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WWF RAW 10/30/2000

Written by: Adam King

Monday, October 30th, 2000

Live from the FleetCenter in Boston, MA

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle (10/22/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Eddie Guerrero (9/04/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz (10/23/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: William Regal (10/16/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (9/24/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Lita (8/21/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

Raw comes on the air with highlights of the latest in the Steve Austin/Rikishi feud on Smackdown. After the intro Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Tonight Austin and Rikishi battle in a steel cage and The Rock takes on Chris Jericho in a #1 contender’s match.

~ Things kick off with Chyna heading to the ring and getting on the mic saying she has something to show everyone. The previous night on Heat Eddie Guerrero challenged her to a match only to have The Kat come out imitating her. After showing footage on the TitanTron Chyna feels Eddie is a little confused since she got over him once she discovered the type of person he truly is. Chyna mentions Eddie wants to challenge her before calling their relationship the biggest challenge of her life. Chyna then dares Eddie to accept a real challenge by putting his Intercontinential Title on the line tonight. Chyna says she was in love with Eddie once only to have her heart and trust broken so she’s going to break him. Eddie does appear on the stage with a bushel of roses only to give them to Kat who’s dressed up as Chyna again. Eddge heads down the ramp and … we actually have a match in the opening segment? How weird is that?

  • WWF Intercontinential Title: Eddie Guerrero (w/”Chynette”) © vs. Chyna

Chyna wastes no time pounding on Eddie and whips him then kicks him in the chest and hits a neckbreaker. Kat hops on the apron and Chyna has words with her but that allows Eddie to nails her from behind. Eddie tosses Chyna through the ropes and distracts the referee while Kat kicks Chyna in the ribs repeatedly. Eddie tosses Chyna back in and gets in his shots when Chyna comes back with a shot below the belt. Eddie rakes Chyna’s face then goes for a back suplex but Chyna flips out of it and hits her own suplex. Chyna hits some forearms then whips Eddie into a corner and connects with the handspring elbow followed by a DDT. Kat hops back on the apron so Chyna brings her in the ring the hard way and press slams her right onto Eddie. However Steve Richards runs in and Stevenkicks Chyna and Eddie is able to cover her for the pin to retain. (2:40) Eddie tried his hardest to carry Chyna to a watchable match. Richards takes off when Billy Gunn runs in and gets himself a piece of Eddie, knocking him through the ropes. Billy then consoles Chyna while Eddie heads to the back off with his belt and his faux-Chyna. I don’t believe this whole deal with Kat as Chynette went anywhere, though. 

~ Backstage we find a limo pulling into the building as Kurt Angle climbs out of it along with Edge & Christian. Edge mentions it’s his birthday today and the three of them have the night off all thanks to Stephanie McMahon while Angle also delights in not having a title defense tonight after Stephanie talked to Commissioner Mick Foley earlier. Angle then brings Stephanie out and the three of them applaud her but Stephanie apparenlty has a cold. Stephanie blows her nose and apologizes to Edge for not being in the mood to celebrate with them then gives him a wet handshake. Angle then offers to get Stephanie some Pepto while E&C feel this is going to be the best birthday ever.

~ Back from break we get footage of the first XFL draft that was held two days ago in Chicago. Just in case you were interested.

~ Out in the arena Al Snow visits Lawler at the announce table and asks him to be his partner against Tazz & Raven, after the way Lalwer came to his aid against them on Smackdown. Snow even offers Lawler a tray of candy to say yes to him and Lawler tells Snow that he’ll think about it.

~ The Right To Censor them come out for the next match but first Ivory grabs the mic to make an announcement. Ivory feels the wrestlers don’t understand their responsiblities as role models, using the Hardys and Lita as examples. Ivory feels the clothes Matt and Jeff wear and the company they keep disgraces them and those who look up to them while Lita’s apparel is appauling and sends a message that women are just objects. Ivory feels the Hardys and Lita should be ashamed of themselves and promises their actions will be censored tonight.

