TNA Impact 8/25/2011

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
August 25, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling opens up with highlights from last week focusing on the Crimson-Angle drama.

We cut to the arena where Kurt Angle is making his way down to the ring. Angle’s dressed in his gear already. He says last week Crimson called him out so tonight he’s calling Crimson out.

Crimson makes his way down to the ring, dressed in his gear as well, limping. Angle says last week Crimson challenged him to a match and he showed Angle that he has balls, either that or Crimson is a complete jackass. Angle says two months ago Crimson was just known as “Red’s little brother” and now that he’s giving Crimson a chance in this match he can be a somebody. Angle says he should get credit for that, but something tells him that Crimson wants to be more than just a somebody. Angle says Crimson wants to be famous so tonight he’ll make Crimson famous, because tonight he will end Crimson’s undefeated streak he’s going to end his career as well. Angle says that is the price he pays for disrespecting him.

Crimson asks Kurt about when Kurt disrespected him 2 weeks ago and almost broke his leg and that’s why they’re having this match tonight. Angle says he shouldn’t have to respect Crimson because he’s a nobody. Angle says he has to EARN his respect and Crimson says he has no problem doing that. Crimson says that’s exactly what he plans on doing tonight in the ring. He says Angle wants to take out all the young guys and he can start tonight but he promises Kurt that when that final bell rings tonight and he’s still standing he WILL earn Kurt’s respect.

Immortal’s music hits and they walk onto the stage minus Bischoff and Hogan. Bully Ray then leads them down to the ring as Kurt looks surprised and wants to know what’s going on. Jarrett is wearing a shirt that says “officially endorsed by Mexican America.” Ray asks Crimson if he’s serious and asks him if he knows who he’s talking to: Kurt freaking Angle. Ray says he’s an Olympic Gold Medalist and the World Heavyweight Champion, but Angle cuts him off. Ray then says “and you’re a part of us too, right?” Angle tells Ray to let him handle this himself and if any of Immortal get involved in his match tonight, especially Jarrett, then they’ll have a problem.

He looks at Crimson and says it’s time to make him famous and then leaves the ring. Immortal didn’t look too happy about that one.

In the back Jackie & ODB approached Velvet and say they have a match together tonight and Velvet says she has their backs if they have Velvet’s back. Jackie says if she wanted to take Velvet out she could do it right now and the only witnesses are the camera man and she could kick his ass too so if they wanted to do it they could. She can trust them. ODB just walks away though.

We cut to someone walking through the backstage area wearing some military boots or something but his face isn’t shown.

——————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————————

In Bischoff & Hogan’s office they are talking to Ric Flair. Bischoff tells Flair that the Sting that’s in TNA right now is not the same Sting he’s faced before. Hogan says Ric has given him a migraine headache and he needs to take care of this problem. Hogan says he’s not going to get in the ring with Sting and this stipulation that Flair has made is killing him. He says Sting is out of his mind and Flair apologizes and says he’ll make it up to Hogan. Hogan says tonight he’s going to put an end to this whole thing and they’re going to go to the ring tonight and make things right with Sting. He begs Flair to just simply not say a word. Flair promises to be silent, is that even possible?

6-Knockouts Tag Team Match
Angelina Love, Rosita, & Sarita w/Mexican America vs. Velvet Sky, ODB, & Jackie

