WWE TLC 2011 Predictions!

It’s almost time for another pay per view! Tomorrow night the WWE returns to pay per view with Tables, Ladders and Chairs. This is the pay per view where there are stipulations involving chairs, ladders, tables or all three of them. So, let’s get into the prediction process, shall we?

For the WWE Intercontinental Championship:
(champion) Cody Rhodes defends against Booker T

I’m really enjoying Rhodes and his character. I feel like his reign as champion has given the Intercontinental Championship a purpose in the company and isn’t just there floating around. This is a big match for Cody if you think about it. If he were to beat Booker T, a former heavyweight champion, that would be a big rub for him moving forward. I’m not sure how long this is supposed to last for but I think they will actually protect Booker here to drag it out one more month. I’ll say Booker wins by disqualification.

For the WWE United States Championship:
(champion) Dolph Ziggler defends against Zack Ryder

In my opinion, Ziggler is ready for a heavyweight championship run. He has enormous amount of talent and along with Vickie Guerrero he is a hated person. Plus, Ryder is at the peak of his popularity. If he continues to lose championship matches fans will lose interest and stop supporting him. It’s like the Bill Goldberg effect in WCW. Ryder finally wins the championship, and gets his slammy back while Ziggler moves on to bigger and better things.

Tables Match:
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

I’m stuck believing that Randy Orton is at some point going to go after Henry again. So, he needs to win the feuds he faces in the meantime. Orton puts Barrett through a table with the RKO to move towards another championship match.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match:
Triple H vs. Kevin Nash

Honestly, I laugh at the thought of Kevin Nash climbing a ladder. You know when wrestlers go in slow motion to get the object at the top to add drama to the match? Well, Nash doesn’t have to worry about that because that slow speed comes to him naturally. It’s been a fairly interesting feud that shouldn’t be happening in 2011. I don’t know why Nash is wrestling full-time but he needs to stop before he gets hurt again. HHH puts an end to this feud this Sunday.

For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Chairs Match
(champion) Mark Henry defends against Big Show

Henry is going into the match injured while Show is 100%. Show has all the momentum going into the match it would seem. I don’t want Henry to lose the championship just yet as I feel like he is a guy people have bought into as being a dominate force with the championship. He probably should hold onto it until Mania to make it a huge deal. While that is very unlikely, I predict that Henry will retain the championship.

For the WWE Championship: Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match:
(champion) CM Punk defends against Alberto Del Rio and the Miz

This has to be an obvious choice, right? The WWE doesn’t have any faith in Alberto Del Rio as champion, which is something I will never understand. They gave him short title reigns to even prove he is worthy of the chance. Then, you look at the Miz who is certainly entertaining but he is going to be feuding with R-Truth when he returns. This is the era of Punk and he is hopefully going to be champion for a long time. Punk prevails here, as he should.

The next pay per view prediction will be Ring of Honor’s Final Battle event taking place next weekend. I hope everyone enjoys TLC if you order it and have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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