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WWF RAW 10/2/2000

Written by: Adam King

Monday, October 2nd, 2000

Live from the MCI Center in Washington, DC

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (6/25/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Eddie Guerrero (9/04/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz (9/24/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Al Snow (8/31/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (9/24/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Lita (8/21/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

Raw comes on the air mentioning the passing of Dennis Dunn (1924-2000), the WWF’s first executvie producer. We then go to the intro after which Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

~ Things kick off with The Rock making his way to the ring for our marathon opening segment. Rock gets on the mic and starts with the usual before saying there are things that bring on a natural instinct. Rock says you swat a fly, you pet a cute puppy and if you’re Marion Barry and you see crack you smoke it. Rock adds if you see Kurt Angle’s smiling smug face, his instinct is to take a chair and smash it which is what he was about to do on Smackdown when Stephanie McMahon-”Angle” (?) stuck her nose where it didn’t belong, allowing Angle to get the pin and do his goofy celebration. Rock says he has no problem with Olympic celebrations and talks about Rulon Gardner winning the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. Rock says unlike Angle, Gardner celerbated the way a winner shoud, by accepting the gold medal with a smile and not crying like a girl. Rock wants another shot at Angle tonight and decides to offer him a WWF Championship match. Not surprisingly Angle comes out to the stage with a mic for his response and says Rulon Gardner didn’t beat the unbeatable since he himself wasn’t in the Olympics. Angle also feels Gardner didn’t capture the hearts of Americans the way he did, giving people a reason to live. Angle says he won’t let the fans down unlike Michael Jordan’s efforts to run the Washington Wizards. Angle then takes offense to Rock’s claims of needing Stephanie’s help saying he could beat him at any time while promising to win the WWF Championship and teach all the youth of America how to “be like Kurt.” At that point Commissioner Mick Foley comes out to the ring to join the party and gets on the mic saying he’s been in the wrestling business for a long time and seen many horrible things but nothing as horrid as a nation full of little Kurts. Foley asks Rock to let Angle slide saying there’s someone else who wants him a little more. Not surprising that someone, Triple H, makes his way out to the ring with Stephanie to a good babyface reaction. Triple H gets on the mic asks Rock how he could make fun of Angle’s Olympic victory when that’s his job and he and Foley even taunt Angle with fake crying. Triple H reminds Angle his wife’s name is Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley as Stephanie shows off the ring and that she’s not Angle’s friend, pal, etc., but his wife. Triple H mentions that the past few months he’s wasted his time with Angle trying to beat some sense into him when he should have been going for the WWF Title, which he claims Rock is just holding for him. Triple H says he’s done messing with Angle so he demands Foley give him a match with Angle so he can finish him once and for all. Foley says Triple H wants Angle but Angle wants a shot at the WWF Championship so he solves the problem by booking them in a #1 Contender’s Match for the next title shot.

Oh, but we’re not done with this segment as Chris Benoit comes out and also gets on the mic saying he’s tired of coming out night after night demanding another match with The “People’s Joke”. Benoit tells Foley to give him the match, threatening to make everyone pay if he doesn’t get it. We’re still not done as Kane comes out next and also gets in the mic deamding a title shot, promising the the Rock’s time is over. If that wasn’t enough, Rikishi is coming out and it’s gotten to the point where Lawler asks them to play his music so he can demand a title shot. Rikishi gets on the mic and says he and Kane have some unfinished business and wants a match with him so Foley decides to book a tag match with Benoit teaming with Kane against The Rock and Rikishi. The heels start heading up the aisle when Rock has some parting words for them. After 25 long minutes this segment FINALLY comes to an end. A quarter of the show gone just like that.

