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OVW TV 1/29/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV
From: Louisville, KY

1.) Brent Albright defeated Seth Skyfire to become the first OVW Television Champion
2.) Aaron Stevens fought Mike Taylor to a no contest
3.) Blaster Lashley defeated Steve Lewington
4.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke defeated Vengeance in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. The opening bout is between Seth Skyfire and Brent Albright to determine the first OVW Television Champion. The winner also gets $1,000 for each week he successfully defends the championship. Skyfire opens up with an arm drag, monkey flip and dropkick. Albright stops Skyfire with a nice German suplex. Albright weakens Skyfire’s arm with an overhead hammerlock suplex. Albright sends Skyfire shoulder first into the ring post and into the guard railing. Skyfire fights back with a spinning heel kick and a tornado DDT for a near fall. Albright yanks Skyfire off the middle rope with an arm breaker and locks I the Crowbar to win the match after the OVW trainer tossed the towel in. The fans didn’t like that finish all that much.

2. The Thrillseekers come out to the ring for an interview with Jim Cornette. They are the new OVW Southern Tag Team Champions since defeating MNM. Jeter says that the belts have been on a lot of top teams and now on them. Cappotelli chimes in to say they are on the top of their games. Cappotelli credit’s the fans for being behind them. He also thanks Cornette for booking them in the match. Jeter believes they will be on top for a really long time. MNM make their way out to the ring to cut the champs off. Matthews says they are still the stars of the show and believes they are still the champs but they don’t have the belts. He wants a rematch. Cappotelli thinks about enforcing the thirty day rule where they don’t have to defend the titles. The Thrillseekers decide that MNM has to beat a top rated tag team before they get a shot at the titles again. Cornette announces that he will find a tag team and tell MNM next week who they will face. Nitro calls the champs cowards and assures everyone that they will be the champions once again.

3. Aaron Stevens was in action this week taking on Mike Taylor in singles action. Well, the match lasts about ten seconds because Danny Inferno ran out and attacked Stevens with a trash can. Inferno nails Stevens with a chain as well. Inferno ends up hanging Stevens wit a rope over the ropes. Inferno beats Stevens up all the way into the parking lot to end the segment.

4. Blaster Lashley meets his first real opponent in Steve Lewington. Lashley clotheslines Lewington in the corner a the match begins. Lewington avoids a power slam and nearly wins with a shoulder block. Lashley stops Lewington with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Lewington decides to run around the ring but runs into a clothesline. Lashley hit’s the power slam and wins the bout in two minutes, but Lewington earns two hundred dollars. After the match, Lashley power slams Lewington again and Mike Mondo shoves the money down Lewington’s mouth.

5. Matt Morgan shares his thoughts on getting suspended. Morgan thinks Cornette is keeping him out of OVW and away from the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Morgan reveals he has put a $5,000 bounty on Elijah Burke. He will wreck OVW if he can’t be in it!

6. Jim Cornette introduces Al Snow to the crowd. Snow is a trainer for OVW now. Snow says he wanted to be in OVW and the WWE sent him down!

7. OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke competes in the main event this week against Vengeance, who is a masked wrestler and friend of Matt Morgan, apparently. Burke is attacked before the bell. Burke atomic drops Vengeance before delivering a clothesline. Vengeance splashes Burke in the corner to regain control of the bout. Vengeance missed a second splash and Burke hit a leaping forearm smash and a dropkick for a two count. Vengeance pokes Burke in the eyes and delivers a head butt after putting an object in his mask. Vengeance got the pin fall but Al Snow ends up leaving the announcers table to tell the referee what happened so the match continued. Burke hit’s the face buster and wins the match seconds later. After the match, Snow enters the ring and celebrates with Burke to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a rather weak show this time around. I do like Albright as the OVW Television Champion and find him to be a good wrestler. As for the MNM segment, it is obvious that a team from WWE will be coming down to challenge them, but it should be interesting to see what team comes down. The bounty angle with Morgan/Burke is okay, but I think it’s kind of silly that a monster like Morgan would seek help from other people to weaken down a smaller guy like Burke.

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