WWF RAW 9/4/2000

Written by: Adam King

Monday, September 4th, 2000

Live (via tape-delay) from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (6/25/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chyna (8/27/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (6/25/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Al Snow (8/31/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (8/27/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Lita (8/21/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

Raw comes on the air of highlights of the Helmsleys’s issues on Thursday including Triple H being arrested. After the intro Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show and hype four main events tonight which include Kurt Angle facing Chyna for the Intercontinential Title, the Dudleys battling the Acolytes in a tables match, The Rock and The Undertaker challenging for the Tag Team Titles and we’ll also have another #1 contender’s match.

~ But things kick off with Triple H and Stephanie making their way to the ring to start the opening talkathon. Triple H gets on the mic and says he’s done some pretty terrible things in the WWF and is proud of most of them, plus whenever someone’s come for payback after he’s done those things he’s the one standing tall. Triple H says he can’t accept what happened onSmackdown because he should have been proving he is The Game but instead he was sitting in some North Carliona hole as the cops questioned him about hitting his wife while Stephanie was forced to be in Kurt Angle’s corner and got beaten down by Chyna. Triple H demands to know who called the cops on him and refuses to leave the ring until that person comes forward. On that note Commissioner Mick Foley comes out and Lawler jumps at the chance to accuse Foley of being the one. Foley takes the mic and assures Triple H that he’ll find the culprit because that incident runied not only his evening but his Smackdown main event. Foley says he’s tried to figure out who’d want to hurt him the most and has a suspect in mind before turning toward Stephanie and mentioning the gleam in her eyes when she looks at Kurt Angle. Stephanie is stunned as Foley figures she wanted to solve the jealous husband problem by getting rid of the husband but Stephanie denies being the culpritess mentioning the trauma she went through as Triple H was taken by the police. Foley agress Stephanie may be innocent because the plan calls for cleverness and cunning, which she doesn’t have. Foley then figures the guilty party is standing in the ring right now and looks at Triple H who seems a little amused. Triple H asks why he’d call the cops on himself and Foley suggests he may want to gain sympathy from everyone but Triple H accuses Foley of turning this around on him. Triple H then figures maybe the Commissioner himself dropped the dime becasue he saw him force Stephanie into accompanying Angle to the ring when she should have gone with him. Triple H accuses Foley of trying to ruin his marriage because he’s bitter over the fact that he ended his career but Foley says he wouldn’t do that type of thing and besides, as WWF Commissioner he carries diplomatic immunity. Foley says if it wasn’t Stephanie and it wasn’t Triple H, that leaves one likely suspect then brings out Kurt Angle.

Angle gets the mic and compares himself to Richard Jewell who was falsely accused of detopnating a pipe bomb at the Olympics. Angle admits he didn’t like the way Triple H hit Stephanie but he’s a man of integrity and didn’t call the cops on him. Angle then suggests another person who may want to see the Helmsleys’ marriage break up and that person is Chyna. Angle claims Chyna and Triple H still have the hots for each other and both do what they need to get what they want plus they both have no problem physically abusing Stephanie especially after Chyna hit her with a DDT. Triple H is not happy as Foley invites Chyna out to explain her actions because this segment just isn’t long enough. Chyna comes out to the stage with a mic and says she enjoyed ramming Stephanie’s head into the mat but isn’t the one. Chyna insists there’s nothing going on with Triple H and that she’s currently in a relationship with Eddie Guerrero. That gets Foley thinking that Eddie may have had cause to eliminiate Triple H from the picture and Angle agrees until Foley snaps at him. Foley then invites Eddie out to add his thoughts to the mix and Eddie joins Chyna on the stage claiming he didn’t want Triple H out of the picture, he just wanted to prove to Chyna that he could beat him so Foley has the wrong guy. Foley decides to let the fans themselves voice their opinion on who’s guilty. Foley points to each suspect one at a time and gauges the reactions and the crowd makes the most noise for Angle. Angle tries kissing up to the fans but Foley isn’t having it and insists he come with him and speak to the authorities.

However as they start to leave … Test comes out with Trish Stratus, meaning we’re still not done with this segment. Test gets on the mic and says he has a confession then asks Triple H to remeber the events of November 29, 1999, which was to be the happiest day of his life because he was to marry Stephanie and get everything with it. Test says instead Triple H stole his bride and he was the one who got the money, power and skyrocketing career. Test says he’s wanted retailiation for a long time before confessing that he was the one who called the cops on Triple H and loved watching the cops take Triple H away from the building. Foley responds by booking Test one-on-one against Triple H tonight (but accidentally calls him the WWF Champion). Test is happy to take the match and says Stephanie has a lot in common with revenge, they’re both a b-(*bleep*). Triple H heads out to deal with Test but Angle blindsides him and helps Test double-team Triple H on the ramp. Foley and the referees break it up and we’re finally done with this opening segment after 25 long minutes! They really could have gotten to the point without taking up the whole first quarter of the show with one segment.