  • WWF World Tag Team Titles: The Hardy Boyz © (w/Lita) vs. Too Cool (w/Mandy & Victoria)

So once again we get our first match 30 minutes into the program. Scotty 2 Hotty locks up with Matt to start and forces him into a corner then works him over before whipping him into the opposite corner. Scotty charges but eats an elbow and Matt hops to the middle rope but Scotty cuts him off. Scotty goes up for a superplex but Matt shoves him down to the mat and hits the guillotine legdrop for a two count. Matt hits a sidewalk slam before tagging in Jeff who springs off the top rope into a moonsault. Grandmaster Sexay breaks up the pin then challenges Jeff to a danceoff and shoves off his moves and Jeff responds with his own steps. Let me tell you, Sexay looks goofy but Jeff looks even goofier. Sexay’s not happy at being showed up so he kicks Jeff in the midsection and Scotty follows up with a suplex. Sexay tags in legally and and hammers away on Jeff while talking trash then whips him into a corner. Sexay charges at Jeff but Jeff sidesteps and Sexay straddles the middle turnbuckle. Both men make tags and Matt lands several right hands on Scotty then catches Sexay coming in with a backdrop. Matt clotheslines Scotty and covers him but Sexay makes the save. Jeff comes in and the Hardys whip Sexay then go for a double suplex but Sexay counters with a DDT on both Hardys. Scotty covers Matt but Jeff breaks it up with a drop kick and Sexay goes for a whip but Jeff reverses him into a corner. Matt drops to the mat and Jeff hits the Poetry in Motion. Matt whips Scotty into the opposite corner and drops down while Jeff goes for another Poetry on Motion but Scotty sidesteps and Jeff crashes on the turnbuckles. Scotty hits the bulldog on Matt followed by the Worm then covers him Matt gets his foot on the bottom rope. Scotty scoops Matt up when Matt floats over him and goes for the Twist of Fate but Scotty shoves him away. Suddenly Edge and Christian come out and Christian distracts the referee while Edge tries to spear Matt but misses and hits Scotty instead. Matt throws Edge through the ropes while Jeff climbs to the top rope and connects with the Swanton Bomb on Scotty for the pin to retain. (3:49) Solid enough tag match that the crowd was into.**

~ Backstage we find the Helmsleys in their lockerroom with Triple H in deep thought and Stephanie wants to know what Triple H is thinking of, asking if it’s about Smackdown. Triple H just says he has a bad feeling about something tonight as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get footage of Edge and Christian talking during the break with Chrisitan’s upset their plan backfired and Edge emphasizing they need to get the titles off the Hardys. Because that’s the only way E&C can get a title shot since they’re barred from challenging the Hardys anymore. Commissioner Foley comes in and talks to E&C about their interference but says he understands their love for gold so he’s going to give them a title shot. E&C are excited until Foley says it’s not a tag title shot as per of their agreement last week, but instead books them against Steve Blackman for the Hardcore Title. E&C are less than thrilled and call Foley a “heniousist” and Foley responds by saying he’s a Sagitarius.

  • Chris Jericho & The Dudley Boyz vs. Tazz, Raven & X-Pac

X-Pac cost Jericho a tag match against Tazz and Raven on Smackdown with the Dudleys making the save so here we are. And this is almost like a mini ECW convention in the ring with five of these six guys having competed in the bingo hall promotion. Ather the heels are out Jericho rush the ring by himself and goes after X-Pac but Tazz and Raven are quickly on him and Jericho gets triple-teamed. The Dudleys finally come out to and make the save then clear out Raven and X-Pac. Bubba Ray slams Tazz and sets him up while D’Von climbs to the top rope and hits the “Wassup” headbutt. Raven and X-Pac climb back in the ring and Bubba slams X-Pac to the mat. Tazz and Raven whip D’Von in and out of their corner several times then Raven tags in X-Pac and both men whip D’Von into a corner. Raven whips X-Pac toward D’Von but D’Von sidesteps and X-Pac straddles the turnbuckles. D’Von clotheslines Raven before Jericho tags in and takes it to both men then knocks Tazz off the apron. Jericho goes to whip X-Pac who reverses it but Jericho comes back with a flying clothesline. Jericho ducks a spinkick from X-Pac and decks him when Raven whips Jericho but Jericho slides under him. Jericho puts Raven in the Walls of Jericho but X-Pac kicks Jericho in the face to save him and Raven covers for a two count. Meanwhile D’Von takes out X-Pac on the floor while Bubba goes at it with Tazz. Raven goes for a whip but Jericho reverses him into a corner and comes off the ropes with the bulldog. Tazz comes in and slaps the Tazzmission on Jericho but Bubba nails Tazz from behind to break it up and plants him with the full nelson bomb. X-Pac hits Bubba with the spinkick while D’Von slams X-Pac with the Curtain Call. Raven goes for a whip on D’Von but D’Von reverses and the Dudleys hit the 3D. Jericho follows up with the Lionsault on Raven and scores the pin. (2:24) Wow they crammed a lot into three minutes. Fun and energetic but way too short. **½

