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UPDATED 11/4/2011:

WWF RAW 4/17/1995
WWF RAW 4/24/1995
WWF RAW 5/1/1995
WWF RAW 5/8/1995

ROH on HDNET 9/28/2009
ROH on HDNET 10/5/2009
ROH Clash of the Contenders 10/9/2009
ROH Survival Of The Fittest 10/10/2009
ROH on HDNET 10/12/2009
ROH on HDNET 10/19/2009
ROH on HDNET 10/26/2009
ROH on HDNET 11/2/2009
ROH Boiling Point 11/7/2009
ROH on HDNET 11/9/2009
ROH Aries vs. Richards 11/13/2009
ROH The Omega Effect 11/14/2009
ROH on HDNET 11/16/2009
ROH on HDNET 11/23/2009
ROH on HDNET 11/30/2009

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