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OVW TV 2/5/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV
: 2/5/2005
From: Louisville, KY

1.) OVW Television Champion Brent Albright defeated Ken Doane to retain the title
2.) Danny Inferno defeated Vik Delicious
3.) Blaster Lashley defeated Steve Lewington
4.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke defeated Lance Cade in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. OVW Television Champion Brent Albright opens the show to take on Ken Doane. Doane is worked on by Albright with a few shoulder rams in the corner but Doane drops Albright with a spin kick. Doane misses a baseball slide on the floor and Albright drives Doane into the apron and ring post back first. Albright continues to work on Doane’s back by sending him into the corner with force. Albright gets the Crowbar on Doane but he reaches the ropes to break the hold. Doane hits Albright with a leaping back elbow. Doane nearly wins after a split legged moonsault. Albright rolls through a sunset flip and uses Doane’s tights for extra leverage to get the three count.

2. Jim Cornette is in the ring to interview MNM. Nitro isn’t afraid about the top rank team. He says they have beaten all the top teams in OVW and thinks the Heartbreakers are more concerned about wrestling with each other. Cornette says that the team doesn’t have to be in OVW. Nitro jokes about the Midnight Express coming out of retirement. Cornette announces they will have to wrestle and beat… The Dudley Boys next week! Matthews says they are thrilled to beat the Dudley Boys and show they are the top tag team. He says they will roll through the Dudley Boys next week.

3. Danny Inferno attacks Vik Delicious before the bell and rams him into the announcers table. Inferno misses a dropkick and Delicious misses a middle rope forearm drop. Inferno clotheslines Delicious a few times. Inferno wins the bout following a half nelson face buster.

4. A video promoting the Heartbreakers is shown. It’s a comical piece as they really emphasize on their homosexual tendencies when they go to the mall to shop.

5. Back to the arena, Aaron Stevens has grabbed Trudy and hits her with a swinging neck breaker. Danny Inferno comes running out, having clearly just gotten out of the shower, to run Stevens away from Trudy.

6. Jim Cornette introduces Kenny Bolin, Bobby Lashley and Mike Mondo for an interview segment. Bolin calls Lewington a coward for running way from Lashley. He says a few hundred dollars means nothing to him. Bolin wants Lewington to return the money because he stole it last week. Steve Lewington comes out with the cash in hand. Lewington is going to give Bolin a chance to win it back because he wants a rematch with Lashley. Lewington wants to do double or nothing. Bolin accepts the challenge for right now.

7. Mike Mondo hits Lewington in the knee with his helmet and Lashley quickly power slams Lewington to win the match and the money back.

8. Lance Cade has returned to OVW to try and collect the bounty on OVW Heavyweight Champion Elijah Burke. Burke hip tosses Cade a few times in the early moments. Cade stops him with a back elbow in the corner and beats Burke down with several punches. Burke comes back with a shoulder block and a top rope sunset flip for a near fall. Cade recovers to clothesline Burke over the top to the floor. Cade scoop slams Burke on the floor. Cade brings Burke back into the ring with a vertical suplex. Burke fights back with a forearm smash and a sit out spine buster for a two count. Cade misses an elbow drop off the top and Burke hit’s a face buster to win the match. After the match, Matt Morgan returns and along with Vengeance beat up Burke. Mark Henry runs out and makes the save for Burke after several officials failed to help.

Final Thoughts:
I like the idea of WWE guys coming in to try and collect the bounty on Burke. It really gives the impression that it’s a big deal. Also, I don’t think I have mentioned this, but Aaron Stevens is a very good heel. He just looks like someone I would want to punch in the face and plays the cocky role very well. I thought this was an average episode at best, but next weeks show looks to be a stacked one.

Thanks for reading.


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