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ECW on Sci-Fi 6/20/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on Sci-Fi
From: Albany, NY


1.) Sabu defeated Tony Mamaluke w/Trinity
2.) The Sandman defeated Macho Libre
3.) WWE & ECW World Champion Rob Van Dam & Sabu defeated Randy Orton & Edge

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The show opens up with a tarot reader who will tell us what ECW’s fortune will be. Tonight, Kurt Angle teams with Rob Van Dam against Edge and Randy Orton.

2. Tony Mamaluke tried to hang with Sabu this week but that just wasn’t going to happen. Mamaluke got a few spots which included hitting Sabu with a steel chair, but Sabu absorbed the blow. Sabu hit a top rope elbow drop through a table and forced Mamaluke to give up to the camel clutch.

3. Kelly Kelly talks about her striptease later tonight. She is nice to look at, isn’t she?

4. Big Show beats up Tommy Dreamer in the ring. Dreamer had previously told Show that ECW is his passion and Show will have to go through him in order to make it in the promotion. So, Show took this challenge seriously and beat Dreamer up before leaving the ring. However, Dreamer was rather happy about being beaten up.

5. Outside the building Mordecai is standing in front of the arena.

6. Sandman repeated his performance from last week against the Zombie by simply destroying Macho Libre this week. Sandman picked up the easy win following a DDT.

7. Backstage, Paul Heyman is told that John Cena is in the arena! Oh boy! Heyman meets with Cena, who wants to wrestle Sabu at Vengeance with Extreme Lumberjack rules. We actually hear from Sabu when he verbally agrees to the match.

8. Kelly Kelly is doing her strip tease at this time. She is about to rip off her top to show her boobs but is prevented from doing so by a wrestler who covers her up with a towel.

9. A video promoting Test as a new ECW talent is aired.

10. Kurt Angle and Edge kick off the contest with Angle using his wrestling background to get the early upper hand against Edge. RVD enters into the ring but is poked in the eyes by Edge who rams RVD into his corner so that Orton can get a few shots in. RVD puts a stop to that with a spin kick and crotches Orton on the top rope where RVD leaps off the top rope to kick Orton off to the floor. They are both on the floor where RVD rams Orton into the apron face first and hits a moonsault off the apron onto the floor! Back in the ring, Orton uppercuts RVD from his knees before tagging in Edge. RVD quickly hits a springboard kick on Edge but Orton pulls down the top rope to send RVD crashing to the floor. Edge has kept the advantage through a commercial break. Orton tried a quick over on RVD but Angle made the save. RVD is double teamed in the corner momentarily until Edge simply tosses RVD through the middle rope to the floor, which looked worse than it sounds. Edge quickly leaps off the apron to double axe handle RVD and sends RVD into the ring steps side first. RVD tries to tag out but is prevented by Edge. Orton hits a nice standing dropkick for a two count. RVD nails Edge with a spinning kick and makes his way over Angle. Angle gets the tag and hits Orton with several German suplexs. Edge avoids Angle while on the apron but soon enters the ring ad is met with a German suplex. Angle puts the ankle lock on Orton but Edge helps Orton get out of the it by sending Angle throat first across the middle rope. Angle blocks a top rope double axe handle shot by Edge with an over head belly to belly suplex. Angle goes for the Angle Slam on Edge but is chop blocked by Orton. Orton begins to work on Angle’s left knee until Edge tags back in to get a few shots in on the injured Angle. Edge continues to work on Angle on the floor and gets a two count on a quick cover. Angle puts a choke hold on Edge until Lita rolls in to save Edge from any serious injury. Angle tries to get Orton in the ankle lock again but Edge put a stop to that. Angle hits a German suplex on Edge. RVD gets a hot tag and hits a few clotheslines followed by a side kick. RVD hits a cross body on Orton as he is on the floor and grabs a chair. RVD hits Orton over the back with a chair but is knocked off the apron by Edge. Angle has the ankle lock on Edge but releases to hit the Angle Slam on Lita. Orton nails Angle with the RKO but turns around to be met with a leaping kick by RVD. Edge cuts RVD off as he goes for the rolling thunder! Edge misses the spear and RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash to win the match!

Final Thoughts:

Aside from the main event, I wasn’t all that impressed by the wrestling on the show. Sabu looked pretty good hitting his usual spots and whatnot. The angle that Mike Knoxx is given by covering up Kelly is instant heel heat. It is a simple idea but I’d imagine it will be effective in the long run. I’ll consider this to be an average show with a good main event.

Thanks for reading.

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