WWE Survivor Series 2011 Predictions!

Tonight World Wrestling Entertainment to pay per view with the Survivor Series. It’s an especially big pay per view because the Rock makes his return to the wrestling ring at the venue he made his debut back in 1996, Madison Square Garden. Here is the rundown of the card and my predictions for the matches!

For the WWE Divas Championship: Lumberjill Match
(champion) Beth Phoenix vs. Eve

I don’t think Eve has any real shot at winning the title here. It seems to me that Kelly is the diva who is most likely to reclaim the championship. I don’t care about this one, but I’d imagine Phoenix walks away with the strap.

For the WWE United States Championship:
(champion) Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

All the reports say that Morrison is scheduled to leave the WWE by the end of the month. It wouldn’t make any sense to have a wrestler who is leaving the company go over on pay per view. Actually, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have him on the pay per view anyway. This should’ve been where Zack Ryder won the championship, but instead Ziggler will continue to march on as champion.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Orton (Orton, Kingston, Cara, Sheamus & Ryan) vs. Team Barrett (Barrett, Swagger, Ziggler, Rhodes & Hunico)

I’m slightly disappointed that they didn’t come up with any creative names like they did back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Anyway, these two teams look to be rather even with maybe Team Orton having the slight edge. I really don’t see Orton losing this as I could see the final fall see Orton dismantle Rhodes again for the pin fall. Honestly, Rhodes should be the captain for this team and not Barrett. I predict that Team Orton wins with Orton being the sole survivor overcoming both Barrett and Rhodes.

For the WWE Championship:
(champion) Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

I’ve lost just about all my interest in CM Punk since July when he was red hot and quite interesting. I don’t really care whether or not he wins or loses, honestly. I think Del Rio needs to be champion for awhile and be involved in the top program once the Rock goes on hiatus again. So, I think in order to drag this out they have Del Rio cheat his way to victory. Perhaps even have Brodus Clay return… I just want that guy back on television already.

For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
(champion) Mark Henry vs. the Big Show

Odds are there will be a blow off at TLC next month and I think the best way to go there is have another double disqualification or no contest finish. Sure, it’s not the ideal way but it would get the idea across that these two really hate each other and can’t contain their emotions. Or, I could see Henry showing that he is a little bit of a coward by getting himself disqualified leading to a chair match at TLC. So, Big Show wins by disqualification.

Main Event:
The Rock & John Cena vs. The Miz & R-Truth

Well, it is really unlikely that the Rock will lose in his first match back. Sure he and Cena don’t like each other, but I don’t see there being any kind of heel turn by Rock or anything. The audience will simply not boo the man, even if the WWE tried the hardest to make it happen. Rock and Cena will maintain their composure to take care of Miz and Truth and have the face to face confrontation to close the show or something of that nature.

Enjoy Survivor Series 2011!

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