ODB doesn’t look happy to be teaming with Velvet. LET THE PIGEONS LOOSE! ODB REALLY didn’t look happy about the pigeons being let loose. Jackie and Sarita kicking this one off. They lockup and Sarita gets Jackie in a Waistlock and then he goes for a clothesline, but Jackie ducks and rolls Sarita up. 1…2…NO Sarita kicks out and sends a knee in the gut of Jackie. Rosita tags in and puts the boots to Jackie and follows up with forearms, but Jackie comes back with right hands and knees of her own. Velvet tags in and goes for a Forearm but Rosita ducks and she hits Jackie. Rosita rolls Velvet up and gets a nearfall but Velvet gets to her feet and hits a Jawbreaker. ODB tags in and hits a Shoulder Block on Rosita followed by a Powerslam attempt, but Rosita blocks it and tags in Sarita. Sarita charges at ODB but eats a Drop Toe Hold. ODB then locks in a headlock and tags in Velvet. Velvet attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but Sarita reverses it and goes for a backdrop. Velvet stops and kicks Sarita and then goes for a Sliding Dropkick, but Sarita sidesteps it and then catapults her into a clothesline from Rosita. Rosita tags back in and puts the boots to Velvet in the corner. Sarita tags right back in and hits a scoop slam followed by a series of Elbow Drops and Knee Drops. Rostia tags back in again and kicks Velvet and then tags Sarita right back in. Sarita locks Velvet in a headlock and Velvet fights her off with shots to the ribs to break the hold. Velvet then hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline. Velvet hits a back elbow that sends Sarita into the corner where Angelina blind tags herself in. Sarita and Velvet then run into each other and knock each other down. Angelina says something to Rosita and then grabs Velvet’s legs and tries to pull her into the heel corner but Velvet kicks her off. Velvet then hits a weird modified Side headlock Slam for a nearfall before Rosita & Sarita broke it up. ODB & Jackie then hit the ring and brawl with Sarita & Rosita to the floor. Hebner tries to break up the brawl while Angelina beats on Velvet in the ring. Angelina hits the Break A Bitch and ODB & Jackie slide in. Angelina offers Velvet up to them to beat down but they attack Angelina instead! They hit a Double Suplex on Angelina and roll Velvet on top! ODB gets the referee and stops Rosita & Sarita from getting back in the ring! 1…2…3!

Winners: Velvet, ODB, & Jackie via pinfall (Double Suplex)

Mexican America talk trash to Angelina in the ring while Velvet looks surprised at how that went down. Angelina shoves Rosita into Sarita and then leaves and chucks up the deuces.

——————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————————

In the back the man wearing combat boots is still walking around, uhhh okay.

Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorenson

This match stems from Kash pretty much murdering Sorenson last week in the Gauntlet with the Money Maker. Sorenson comes to the ring wearing a varisty jacket and carrying a football, Taz says he was a stud high school QB and talks about how big football is in Texas. Sorensen hits the ring and etas a bunch of kicks from Kash. Tenay points out that Kid Kash is the #3 in the X-Division rankings and Sorensen is 2. Kash slams Sorensen into the corner and then chops away at him. Jesse answers with some right hands but then Kash cuts him off with a poke to the eyes. Kash chokes Jesse on the middle rope and then nails him with several cross face shots. Kash then steps on his head and talks trash to him. We finally have another legit heel in the X-Division again. Kash hits a vicious Backbreaker on Jesse and then he follows up with a Vertical Suplex for a nearfall. He slaps Jesse in the back and continues to talk trash to him. Kash hits a series of round kicks to the chest and back of Jesse and then sets up for the Money Maker, but Jesse counters into an Irish Whip. Jesse hits a Backdrop followed by a clothesline and a Knee lift. Jesse then hits a dropkick and gets a nearfall. Jesse grabs Kash but Kash holds onto the ropes and kicks Jesse. Kash then goes for a Russian Legsweep but Jesse blocks it and hits a crazy Spinning Neckbreaker variation for a nearfall. Jesse climbs up top and dives with a Frog Splash Cross Body! 1…2…NO Kash kicks out! The fans get behind Jesse now and he attempts to whip Kash into the corner, but Kash reverses it. Jesse floats up and over Kash and then rolls Kash up! 1…2….NO Kash rolls Sorensen up and holds the tights! 1…2…3!