~ We then see The Rock arriving at the building trying to remind us he’s on the show too as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a quick recap of the first quarter of the show just in case you missed the ending. And after 30 minutes we finally get to the first match.

  • Chris Benoit vs. Kane – #1 Contender’s Match

So Kane runied Benoit’s #1 contender’s match with Undertaker on Smackdown and because of that Kane gets inserted in Taker’s slot against Benoit tonight? Anyway The Rock comes out to join the announcers for commentary and takes Mick Foley to task for forgetting that he is the current WWF Champion and not Triple H. Benoit attacks Kane from behind and gets in his shots but Kane takes control and works him over in a corner. Kane then whips Benoit looking to hit a big boot and Benoit fakes him out but still runs into a clothesline. Kane follows up with a backbreaker for a near fall then whips Benoit hard into a corner and press slams him. Kane points out at Rock which allows Benoit to fight back but Kane quickly stops that. Kane goes for a whip when Benoit counters with a swinging neckbreaker but Kane sits right up. Kane scoops Benoit onto his shoulder but Benoit slips out of there and shoves Kane into a corner then plants him with a bridge suplex that only gets two. Benoit whips Kane into a corner and hits a back suplex then climbs to the top rope and hits the diving headbutt. However instead of covering Kane, Benoit has some words for the Rock on the apron as Kane gets to his feet. Kane brings Benoit back in the ring with a modified Slop Drop … and nearly drops Benoit right on his head. Kane clubs Benoit in the back and tosses him through the ropes then goes out and beats Benoit on the floor. Kane charges at Benoit but misses him and runs into the ringpost. Benoit tries to clear his head and yells at Rock who looks ready to respond when Kane comes up and throws Benoit into the steps. Kane then grabs Rock by the neck himself when Benoit nails him from behind with a chair and that causes a DQ. (3:24) Yes, we stilldon’t have a #1 contender, plus this match never seemed to get on track. Kane takes Benoit out with a boot but Rock comes back and plants Kane with a Rock Bottom onto the floor. And I’m surprised Undertaker didn’t come out. Still the question on who the Rock’s next challenger is remains for now. 

~ Back from break we get a replay of another #1 contender match going to an inconclusive finish. Seems like the WWF can’t decide on whether Kane, The Undertaker or Chris Benoit will get the next title shot, doesn’t it?

  • The Dudley Boyz vs. The Acolytes (w/Kaientai) – Tables Match

The Acolytes caused the Dudleys to lose to Kaientai on Smackdown while the Dudleys returned the favor on Heat and cost the Acolytes their match agains T & A so we have this match to decide this issue. Bubba and D’Von make their way to the ring first but decide to take a moment to set a table up at ringside while Taka Michinoku and Funaki accompany the Acolytes while wearing APA shirts and waving their Japanese flags. All four men pair off to start and Bradshaw quickly clotheslines D’Von over the ropes then goes out after him. Faarooq whips Bubba and powerslams him while Bradshaw goes for a whip but D’Von sends him into the steps. Bubba suplexes Faarooq then sets him up while D’Von climbs to the top rope and hits the “Wassup” headbutt. The Dudleys head out and bring a table in the ring but Bradshaw is back in and boots the table into their faces. Faarooq pulls Bubba out to the floor to fight it out while Bradshaw nails D’Von with the Clothesline from Hades then sets the table up then sets D’Von on the top rope. Bubba comes in with Faarooq behind him when the Kaientai duo goes for a clothesline with their Japanese flag but Bubba ducks and they take out Faarooq. Bradshw goes to superplex D’Von but Bubba grabs him and powerbombs him through the table for the win! (1:51) Yes it was that quick, too quick to really get interesting.*

The Dudleys depart the ring victroious while the Kaientai guys try to apologize for their tactical goof-up but the Acolytes aren’t having it. Bradshaw takes out Taka with the Clothesline from Hades and Faarooq hits Funaki with a spinebuster as Bradshaw brings the other table from ringside in the ring. Bradshaw powerbombs Taka through the table and Faarooq slams Funkai on top of Taka with the Dominator.

