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WWF Smackdown 11/16/2000

Written by: Adam King

Thursday, November 16th, 2000

Taped (11/14) from the Canseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle (10/22/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Eddie Guerrero (9/04/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather (11/06/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: William Regal (10/16/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (9/24/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Ivory (11/02/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

Smackdown comes on the air with highlights of the main event and subsequent events from Raw. Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler then welcome us and remind us we’re 72 hours away from Survivor Series. Tonight Steve Austin faces Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho teams with The Undertaker against Kane and Kurt Angle.

~ Things kick off with Rikishi making his way out to the ring with a sledgehammer in hand for our opening promo. Rikishi gets on the mic and tells the fans they can chant “Rocky” all they want because The Rock won’t be here. Cole and Lawlwer mention Rock is not expected here tonight since he’s recovering from the attack on Raw. Rikishi says the fans don’t get it so he decides to help them out and mentions Rock running his mouth about having a gift for him atSurvivor Series. Rikishi says if Rock were here tonight he would come down the People’s Ramp so he (Rikishi) could slap him down. Rikishi says he’s a very giving man himself, especially after he gave the Rock a sledgehammer through the chest on Raw and even shows a clip of it on the OvalTron. Rikishi then thanks the Radicalz for their assistance as we cut the to the quartet in their lockerroom with Chris Benoit telling Rikishi he’s welcome. Didn’t these two guys have a heated feud over the IC Title not to long ago? Eddie Guerrero invites Rikishi to stick around and watch as he beats up Austin later and Perry Saturn says that once that’s done, it’s “one down, one to go”. Rikishi continues by saying that unlike Rock, he will stop at nothing at Survivor Series. Rikishi says his issue with Austin was just business, but his issue with Rock is now personal and if he thought the sledgehammer to the chest was painful, he ain’t felt nothing yet.

At that point Commissioner Mick Foley comes out to the stage and gets on the mic to offer a response. Foley tells Rikishi that running down Rock doesn’t make him tough or feared, it makes him a gutless coward. Foley says he feels to need to take some action after what he did to the Rock and Austin and he’s though about fining him, suspending him, and even firing him. but he’s decided to leave his punishment up to The Rock. Foley admits Rock is doubtful for tonight so he doesn’t want Rikishi here either before inviting a squadron of cops to come out and escort Rikishi out of the building. Foley tells Rikishi he doesn’t want to see him untilSurvivor Series and Rikishi doesn’t want any trouble so he walks up the ramp with the cops flanking him all the way. Well this segment lasted less than 10 minutes at least. Still how much you want to bet we’ll be seeing Rikishi again real soon?

~ We find Triple H sitting at the WWF Studios in Stamford waiting to give comments as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get footage of Foley ordering Rikishi to get into his car and drive off during the break. Rikishi complies and climbs into the car to head out but not before he jokes that he likes to drive.

  • Crash & Hardcore Holly (w/Molly Holly) vs. T & A (w/Trish Stratus)

Weird that Hardcore is in this match since he’s not in the pay-per-view bout involving five of these folks. Albert locks up with Hardcore to start and forces him into a corner then wokrs him over. Albert whips Hardcore into the opposotie corner and charges but eats a boot. Albert goes for a press slam but Hardcore slips out and takes him down by the legs then unloads on him. Crash tags in and the Hollys double-team Albert in the corner before Crash takes over. Albert throws Crash into a corner and Crash slips out of there then comes off the ropes but runs into a sidewalk slam. Test tags in and whips Crash into a corner then charges but eats an elbow. Test charges again and eats a double-boot and Crash drills him with a jumping DDT. Both men crawl to their corners and Test tags in Albert while Crash tags in Hardcore. Hardcore comes in with a pair of clothesline then goes for a whip, Test reverses but Hardcore hits a dropkick. Albert breaks up the pin and Crash comes in but Albert throws him through the ropes. Meanwhile Hardcore drapes Test over the top rope and kicks him in the chest. Trish hops on the apron and distracts Hardcore and Test hits the full nelson slam for a two count. Test goes for a whip but Hardcore floats over him into a rollup for the three! (3:09) Nothing to really see here, folks. *

After the bell Albert goes back in and lays out Hardcore with the chokebomb. Crash comes in and tries to whip Test but Test counters into the pump handle slam. Test and Albert then go out and corner Molly on the floor and Molly rolls in the ring to try and escape but Trish bulldogs her from behind. Trish then pulls off her boot and clocks Molly in the head with it. Crash and Hardcore recover but T&A leave with Trish having done the damage to Molly. Where was Steve Blackman to make the save since he’s teaming with Crash and Molly in three days?