Winner: Kash via pinfall (rollup)

Taz talks about that being a sign of a veteran as Kash points to his head and talks trash to Jesse. Kash then fakes out a fan thinking he was going to give him five. Kash says the only thing that was an Impact about that was that little boy getting his ass whipped, and he showed Sorensen what being a veteran is all about. Jesse walks up the ramp and Kash calls him a “prick” and tells him to keep on walking. Kash says he’s nothing but a disrespectful little boy and just like his son he’ll put him over his knee and whip his little ass. Kash then looks at a fan that was saying something to him and tells him to shut his mouth or he’ll smack his face. Sorensen comes back down and says he can keep on running his mouth and he’ll regret it. Sorensen says he’ll show Kash a little boy and Kash pie faces him. Security gets between them to try and calm them down while Kash is talking trash the whole time. Kash teases Sorensen begging him to do something. Man, is Kash not GREATLY needed in this division or what?

——————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————————

BFG Series wrap up from last week. Gunner earned 7 points against Pope and Roode earned points against RVD (WOW), RVD puts Roode over and says he scored a win over him fair and square. The leaderboard has Crimson still at #1 (50 points), Bully Ray and Bobby Roode are tied at #2 (42 points), Storm is alone at #3 (40 points), Gunner is #4 (35 points), Devon is currently at #5 with 30 points but Samoa Joe knocked him out of the tournament last week with an injury (Joe making good on that promise), RVD is at #6 (25 points), AJ at #7 (24 points), Steiner at #7 (21 points), Pope at #8 (17 points), and Joe remains in last place with -10 points.

BFG Series Match
“Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Morgan is on commentary for this one. RVD and Pope lockup and RVD gets Pope in a side headlock but Pope lifts him up with a Back Suplex. RVD holds onto the side headlock and Pope rolls him back on his shoulders and gets a nearfall. RVD gets to his feet holding onto the side headlock but Pope shoves him into the ropes. Pope goes for a backdrop but RVD backflips over Pope and hits a Body Scissors Rollup for a nearfall. RVD then goes for a Standing Moonsault but Pope gets his knees up. Pope then grabs RVD but RVD blocks him and hits a Scoop Slam. RVD then hits Rolling Thunder but again Pope gets his knees up! Pope kicks RVD and hits the 4-Up and gets a nearfall. Pope hits his STO and gets another nearfall. Morgan puts over what everyone is willing to do in this tournament, using his injury in the Ladder Match as example. Pope attempts to whip RVD into the ropes but RVD reverses it and hits a Dro Toe Hold. RVD then bridges back and locks in a crazy Toe Hold Bridging Facelock. Pope is able to get to the ropes and break the hold as RVD is obviously trying to makeup ground with a submission. RVD whips Pope into the corner and hits a HUGE Monkey Flip! RVD grabs Pope and locks in an Abdominal Stretch. The whole time he’s stretching Pope, RVD is also punching Pope’s knee which Pope has been selling pretty hard in this one. Pope is able to counter out with a Hip Toss and he again reaches down for his knee. Pope kicks RVD and hits a Spike DDT! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Pope limps to the corner and climbs up top. He dives off with a Diving Fist Drop and he’s selling the knee again. Pope is limping around and he eats a Spinning Back Kick from RVD out of nowhere. RVD then grabs Pope and locks in a Surfboard! Pope fights it but RVD transitions this into a Surfboard pin, 1…2…NO Pope is able to get his shoulders off the mat. RVD once again lifts Pope up into the air in the Surfboard! Pope screams in pain and finally nods yes that he submits! RVD earns the 10 points for a submission!

Winner: RVD via submission (Surfboard)
RVD: 35 points
Pope: 17 points

The Direct Impact of the Night is RVD’s Rolling Thunder attempt and the Surfboard.

Back from the replay Joe has hit the ring and hits the Muscle Buster on Pope! Joe grabs Pope’s leg and locks in the Knee Lock! Joe is screaming at Pope while squeezing on the leg. Devon limps down to the ring, his knee in a brace. Joe continues to wrench on that leg but Devon looks look while his kids scream at him to help. He grabs a chair and rolls into the ring, Joe flicks him off, and bails. Joe laughs and leaves saying “it’s just business.”