  • The Hardy Boyz & Lita vs. Bull Buchanan, Goodfather & Ivory – Intergender Tag Match

Buchanan starts off against Jeff and whips him into a corner but Jeff lifts himself up with the ropes. Buchanan catches Jeff on his shoulder but Jeff slips out and shoves him into a corner then dropkicks him. Jeff catches Goodfather coming in with a dropkick and we have a standoff when Ivory begs to be tagged in so Buchanan obliges. Ivory then demands to face Lita so Jeff tags Lita in but Ivory throws her around by the hair. Lita comes back with a drop toehold then goes for a whip but Ivory reverses while Buchanan makes a blind tag. Lita stops herself before running into Buchanan but allows Ivory to nail her from behind before heading out. Lita crawls under Buchanan and tags Matt when Jeff takes Buchanan down and they hit the combo legdrop. Matt takes over on Buchanan and works him over in a corner but Goodfather knocks him down from the apron. Buchanan climbs to the top rope and hits an axehandle then tags Goodfather in and sets Matt up for a boot. Goodfather whips Matt and conects with an elbow then follows it up with an elbowdrop that gets a two count. Buchanan tags in and the RTC’ers whip Matt and Goodfather belts Matt while Buchanan hits a neckbreaker. Buchanan runs up the turnbuckles and hits the flying clothesline for a near fall. Goodfather tags back in and whips Matt but lowers the head and Matt comes back with a tornado DDT and both men are down. Matt is up first and runs for his corner to tag out but Goodfather intercetps him then decks Jeff and Lita as well. Goodfather then looks to hit the Ho Train in his corner but Matt sidestpes it while Ivory is able to tag herself in. Matt crawls for his corner but Ivory stops him with an elbowdrop then goes for a DDT but Matt tosses her aside. Jeff gets the tag when Goodfather and Buchanan come in and Jeff tries to fight both guys but Buchanan stops it. Goodfather grabs Jeff in a Full Nelson while Buchanan goes for a shot but Jeff dropkicks him into a corner. Matt throws Goodfather into Buchanan then drops down and Jeff hits the Poetry in Motion on both RTC’ers. Matt tosses Goodfather through the ropes when Ivory comes back in but Lita spears her and wails away on her. The Hardys set Buchanan up for a DDT when Lita adds in Ivory and the three of them hit both with a triple DDT. Buchanan rolls out to the floor with Goodfather when Matt climbs to the top rope and goes for a crossbody but the RTC’ers catch him. So Lita climbs to the top rope and hits her own crossbody, taking out the entire pile. In the ring Ivory is down as Jeff climbs to the top rope himself and connects with the Swanton Bomb on her. However Richards comes in for the second time tonight and nails Jeff with a Stevenkick then Ivory drapes an arm on him to grab the pin. (5:00) The Stevenkick strikes agianst and we have two straight heel victories. And that match pretty much sets up the Hardy’s next feud. **

~ Backstage Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian are having a birthday party while also celebrating the Hardy’s loss. Christian gives Edge a present while Angle checks on Stephanie who’s sitting in her chair looking pretty out of it. Angle suggests Stephanie to go see a doctor but Stephanie insists she fine while telling him to enjoy the party. Triple H then comes in wondering what’s going on and Christian suggests he and Edge should go play some games. Triple H and Angle try to convince Stephanie not to be here with her flu but Stephanie assures them that she’s fine. Stephanie then dashes off for the bathroom and we also find Edge and Christian playing rock-paper-scissors.

~ Back from break Rikishi walks up to Tony Garea and demands that he tell The Rock that Rikishi has something important to say. Rikishi also says if Rock won’t see him then he’ll have to go and see Rock himself.

~ Out in the arena William Regal makes his way to the ring looking to kill some time by talking on the mic. Regal explains he’s out there because he has an issue with the fans’ ancestors for their parts in the Boston Tea Party, feeling if the colonists had a problem with King George’s taxes they should have lodged a complaint with Parliment. Regal pulls out a scroll which he says has 127 ways for the Boston fans to improve themselves and proceeds to read it. Regal urges the fans to use a napkin when eating their beans and clam chowder and not take it out on everyone else just because the Red Sox haven’t won a game since Woodrow Wilson’s days. (Remember this was before the 2004 ALCS) Before Regal can get to number three he’s interupted by the Undertaker who makes his return from wherever he’s been. The crowd goes wild as Taker rides out on his motorcycle then goes in and takes Regal out with the Last Ride. Taker then grabs the mic and tells Regal simply that he talks funny before heading out, gone as fast as he came in. Don’t know what the point of that segment was other than to show that Taker was back.