~ Backstage we find Mick Foley throwing darts at a picture of Al Snow when Eddie Guerrero requests a moment and asks him not to let Chyna go against Kurt Angle alone feeling he can’t give her protection from the corner. Eddie says he needs to protect Chyna from inside the ring and begs Foley to let him get a piece of Kurt Angle and Foley decides to satisfy Eddie’s request to help Chyna by adding him to the match and making it a triple threat. Eddie seems happy with that and trots off and Foley goes back to throwing darts at Snow as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break JR updates us on the “Smackdown Your Vote” thing with 50,000 new voters registered so far and also brings up the challenge to George Bush and Al Gore to appear on Smackdown and debate in front of the fans. Whether that actually takes place is anotehr matter entirely.

  • WWF Intercontinential Title: Chyna © vs. Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero

Chyna must really trust Eddie not to double-cross her and win the belt for himself. After Chyna comes out first, Angle makes his way out next when Eddie runs out and jumps Angle from behind. Eddie works Angle over before tossing him in the ring then he and Chyna take turns getting in their shots on him. Chyna helps Eddie double-team Angle then goes for a whip but Angle reverses and sends her over the ropes. Eddie wails on Angle and clotheslines him then goes for a whip but Angle counters with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle covers Eddie but Chyna makes it in to save it then kicks Angle’s ribs and helps Eddie with more double-teaming. Eddie and Chyna whip Angle and hit a double flapjack then hit a double suplex and Chyna covers for a two count. Eddie and Chyna continue double-teaming Angle then whip him looking for a double-clothesline but Angle slides under it. Angle then goes for his own clothesline and misses Eddie but nails Chyna. Angle knocks Eddie under the ropes then whips Chyna and hits another clothesline before heading out and pounding on Eddie. Angle grabs a chair and jabs Eddie with it then readies a swing but Chyna goes out and takes the chair away from him. Chyna pops Angle with a forearm before tossing him in the ring then whips him and hits several clotheslines. Chyna whips Angle but Angle comes back with a back suplex and both are down. Eddie brings the chair in and the referee keeps him from using it but Angle is able to grab the IC belt and waffles Chyna with it. Chyna is knocked out as Eddie dropkicks Angle then suplexes him over the ropes. Eddie starts to go after Angle … but stops when he sees Chyna still out cold. After some debate Eddie decides to try and revive Chyna so he hugs her and leans on the mat…but the referee considers it a cover and counts 1..2..3 for a pinfall! Eddie soon realizes the referee counted a three and as a result has accidentally (?) won his woman’s title! (4:05) Another match that just didn’t do anything for me, plus the finish was funny but it killed the crowd. And why are JR and Lawler acting like this is Eddie’s first title win after his long run as European Champion? 

Anyway Eddie protests and refuses the title at first but then starts to warm up to being a title holder once again. Chyna revives so Eddie drops the belt and tries to help Chyna out of the ring like nothing happened. However Eddie takes a moment to grab the title and hides it behind his back as he and Chyna head up the ramp. It’ll be interesting to see how Eddie explains this.

~ Backstage we find Test getting pumped up at the chance to get some of Triple H and revenge against Stephanie.

~ Elsewhere Stephanie gets Triple H ready for the match and wants revenge for Test calling her a (*bleep*) on TV then offers to take care of Trish if she gets involved. Triple H tells Stephanie she’s not even going to be out there and orders his wife to stay in the dressing room while promising that Test doesn’t know what he’s in for. Triple H then heads out for the match and Stephanie is left sulking on the couch as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Eddie accidentally (?) pinning Chyna and winning her Intercontinential Title. We then find Eddie trying to explain what happened to a tearful Chyna claiming he was just trying to protect her but Chyna doesn’t seem too appreciative of Eddie’s “help” out there. So Eddie offers to give the title back to Chyna and begs for her forgivness saying the belt means nothing while she’s everything to him. Chyna seems to soften up and tells Eddie he deserves the belt more before the two of them embrace, having made up. However just before we cut away we can’t help but notice a smirk on Eddie’s face, suggesting maybe it wasn’t an accident…

  • Triple H vs. Test (w/Trish Stratus & Albert)