——————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————————

In the back Robbie E. approaches Rob Terry and says he’s been looking for him, and it figures that he’s still sitting in the same seat he’s been sitting in for 6 months. Robbie says he’s here to save Rob Terry, little Robbie is going to save Big Robbie. He says they’ll be P.I.C.’s (Partners In Crime). Robbie says Rob’s year hasn’t been going so great, he got kicked out of Immortal and has 2 left feet in the ring. He tells Rob to use his Double-G’s (Gorilla Guns) and help out Robbie. Terry tells him to let him think about it and walks away. Robbie says he’ll see him at the gym later and does that damn fist pump.

We cut to Immortal talking about taking out Fortune tonight. Bully Ray is doing some exercises and Steiner tells him it’s too late for that for him. Ray says they need to concentrate on AJ and take him out tonight. Steiner was freaking out.

We cut to Rosita & Sarita approaching Angelina in her locker room and talking trash to her. They attack Angelina and beat her down until Winter comes in screaming like a banshee. She tosses Sarita to the side like a ragdoll and then slams Rosita into the wall repeatedly. She even pulls down the blinds from the window and chokes her with it. Mexican America run in and chase Winter off.

Ric Flair and Hogan will be coming down to the ring next.

The dude with the combat boots is still walking around.

——————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————————

In the back Traci approaches Bischoff again and asks about being Knockout Law again. Bischoff says he has been thinking about Traci a lot and the more he thinks about it the more he likes it. Bischoff says next week in Huntsville is the perfect place to make the announcement, but before they commit they need to discuss some things over some cock…tails. Traci says, “let’s make it 3 cocktails” and leaves.

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair make their way down to the ring. Hogan says their main problem right now is Sting and tells him to come down to the ring and face the music.

Sting makes his way down to the ring and Hogan says Sting is way over the edge right now. He tells Sting that enough is enough and this thing with him and Hogan has gone way too far, and it needs to end tonight. Hogan tells Sting to look in the mirror and know that he’s a complete wreck. He says Sting doesn’t even have any fries left in his Happy Meal. Hogan says Sting is not in his right mind and he’s gone right now. He asks Sting if he wants all the little Stingers to look up to him like all the Hulkamaniacs look up to him. He says it’s a family show and they can’t have all this craziness. Sting just laughs at him. Hogan says that maybe he IS partially to blame and he and Bischoff have made some judgment errors along the way, and they have learned from those mistakes. He says he and Bischoff are going to run TNA with the most impeccable precision that he’s seen. He tells Sting that it’s time to end the madness right now and offers a handshake.

Sting says he will do that under one condition, and that one condition is milk and cookies for all…colorful balloons and maybe even a unicorn. Oh God, Sting went complete fruit there for a minute saying he wants “beautiful flowers for all” while doing a very feminine voice. Sting offers a hug and Hogan looks like he’s about to freak out and Sting hugs him and then kisses Hulk on the cheek. Ric Flair goes nuts and throws off the jacket!

Flair calls Sting a stupid son of a bitch and tells him this is no game and even shoves Hogan away and tells him to leave him alone. Flair says if Sting wants crazy he’ll give him crazy and Elbow Drops the ring, and then says he was crazy when Sting was still sucking his mothers tit. Hogan just puts his head his hand and walks away. Flair says he’s so crazy he’s going to kick Sting’s ass so bad and hurt him so bad. Sting starts laughing and Flair tells him to keep laughing and he says when it comes time to kill Sting respects him too much to hurt him so that gives Flair the edge. Flair says he’ll kick Sting’s “f*ckin’ ass.” Flair tells him to respond to that, jackass.

Sting mocks Flair elbow dropping the ring and then Sting screams, “OHHH! SOMEONE CUSSED AT ME AGAIN WHAT WILL I DO?!” Sting says he can finally relate to someone because it’s someone that’s as whacked out as him. Sting says if Flair is telling him that he has to go through Flair to get to Hogan then he is going to go through Flair and then Sting starts laughing uncontrollably again. Sting says if Flair points his finger at Sting again he’ll bite it off. He says he’ll start with Flair and at Bound for Glory he’ll go after Hogan! Flair tells Sting not to get ahead of himself but Sting says that’s his story and he’s sticking to it!