~ Backstage the Radicalz are in their dressing room getting food catered to them and as a chef is serving their platters Eddie complains he didn’t deliver what he ordered. Dean Malenko lifts off the chef’s hat and says the guy looks like Stone Cold, so he orders some beers. Terri asks about the meat on the platter and Eddie throws it down calling it Stone Cold meat … dead meat.

~ We find Triple H about to give his promo as we go to break.

~ Back from break Triple H delivers his message from the WWF Studios. Triple H addresses Steve Austin’s feeling that something was wrong on Raw and claims that Austin was feeling his presence, and that the feeling was fear. Triple H reminds Austin he had that feeling before a year ago as footage is shown of Triple H attacking Austin at Survivor Series and leading him to where he was ran over. Triple H tells Austin he attacked him for no reason and ran from him because he wanted to set him up and take him to a place he would never forget. Triple H points out Austin had that feeling but before he could react Rikishi ran him down and made a clean getaway. Triple H says following that Rikishi danced his way into everyone’s hearts after he opened the door for him. Triple H says in Austin’s absence he reigned supreme as WWF Champion and no one could touch him. Triple H adds he married Stephanie and took out anyone who got in his way, including retiring Mick Foley. Triple H says the McMahon-Helmsley Era was smooth sailing until Austin decided to show back up as footage is shown of Austin hitting him with a chair at Backlash. Triple H says Austin cost him the title because he had to come back and find out who it was. Footage is now shown from Raw two months ago of Austin interrogating Triple H about the hit-and-run and telling him he’s either lying, crazy, or maybe telling the truth. Triple H says he is a little crazy, but with everything going on, it’s pure genious. Triple H goes over the various events the past few weeks and shows clips while goalting about every step. Triple H reminds Austin of his motto saying he trusted him and look what happened as clips are shown of his revelation 10 days ago. Triple H asks Austin if he really knows what’s going on, referring back to his feeling on Raw as footage is shown of Austin’s interview and The Rock’s attack from 3 days ago. Triple H tells Austin that the rules have changed, this is a game of fear and it’s a game he can’t win. Triple H wraps up by claiming whoever said there’s nothing to fear but fear itself never met him.

~ Steve Austin is then shown walking through the building as we go to commercial. I wouldn’t have followed Triple H’s chilling interview with that shot.

  • Too Cool vs. Tazz & Raven

Huh, I though Tazz and Raven dissolved their partnership but apparently Raven managed to smooth things over with Tazz earlier today. Tazz pounds on Grandmaster Sexay to start and whips him but Sexay slides under him and hits an enzuigiri. Sexay tags in Scotty 2 Hotty who comes off the ropes with a rolling kick to the head for a two count. Tazz throws Scotty into his corner and tags in Raven for some double-teaming. Scotty fights out of the corner and tees off on Raven but misses a right hand. Raven goes for a whip and Scotty reverses him into a corner then goes for the bulldog but Tazz pulls him out of the ring and rams him into the apron. Raven hits a Russian legsweep into the barricade then rolls Scotty back in and Tazz covers him for a two count without making a tag. Tazz whips Scotty into a clothesline then tags Raven back in and Raven whips him into a corner but eats a boot. Raven applies a sleeper and Scotty backs him into the corner to break it. Raven slaps on another sleeper but Scotty counters it with a jawbreaker and makes the tag to Sexay. Raven tags Tazz but Sexay comes in with a pair of clotheslines on Tazz. Raven climbs to the top rope and Sexay knocks him off to the floor but Tazz clotheslines him down. Scotty knocks Tazz through the ropes as Raven comes back in. Raven goes for a whip, Scotty reverses Raven and again comes off the ropes for the bulldog but Raven pops him. Sexay catches Raven with a thrust kick and Scotty finally hits the bulldog followed by the Worm. Tazz brings a chair in the ring and Scotty tries to wrest it from him but Tazz decks him through the ropes. Tazz readies the chair but the referee takes it from him so Tazz stomps Sexay out of the ring while Scotty and Raven are going at it on the apron. Tazz goes for a swing but Scotty snaps his neck on the top rope and Tazz stumbles into a DDT from Raven. As Raven watches in a corner, Sexay climbs to the top and hits the Hip Hop Drop on Tazz for the pin. (3:22) I guess the Tazz/Raven partnership really is finished after all. 