~ Backstage The Rock is talking on his cell phone when Rikishi barges in the rooom asking Rock if he got his message. Rock tries to get Rikishi to understand that he wants nothing more to do with him then tells him to stay out of his life. However Rikishi isn’t having that and mentions everything he did for Rock and all the times he came out and saved him. Rikishi mentions his cage match with Steve Austin and wants some help so he asks Rock if he’ll have his back tonight. Rock tells Rikishi that yeah, he’ll have his back, and leaves while Rikishi smiles tells Rock that he owes him.

~ Back from break we get footage of Test, Albert and Trish Stratus redecorating the Acolytes’ office earlier today. Trish sets up a tablecloth, a centpeice and a bouquet of flowers but Test and Albert aren’t liking her choice of decor with Test wondering how he’ll pick up chicks like this. Albert sets an ashtray on the table which Trish fills with candy and Albert eagerly reaches for it but Test slaps his hand to stop him and gives him a six pack of diet Pepsi instead. Crash then barges in the room and rambles on how the Acolytes trusted him to look after the office while they’re gone then challenges Test to face him tonight. Test just jokes that he though the midge division was done with so Crash pulls off the tablecloth and throws it at Test then leaves while Test tells “Max Mini” that he’s dead.

  • Test (w/Trish Stratus) vs. Crash Holly – Hardcore Match

Crash failed to beat Albert on Smackdown so maybe he’ll have better luck with Test tonight. Crash tosses a trash can in the ring but Test catches it and tosses it back at Crash, knocking him down. Test goes and pounds on Crash in the aisle when Crash goes for a whip but Test sends him into the guardrail. Test grabs a trash lid and climbs on the stage then drops off with a flying lid shot to Crash for a near fall. Test continues his assault as we see Steve Blackman watching backstage on a monitor for whatever reason. Crash starts fighting back and goes for a whip but Test sends him into the apron then tosses him in the ring. Crash then leaps on Test’s back and chokes him with his shirt and manages to bring him down to his knees. Crash grabs a trsh lid when Trish hops on the apron and tries to take it away and the two fight over the lid. Test charges at Crash but Crash sidesteps him while Trish takes the hit and gets knocked off the arpon. Test is shocked at what her did when Crash whacks him with the lid and covers him but only gets a two count. Crash goes for a whip, Test reverses and Crash comes back with a tornado DDT but that only gets two as well. Crash climbs to the top rope and hits a dropkick for a near fall then comes off the ropes but runs into a boot. Test brings a trash can in and slips it over Crash’s body then whacks it with a kendo stick and Crash is down. Test climbs to the top rope and hits the flying elbowdrop, crushing the can with Crash in it for the pin. (3:06) Nothing notable nere though it had its moments. *

~ Back at the birthday party Angle gives Edge an autgraphed picture of himself and Edge responds by asking for his real gift. Meanwhile Stephanie is coughing up a storm so Angle and Triple H check on her as she insists she’s feeling better. Christian then gives Edge a kazoo and they start playing their entrance music on it when Triple H asks them to leave. So E&C decide to perform Triple H’s music instead and Triple H kicks them out of the room. Pretty funny stuff there.

~ Steve Austin is shown pacing around the back as JR mentions we’ll hear from him after the commerical.

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews Austin on facing Rikishi after everything that happened to him on Smackdown, including a mystery person busting him open with a wrench. Austin says Rikishi did everything he said he was going to do but points out he didn’t do it by himself. Austin says it doesn’t matter because Mick Foley kept his word and gave him his cage match with Rikishi tonight. Austin then invites the person that hit him with the wrench to come out to ringside and watch him beat Rikishi up. Austin also calls Rikishi asking for help a bad deal feeling that even the big guy upstairs isn’t going to help him now. Austin promises to Stun Rikishi and leave him bloodier than he left him on Smackdown and gives us the bottom line.