Sting leaves the ring and Hogan goes apesh*t on Flair and then Sting stops and throws his jacket at Flair so Flair tosses it into the crowd.

——————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————————

AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring, dressed to compete as well. AJ says he has an answer for Christopher Daniels on his challenge so he needs to come out and here his answer. Daniels doesn’t make him wait long either.

AJ says he’s not mad at Daniels but when he went to the announce table and put their business out there about the rematch, he asks if he had to do that publicly. AJ says if he wants to do this thing in public then they’ll do it right now. AJ wants to know why Daniels needs another rematch and wants to know why he needs this so badly. AJ wants to know why.

Daniels says Destination X was all about the X-Division and it was a great night for the X-Division, but at the end of the night he still lost. He says the next morning he looked in the mirror and asked himself if he still has what it takes to be in TNA. Daniels says he told himself when he couldn’t compete at the top level he would walk away and he has to ask himself if he needs to walk away now. Daniels says he doesn’t know the answer to that question so that’s why he wanted the rematch to answer yet AJ kept blowing him off. Daniels says he came back to TNA for AJ and joined Fortune for him and he even went through a table at Hardcore Justice for him. Daniels says he hasn’t asked AJ for much but he doesn’t want this, he needs to know if he needs to hang it up.

AJ tells Daniels to look at him and he says they will do it one more time, not because Daniels took a bullet for him at Hardcore Justice but because they’re boys. He offers Daniels a handshake but he hugs him instead. Daniels says that’s all he wanted and he’ll see him at No Surrender, but AJ stops him and says he’s going to be in the Finals at BFG Series…AJ says next week in Huntsville! They agree and shake hands.

——————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————————

BFG Series
No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere 6-Man War
Fortune (AJ Styles, James Storm, & Bobby Roode) vs. Immortal (Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, & Gunner)

Fortune jumps Immortal in the ramp! Things are wild right off the bat. AJ is going after Ray, Roode after Steiner, and Storm goes after Gunner. Steiner grabs Storm’s beer and spits it in Roode’s face. Now Storm goes after Ray while AJ drags Gunner to the guardrail and beats on him. Gunner comes back and slams AJ on the apron as we see Abyss looking on at the stage. In the ring Gunner is beating on AJ, there’s two referee’s out here for this one. Gunner whips AJ into the ropes but eats a boot from AJ. AJ leapfrogs Gunner and hits the Phenomenal Drokick for a nearfall. Gunner rolls out of the ring and Steiner grabs AJ and hits the Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Steiner chops away at AJ in the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner. Steiner charges at AJ but he gets his boot up and then Steiner staggers into a clothesline from AJ! Roode attempts to whip Steiner into the ropes but he reverses it only to eat a Flying Forearm from Roode. Roode then hits the Blockbuster off the top! 1…2…NO Steiner kicks out! Ray in now and nails Roode with the Big Boot for a nearfall. Ray then goes for a Splash in the corner but Roode moves and Storm hits the Leaping Enziguri from the apron! Storm dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! Storm and Roode hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Ray! AJ rolls back into the ring only to hit a GORGEOUS Somersault Plancha over the top onto Ray on the floor! Gunner slams Storm into the ring steps as AJ sells it like he injured the knee on that dive. Gunner slams Storm into the side of the stage and then covers him for the first nearfall on the floor. Steiner swings a chair at Roode but he ducks and then Storm covers Gunner for a nearfall. Roode tosses Steiner into a wall and covers him for a nearfall of his own. Storm and Gunner brawl all the way into the backstage area lot as Steiner and Roode are in the parking lot I think. Gunner tosses Storm into some lockers while Steiner hits Roode with a trashcan. Gunner actually pushes the lockers over onto Storm who was laying on the floor! Gunner then leaves and goes to help Ray (they had mentioned earlier that their plan was take out Roode & Storm on the outside and isolate AJ in the ring). AJ hits the Springboard Flying Forearm on Ray in the ring for a close nearfall. AJ hits Ray with some big right hands and then they exchange them until AJ hits the Enziguri! Gunner runs out but AJ catches him as he comes in the ring and nails him with a right hand. AJ hits rights and forearms on Gunner and then he hits Steiner as he comes into the ring. AJ goes back and forth hitting Gunner and Steiner and then he turns around and swings at Ray, but Ray ducks and hits the Bully Bomb! 1…2…3!