Too Cool celebrates while Raven seems happy about his mistake(?). Raven then grabs the chair….

~ However we suddenly cut back to the Radicalz backstage. Perry Saturn wants meatballs so Dean Malenko orders the chef to get some. Eddie starts to head out to the ring while Benoit says once Austin is in the ring, the trap will snap shut.

~ Back from break they show the ending to the Tazz/Raven/Too Cool match as well as Raven attacking Tazz during the break and DDT’ing him from the apron to the chair on the floor. I’m sure that would have been nice to see during the live action.

~ We then find Eddie Guerrero already in the ring waiting for Steve Austin as he gets on the mic to call him out. Eddie calims Austin is afraid of him then threatens to start drinking Austin’s beer if he doesn’t show up. Eddie even offers to lie down on the mat and give Austin the first shot. The other Radicalz watch from the back as the chef returns with a tray of meatballs but then talks in a familiar voice. Benoit, Malenko and Saturn realize too late what’s happening as Austin attacks them wearing the chef’s hat and lays them with the tray before getting in some licks. Meanwhile Eddie is watching this go down with a shocked look on his face. Austin leaves the Radicalz laying and backs a forklift against their door, trapping them in their lockerroom. Amazing how Austin can take out all three men single-handedly, no? Eddie is now extremely nervous as Austin comes out to the ring for the match.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Eddie Guerrero © – Non-Title Match

Austin charges in the ring and goes right to work on Eddie, whipping him into a Lou Thesz Press and hitting the series of rights followed by the elbowdrop. Austin hits a suplex and throws Eddie through the ropes then goes out and rams him into the ringsteps. Both men exchange punches and the referee tries to break it up. Austin shoves the referee away but Eddie grabs a chair and nails Austin in the knee with it. Eddie throws Austin back in the ring then wraps his knee around the ringpost twice. Austin starts to fight back but Eddie rakes the eyes and kicks at the injured knee in a corner. Eddie goes for a baseball slide but Austin moves and Eddie crotches himself on the ringpost! Austin goes out and pulls Eddie into the post twice by the legs then goes in and stomps him down in a corner. Ausitn then flips Eddie off before putting him away with the Stunner for the three. (3:16) Austin celebrates with a round of beers feeling he sent a message to Triple H. Eddie made this a fun squash to watch but I don’t see why he was fed to Austin like that. Austin could have dismantled Perry Saturn instead since he has little heat to lose. 

~ Backstage we see a limo pull up and The Rock comes out, making a (not so) unexpected appearence. However the Rock is still showing effects from the sledgehammer attack on Raw.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Steve Austin dismantling Eddie Guerrero. We then see Eddie storming back to the Radicalz’ lockerroom after someone backs the forklift away from the door and Eddie yells at his comrades for their botched plan. Commissioner Mick Foley comes in and lifts up a fork (a forklift, get it?) before telling Eddie he got what he wanted. Foley informs Saturn and Malenko they have a tag match with Road Dogg & K-Kwik tonight then tells Benoit that The Rock has requested a match with him and he’s granting it. Foley tells Benoit to have a nice day, but Benoit is more than happy to finish what Rikishi started.

