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ECW on Sci-Fi 6/13/2006

ECW on Sci Fi Results – 6/13/06
Taped From: Trenton, New Jersey
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

– As noted earlier, the show is not airing live and instead on a tape delay from Trenton, New Jersey. NBC Universal was not happy at all with the chants at the One Night Stand PPV two nights earlier and were hoping to dodge that on a live broadcast.

– We open with a video package highlighting ECW One Night Stand from this past Sunday night on PPV. It ends with Rob Van Dam pinning John Cena and the decision standing that he is new WWE/ECW Champion. We then see highlights from Monday Night RAW last night with John Cena attacking ECW stars and making it clear that he will be showing up tonight.

– A brand new ECW opening airs to the tune of “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.” We are then shown a shot of the crowd in Trenton, NJ as the ECW theme music hits. There is a giant black curtain covering the SmackDown set and the usual ECW entrance way is set up.

Paul Heyman then comes out, hits the ring, shakes the hand of announcer Justin Roberts and takes a mic. We also go to Joey Styles and Tazz at ringside as they welcome us to the show as well. Paul Heyman then introduces Rob Van Dam. RVD’s music hits and comes out with the WWE Championship spinner belt. RVD hits the ring and shows off the title. RVD takes the mic and thanks Paul Heyman. He also thanks the fans. RVD says you all saw it, the other night at One Night Stand, he defeated John Cena. That gets a mixed reaction as RVD raises up the WWE Championship. RVD says he knows John Cena said he was going to show up tonight. He says that is awesome and hopes he shows up so he can celebrate with them. RVD says he wants Cena to see him crowned the new champion of the E-C-W. Heyman then gets on the mic and presents RVD with the new ECW World Heavyweight Championship. RVD is handed the title, smiles and puts it on his shoulder. He says he can’t think of a greater honor in his career than accepting this right now. RVD says he likes the new ECW Title, but he wants to keep the WWE Title as well. He says he will wear both the ECW Championship and the WWE Championship if he wants to. Edge’s music hits. Paul Heyman introduces him as the #1 contender. Edge makes his way into the ring with Lita. Edge shakes Heyman’s hand and thanks him for the invite. He tells RVD that he respects him, that they both won the “Money in the Bank” and cashed that in to win the WWE Championship. Edge said he tore the glass ceiling down along with RVD and that it will be an honor to tear the house down with him at WWE Vengeance. They back off and Heyman raises the hand of RVD. Edge then Spears RVD. Edge does RVD’s taunt as Heyman yells at Edge. Edge leaves the ring with Lita and they exit through the crowd. RVD looks on from the ring with a mad look on his face. We see a shot of Edge still backing up in the crowd when John Cena appears behind him. Edge turns around and Cena hits him with some right hands. Cena nails Edge’s head off the announce table and adds in a few more right hands. RVD comes out and he goes after Edge. Cena pushes RVD away. RVd gets in Cena’s face and Edge hits RVD. RVD bounces into Cena knocking him down. Edge low blows RVD and bails through the crowd again with Lita. Cena then drops Paul Heyman with a right hand and bails through the crowd going after Edge. ECW stars hit the ringside area to check on Heyman.


– Backstage, we see Paul Heyman with ECW stars. Heyman says how dare John Cena screw with ECW and how dare Edge do what he did to Rob Van Dam. He says if that is how they want to play, then he has an idea. Heyman says he will bring ECW to Monday Night RAW.

– Some scary music hits and out comes a wrestler named The Zombie. He walks like a zombie to the ring, gets inside, takes the mic and grunts to the crowd. Joey Styles and Tazz are laughing. We then hear the music of The Sandman hit. The Sandman appears at the top of the arena, cracks open a beer and smashes it over his forehead. Sandman makes his way down the crowd, drinks another beer, spits it out and smashes it over his head again. Sandman has a singapore cane in hand and he hits the ring. Sandman canes the zombie and the bell rings.

The Sandman vs. The Zombie
The match starts with The Sandman hitting The Zombie repeatedly with the singapore cane. Sandman gives The Zombie a russian leg sweep with the singapore cane, covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: The Sandman

After the match, we see Sandman hitting The Zombie with the singapore cane and drinking more beer laughing. Tazz says this is a perfect example of ECW’s new breed unleashed. Whatever you say Tazz.

– Backstage, a blonde named Kelly (aka Barbie Blank) says she is an exhibitionist and wants to take all of her clothes off tonight.


– We then go to footage from the ECW One Night Stand PPV this past Sunday night when Tazz faced Jerry “The King” Lawler. Here are the highlights we provided this past Sunday night during our PPV coverage:

Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler (from ECW One Night Stand)
Tazz backs up in the corner with his arms crossed awaiting Jerry Lawler. Lawler’s music hits and the fans boo. Styles says Lawler is looking pudgy and says a king always eats well. Lawler points over to Styles, puts down his crown in front of him and then slaps Styles across the face. Styles’ glasses go flying as Lawler smiles and makes his way back down the ramp towards the ring as Tazz looks on. The bell rings and Styles jumps in getting on the back of Lawler. Lawler throws Styles down, attempts a piledriver, but Tazz comes from behind and locks on the Tazzmission. The referee raises Lawler’s arm once, twice and a third time. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Tazz

– We then go back to Trenton, NJ and the music of Kurt Angle hits.

