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WWF Prime Time Wrestling 5/18/1987

Written by: Man of Steel from Place To Be

Prime Time Wrestling
May 18, 1987
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan


Gorilla welcomes us to Prime Time this week and he immediately gets on Bobby for still wearing that horse collar, courtesy of Ken Patera. Bobby says his physician is back from Japan and can work on him immediately. We go right to our first match.

Brutus Beefcake defeats Johnny Valiant with the sleeper at 3:18
5/2/87; Boston Garden
Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes

We get a good look at Johnny V’s Mohawk, courtesy of the Bruti in their last bout. Johnny V tries to pearl harbor Brutus but he ducks out of the way and hits punches, kicks and a body slam. Valiant bails, and wants to walk out but he changes his mind. Brutus whips him in with the ropes, then a bell ringer. Beefcake slams Valiant’s head into the turnbuckle, then more punches as the crowd counts too. Hip toss for Brutus, but Johnny with some breadbasket punches. Slam into the turnbuckle and some punches by Johnny V. Brutus reverses a whip into the corner and locks in the sleeper. Johnny says goodnight and that’s that. After the match Brutus starts cutting more of Valiant’s hair but the ref takes the scissors away.

-Back in studio and Bobby argues that Paul Boesch, the greatest user of the sleeper ever, says Brutus’ sleeper is illegal. Gorilla hardly believes that and we go to break. When we return Gorilla keeps reaming Bobby about the collar when we go to our next match about someone who’s milked an injury.

Iron Mike Sharpe defeats Sivi Afi with a roll up and a pull of the tights at 9:35
5/2/87; Boston Garden
Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes

Sharpe attacks Afi early but gets caught with four straight arm drags and Sharpe bails. He returns to the ring and they lock up, and Sharpe with a headlock. Avi pushes off and Sharpe with a shoulder block. They criss cross and Sharpe blocks an Afi arm drag attempt, but Afi turns it into a head scissors and Sharpe bails outside again. Sharpe returns and he wants a test of strength and Afi takes it. Sharpe boots him in the gut and takes control of the hold. Afi powers back to his feet but Sharpe boots him in the gut to drop Afi again. Afi tries a backward roll and reverses the knuckle lock. Sharpe lets go and bails again. He attempts to leave down the ramp, but the goofy looking ref is counting Afi for being on the rope. Sharpe returns to the ring and he rakes the eyes. Afi’s into the ropes and Sharpe with a forearm low. Sharpe with a chop to the chest and a forearm to the back. Sharpe drapes Afi on the top corner and cracks him with the forearm again. More blows to the midsection and then the snaps Afi off the top rope. Sharpe with some boots to the head and a turnbuckle smash, but of course Samoans have hard heads so Afi with headbutts but he misses a splash in the other corner. Sharpe whips Afi into the ropes but Afi with a sloppy sunset flip for 2. Sharpe starts choking Afi on the top rope and more forearm shots. Afi’s in trouble but no cover. Afi into the ropes and Sharpe with a backdrop for 2. Sharpe misses an elbow drop, and Afi with 3 straight mule kicks and some chops. Afi with some punches in the corner and he bites Sharpe. Afi with a snap mare and an eye rake with his feet. Afi with a flying double forearm chop. Afi on the second turnbuckle hits Sharpe with a chop for 2. Afi with a head butt to the face, followed by a clothesline. Afi now goes to the top rope and hits a high cross body, but Sharpe rolls it over and hooks the tights for the victory.

-We return from break with an update from Craig DeGeorge about Harley Race and his quest for the WWF Title.

The Can-Am Connection defeat Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik at 3:48
4/28/87; South Bend, Indiana
Vince McMaho and Jesse Ventura

We get started immediately and Rick Martel ducks a Volkoff splash and hits a drop kick. He tags Tom Zenk while Volkoff tags Sheik. Zenk with an arm drag but Sheik kicks Zenk with his controversial boot. Sheik with a series of impressive suplexes for 2. Tag to Volkoff who whips Zenk into the ropes and hits a shoulder block, the a boot to the gut. Tag to Sheik who hits a belly-to-belly suplex for 2. Shiek hooks an abdominal stretch. Zenk finally hip tosses Sheik but can’t tag Martel but Sheik stops him and hits a clothesline. Sheik throws Zenk outside as Jim Duggan is outside in the seats rooting the Can-Ams on. Sheik and Volkoff double team Zenk while taunting Duggan. Duggan comes in the ring with his 2X4 while Zenk gets Sheik in a roll up for the victory. After the match Sheik and Volkoff attack Duggan, and I’m thrilled.

-Back in studio and Bobby correctly says that Duggan can do whatever he wants and no one stops him. I’VE BEEN ASKING THAT FOR 25 FRIGGIN YEARS!!!!! Gorilla gets back at Bobby and chastises Bundy for the Wrestlemania III attack on Little Beaver, saying Bobby shouldn’t say anything about breaking the rules.