  • The Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) & The Dudley Boyz vs. The Right To Censor (w/Ivory)

This is almost like the Survivor Series match on Sunday except for two participants. And those two, Edge & Christian, join the commentary table with Edge claiming they don’t support what RTC is preaching but they do share a hatred for the Hardys and Dudleys. All eight men go at it to start and everyone starts spilling out to the floor leaving Goodfather and Matt. Matt comes off the ropes but runs into a boot and Goodfather hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. Goodfather whips Matt into a corner and goes for the Ho Train but D’Von Dudley intercepts him with a tackle. Matt then hops to the middle rope and connects with the guillotine legdrop for a two count. Ivory comes in and get in Matt’s face when Lita takes her down with a spear. Goodfather suplexes Matt then turns his attention toward Lita but she’s able to escape from the ring. Goodfather takes a swing at her then turns back when the Dudleys nail him with the 3D. Jeff Hardy climbs to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb and Matt covers Goodfather for the three and just like that it’s over! (1:41) Well that was pretty fast for an eight-man tag. Maybe they’re saving it for the pay-per-view or something? NR

Jeff throws Steven Richards in the ring and Bubba Ray slams him to the mat then he and the Hardys hold him down while D’Von climbs to the top rope and hits the “Wassup” headbutt. They then all decide to get tables when Edge & Christian start attacking the Dudleys while Val Venis and Buchanan take out both Hardys with suplexes. The RTC and E&C lay out the Hardys and Dudleys with the Tag Title belts when Lita comes in but Ivory waffles her with her Women’s title belt. The RTC celebrate and thank Edge & Christian for their help, who seem a little reluctant to accept.

~ Backstage Kane is sitting in his lockerroom when Kurt Angle walks in saying they don’t like teaming with each other but the match is set in stone. Angle tells Kane they’re better than Chris Jericho and Kanes’s better than The Undertaker and Kane agrees with that Angle’s selling before walking off.

~ Chris Jericho and Undertaker are then shown heading to the ring for that match as we go to commercial.

  • The Undertaker & Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle & Kane – No-DQ Match

Jericho’s arm is taped up from being thrown through the window on Raw. All four men start going at it on the floor before they pair off with Angle throwing Jericho in the ring to officially start the match. Angle works Jericho over and goes for a whip but Jericho comes back with chops. Jericho goes for a whip, Angle reverses but Jericho hits a spinning heel kick followed by a clothesline for a two count. Undertaker tags in and Angle looks ready to go but quickly tags Kane in instead. Kane and Taker exchange punches when Kane gets the advantage and whips Taker but lwers the head and Taker hits a DDT. Taker hits an elbowdrop for a two count then goes for a whip but Kane reverses and boots Taker through the ropes. Kane goes out and rams Taker into the steps while Angle unloads on Jericho in the ring. Outside Kane goes for a whip but Taker reverses him into the steps then throws him back in the ring. Taker goes for a whip bur Kane reverses it and hits a powerslam followed by a pair of elbowdrops. Angle asks for a tag and gets it then gets in his shots on Taker in a corner. Angle goes for a whip but Taker reverses him into a corner and hits a powerslam. Kane breaks up the pin and Jericho hits a clothesline that takes both men over the ropes then gets in some shots on Kane but Kane rams him into the ringsteps. Kane charges at Jericho and eats a boot but comes back with an elbow. Kane clears off the announce table then grabs Jericho by the throat but Jericho escapes with a low blow and bulldogs Kane onto the steps. Jericho then puts Kane in the Walls of Jericho on the floor but Angle rams Taker into the ringpost then clotheslines Jericho frombehind. Angle stomps Jericho down but doesn’t see Taker coming up behind him and Taker pounds on him. Taker then whips Angle into Jericho who drops him onto the barricade. Jericho grabs the ringbell to use on Kane but runs right into a big boot then Kane grabs Jericho and chokeslams him through the announcers’ table. In the ring Angle goes for a whip but Taker reverses and hits a boot. Taker goes for the Last Ride but Kane pulls Taker down to save Angle. Kane goes for a whip but Taker comes back with a chokeslam. Taker covers Kane but Angle nails him with a chair to break up the pin. Angle charges at Taker with the chair but Taker kicks it into his face and clotheslines him. Kane nails Taker with the chair then heads out while and Angle covers Taker for the three! (5:49) Angle pins his challenger just three days before their title match. Angle celebrates on the ramp while Taker glares at him from the ring and gives him the throat slash, causing Angle to get a little nervous. Fun brawl but Angle was still made to look weak against him since it was Kane’s chairshot that led to his win. Thus it’s not enough to convince me Angle stands a chance against Taker at the pay-per-view. **

~ Back from break we’re shown replays of the previous match, just in case you missed it.