Winners: Immortal via pinfall (Bully Bomb), Ray gets the points
Ray: 49 points
Steiner: 21 points
Gunner: 35 points
AJ: 24 points
Storm: 40 points
Roode: 42 points

After the match Steiner pulls out a table but Mr. Anderson drives a damn Hummer into the arena! He’s the dude that was wearing combat boots! Anderson tosses security away and goes after Immortal in the ring! Anderson hits a big right hand on Gunner and then he knocks Steiner off the apron through the table! Anderson picks up Ray’s chain and Ray bails out. Anderson then nails Gunner with the chain repeatedly busting Gunner open! Ray screams that Anderson is nuts. Anderson grabs both Steiner & Gunner and holds them up at Ray. Abyss just watches and walks away as Ray is freaking out.

In the back Mickie James is pissed about Winter and Angelina having to join up to beat her and she says in Huntsville she’s coming after her title and Winter. She tells Winter to wait until she sees what Mickie does to her and there is nothing Angelina or Winter can do about it.

The goofball Eric Young is still hunting Scott Baio. He finally finds him at a Golf Course and he chases Baio around the course. Young dives off a tree in his underwear on Baio and pins him. What a waste of time.

Main Event
Non-Title Match
Crimson vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

Crimson limps all the way to the ring. Crimson and Angle lockup and Crimson shoves Angle back showing his power. Angle and Crimson lockup again and again Crimson tosses Angle back with ease. Crimson swings at Angel but he ducks and locks in a Waistlock. Crimson hits a back elbow and then slams him into the corner. Crimson beats on Angle in the corner with right hands and elbows. He then whips Angle into the ropes and connects with a Back Elbow and locks in the Cravate followed by the Knee Strikes and then the Swinging Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Angle rolls out to the floor and Crimson follows. He beats Angle around ringside and then slams him into the apron. Crimson rolls Angle back into the ring and then attempts to whip Angle into the corner but Angle reverses it and chop blocks Crimson’s knee.

——————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————————

Back from commercials Angle hits a Snap Suplex on Crimson and gets a nearfall. Angle locks in a submission move on Crimson kind of a modified Half Nelson. He transitions into a side headlock but Crimson fights to his feet and attempts to shove Angle into the ropes but Angle holds onto the headlock. Crimson again attempts to shove Angle into the ropes and again Angle holds onto the headlock. Crimson finally shoves Angle away and hits a big Shoulder Block. Both men are down now. Both men get to their feet at about the count of 8 and Crimson counters a clothesline into a T-Bone Suplex on Angle! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Crimson then goes for the Red Alert, but Angle blocks it and hits the huge German Suplex! Crimson gets right back to his feet and Spears the hell out of Angle! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Crimson picks Angle up but Angle immediately kicks Crimson’s knee repeatedly and then locks in the Ankle Lock and also scissors the knee! Crimson fights the hold and scrapes and fights and finally rolls over and starts kicking Angle repeatedly with his long legs. Is that the first time someone has broken the Ankle Lock while it’s scissored?! Usually when Angle scissors the leg it’s over. Angle grabs Crimson and goes for the Angle Slam, but Crimson blocks it and hits the Sky High! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Samoa Joe runs in and jumps Crimson!

Winner: Crimson via DQ

Joe gets in Angle’s face but Angle looks over at Angle and tells him to have at it. Joe turns around and starts stomping on Crimson’s knee and then picks Crimson up into the air, but Crimson fights him off! Crimson hits Joe with several right hands and Joe bails. Crimson tells Joe to come on but Joe shakes his head and says “soon.”