~ Back at the Helmsley’s lockerroom Angle is happy he isn’t facing Austin tonight as Stephanie continues coughing. Triple H tells Stephanie she’s too sick to be here tonight and Angle agrees she needs to get some rest at the hotel. Stephanie finally gives in her husband and friend and agrees to leave but wants to see the cage match first.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Rikishi – Steel Cage Match

Match can only be won by pinfall or submission, there’s no disqualifications or “escaping to win” rules. Rikishi comes out to little heat and his lame music calling him a bad man isn’t helping out much either. Rikishi meets Austin in the aisle and both men exchange shots when Ausitn throws Rikishi into the cage wall. Rikishi briefly comes back but Austin regains control as they climb in the cage to start this match proper. Rikishi begs Austin off but Austin whips him and hits the Thesz Press then wails away on him with rights. Austin shoulderblocks Rikishi in a corner then goes for a whip but Rikishi reverses him into the other corner and hits the running butt splash. Rikishi moves in for a stinkface but Austin stops him with a shot below the belt then comes out with a clothesline and stomps him in the netherzone. Rikishi bails out of the cage but Ausitn goes out and rams him into the steps then slams the door on Rikishi’s head, busting him open. Austin stomps away at Rikishi and slams the door into his head again before rolling him back in the cage. Austin continues his assault when Rikishi hits a low blow then superkicks him, finally getting in some offense. Rikishi throws Austin into the cage wall and Austin starts fighting back but Rikishi stops that with a headbutt and hits the massive legdrop. Austin again tries to rally until Rikishi stops it with a shot to the throat then chokes him on the top rope. Rikishi rams Austin into the wall then stomps away on him. Rikishi goes for a whip but Austin reverses and throws Rikishi back and forth into the wall. Austin hits the Stunner and gets the clean pin! (5:13) Seriously, no run-ins or anything, just the definitive finish we didn’t at No Mercy. Austin leaves Rikishi laying in the cage and celebrates on the ramp with some beers that are thrown to him. Entertaning match but Austin just dismantled Rikishi and his convincing win pretty much ends this feud after just under a month. Plus The Rock never did come out to help Rikishi despite saying he’d have his back. **

~ Back from break we get a replay of Austin’s win in the cage and footage of Rikishi being helped to the back. JR keeps saying this issue isn’t over, but Austin got a clean decisive pin over his hated enemy so what else is left?

~ Backstage we find Triple H and Kurt Angle walking Stephanie to her limo despite her pleas to stay with them and see the #1 contender’s match. Angle says he can handle that on his own and Triple H agrees. Finally Stephanie climbs into the limo and thanks her husband and her friend who reply “You’re welcome” in unison. As they both watch the limo drive away Angle tells Triple H how he’s glad the two of them could bury the hatchet. However Triple H’s mood changes as he tells Angle he better have his gear ready because he’s in for a long night. Triple H then walks off while Angle doesn’t understand what he means since he thought he had the night off.

~ In the arena JR and Lawler comment on this when Al Snow again appears to ask Lawler to be his partner, this time bribing him with a pitcher of lemonade and a stack of Playboys featuring Chyna. Lawler appreciates the magazines but still doesn’t say where he’ll team with Snow against Tazz and Raven.

~ Steven Richards then hits the ring with Val Venis and gets on the mic talking about his match with Billy Gunn who refers to himself as “Mr. @**”. Richards wants the oppertunity to censor his profane name so he challenges Billy to a stipulation where if he wins then Billy can’t use the name “Mr. @**” ever again. Richards says he does this in the name of censorship and feels this is for the good of each of the fans in attendance. Billy comes out with Chyna and a new haircut and gets on the mic saying everyone wants him to shut Richard’s mouth. Thus Billy accepts Richards’ challenge on the conidition that if he wins then Richards has to kiss his rear end.