~ Steve Austin is shown arriving at the building as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Mick Foley is in his office reading Playboy when The Right To Censor drop by with Steven Richards asking him to dispose of his magazine, but Foley isn’t budging. Bull Buchanan then appeals to him not as RTC members, but as employees. Richards says a cancer has come out of remission and waging his own personal war on the WWF: Steve Austin. Val Venis joins the discussion calling Austin the reason for the demise of morality while Buchanan claims Foley fears Austin and asking what he’s going to do about him. Foley orders the RTC out of his office while saying he’ll think about what to do with Austin.

~ Elsewhere Michael Cole is interviewing Lita about a Women’s Title defense but before she can say anything Jacqueline attacks her by slamming a door into her. The two ladies brawl through the lockerroom into the shower and Lita starts to battle back in the women’s dressing room, driving Jacqueline into a chair. Jackie takes down Lita with an Acid Drop and smears lipstick all over her face and the two continue to battle through the backstage area, ending up in the garage. Lita grabs onto a hanging net and dropkicks Jackie into a stack of boxes then whips her into an 18-wheeler. Lita starts throwing various objects as Jackie but Jackie nails her with a trash can. Jackie throws Lita into a fence then tries to escape by climbing over the truck but Lita follows her and tosses her off the hood to the floor. Lita goes for a moonsault but Jackie has gotten hold of a fire extinguisher and sprays Lita as she flies off the hood. Jackie works Lita over with a garbage can lid as a number of officials finally hit the scene and pull the two apart. BTW Lita was scheduled to defend the Women’s Title against Ivory tonight but that match looks doubtful now.

~ The Rock and Rikishi are shown heading to the ring for the semi-main event as we go to commercial.

  • The Rock & Rikishi vs. Chris Benoit & Kane

Benoit and Rikishi exchange punches to start and Rikishi gets the advantage then whips Benoit but lowers the head. Benoit kicks the face but Rikishi no-sells it and clotheslines him down then slams Benoit and hits the massive legdrop. Rikishi whips Benoit into a corner and hits a clothesline then drops him with a right hand. Rock tags in and whips Benoit hard into the corner hard then nails him from behind and lays the boots to him. Rock goes for a whip but Benoit reverses it and hits an elbow then works Rock over in a corner with chops and kicks. Kane tags in when Rock charges out of the corner with a clothesline but Kane pops right up. Rock attempts a whip but Kane reverses it and Benoit nails Rock from the apron. Rock brings Benoit in the ring and hammers him in a corner then readies for the Smackdown but Kane interupts with a short-arm clothesline. Kane decks Rock and hits an elbowdrop then chokes him on the mat. Rock starts to fight back and comes off the ropes but runs into a sidewalk slam. Kane climbs to the top rope and connects with a flying clothesline for a two count. Benoit tags in and hammers away on Rock when Rock fights back and whips him but Benoit comes back with a German suplex. Benoit holds on for a second German suplex but Rock fights out of a third then whips Benoit and hits a DDT. Rock covers but Kane breaks up the pin then tags in and hits a suplex. Kane whips Rock into a big boot then scoops him up for the Tombstone but Rock floats over and shoves Kane into the ropes then hits the spinebuster. Rock pops Benoit off the apron and goes for the People’s Elbow but Kane sits up and grabs Rock in mid-move for a chokeslam. Rikishi comes in and nails Kane with a savant kick, and both men are down. Kane is up first while Rock crawls over and makes the tag to Rikish and. Rikishi whips Kane into a corner and hits a Samoan Drop. Rikishi clotheslines Kane then whips him into the corner again and hits the running butt splash. Benoit comes in but runs right into a Samoan Drop and rolls out to the floor. Kane clotheslines Rikishi and grabs him for a chokeslam but Rock makes the save and knocks him over the ropes with the Smackdown. Kane lands on his feet on the floor when Benoit hits him in the back with a chair and rolls him back in the ring. Rock drops Kane with the Rock Bottom and Rikishi hits the sitdown splash to get the three count. (6:52) Rock and Rikishi celebrate while Kane storms off in search of Benoit. Good tag match there as Rock and Benoit continued to work well together and Rikishi and Kane did a decent job with their parts. ***