Well it took 10 months and a couple of face/heel turns but Test finally gets his shot at Triple H for stealing his bride back in November. Although the wrong person is the face in this confrontation. Triple H rushes the ring and Test and Albert look to double-team him to start while Trish distracts the referee. However Triple H takes it to both men and works Albert over in a corner then turns and pops Test with a right. Triple H attacks Test in a corner when Albert goes for an Avalanche but misses him and splashes his partner. Triple H backdrops Albert and Test over the ropes in succession as we see Stephanie watching backstage at the interview set. Triple H then grabs Trish and sets her up for a Pedigree but Test breaks it up and finally gets some offense in. Test chokes Triple H who then fights back and goes for a whip but Test reverses it and hits a big boot. Stephanie continues to watch from backstage … and doesn’t see Kurt Angle coming up and standing behind her. We cut back as Albert boots Triple H on the floor then press slams him through the ropes back in the ring where Test hits a gutwrench powerbomb for a near fall. Test climbs to the top rope but misses the flying elbowdrop and Triple H rallies again and whips Test, hitting the high knee. Triple goes for another whip and Test reverses it but Triple H comes back with the facebuster. Triple H covers Test but Albert hops on the apron to distract the referee so Triple H pops Albert off the apron. Triple H turns and drills Test with the Pedigree and gets the three just like that! (2:32) Yep, Test get his long-awaited shot only get squashed by Triple H, even with Albert helping him out. Albert comes in but Triple H takes him out with a Pedigree as well just to make both guys look weak. Stephanie then comes out to celebrate with her husband. DUD

~ Backstage Mick Foley visits with Mideon who’s wearing a cap and a pair of glasses … and not much else. Foley chastises Mideon for his recent streaking and wants his assurance he won’t go out there without clothes again and Mideon agrees to honor the Commissioner’s wishes.

~ Back from break Steven Richards leads the Right To Censor to the ring so they can get their weekly promo time, as if we haven’t had enough talking already. The Goodfather takes the mic first and says every day a miracle happens and that selective censorship should be embraced. Richards takes the mic and claims they’ve found another man who’s willing to help them bring virtue to a vile business by cleaning up the WWF. Richards procceds to bring out the newest member of the Right To Censor … Val Venis? Val comes out to the stage and gets on the mic saying he never agreed to join any group that takes away freedoms and tells everyone what they can or cannot say and do. Val adds the RTC denounces violence yet physcially abuses women and dresses like a bunch of geeky poindexters then tells the group off. Richards mentions Val dropped the pornstar image, dumped Trish Stratus as his manager and changed to white tights so in his eyes that makes Val one of them. Val denies it and talks about the RTC doing what parents should be doing then warns then not to come near him again or they will surely know what it means to be permanently censored. Richards finsihes by telling Val if he isn’t with them then he’s against them. What’s the point of this segment exactly other than teasing a Val face turn?

~ Backstage we find Crash Holly reading a magazine when the Big Bossman walks up looking to continue hazing him like he did last night on Heat. Bossman tries to intimiated Crash then dumps a cup of milk over Crash’s head and slaps him with a banana. Crash tries to stand up to Bossman wen Dean Malenko walks up asking if there’s a problem but Bossman says this doesn’t concern him so hit the bricks. Malenkeo points a finger at Bossman but Bossman shoves him aside and leaves while saying he has bigger fish to fry.

~ Back from break we find Edge & Christian trying to think of an excuse to get out of their tag title defense tonight. Christian suggests pneumonia while Edge suggests Tourette’s syndrome, that they can’t be trusted on a live show. Christian then suggests they claim to have a wart problem feeling Rock and Undertaker won’t want to touch them and Edge agrees and they share a high-five. Mick Foley comes in and praises Edge’s role in Highlander: Endgame then tells E&C if any illness or wart problem should keep them out of the match he’ll strip them of the titles and suspend them indefinitely. Foley then departs while E&C are left resigned to their fate.

~ JR then announces Mick Foley has booked Val Venis and a partner of his choice vs. The Right To Censor for later.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Steve Blackman © vs. The Big Bossman