  • B.A. Billy Gunn (w/Chyna) vs. Steven Richards (w/Val Venis)

Billy gets in the first shots and stomps Richards down in a corner then throws him across the ring and hits a neckbreaker with the tie for a near fall. Billy steps on the tie to prevent Richards from leaving and lays the boots to him. Richards fights back and whips Billy but Billy comes back with a jackhammer. Rilly covers Richards but Val puts his foot on the rope to break the count. Billy goes after Val on the floor before Chyna takes over on him with forearms and goes for a whip but Val reverses her into the barricade. Val then grabs a chair but the referee takes it away and gets knocked out while Chyna DDTs Val into the floor. Back in the ring Billy whips Richards into a corner and hits a splash then follows up with the Rocker Dropper. However Eddie Guerrero sudden runs in and waffles Billy with his Intercontinential Belt then runs back out. Richards drapes an arm over Billy as the referee comes back in to count the 1..2..3 for Richards. (2:25) Wow, I guess this makes Richards 3-0 tonight. The rest of the Right To Censor help Richards from the ring and they all celebrate their win on the ramp. That’s the end of the “Mr. @**” nickname so the announcers are wondering what to call Billy now. Is it that hard to just refer to Billy Gunn as simply Billy Gunn? DUD

~ Backstage Mick Foley is talking with Chris Jericho, assuring him Kane won’t be a factor in his match tonight because he sent him home earlier today and threateend to suspend him for two months if he shows up. Jericho agrees, feeling with Kane out of the way there’ll be no doubt who the #1 contendor is after he beats Rock. Jericho then leaves just as Triple H comes in the office and the two share an uneasy look as they pass each other. Triple H mentions Angle doesn’t have to defend his title tonight but it doesn’t mean Angle still can’t wrestle. Triple H suggests he could face Angle in a non-title match as he and Foley both say Boston and get the cheap pop. Triple H wants to show Angle that Stephanie may be Angle’s manager but tonight Angle is going to be his b****. Foley tells Triple H that he loves it when he talks dirty and happily books the match as they share a high-five. Am I the only one who finds it weird the way these two are chummy after the wars they had earlier in the year?

~ Back from break we find some members of the New England Patriots sitting in the front row tonight. We then see Rikishi being stitched up by the EMTs backstage as we get another replay of the cage match.

~ We then get footage of X-Pac hanging out at WWF New York earlier today when Tori (!) walks up to him. X-Pac is happy but Tori mentions she hasn’t seen him since she suffered her shoulder injury at King of the Ring and slaps him. Tori then walks off … and the bookers never follow up on it.

~ Back in the arena Mick Foley makes his way to the ring since we haven’t had a chance to hear him on the mic yet. Foley says he loves being the commissioner and talks about the special Triple H/Kurt Angle match he made earlier, saying he wanted to make Triple H happy but he and the fans will be happy at seeing Angle getting beaten up. Foley then mentions the Rock/Chris Jericho match saying the winner will get his WWF Title match on Smackdown. Foley then says the job of commissioner was harder than he originally thought and that it’s grown too big for him. Foley starts telling the fans how he enjoyed being the WWF Commissioner and that it was a dream come true for him and the fans think Foley is resigning as commissioner. Foley explains he’s not quitting, he’s just bringing in some help and found someone that defines guts and courage in the ring who was also a former WWF Champion as well. Foley announces this person will serve as his Lieutanant Commissioner and proceeds to bring out …. Debra. Yea, why bother having Shawn Michaels or someone like that when we can have Mrs. Steve Austin instead. Derba makes her way out in a pink buisness suit as Foley feels he made a wise choice based on the Patriots’ reaction. Foley tells Debra he knows she’ll help him make many great decisions and the two of them will have many nice days. Seemed like a waste of time but fourtnately it only went six minutes.

~ Backstage Kurt Angle complains to Edge and Christian about wrestling tonight when he already had the night off and how he though he coupld be friends with Triple H. Edge and Christian make fun of him calling himself the Game before Edge tells Angle to go out and kick the snot out of Triple H and after that the three of them can all have some cake. Christian then tries playing Angle’s music on his kazoo as Edge sings but Angle asks them to give him some time alone.