Tenay and Taz run down the card for next week which includes Winter vs. Mickie for the KO Title, AJ vs. Daniels, and the Final Four in the BFG Series will finally be determined.

In the back Crimson is going nuts wanting to know what Joe was thinking. He says if Joe wants some he can get some next week but Joe pops up out of nowhere and says “why wait until next week” and slams Crimson into a wall! Joe beats the sh*t out of Crimson, punching him in the ribs repeatedly and then he puts Crimson’s legs in between some steps and then lays a 2×4 over the knee and JUMPS ON THE DAMN THING! Joe looks at Crimson and screams, “I may have not broken your streak, but I just broke your f*cking leg!” and then he actually kicks the camera.


I really liked the pacing of tonight’s show…right up until around the 2 hour mark when we got BACK TO BACK really long winded promos. That may have not been that bad had the AJ/Daniels promo not been so bad. Daniels just can’t pull off the sympathy thing, he’s a great talker as a heel and just needs to go that route. I don’t think ANYONE will complain about a AJ-Daniels FEUD. Hell, we need some more midcard feuds that last longer than a few weeks or a month. Sting/Flair was okay while Flair and Sting were talking and Flair is just nuts.

The opening segment was just a rehash of last week pretty much.

The Knockouts Tag was solid while Velvet wasn’t in the ring, she looked really bad out there tonight.

Kash-Sorensen was way too short but was good while it lasted. We really needed a new heel in the X-Division and Kash has always been GREAT at it. And a secondary feud in the X-Division, I cant believe it! This is a great feud to get the young guy over and this is something Kash can do with a lot of these young guys. No complaints here on this one.

RVD-Pope was a solid match with Pope looking good and good story telling as well with RVD not only going after Pope’s apparent injury but fighting for more points with a submission win due to being down so much.

The Falls Count Anywhere was really wild but had some good brawling, just needed more time. AJ looked good going against 3 guys but more time with that fight between him and the 3 would have added to it.

Crimson/Angle was solid but I really think they jumped the gun here. Angle/Crimson is something I think they needed to hold off until down the road and really build to it. Maybe that is what they’re doing here, though, since it was really a non-finish.

Samoa Joe walking around just killing people=GREAT. The attack on Crimson was brutal and I’m really glad they went that route rather than just having Joe back down because it made him look weak. I just don’t know where this is going with Crimson. Is this going to knock him out of the BFG Series? Joe already knocked Devon out, and possibly Pope after his beat down tonight. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Now I’m going to rant on the Hardyz. Everyone has said everything there is to say about Matt Hardy (including myself) so I’m not going to pile on. I’m just happy TNA cut ties and is moving on. I hope that guy really gets help, he needs it badly. As far as Jeff Hardy goes, that dude is truly a douche bag. He completely spoils what TNA obviously wanted to have as a surprise for the Huntsville tapings by saying he’s returning at those tapings, and TNA had to scramble afterward and put it up on the site. He obviously could care less, and they should have just went ahead and cut both Hardyz. I don’t care how much merchandise he moves.

Promo/Segment of the Week: Joe’s beat downs
Match of the Night: TIE – Angle/Crimson & Falls Count Anywhere (**1/2)
Overall Grade: C +

Scheduled for Next Week:
– TNA Knockouts Title: Winter (c) vs. Mickie James
– AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
– Final-4 of BFG Series is announced
– The new Knockout Law is announced

No Surrender Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Kurt Angle (c) vs. TBA
– BFG Series Finals Match #1: TBA vs. TBA
– BFG Series Finals Match #2: TBA vs. TBA
– TNA X-Division Title: Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Austin Aries

BFG Series Standings
1) Crimson (50 points)
2) Bully Ray (49 points)
3) Bobby Roode (42 points)
4) James Storm (40 points)
5) Gunner (35 points)
6) RVD (32 points)
7) AJ Styles (24 points)
8) Scott Steiner (21 points)
9) Pope (17 points)
10) Samoa Joe (-10 points)

*Matt Morgan & Devon have been eliminated due to injury.

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