~ Mick Foley is seen heading to the ring with a stern look on his face as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Foley comes out to the ring and gets on the mic again because one long talking segment isn’t enough. Foley addresses his investigations and Steve Austin’s investigation into who ran him over at Survivor Series, feeling no legal matter has ever been solved with a Stone Cold Stunner. Foley says he’s warned Austin to stop with the Stunners and even used some strong words then shows Austin’s response on the TitanTron in the form of his interference in Road Dogg and X-Pac’s matches and his disrespect toward him. Foley calls out Austin to explain his actions, hoping they come out of it with a happy ending and Austin does indeed come out and does his usual posing before grabbing a mic. Foley tells Austin he is not is not his enemy and he is certainly not Vince McMahon. Foley says he understands Austin’s frustrations and tells him he can continue his investigation but asks him not to interfere in matches again. Austin points out to Foley that he has made zero progress in figuring out who hit him last November and claims he even called Miss Cleo and she didn’t have a clue of who did it. Austin says the person is still running around somewhere and Foley hasn’t done anything about it but Foley begs to differ, saying he’s flown a suspect in (at his own expense) for Austin to interrogate. On that note Foley brings out … B.A. Billy Gunn! Billy gets a big reaction to his return from his shoulder injury as Austin stares a hole through him and Foley says he’s solved the case so he allows Austin to give a verdict, Stone Cold style.

Foley departs leaving Billy and Austin alone in the ring and Billy gets on the mic and admits he was unaccounted for that night then adds he was a member of DX at the time, so he could be suspect #1. However Billy denies he was the one who ran Austin over saying his flight to Detroit was delayed and he’s told that to the police who originally investigated the matter. Billy does claim to have some info for Austin says when he pulled up to the Joe Louis Arena that night, a black car blew past him. Billy says when he looked back at the footage he found it was the same car that ran Austin over, plus he caught a glimpse of the driver and that whoever it was he/she had blonde hair. Billy says the Brooklyn Brawler was driving him that night and can confirm the story then claims he’s not covering for DX, who he still has issues with apparently. Austin says he’s skeptical at Billy’s explanation but judging by the look in his eyes he believes him. However Austin says he never liked Billy and gives him the Stunner anyway. Austin calls for some beers and walks off, still not finding the guilty person. Not the most productive 12 minutes, plus the crowd may have popped for Billy Gunn’s return but that wouldn’t last.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Austin interrogating Billy Gunn, just in case your missed it.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Steve Blackman © vs. Edge vs. Christian