The crowd is completely dead at this point, not that there’s much to get excited about since Bossman has no heat left. Bossman swings his nightstick at Blackman as he tries to come in but Blackman backs away from the apron. Blackman then snaps Bossman’s neck on the ropes before heading in the ring but Bossman quickly takes control. Bossman goes for a whip, Blackman reverses into a corner and goes for a monkey flip when Bossman blocks it but misses an elbowdrop. Blackman dropkicks Bossman through the ropes so Bossman looks for plunder and brings a kendo stick in but Blackman ducks a swing then goes out and brings in his fighting sticks. Blackman nails Bossman’s knee with his sticks then works him over and whacks him in the back of the neck. Blackman goes for the cover but Bossman whacks him in the head with his stick then rolls out to the floor and sprays a fire extinguisher at Blackman. Blackman also rolls out to the floor and Bossman greets him with a right then knocks Blackman over the barricade and goes after him in the crowd with a leather strap in hand. Blackman fights back with kicks but Bossman whips him with the strap as they fight their way to the back and Bossman throws Blackman across a buffet table. Bossman pulls out a baton when Dean Malneko suddenly appears and nails Bossman with a trash can then calls for Crash who splashes Bossman with a pot of hot coffee. Bossman tries to cover up his burned face when Blackman superkicks him then covers him for the three. (3:01) Total yawner of a match. Crash and Malenko celebrate but Blackman grabs a trash lid and nails both of them for interfering in his match. At least that part was a little funny. DUD

~ Elsehwere Tazz visits Mick Foley and demands two matches, one with Chris Jericho and one with Jerry Lawler. Tazz also reminds Foley of never doing anything about Jim Ross breaking a candy jar on his head at SummerSlam. Foley decides to give Tazz both of them at once by making it a tag match instead of a handicap match and even has a partner in mind. Tazz isn’t interested until Foley mentions how this guy has held multiple WWF titles and Tazz seems satisfied but threatens to make Foley Just Another Victim if this guy isn’t everything as promised.

  • Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather vs. Val Venis & ????????

The RTC’ers make their way out first followed by Val and his partner which, unsurprisingly, is Road Dogg. And you’re looking at this thinking Val is going to swerve Road Dogg so the RTC and spring some sort of trap, aren’t you. Anyway Road Dogg gets the mic and does his thing then brings up Buchanan asking us to think of the children befre saying what’s best for his kids is for he and Val to beat the RTC down as the two rush the ring. All four pair off and the referee gets Val and Goodfather to the corners while Buchanan works over Road Dogg and whips him into a corner. Buchanan charges at Road Dogg but eats a boot and Road Dogg comes back with a right. Val tags in and helps Road Dogg whip Buchanan into a double elbow then takes over and gets in his shots. Val comes off the ropes but runs into a clothesline and Goodfather gets the tag but runs into a drop toehold. Val goes for a whip, Goodfather reverses and Buchanan nails Val from behind so Goodfather can clothesline him. Goodfather lays the boots to Val then whips him and hits a shoulderblock before tagging Buchanan back in. Buchanan whips Val into an elbow then tags Goodfather back in and whips Val into a boot before heading out. Goodfather whips Val into a corner and goes for the Ho Train but eats a boot and Val clotheslines him down. Road Dogg gets the tag and hits the juke ‘n jive punches on Goodfather then nails Buchanan with the big right. However Goodfather comes back and pounds on Road Dogg while Val comes in and all four men are going at it. Val knocks Buchanan through the ropes when Goodfather tries to come up form behind but Val sidesteps him and Goodfather hits the turnbuckles. Buchanan pulls Val out of the ring and throws him into the ringsteps while Road Dogg comes off the ropes and nails Goodfather with a flying forearm that gets the three! (2:31) Yeah, whatever to this match as well. *

Road Dogg gets his hand raised when Goodfather punks him out while Buchanan DDT’s Val into the floor then goes in and takes Road Dogg out with the axe kick. Buchanan and Goodfather leave the ring but go after Val who’s still out on the floor and carry him to the back. We follow the RTC’ers as they drag Val out of the building where Steven Richards has a van waiting for them. Val is loaded in the van before the RTC’ers pile in and drive off, perhaps to begin Val’s brainwashing or something.

  • Chris Jericho & Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Tazz & ???????

Once Lawler and Jericho are in the ring Tazz makes his way out … when “Real American” starts playing? JR speculates if it could be You Know Who .. but it only turns out to be Mideon in his small black short doing some Hulk Hogan-like poses. Tazz is beside himself at this surprise and is so focused on this that Lawler immediately rolls him up and gets the 1..2..3 just like that! (0:03) Yep, Tazz jobs to Jerry Lawler again and his burial continues. Jericho and Lawler have a laugh at their easy win while Tazz is furious at being screwed over like that. NR

~ Back from break we get footage of Tazz jumping Lawler during the break and choking him out on the ramp with a leather strap. Now why couldn’t they show this during the live-action to help salvage some heat for Tazz?

~ We then cut over to WWF New York where we find Mandy and Victoria leading another “Save The Hos” rally.

~ Back at the arena JR kills time by talking about recently speaking with Stone Cold Steve Austin the past few days and announcing Austin will make a statement on Smackdown about his WWF return as well as the guys that put him out.

