ECW on Sci-Fi 6/27/2006

ECW on Sci Fi Results – 6/27/06
Live From: Roanoke, Virginia
Commentators: Joey Styles & Tazz
Report By: Adam Martin of

– We open right away to Sabu coming to the ring. Joey Styles referred to ECW as the fastest hour on cable television. I’m sure TNA would beg to differ.

Sabu defeated Roadkill. The finish saw Roadkill tap out to the Camel Clutch. Before the finish, Sabu hit Roadkill with a big huricanranna from the top rope and then drove a steel chair to the back of Roadkill’s neck through a table. Sabu locked on the Camel Clutch, but Roadkill wouldn’t tap out. Sabu hit him with some steel chair shots and locked it in again and Roadkill tapped. Very solid match and a great way to open up the show. Roadkill was very impressive after not seeing him work for a while. Sabu’s back was cut when a shot was shown of him heading to the back.

– WWE/ECW Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle is promoted for later tonight. As noted earlier on, if Angle wins tonight, he will be entered into the WWE Championship Match scheduled for Saturday Night’s Main Event on July 15 along with RVD, John Cena and Edge.


– The Vampire was shown again outside of the arena.

– We go live to the arena where Tommy Dreamer has a mic. Dreamer said he respects Big Show for what he did to him last week and adds, “thank you sir, may I have another.” Big Show’s new music hits and he hits the ring. Dreamer tries pushing him, but Big Show pushes him away. Big Show headbutts Dreamer a few times. Dreamer tries fighting back, but Big Show hits some hard rights on Dreamer’s head. Big Show gives Dreamer a big scoop slam. Another scoop slam by Big Show. A third huge scoop slam by Big Show. Big Show picks up and drops Dreamer’s back right over his knee. Big Show grabs Dreamer around the head and launches him into the ropes with force. Big Show’s music hits and he leaves the ring. They show some replays of the beat down Dreamer took from Big Show.

– Backstage, we see Mike Knox with Kelly. Knox says he enjoys looking at Kelly naked, but just him and not the whole world. He invites her to come to ringside with him tonight and she says she would love to.


– Backstage, we see a shot of Kurt Angle. Angle says if he beats Rob Van Dam tonight, he will earn a shot at the WWE Championship at Saturday Night’s Main Event. He says he considers every day since April 2 a failure because that was the last time he held a World Title. Angle says he has to go home and kiss his wife and put on a fake smile in front of his child. He says he isn’t a failure and the best wrestler alive tonight. Angle says if that means taking out RVD, then that is what he will have to do. He says failure is not an option when your name is Kurt Angle.

Mike Knox w/ Kelly defeated Danny Doring. Knox hit Doring with a spinning facebuster to get the pinfall. During the match, Kelly tried taking her top off for a fan in the crowd. Knox came out and threw the fan down and brought Kelly back to ringside. After the match, Kelly went back to her stage and Tazz said we were going to get to see her next.


– Another “Test Is Coming” promo is shown.

– Kelly’s Expose: Kelly starts dancing again to The Pussycat Dolls song. She changes it up a bit and puts one foot on the stairs going up to the stage. That was a joke by the way. She takes off the top and reveals her blue bra and panties. She does a little striptease against the chair. Knox throws a towel at her and she throws it back at him. Kelly turns around and looks to take off her panties when Knox walks up, covers her up and they head to the back. Styles and Tazz complain that Knox is ruining the fun for everyone. They even show a few replays of Kelly dancing.

– An overweight man dressed as a male stripper comes out dancing. He has a mic and tells all the men to lock up their daughters and wives. Tazz screams for Kelly to come back. The Sandman’s music hits and we see him coming down through the crowd. Sandman lifts up his singapore cane, comes into the ring and starts laughing at the man. The music hits and the man reveals a thong. He “strokes” Sandman’s singapore cane. Styles said the male dancers favorite wrestling move is probably a small package. The man tries to take Sandman’s beer and Sandman gets pissed. Sandman low blows the man with the singapore cane and then canes him some more as he rolls out of the ring. Sandman gets another beer, drinks it and smashes it over his head. Sandman raises the cane over his head and heads to the back. Styles begs for no replays of the male dancer.

– Backstage, Paul Heyman is talking to WWE/ECW Champion Rob Van Dam about his WWE Championship Match at Saturday Night’s Main Event on July 15. He says if RVD loses tonight, that Triple Threat Match will change to a Fatal Four Way where he will defend his title against John Cena, Edge and Kurt Angle. RVD says he isn’t worried and slaps Heyman on the shoulder.

– We are back live and we see Edge and Lita in the crowd. They walk up to the front row, take seats away from two men in the front row and sit down.


– Back live, Tazz has a mic and he asks Edge what he is doing in ECW. Edge tells Tazz he is the Rated R Superstar, he does what he wants when he wants to do it. He grabs the mic and raises to his face, making a short joke at Tazz. Edge says he can make people tap out as well. He called himself the real F’ing show and that he would win the WWE Championship on July 15 at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

WWE/ECW Champion Rob Van Dam defeated Kurt Angle. Lots of great back and forth action from these guys. Angle hit an impressive high cradle suplex on RVD from the corner. Huge overhead german suplex by Angle on RVD as well. The finish saw RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash on Angle to get the pinfall. After the match, a shot of Edge and Lita clapping was shown while RVD stared them down from the top rope. We go back to a shot of RVD celebrating when Edge comes out of no where and hits RVD with a Spear. Edge smiles and then kisses Lita. The show goes off the air with Edge and Lita leaving the ring and Styles running down Edge on commentary.

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