Edge and Christian jump Blackman in the aisle and whip him into the apron. Edge attempts a whip but Blackman reverses and throws Edge over the barricade into the crowd. Christian nails Blackman with a trash can lid and throws him in the ring along with more trash lids. Christian takes a swing at Blackman but Blackman blocks it then takes the lid and works Christian over with it. Edge comes in but runs into a backdrop and Blackman hits several knees to Christian’s face followed by a bulldog. Blackman brings a trash can in and wedges it in a corner between the ropes then tries to whip Edge into it when Edge reverses it but Blackman slides to stop himself. Edge tries to trip Blackman into the can with a drop toehold and Blackman stops himself again but Christian dropkicks him into the can. Christian stomps away at Blackman then catches another trash can from Edge and takes a swing but misses. Blackman drives Christian into the can then tosses it at Christian who passes it off to Edge but gets nailed with a thrust kick while Edge clobbers Blackman with the can for a two count. Edge ties Blackman in the tree of woe and holds a can in front of him as Christian baseball slides it in his face. E&C pull Blackman to the center of the ring but then start arguing on who’s going to cover him. E&C then decide to bring a pair of chairs in the ring looking for a Conchairto but before they can hit it Blackman kicks a chair into Edge’s face. Blackman tries to whip Christian but Christian reverses him into Edge’s chair and whacks him with a trash lid. Christian takes the chair from his fallen partner and turns around when Blackman kicks it into his head and scores the pin. (3:17) Not sure what the point of this was but had some moments. **½

~ We get footage of the Right to Censor buring copies of Chyna’s Playboy issue earlier today while The Goodfather preaches his message to whoever will listen as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Steve Austin confronts the Brooklyn Brawler backstage about what Billy Gunn said earlier and Brawler confirms that he did pick up Billy from the airport and drove him to the arena that night. Brawler adds a black car did zoom past them as they arrived at the arena, but he didn’t see the driver. Austin takes his word for it and offers a hand, but the Brawler gets nervous and dives over the coffee table with Austin telling him he should try some decaf.

~ We then get a montage of Chyna’s many television appearences to promote her Playboy appearence. After that Steven Richards and Val Venis are shown heading to the ring as we go to commercial.

  • Eddie Guerrero & Chyna vs. Val Venis & Steven Richards

Eddie pinned Val last week and Chyna beat Richards on Smackdown so RTC’ers are trying their luck against both of them. Richards and Val storm the ring and start double-teaming Eddie in a corner then Richards sets Eddie on the top rope but Eddie fights back and hits a tornado DDT. Eddie tags in Chyna while Richards tags in Val and Chyna hits a pair of clotheslines followed by a DDT. Richards breaks up the pin so Eddie comes in and works Richards over a corner while Val tosses Chyan through the ropes. Suddenly Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather storm the ring and attack Eddie, causing a DQ. (1:01) Well that was a whole lot of nothing. DUD

Goodfather and Buchana double-team Eddie when Steve Austin runs out and lays out the RTC’ers with Stunners. Richards tries to slip away but Chyna cuts off his escape with a claw below the belt and throws him back in the ring to suffer a Stunner Eddie unfortunatley wanders too close to Austin and also gets taken out with a Stunner. Chyna is smiling as Austin begins to chug a multitude of beers until Mick Foley comes out to the ring to interupt the beer bash. Foley gets on the mic and starts to tell Austin he’s left him no choice… but before Foley can finish, Austin cuts him off with a Stunner!! Austin then calls for more beers as he starts to leave the ring, but may have had too many because he’s now dropping the cans. Foley then glares at Ausitn as he walks off and Austin even flips him off.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Austin Stunning Foley in the ring before he see a furious Mick Foley tearing apart his office backstage cursing Austin the whole time. The announcers mention that Austin has left the building. Hope he isn’t driving.

~ Elsewhere backstage Triple H is warming up for the main event as Stephanie looks on, asking if he feels alright. Triple H tells Stephanie he isn’t feeling alright then asks her to stay backstage during his match. Triple H explains he has too much on the line and with the bad feeling he’s been having he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Stephanie says she can handle herself but desipte her protests Triple H still asks her to stay backstage. After Triple H leaves Stephanie fumes off angrily, running into Chris Benoit who asks “How’s your head?” Stephanie slaps him in the face and Benoit laughs as we go to break.

