. Usual short opening match with good action.

Winners: Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt

-Shane Douglas is backstage with AJ Styles. He asks Styles about his upcoming match with Samoa Joe at Against All Odds, as well as his match with Shannon Moore tonight. Styles starts to talk about Moore, but Christopher Daniels comes in and interupts things. Daniels says that Styles is trying to steal his spot as the number one contender for the X title since he threw in the towel at Final Resolution. Styles says he was just looking out for Daniels and his family. Daniels sarcastically says its nice to have such a good friend looking out for him. Styles looks confused as Daniels leaves. Good promo.


-Shane Douglas is shown standing outside of Sting’s locker room. He says he’s waiting to get a word with Sting. I guess West got fed up waiting earlier in the day.

-Tenay and West talk at ringside again about Sting’s return at the PPV. West says Sting will speak later in the show.

Team Canada (Petey Williams, A-1 Ralphz & Eric Young) w/ Scott D’Amore vs. Lance Hoyt, Shark Boy & Ron Killings
Killings and Young are in with Killings nailing a powerslam. A1 comes in and slams Killings. Dave Hebner is shown looking around. Young takes a right hand to the stomach from Killings. Hoyt is tagged in and cleans house on all three members of Team Canada. Hoyt gives Williams a pump handle slam. It’s a brawl in the ring. Shark Boy nails a top rope head scissors on Young. He then turns right into a kick to the gut and the Canadian Destroyer from Petey Williams. Decent match, although I’m not sure why Ron Killings is teaming with Lance Hoyt and Shark Boy.

Winners: Team Canada


-A video package recapping the Jackie Gayda, Jeff Jarrett and Gail Kim situation airs.

The James Gang (BG James & Kip James) vs. Kenny King & Buck Quartermain
BG did his usual pre-match spiel on the microphone. You know, the one he started around 8 years ago. Kip has changed his line, as he said he’s got three g’s for us, “Get it, got it, good.” I remember saying that while raising my fist in second grade. Anyways, to the match. King and Kip start off the match. Kip nails a vertical suplex slam. Kip hits for the pinfall. Not much to this match. Basic squash. Very short.

Winners: The James Gang

-After the match, Konnan and Homicide come on the video wall and yell at the James Gang. They challenge them to a match to settle things.

-Shane Douglas is backstage wanting to get some comments from Larry Zybszko. Its said that TNA management says that Sting was delayed getting to the building and would not be on the show tonight. Uh oh, the old bait and switch. We’re not turning into WWE here, are we? Larry says Sting will be on the show next week. Larry says he will announce on next week’s show who will be challenging Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title at Against All Odds. Monty Brown comes in and talks about Sting have a long-term contract but being nowhere to be found. Brown looks at the NWA Title contract Larry is holding. Monty takes it in his hands to look closer at it, and then he just walks off with it. Larry lets him.


-A video package focusing on Shannon Moore’s antics the past couple of weeks airs.

Shannon Moore vs. AJ Styles – Street Fight
Christopher Daniels is ringside for guest commentary. He talks about Styles throwing in the towel at the PPV and how it was not the right thing for him to do. Styles immediately throws Moore to the outside and nails some right hands as we got to a commercial break.


Styles kicks Moore in the gut to block a chair shot from him. Styles with some right hands. Moore smashes a water bottle over his head. Moore throws Styles over the rail into the fans. Moore with some forearms before Styles fights back. Styles flips Moore over the guardrail on the second level to the floor. Styles jumps from the second level to nail a splash on the floor. Alex Shelley comes out with his camcorder to film the match. Back in the ring now, Moore sets up a chair. Styles nails a drop toe hold sending Moore into the chair. Styles positions Moore’s head between the chair and throws him into the corner ringpost. Samoa Joe is now out at the top of the ramp to watch the match. Moore sends Styles down to the mat as Styles holds his knee. Styles blocks a top rope attempt from Moore and nails a chair shot to Moore’s stomach. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but doesn’t get it. Moore drops him to the mat instead and puts on a half crab. Daniels on commentary says he is worried about Styles apparent hurt knee. He walks to the ring and throws in a towel. Shannon lets go of the hold and the ref yells at Daniels. Styles limps over towards Daniels and yells at him. Moore rolls up Styles to get the pinfall. This was a good match that perfectly advanced the storyline between Daniels and Styles.

Winner: Shannon Moore

-After the match, Daniels and Styles stare each other down. You can read Daniels’ lips as he says, “Now you know how it feels.”

-Christian Cage is shown walking around backstage on a cell phone. Tenay again says Sting will be on next week’s show.


-Shane Douglas is backstage in Larry’s office with Team 3D. Devon says everyone saw how bad the tag title match turned out at Final Resolution. Larry walks into the scene. Brother Ray talks about them being screwed over when AMW left the PPV with the tag belts. He says they want AMW and Team Canada. Larry says he likes Team 3D and would give them what they wanted, but he has to answer to TNA management. Larry tells them they have to decide who they would want to face more, Team Canada or AMW, and then they need to get back to him. After Team 3D leaves the office, Larry calls them crybabies.

-Christian Cage comes out to the ring for a promo. He talks about just getting off the phone with Sting. He says Sting was at the movies watching the life story of Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown. This of course being Brokeback Mountain. Christian says Sting will be at Impact next week to make a major announcement. Jarrett’s theme comes on and out he walks with the NWA Title contract in his hand. Jarrett says the fans are “carnies who will believe anything” that Christian says to them. Wait a second, aren’t carnies the people who run the show? Jarrett calls Sting a liar and says he ran Sting out of TNA after just one appearance. He says TNA should just go ahead and create their next flavor of the month, Chris Jericho, and get him to come to TNA. Jarrett talks about how if Christian becomes the number one contender for his NWA title, he will send him back to mid-card status where he belongs. Sure. Christian attacks Jarrett, but monty Brown then attacks Christian. Rhino runs out to even up the odds. Brown and Jarrett bail. Christian and Rhino stare at the NWA Title contract. Abyss runs out. Jarrett pulled Christin from the ring and they brawl up the entrance way. Abyss and Rhino do as well. Monty Brown gets back in the ring and picks up the contract. He stares at the contract and smiles at the camera as the show ends.

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