~ Backstage Lillian Garcia catches up to Steve Austin who’s about to leave for the night and asks about his match with Triple H this Sunday but Austin asks her how scared does he look before departing.

  • Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn (w/Terri) vs. Road Dogg & K-Kwik

This is Road Dogg and K-Kwik’s first match as a tag team and rap their way to the ring but get a less-than-enthusiastic reception from the crowd. Both teams start going at it at the bell and Road Dogg and K-Kwik get the advantage when K-Kwik knocks Saturn through the ropes. Road Dogg clotheslines Malenko over the top rope while K-Kwik leaps over the top rope for a plancha on Saturn! Road Dogg brings Malenko back in the ring and he and K-Kwik whip him into a double-elbow. We get a shot of Billy Gunn and Chyna watching the match from the back, both apparently impressed. Malenko whips K-Kwik into a corner but K-Kwik leaps over Malenko and does a backflip before hitting a spinning elbow. K-Kwik goes for the ropes but Saturn trips him from the floor. K-Kwik goes out after him but Saturn holds Terri in front of him and Terri kicks him below the belt. Saturn throws K-Kwik back in and Malenko stomps him down in the corner then chokes him with his boot. Malenko hits a back suplex for a two count then tags in Saturn and holds K-Kwik on his knee while Saturn comes off the top rope with a kneedrop. Saturn hits a suplex then goes for a whip but lowers the head and K-Kwik kicks the face. Saturn comes back with a full nelson suplex then tags Malenko in and the two hit a Total Elimination-like move for a two count. Malenko knocks Road Dogg off the apron then snapmares K-Kwik to the mat and Saturn hits a headbutt. Saturn tags in Malenko and whips K-Kwik into a corner then Malenko goes to whip Saturn into K-Kwik but K-Kwik sidesteps him and nails Malenko with a Memphis sidekick. Saturn comes out with a clothesline but Road Dogg comes in and knocks Saturn out of the ring. K-Kwik manages to tag in Road Dogg and Road Dogg whips Malenko and hits a backdrop. Road Dogg pops Saturn on the apron then goes for a whip, alenko reverses but Road Dogg counters into a side suplex and hits the shake, rattle ‘n kneedrop. Road Dogg sets Malenko up for the pump handle slam but Saturn interupts him and Malenko nails him from behind. Malenko whips Road Dogg into K-Kwik who somehow makes the tag but Malenko knocks K-Kwik off the apron. Road Dogg hits the juke ‘n jive punches when Saturn attempts a superkick but misses Road Dogg and nails Malenko. K-Kwik climbs to the top rope and hits a turnaround splash for the three count. (4:27)Okay match as we got some nice double-teaming fromMalenko and Saturn plus Ron Killings showed some nice athleticism in there. Too bad he’s saddled with a lame gimmick (and a lame partner to match). **

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly is standing outside The Rock’s door waiting to interview him as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get footage of Mick Foley interupting an interview with Tiger Ali-Singh during the break claming to have an announcement for Survivor Series. Tiger assumes it’s a match for Lo Down, causing Foley to do a spit take. Instead Foley announces Road Dogg, K-Kwik, Billy Gunn & Chyna against the Radicalz in an elimination match.

~ Elsewhere backstage Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock about facing Chris Benoit tonight and Rock brings up with Benoit said earlier then dares Benoit to try and finish him. Rock says ever since the attack on Raw all he’s been thinking about is facing Rikishi at Survivor Series. Rock agrees with Rikishi that he is going to walk down the ramp and step in the ring but the difference is he’s going to give Rikishi the beating of a lifetime then wraps up with the usual.