  • Triple H vs. Kurt Angle © – Non-Title Match

Angle apparenty doesn’t have his gear since this was to be his night off so he wrestles in his warmup suit. Triple H drops Angle with a right hand to start and pummels him in a corner then whips him and hits an elbow. Triple H whips Angle and hits a backdrop then clotheslines him over the ropes. Triple H brings Angle on the apron when Angle snaps his neck on the top rope. Angle climbs in the ring but Triple H tosses him back out. Triple H goes out and rams Angle into the steps and the announce table while zipping off Angle’s warmup suit. Triple H tosses Angle back in the ring and hits a neckbreaker then goes out and pulls Angle into the ringpost. Triple H goes in and clotheslines Angle then connects with several rights. Triple H hops to the middle rope and leaps off but Angle catches him into a belly-to-belly suplex and finally starts getting some offense in. Angle whips Triple H into a corner and chagres but Triple H dodges and Angle runs his shoulder into the post. Triple H goes for a whip but Angle reverses him into a corner and Triple H flips over the ropes out to the floor. Angle goes out and rams Triple H into the steps then pops him over the barrier and follows him into the crowd. Triple H fights back and clotheslines Angle back over the barricade then rams him into the announce table. Triple H clears off the table and rolls Angle onto it then goes and drives him through the table with the Pedigree. Angle is out as Triple H tosses him back in the ring but instead of covering he continues wailing away on him. The referee tries to pull Triple H off Angle but Triple H responds by throwing the referee across the ring. The referee then DQ’es Triple H for manhandling him and awards the match to Angle. (5:52) Wow, Triple H made their world champion look like a total chump there. NR

As Lillian Garcia announces the decision Triple H doesn’t seem happy with it and gets in her face then takes the mic from her and tells the fans that if they want a disqualification he’ll give them one. Triple H brings a chair in the ring and readies a swing at the fallen Angle but the referee takes it away so Triple H takes him out with the Pedigree. Triple H grabs the chair and whacks Angle in the face with it. Edge and Christian come out to save their pal but Triple H nails Edge with the chair and Pedigrees Christian. Triple H then leaves all four men laying in the ring and poses on the ramp even though he still lost the match. So to recap Triple H not only destroyed the WWF’s world champion but one of their top tag teams as well, all in one fell swoop. And people wonder why Angle’s first title reign is not looked upon fondly.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Triple H destryoing Kurt Angle, Edge, Christian and referee Tim White as well.

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews both The Rock and Chris Jericho about their upcoming #1 contender’s match. Jericho takes the mic first and does his “Raw Is Jericho” bit but Rock puts his hand in Jericho’s face to talk to. Rock than takes the mic and does his “Finally…” thing but Jericho interupts saying he doesn’t care what Rock has to say. Jericho then makes fun of Rock’s “Just Bring It” motto asking if he wants everyone to bring a vomit bag or a fig newton then asks Rock to shut up and talks about becoming th #1 contender. Rock interupts him to respond to that asking if he thinks he’s going to win. When Jericho answers Rock cuts him off with “It Doesn’t Matter”. Jericho cuts Rock off in return and talks on how he tasted the WWF Championship before and wants to have that taste again. Jericho says the only thing that matters is that coffee-fearing Kane is not in the arena to spoil his big chance tonight and all the Jerichaholics want to see the title around his waist again, if you smell what Y2J is cookin’. Rock replies by saying he’ll smell anything once and what Jericho is cooking smells like Canadian moose (*bleep*). Rock mentions what Jericho said about title by saying he’s lived WWF gold and will put down anyone in his way. Rock tells Jericho he can bring his momma, daddy, Uncle Joe with the glass eye and Grandpa Jimmy Jack Jericho, he’ll lay the Smackdown on all of them to become #1 contender. Rock tells Jericho he will never be the same again and the two cap it off with a staredown. Awesome back-and-forth segment and I can’t do it justice with my typing. Hopefully there’s a YouTube video somewhere where you can check it out for yourself.

