WCW Thunder 1/28/1999

Written by: Kevin Kindelberger

WCW Thunder 1/28/99

Match 1: Hugh Morrus v. Psychosis
I have been watching but we are about seven minutes in. It has been back and forth. Psychosis has given a good accounting of himself. Hugh drops him and gets two. He keeps him grounded with a rear chinlock. Psychosis fights back and hits a flying blow from the top but he is finished off with No Laughing Matter.

*** Fun start.

Match 2: Silver King v. Chris Jericho
Jericho does his thing on the mic after avoiding a ready to rumble Silver King.

It has been a back and forth match…..Commercial.

Jericho is caught and catapulted to the floor and King slingshots out on top of him. King rolls him in and flips in himself but Jericho counters with an inverted suplex. Jericho kicks him in the head a few times. Jericho stomps a hole in him. Jericho suplexes him and gets two. He knocks him to the floor and is barely front suplexed. King is rolled back in and actually lassos Jericho with a rope! The ref will not call for the bell but Jericho tosses him with the rope and whips him twice with it. He goes for the Tamer but King got the ropes so Jericho slams him by the legs. Jericho falls and we have some awkward motions before they get to their feet and now King has him up and spins him around before dropping. After a somersault legdrop he gets two. King gets another near fall after a rolling DDT. King is caught trying to go up and Jericho starts to turn him over and does so and it is over….

*** Another solid match.

Match 3: Fit Finlay v. Super Calo
It has been back and forth….brawling. Sorry watching as I am working a bit…but it is Thunder. But I had to put the kids to bed and will be able to focus more. But I am watching. Nice long match though. Calo crotches himself up top and is grabbed and Tombstoned.

*** Another good match.

Match 4: Bobby Duncum Jr. and Mike Enos v.
Hall and Nash make their way down and interrupt the match. Hall does his thing and tells the two to beat it. Instead they are assaulted and so this is a match. Enos is beating his ass. But it does not last. Nash sideslams Duncum. Duncum is powerbombed and Enos just falls out without being touched.

* Clusterfuck at the end. Um, Duncum got that brief push and like I said it would not last and I was correct.

Match 5: Disco Inferno v. Hector Garza
It was a back and forth match. Disco wins.


Match 6: Bam Bam Bigelow v. Kaz Hayashi
A REALLY long squash…..Kaz looked good but Bigelow needs a quick squash.


Match 7: Wolfpac v. Konnan and Rey Mysterio
Hall mocks Rey but is taken down and then nailed with a missile dropkick. Hall spits on Rey and taunts him. Here comes Nash and gets big for Rey. Konnan is tagged in and he prances around and promptly gets his ass kicked via Nash offense in the corner. Hall lends a hand but Konnan fires back and wails on Nash; mounts and pounds him in the corner and then sends Hall reeling to the floor. Rey threatens to leap out on top of them and they wisely flinch. They allow Disco in! He is decleated with a rollling clothesline and he tries to tag and they do not take it but Hall comes in and just tosses Disco to the floor. Rey is in now too.


Rey is down. Hall drops the elbow. He stomps away….Nash is in and sideslams him and gets two. Hall is back in and he back suplexes him from the top getting another two count. Rey is tossed across the ring by Nash. Hall is in again….Hall paintbrushes him with his foot, pulls him up and drops him with a discus clothesline. Nash is back in. Rey punches and kicks away and then springs into a sunset flip but is picked up by his throat and tossed into Konnan who runs in and takes out both men. He has Nash in the Sunrise but Disco runs interference and he is taken out and here comes Luger with Steiner behind and the bell is rung as the match is tossed out.

** 1/2 Okay main event.

The rest of the nWo comes out with Hogan bringing up the rear. They have Rey stretched out and Nash and Hall sing that he is tied to the whippin’ post and Hogan sings along (Classic Rock song cannot remember who sang it) and Hogan whips him as Konnan is held down. Rey is spraypainted.

**1/2 Some solid wrestling and a little angle advancement. Not much here. Like I said Konnan looks strong and wins via DQ and is then beaten up….

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