Nick Kiniski defeats Frenchy Martin with a bridge after a German Suplex at 11:31
5/2/87, Boston Garden
Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes

We join this match in progress and Kiniski has Frenchy in an armbar. This goes on for a minute or so when Frenchy breaks loose and Kiniski goes into the ropes and boots Frenchy, followed by an arm drag and back to the armbar. Frenchy gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. They lock up and Kiniski with a headlock. Frenchy with a low blow and he gets the headlock. Off the ropes and Frenchy with a shoulder block but Kiniski with two arm drags sandwiching a body slam and back to the armbar. This match is dreadfully boring. Frenchy gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Frenchy stalls a bit but they go for a test of strength. They lock and Frenchy with a boot, and they criss cross with some leap frogs and it ends with Kiniski hitting a monkey flip and Frenchy’s on his back. Kiniski with a bodyslam, then another arm drag into the armbar. ZZZZZZZ….wow this is dull. Frenchy with a poke to the eye and he rams Kiniski’s head into the turnbuckle. Kiniski reverses a whip into the corner but misses a blind charge and goes chest first into the corner. Kiniski’s down as we go to break. We return and Frenchy with a headlock with an extra shot to the throat. Frenchy with some forearm shots and now…oh yes a nerve pinch. Haven’t used that weardown hold yet. Kiniski trying to pump himself up and he breaks with elbows low, but Kiniski goes off the ropes and Frenchy with a low knee to the gut. Frenchy pitches Kiniski out of the ring. Kiniski gets to the apron, then sunset flips over the ropes for a 2 count. Frenchy with a headlock, but both men go off the ropes, criss cross, and knock each other out with shoulder blocks. Both are down, but Kiniski gets to his feet quickly and hits Frenchy with a drop kick. Frenchy begs off but Kiniski with a kick and body slam for 2. Frenchy begs off again and Kiniski with a boot again. Frenchy goes into the corner and Kiniski hits a German Suplex into a bridge for the 3 count.

-Back in studio and Bobby finally gets some mail, but it turns out to be a note from Ken Patera and Bobby throws it out. We then go to an interview with Mean Gene Okerlund and Intercontinental Champion Ricky Steamboat. What’s important about this interview is that Steamboat announces his first son will be born the first week of July. We all know what that led to. More on that as we go along.

Tito Santana & The British Bulldogs defeat the Gladiator, Jimmy Jack Funk, & Barry O when Santana pinned the Gladiator with the flying forearm at 3:58
3/22/87, Phoenix, AZ
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This match is from Wrestling Challenge. Barry O starts with Tito as we have an insert interview with Danny Davis. Tito with a roll-up for 2 and a hip toss. They lock up and Tito with an armbar. Tag to Davey Boy, and off the ropes with a high cross body for 2. Back to the armbar. Tag to Dynamite Kid and he rips a chop off, then a tag back to Tito who rings Barry O’s bell. Barry tags Funk, and he locks an armbar but Tito kicks out of it, then gets a headlock. Tag to Davey Boy and he does his awesome hesitation suplex. Tag back to Tito and a double shoulder block for 2. Funk with a stun gun on the top rope, and a tag to Barry O. Some punches and a tag to Gladiator who hits a knee lift. Right hand by Tito and a tag to Dynamite, and a body slam, followed by Funk and Barry O getting noggin knocked. Tag to Davey Boy who smacks Gladiator’s head into Dynamite’s. Davey Boy with a body slam and a tag to Tito. Tito with the flying forearm and its over.

-Back in studio, and Gorilla’s really laying into Bobby for having nothing going for him, whereas Jimmy Hart is having a great year. We return from break and Bobby’s still getting killed by Gorilla about Patera, mostly for this next match.

Ken Patera defeats Hercules by disqualification at 3:12 when Race interfered as Hercules was caught in the bearhug
4/22/87, New Haven Coliseum
Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura

Hercules jumps Patera when he gets in the ring and starts stomping. Jesse says Patera isn’t ready for a match like this. Patera comes back with some punches but Hercules keeps control. Patera with a head butt in the gut, and some punches. Patera with a chop to the chest and a knee lift. Herc with a rake to the face, and some shots to the lower back. Hercules keeps working the neck over, then a nice backbreaker. Hercules with a bearhug, but Patera gets his arms into the hold to break it but Hercules with punches. Patera off the ropes ducks a clothesline and hits one. Patera with a big body slam, followed by another one. Patera locks the bearhug in, but Harley Race comes in and hits Patera with a knee lift to force the DQ. Hercules and Harley Race work Patera over until Billy Jack Haynes comes in to chase Heenan’s family off.