~ As we go to commercial Michael Cole mentions a major announcement involving Jesse Ventura next.

~ Back from break we get clips of a press conference involving Vince McMahon and Jessie Ventura who has agreed to join the commentary team on NBC’s Saturday Night XFL telecasts. Don’t know how fondly Ventura looks on that experience these days but that’s a discussion for another time.

  • The Rock vs. Chris Benoit

Benoit meets Rock on the ramp but Rock gets the advantage and throws him in the ring. Rock goes for a whip but Benoit reverses and hits an elbow right to Rock’s chest. Rock is clutching his chest as Benoit lays the boots to him then whips him hard into the buckles chest-first and chops him down. Benoit stomps away at Rock who tries to fight back but runs into a knee to the chest. Benoit hits an elbowdrop then whips Rock chest-first into the corner again and drops him with a right hand. Benoit kicks Rock in the chest and Rock again tries to fight back but Benoit rakes the face to stop it. Benoit goes for a whip, Rock reverses and throws Benoit over the ropes. Rock is holding his chest as he goes after Benoit on the floor and rams him into the steps and timekeeper’s table. Rock grabs a chair and aims for Benoit but Earl Hebner takes it away and Rock yells at him allowing Benoit to kick him in the chest. Benoit chokes Rock with a cable and drops him onto the barricade before throwing him back in the ring. Benoit chops away at Rock when Rock comes back and works Benoit over in a corner then goes for the Smackdown but eats a boot in the chest. Benoit stomps Rock in the head and continues kicking him in the chest then goes for a whip. Rock reverses him into a corner but Benoit comes back with a German suplex and holds on for a second German. Benoit sets up for a third German but Rock elbows out of it and hits a Samoan Drop. Benoit regains the advantage and goes for a whip but Rock reverses and hits an belly-to-belly throw for a two count. Rock whips Benoit into a corner and Benoit staggers into a DDT for another near fall. Benoit slaps on the Crossface and Rock tries to hang on but manages to reach the bottom rope. Benoit goes for a right hand when Rock surprises him with a Crossface of his own! Benoit quickly grabs the bottom rope to avoid submitting to his own hold. Rock hits a Dragon legwhip and applies the Sharpshooter but Benoit again grabs the bottom rope.

Benoit hits a clothesline then follows up with a headbutt right to Rock’s chest. Benoit comes off the ropes but Rock catches him with a spinebuster. Rock follows up with the People’s Elbow but is too hurt to make the cover and Benoit gets to his feet. Benoit hits a back suplex then climbs to the top rope and connects with the flying headbutt. Both men are down again as we see Rikishi making his way through the crowd to ringside. Rikishi climbs over the barricade but Rock is already out to meet him and stomps him down. Benoit goes out and nails Rock from behind before ramming him into the barricade. Benoit throws Rock into the ring and hits another German suplex then a second and this time gets the third. Benoit then intimidates Hebner into a corner as Rikishi comes in the ring and beats Rock down in a corner then hits the running butt splash. Rikishi moves Rock into position then climbs the ropes and hits the Banzai Drop! Rock is out and I guess that’s it for this match. (12:16) This was actually another good match between Rock and Benoit. Just wish they didn’t need a non-finish to sell his match wth Rikishi. **½

Rikishi celebrates his carnage then dares Rock to get up and face him but Rock is too hurt and bleeding from the mouth. Rikishi continues to taunt Rock and we’re left wondering if Rock can recover in time for his showndown on Sunday as Smackdown goes off the air.

Conclusion: Just about what you’d expect from the go-home show for Survivor Series. Most of the program concentrated on polishing up what little build is there for the supercard with a lot of talking and a bunch of so-so matches expect for the main event and even that didn’t have a real finish. As usual Austin and Rock’s feuds took center stage and Angle did get a pin over Undertaker but still looked weak in doing so. Overall a rather skippable episode to take us into the pay-per-view. The span between No Mercy and Survivor Series has certainly been a rough one for the WWF with some choppy waters still to come in the following months.


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