~ Back from break clips are shown of the rally the WWF held at Capitol Hill to hype the Smackdown Challenge. JR then mentions they have registered over 110,000 new voters on their website but George Bush and Al Gore still haven’t accepted their challenge.

  • Triple H vs. Kurt Angle – #1 Contender’s Match

Triple H comes out first without Stephanie and still has his ribs taped up while Angle is out next but turns his back to the ring and Triple H starts off with a baseball slide. Triple H rams Angle into the barricade and unloads on him before throwing him in the ring. Triple H goes in but Angle drives him into a corner and shoulderblocks his injured ribs. Triple H unwraps his bandage and chokes Angle with it before throwing him across the ring. Triple H tosses Angle through the ropes then goes out but Angle drops him onto the barricade then belly-to-belly suplexes him onto the floor. Angle throws Triple H back in the ring and hits a suplex for a two count followed another suplex for a two count then hits a third suplex but still can’t get the three. Angle starts arguing with referee Earl Hebner as Stephanie comes out to ringside, defying Triple H’s wishes. Angle stomps Triple H down in a corner while asking Stephanie why she’s out there. Angle whips Triple into the opposite corner and charges but eats a boot and Triple H goes for the Pedigre but Angle takes him down and elbowdrops the ribs for a two count. Angle pops Triple H and hits a back suplex but again only gets two. Triple H gets to his feet by using the ropes and taunts Angle, daring him to fight. Angle whips Triple H into the ropes but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H starts to fight back and goes for a whip, Angle reverses him into a corner but Triple H comes back with a neckbreaker. Triple H whips Angle and connects with the high knee when unloads on him with rights. Triple H clotheslines Angle over the ropes then leaps off the apron with a double sledge. Triple H places Angle onto the announce table then climbs onto the barricade and elbowdrops Angle through the table! Triple H throws Angle back in the ring and Angle comes out of a corner with a clothesline but misses Triple H and nails Hebner, knocking him out. Triple H sets Angle on the top rope then goes up and hits a superplex. Triple H covers Angle but Hebner is still out cold and can’t count. At that point Chris Benoit comes out to ringside and grabs Stephanie by the hair so Triple H goes out to save his wife. Triple H pounds away on Benoit and sends him into the steps. Angle goes out and whips Triple H into the steps, causing him to knock the steps into Benoit. Angle throws Triple H in the ring then brings in a chair and readies a swing but Stephanie hops on the apron and takes it away. Angle is asking her what’s she doing as Triple H recovers and sets him up for the Pedigree. However Benoit pulls Stephanie off the apron and when Triple H goes over to save Stephanie Benoit cracks him with the chair! Triple H staggers right into the Olympic Slam and Angle gets the 1..2..3 for the victory!! (8:22)Angle gets the title shot while Triple H suffers a big loss, both thanks to Stephanie. Pretty good main event and Angle gets the pinfall over Triple H he should have gotten at Unforgiven.***½

After Benoit departs, Angle celebrates as Stephanie goes in the ring to console Triple H. However Triple H yells at his wife for disobeying him by coming out and Stephanie tries to explain she wanted to help him. Triple H isn’t having it and while they’re arguing the fans are chanting for a Pedigree. Instead Triple H storms off to the back leaving Stephanie alone and crying in the ring and it looks like this marriage is in trouble as Raw goes off the air.

Conclusion: Solid edition of Raw that begins the No Mercy build in earnest. The matches were okay for the most part and was anchored two great bouts in the tag match and main event, both of which did their jobs in setting up the two main feuds for the pay-per-view. Plus the DC crowd was as hot at always which added to the energy. However there was still way too much talking throughout the show, especially the opening segment that didn’t need 25 minutes just to set up two matches. A lot of guys aren’t getting a chance to perform because Mick Foley supposedly needs to come out time and time again. Had they cut downt he talking and threw a few more macthes on the card this would have been a great episode, but as is it’s still a good two hours to check out.


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