-Back in studio and Bobby goes on a great tirade about how Patera will beg for the family’s forgiveness and he’ll make him beg and spit on him. Gorilla blows it off, but it was really a good promo.

Demolition defeat the Islanders at 9:32 when Smash pins Tama after Ax used Fuji’s cane as a weapon
5/2/87, Boston Garden
Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes

I like how Gorilla says Demolition was Fuji’s find, when they were originally managed by Johnny Valiant. Smash starts with Tama (I think Smash is Barry Darsow now, I can’t tell). Tama keeps rolling out of lockups but on the last one Smash clocks him. Smash with some shots in the corner, then whipped into the other corner. Smash misses a blind charge and Tama with some punches and an armbar. Tama keeps working the arm over, but Smash whips him into the corner, and after some missed clotheslines Tama gets him with a cross body for 1. Tama goes back the armbar and a tag to Haku who continues the armbar, but Smash with a finger in the eye. Tag to Ax and a body slam, but Haku right up with a reverse thrust kick. They lock up and Haku with a the armbar. Off the ropes and Ax misses a reverse elbow but does hit a clothesline. Haku though recovers and goes back to the armbar. Haku gets pushed into the corner and Ax gets a tag to Smash but Haku fights him off and tag Tama who continues the assault on the left arm. Tama off the ropes and Ax drills him with a knee outside. The ref is distracted and Fuji chokes Tama with the cane. Ax works him over as we go to break. We return and some double teaming on Tama. Ax with a snap mare and he cranks a chinlock. Tama fights back but in the wrong corner Smash nails him to regain control. Haku comes in and the ref’s distraction gives the Demos a chance to double team. Ax goes to a headlock. Tama with some elbows in the gut breaks the hold and gets a 2 count out of hit. Tama’s leg is tied in the rope and Ax gets some freebies in. Haku loosens him and outside Smash drills Tama’s back into the ring apron. Tama’s out on the floor as the Demos are in the ring. Tama slowly gets back in the ring but not before Smash gets a shot in the chest. Smash keeps stomping away and whips Tama in the ropes, but Tama ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. He finally gets the tag to Haku and he goes off on both Demos. Haku drop kicks Smash and then he and Tama with a double head butt. All four men are in now and while the ref is on one side of the ring, Ax gets the cane from Fuji and drills Tama in the throat with it to get the 3 count.

-Back from studio and Bobby is very relaxed after taking medication for his neck. We then go to Mean Gene who has a typical stand-up with Jimmy Hart and Honky Tonk Man. He pretty much runs down Jake Roberts and talk about being Elvis.

Intercontinental Champion Ricky Steamboat defeats Butch Reed by countout at 6:08 when Steamboat was able to reenter the ring after both men fell to the floor
4/24/87, New Haven Coliseum
Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

Reed attacks Steamboat right as the bell rings and hits a low knee, then rips Steamboat’s top off and hits some elbows. Reed with a big suplex, then he starts choking Steamboat with the robe. Reed keeps stomping away and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Steamboat off the ropes is crushed with a reverse elbow and now Reed’s choking for 2. Steamboat is tossed outside as Reed is being chastised by that creepy nameless referee. Reed misses a clothesline and Steamboat with some weak punches that Reed is unfazed by. Reed whips Steamboat into the ropes and misses a clothesline and Steamboat slides underneath but his chops are still very weak. They get a little stronger but Reed with a boot to the head and a clothesline. Reed with a kneedrop, then another for 2. Reed with a bodyslam and elbow, but Reed blows a press slam and Steamboat with a reverse suplex and both men are down. Steamboat starts to shake and he ducks a right hand, but they both go off the ropes and meet noggins. Reed goes to the top rope, but Steamboat catches him and slams him off the corner. Slick comes on the apron to distract the ref but Steamboat goes out after him. Steamboat gets back in the ring and starts chopping. Steamboat with a high cross body, but Reed catches him and the momentum carries them both out. They both lie on the floor but Steamboat gets in before the ref counts 10 and he wins by countout.

-Back in studio and Bobby says in the next few weeks he’ll be bringing his attorneys in to make sure he’s treated right by those on set. Gorilla doesn’t care. Back from break and Gorilla says Bobby may not be in next week due to Miss Betty having a big blowout for her birthday. Gorilla actually acknowledged that Jack Tunney was not only the WWF President but the Toronto promoter. With that we’re out.

DRAMA’S TAKE: Solid enough episode, with a couple of good matches and some dogs. Gorilla and Bobby were spot on as always as they’re going to milk this Ken Patera situation for all its worth since it is the post-Wrestlemania doldrums. I find it funny that they barely mention Hulk Hogan in any of these shows, and that they focused on the mid-card for the whole program. That works, since Hogan is saved for SNME and bigger shows. All in all a solid effort. FINAL GRADE: B-


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