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WWF Superstars 1/16/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Huntsville, AL

1.) WWF World Tag Team Champions Strike Force defeated Dusty Wolfe & Iron Mike Sharpe
2.) Greg Valentine defeated Van Van Horne
3.) Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Tiger Chung Lee
4.) Ron Bass defeated Rex King
5.) the British Bulldogs defeated Gino Carabello & Brian Costello
6.) Don Muraco defeated Dave Wagner
7.) Ted DiBiase defeated Brady Boone

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Craig DeGeorge hosts WWF Update saying that he has earth shattering news. He announces that Hulk Hogan has agreed to defend the WWF World Championship against Andre the Giant on February 5th. The last time these two men wrestled it was at WrestleMania III where Hogan prevailed over Andre. Footage of Andre attacking Hogan by putting a neck vise on Hogan was shown. Andre choked Hogan at the last SNME event on January 2nd. We also see footage from last week when DiBiase purchased Andre from Bobby Heenan.

2. During Valentine’s match, fans were asked if Brutus Beefcake should be allowed to cut hair. Obviously, all the people asked believed that he should be allowed to do hair cutting.

3. Scott Casey shared pre-tape comments during Ron Bass’s squash match. Casey said that Texans are not proud of Ron Bass.

4. Mean Gene interviewed WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan and Bam-Bam Bigelow regarding a tag match against Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant. Hogan went to Oliver Humperdink to get help against DiBiase and Andre. Bigelow tells Hogan that he has his back on February 5th!

5. Footage of the Islanders stealing Matilda from the British Bulldogs and running away was shown prior to the British Bulldogs competing in a squash match this week. After the match, Heenan and the Islanders were interviewed by Craig DeGeorge on the podium. Heenan says that the Islanders have been reinstated. Heenan tells the Bulldogs that if they go backstage and see Jack Tunney they will be told where their dog is. Heenan says that no one makes the Heenan Family look like fools. “When you are dealing with the brain, you are out of your league. We are back in business!”

6. Bad News Brown had a quick vignette. He simply said “You can forget about all the good news because bad news is here!”

7. To close the show, Mean Gene interviews the British Bulldogs who tells Gene that Matilda is in very bad shape. Davey Boy Smith says they are going to get revenge on the Islanders. Dynamite says they are going to get revenge on the Islanders on February 6th at Boston Gardens.

Final Thoughts:
The main programs are Hogan/DiBiase and the Bulldogs/Islanders so far. Those are the two programs that get the most airtime on Superstars. The latter of the two is rather hokey since it’s over a dog that was kidnapped and whatnot. It does show how low Heenan would go to get under peoples skin. I am quite entertained by the Hogan/DiBiase saga, though. It’s an angle that really has me looking forward to what happens next.

Overall, a fine edition of Superstars this week as it featured a lot of angle advancement.

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