Kurt Angle vs. Justin Credible
The match starts with Credible hitting the ring and Angle taking Credible down right away. Angle wrenches back on the head of Credible and slams a forearm over his head. Angle drives his knee into the back of Credible. Angle then hits a back suplex on Credible. Angle picks up Credible and tosses him over the top rope. Credible comes back in, Angle lifts him up and drops him behind him on the mat over his head. Angle mounts Credible and slams him over the head. Angle applies a quick submission and Credible gets the ropes. Credible pushes Angle away when he gets up. Angle headbutts Credible, drops down and chokes out Credible. Credible taps out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match, Kurt Angle celebrates and takes the mic. Angle kicks Credible out of the ring and says, “Randy Orton, ECW Rules, WWE Rules, no rules at all, I’m going to do the same exact thing at Vengeance as I did to you at ECW One Night Stand…I”m going to make your ass tap out. Because you are looking at the new face of the E-C-W.” Angle celebrates more and heads to the back.

– Backstage, we see Paul Heyman and asks if you really want to learn what extreme is all about. He said tonight, I will show you. Heyman said all of his plans for the show tonight have been thrown out the door. He said he will take 10 of ECW’s best and will hold an ECW Battle Royal. Heyman says the rules are anything goes, all weapons legal and the winner is going to face John Cena at Vengeance. He said ECW will be taking the fight to Monday Night RAW.

– We see another shot of Kelly backstage. She said coming up next she will be showing everyone her “assets.”


– A promo for the “Rise & Fall of ECW” book airs.

– We see a shot of the Sovereign Bank Arena outside in Trenton, NJ. As the camera pans back, we see a man dressed as a vampire complete with fangs. Well, they are really going out big for this joke tonight.

– Highlights from earlier tonight involving Rob Van Dam, Edge and John Cena is shown.

– Kelly then comes out complete with WWE generic women music. She gets up on a platform with some cheesy streamers behind. She takes off her skirt and top to reveal a bra and panties. The fans aren’t reacting to this at all. Kelly is having trouble with her bra. She takes the straps down, lifts up the bra and covers her breasts with her hands. Kelly dances a bit and they go back to Joey Styles and Tazz.

Extreme Battle Royal – Weapons Allowed
Tommy Dreamer vs. Sabu vs. Al Snow vs. Danny Doring vs. Roadkill vs. Stevie Richards vs. Little Guido vs. Tony Mamaluke (Big Guido & Trinity were with The FBI) vs. Balls Mahoney vs. Big Show

The match starts with Big Show clearing house. Big Show tosses everyone out of the ring and then takes Roadkill and gives him a big fallaway slam. Joey Styles says we will be right back with more from the Extreme Battle Royal.


We are back and we see Big Show going after Danny Doring in the corner. Roadkill gets nailed with weapons from Tony Mamaluke and Roadkill. Big Show chops Tommy Dreamer over the chest. Al Snow takes out Stevie Richards with a trash can lid. They are all brawling everyone in the ring with weapons. Roadkill takes out Mamaluke and Dreamer with a trash can lid. Balls Mahoney tries to take out Big Show with a steet sign, but Big Show doesn’t go down and Mahoney takes out Mahoney. Doring, Roadkill and Little Guido take out Big Show with shots with weapons. Sabu sets up a table on the outside. Big Show then throws out Al Snow and Danny Doring over the top rope (he threw everyone else out earlier through the ropes). Big Show also throws Mahoney over.

* Al Snow is eliminated.
* Danny Doring is eliminated.

Big Show then picks up Richards by his neck and throws him out. Big Show does the same to Roadkill.

* Stevie Richards is eliminated.
* Roadkill is eliminated.
* Balls Mahoney is eliminated.

In the ring, Dreamer hits Big Show repeatedly with a street sign. Sabu launches himself at Big SHow in the corner. Big Show throws Sabu over the top rope, but Sabu lands on the ring apron. Big Show picks up Dreamer over his head, throws him over the top rope and Dreamer crashes through the table.

* Tommy Dreamer is eliminated.

Big Show throws Tony Mamaluke up and flapjacks him down on the mat. Big Show then chokeslams Little Guido on top of Mamaluke. Big Show throws out both men from The FBI.

* Tony Mamaluke is eliminated.
* Little Guido is eliminated.

Big Show and Big Guido face off. Big Show gets Big Guido over the rope and he is eliminated.

* Big Guido is eliminated.

Big Guido holds onto the arm of Big Show as he goes over. Sabu sets up a steel chair near Big Show and grabs another steel chair. Sabu jumps off the steel chair and slams it over the head/back of Big Show. Big Show falls over the top rope and is eliminated.

* Big Show is eliminated.

Winner: Sabu

After the match, Sabu celebrates the victory. Sabu will now face John Cena at Vengeance on June 25 on pay per view. Joey Styles & Tazz are shown and they talk about how Paul Heyman will be taking ECW’s fight to Monday Night RAW. We go off the air with Sabu celebrating his victory…

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