  • WWF World Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian © vs. The Rock & The Undertaker

I bet nobody’s asked how these two got this title shot, but whatever. Since Lalwer is still out of commission Kane comes out to the announce table to do commentary and assures JR he’s the safest he’s ever been. E&C do rock-paper-scissors to decide who starts and Christian loses so Rock gets to pound on him first. Rock goes for a back suplex when Christian flips out of it and comes off the ropes but runs into a clothesline. Rock wrenches Christian’s arm then tags Taker in to take over and Taker whips Christian and hits a boot. Taker covers Christian for a two count as we get a shot of the Hardys and Lita watching the match backstage, no doubt thrilled with Rock and Taker getting a title shot ahead of them. Taker whips Christian into a corner and clotheslines him then follows up with sidewalk slam but Edge saves it. Taker whips Christian into a corner but eats a boot and Christian hops to the middle rope and hits a shouldertackle. Edge tags in and gets in his offense then whips Taker but lowers the head and Taker comes back with a DDT. Taker covers Edge but Christian pulls him off and Taker doesn’t appreciate it as he beats Christian down. Taker turns back but Edge is up and connects with a spear and Christian recovers to help with a double-team while referee Earl Hebner keeps Rock from coming in. Christian takes over without a tag and gets in his shots before tagging Edge back in. Edge hammers Taker in a corner then hits the count-along punches before Taker shoves him off then comes off the ropes but misses an elbowdrop. Christian tags in and chokes Taker with his boot then draws Rock in to distract Hebner while stomping Taker under the ropes so Edge can work him over. Taker fights back but Christian comes to Edge’s aid then throws him back in the ring and cuts off a tag attempt. Edge gets his tag and whips Taker hard into a corner but Taker starts fighting back with several headbutts. Edge trips Taker by the leg then tags Christian while applying a leglock and Christian lays the boots to Taker. Christian chokes Taker on the mat then applies a chinlock along with a bodyscissors before tagging Edge back in.

Taker starts fighting back again when Edge goes for a whip but Taker reverses it goes for the Last Ride. However Christian comes in so Taker lets Edge go and grabs Christian by the throat for a chokeslam but Edge dropkicks Taker from behind to break it up. Edge chokes Taker on the top rope then tags Christian back in and E&C whip Taker into a elbow for a two count. Edge tags back in and E&C go for another double-whip but E&C lower the heads and Taker shoves Christian then whips Edge but they clothesline each other. Both men are down as they crawl for their corners and Edge tags Christian while Taker gets the hot tag to Rock. Rock wails away on Christian and whips him into a tilt-o-whirl slam then follows up with a DDT for a two count. Suddenly Chris Benoit comes out but Taker fights him on the floor while Rock knocks Edge over the ropes with the Smackdown. Rock plants Christian with the Rock Bottom and covers him but Edge makes the save and hits a clothesline. Edge brings a chair in and whacks Rock with it then heads out as Christian covers Rock … but only gets two! Taker is back on the apron ready to accept a tag but Rock turns and plants Christian with a spinebuster. Rock drapes an arm over Christian as Hebner counts 1…2…but Kane pulls Hebner out of the ring before three. Kane slides a chair in the ring but Taker heads him off and the two fight with Hebner ducking in the middle. Rock tries to get to his feet but Edge and Christian each grab a chair then nail him with the double chairshot! Rock is out as Christian covers him and Hebner is in to count 1..2..3! E&C retain but more importantly, Christian pins the WWF Champion! (9:54) Taker dispatches Kane and heads back in the ring but is too late as E&C head out having dodged the bullet. Decent but not great main event that slowed down in the middle before the slightly overbooked finish. But at least E&C got an actual pinfall to retain their titles. **½

Conclusion: We’ve now entered the last few weeks before the WWF’s big move to TNN but the final countdown begins with a dud of a show. There was way too much talking including the first quarter of the show and the in-ring action wasn’t there save for the good-but-not-great main event. Plus there wasn’t much in angle advancement with The Rock’s next challenger and the Triple H/Kurt Angle/Stephanie triangle other that Triple H killing what little heat Test could have brought to it. In fact the only real notable thing was Eddie’s accidental(?) win over Chyna as this show only gave you small hints of what’s to come at Unforgiven which was only three weeks away. Seems like the WWF felt they could do whatever it wanted with WCW so far out of the race by this point but with the wrestling boom of the late 90s cooling off things were about to change, and not always for the better. A definite thumbs down for this edition.

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