  • The Rock vs. Chris Jericho – #1 Contender’s Match

As mentioned earlier the winner goes on to face Kurt Angle for the WWF Championship onSmackdown. Jericho makes his way out first as we find Rikishi still here and watching on a monitor for some reason. Rock comes out next but Jericho knocks him off the apron then goes out and brawls with him around the ring. Jericho rams Rock into the timekeeper’s table then chokes him with a cable while hammering him with rights. Jerihco tosses Rock in the ring to officially start the match and continues his assault. Jericho goes for a whip, Rock reverses it but Jericho comes back with a flying forearm and follows up with a clothesline for a two count. Jericho hits a chop and goes for another whip but Rock reverses and this time tosses Jericho over the ropes. Jericho pulls Rock out to the floor and hits an elbow then goes for a whip but Rock reverses him into the steps. Rock starts getting his offense in and crotches Jericho on the barricade then clotheslines him over into the crowd. Rock brings Jericho in the ring and whips him but lowers the head and Jericho kicks the face then hits a heelkick. Jericho slaps Rock and works him over in a corner then goes for a whip, Rock reverses him into the other corner but eats a boot. Jericho hops to the middle rope then leaps off but Rock catches him and hits a DDT. Both men get to their feet and Rock works Jericho over in a corner then goes to hit the Smackdown but Jericho pulls referee Earl Hebner in the way and he takes the shot. Jericho hits a low blow then brings a chair in the ring and takes a swing but Rock ducks it. Rock hits a spinebuster on the chair and covers Jericho but Hebner is out and can’t make the count. Rock tries to revive Hebenr when Jericho comes back and puts Rock in the Walls of Jericho. Rock tries to hold on as a second referee comes in but Rock manages to inch over and grab the bottom rope. Jericho breaks the hold before five then Rock hits a Dragon legwhip and puts Jericho in the Sharpshooter. Jericho is able to grab the bottom rope for the break then plants Rock with a suplex and both men are down. The referee starts couting then sees Rikishi coming down the ramp and heads out to tell him not to interfere. Rikishi responds with a right hand and rams the referee into the steps. Jericho is up and connects with the Lionsault then covers Rock as Rikishi looks on. Hebner revives to make the count … but only gets a two count! Jericho is not happy with the count when Rock plants him with the Rock Bottom and gets the three for the win! (7:08) Good main event as Rock and Jericho always had some good chemistry with each other. I’m sure some might not have liked Rock going over Jericho, even though Jericho already had his shot on Smackdown***

After the bell Rock tries to get back to his feet when Rikishi goes in and drops Rock with a right hand! Rikishi stomps Rock down in a corner and squashes him with the running butt charge then superkicks him and hits the sitdown splash for good measure. So why didn’t Rikishi attack Rock during the match and cost him the title shot? Rikishi then grabs a mic saying he has a confession to make, that he lied when he said Rock knew nothing about him running Steve Austin over last November. Rikishi says Rock not only knew about it all along but gave him his car keys and begged him to take Austin out! JR and the crowd are both stunned as Rikishi tells Rock he now has a lot of explaining to do all by himself and leaves him laying in the ring. Looks like this story just took an interesting twist as we fade to black.

Conclusion: Up and down show this time around and by now you can really start to see the effect of Chris Kreski’s departure as head writer. The wrestling was a mixed bag this time around but we got a good Rock/Jericho main event. On the other hand there was plenty of head-scratching booking, especially with Angle continuinbg to look like a joke of a world champion after Triple H took him out along with Edge & Christian. Plus killing off the Austin/Rikishi feud and suddenly hinting at a Rock heel turn seems a little like desparation at the ratings wich were dropping around this time. Not to mention there were a few notable absences on the show such as Chris Benoit, Tazz and Raven, which caused their storylines to be put on hold. Still there was a lot to like on this show, especially E&C’s backstage bits, and the Rock/Jericho showdown is priceless. So let’s call this a slighty thumbs-up edition of Raw. But if you think this show was something, in the words of BTO, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.


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