NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #35 3/12/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action Weekly PPV #35
From: Nashville, Tennessee

1.) Jerry Lynn & David Young defeated Damien & Halloween
2.) NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Kid Kash defeated Amazing Red & Jonny Storm to retain the title
3.) Harris Brothers defeated the Sandman & Steve Corino
4.) Jim Duggan defeated Mike Sanders
5.) Triple X defeated America’s Most Wanted to win the vacant NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships
6.) Raven fought AJ Styles to a draw in a number one contenders match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. A video kicks off the show featuring Russo saying that he was done with the business and needs to go home to be with his family. We also see Erik Watts tell Jeff Jarrett he will regret what he did to him. Jarrett was attacked by Watts, David Flair and Brian Lawler afterwards on the show.

2. Jeff Jarrett heads to the SEX locker-room with a baseball bat but nothing happens. Jarrett wants a piece of Erik Watts.

3. Konnan comes out and says his catchphrases. Konnan brings out Damien and Halloween to compete against Jerry Lynn and David Young. Young hit’s a spine buster on Halloween but his offense doesn’t last long. Young is rammed groin first into the ring post. Lynn cleans house with clotheslines and a hurricanrana. Konnan attacks Young while Damien hit’s a Muscle Buster on Lynn for a two count. Lynn rolls through a pickup and pins Damien. After the match, Konnan yells at Damien and Halloween only for Lynn to come back into the ring. Konnan is able to attack Lynn with a clothesline and a few punches.

4. Backstage, Jeff Jarrett attacks Erik Watts as he enters the arena. Tenay tries to hype up Watts and his abilities. Watts comes out and says he has gotten into Jarrett’s head. Jarrett runs out and tries to attack Watts yet again.

5. Backstage, Goldylocks talks to TNA X-Division Champion Kid Kash. Amazing Red comes over and says that if it wasn’t for Trinity, Kash wouldn’t be the champion.

6. Here comes D’Lo Brown, who is the newest member of the roster. Brown will at some point get a NWA World Championship match since he signed a contract with TNA. Brown doesn’t care about the WWE anymore. He talks about the WWE saying he wasn’t good enough or wasn’t a team player. He got tired of the politics and hitting a glass ceiling. Brown promises to be a superstar in TNA. Sonny Siaki makes his way down to the ring and shakes Brown’s hand. Siaki introduces himself to Brown. He wants Brown to join SEX. Brown proceeds to say he is here to be by himself. Brown turns down the offer. Siaki goes to insult Brown but is slammed to the mat and Brown hit’s the Lo Down off the top rope to close the segment.

7. TNA X-Division Champion Kid Kash defends against Amazing Red and Jonny Storm. It was a quick paced contest early on with each man getting some nice moves in. Storm actually hit a hurricanrana on Red off the top but Kash caught Red and hit a power bomb. Red hit the Red Star Press and a cartwheel kick on Kash. Storm hit a reverse hurricanrana on Red off the middle rope. Kash springboards across the ring to hit a somersault dropkick on Storm. They do a double release German suplex out of the corner which sends Red flying across the ring. Trinity hit’s a moonsault on Red on the floor but Storm takes her out with a dive as well. Kash is able to finish Storm off with the Money Maker for the win. After the match, Red is beaten down by Kash after shoving Trinity. That was a really enjoyable match.

8. Backstage, Sonny Siaki wants to know where his backup was but Mike Sanders shoves him away. Glenn Gilberti is the voice of reason saying that Vince Russo brought them here. Christopher Daniels assures him that they are going to win the NWA World Tag Team Championships.

9. The Sandman and Steve Corino team up to take on the Harris Brothers. It takes thirty seconds for the Harris Brothers to pin Corino following the H-Bomb. Sandman was busy with his beer on the floor. After the match, they all have a brawl with plenty of weapons. Corino is busted open due to the attack, which shocks no one.

10. Backstage, Mike Sanders says he only has an A-game. Sanders says TNA is bringing in enhancement talent to make him feel good. Gilberti tells Sanders he better beat his mystery opponent tonight or not return to the backstage locker room.

11. Dusty Rhodes comes out to the ring for a promo. Rhodes is here to talk about the New Generation of TNA. He calls out Flair, Lawler and Watts. Rhodes defends Jarrett for not being the reason that Watts, Flair and Lawler didn’t succeeded in the business. He says David is just like his father and is an asshole. Dusty puts Lawler over as being a talented kid but is acting like a fool. Dusty slaps Lawler and attacks both David and Lawler. He turns his back for some reason and is attacked as a result. D’Lo Brown runs out to make the save but Erik Watts shows up and attacks Dusty. Jeff Jarrett runs out yet another time to make the save.

12. Backtage, XXX is with Goldylocks. Low Ki says that Triple X never lost the tag titles to begin with. He says that AMW is going to be in trouble tonight.

13. Before the next match, Mike Sanders dedicates this match to Vince Russo. His opponent ends up being Jim Duggan. Duggan worked on Sanders early on with several clotheslines. Late in the match, Sanders misses a middle rope clothesline and Duggan nails him with a leaping clothesline for the win. After the match, Gilberti comes out and tries to attack Duggan but Duggan fights them both off until Gilberti chop blocks Duggan’s leg.

14. Goldylocks is with AJ Styles up in the balcony area. Styles wants a piece of Raven and then Jarrett to be the undisputed champion. Styles sees Raven and throws a chair at him. Raven tries to get at Styles but the Harris Brothers hold him back.

15. A video promoting the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championship scene is aired.

16. The tag titles match starts off with all four men brawling on the floor. Harris nearly pins Daniels following a top rope cross body. Daniels is double teamed by AMW and is sent into Ki. Daniels stops Storm with a kick to tag in Ki. Storm is worked on by both Ki and Daniels as Ki his a dropkick while Daniels holds Storm. Storm avoids Ki in the corner and clotheslines Daniels to tag in Harris who cleans house with a backdrop and clothesline. Harris nearly pins Daniels with a full nelson slam. Harris catches Ki in midair to hit a sit down power bomb. AMW hit a hart attack clothesline and follow up with the Death Sentence on Daniels but the referee is pulled out during the count by Ki. Skipper drops Harris with the Play of the Day but Harris still kicks out. Harris spears Ki in midair on an attempted handspring kick. Harris has the sharpshooter on Daniels and Storm hits Skipper with a super kick as he looked to hit Harris with a chair. Harris hit’s the Canatonic on Ki. The refereeis distracted when Harris blocks being hit with a title belt by Daniels and hits him with the belt instead. Ki nails Harris with the other belt and Daniels is able to pin Harris to win the titles. That was a solid bout.

17. Outside, Sonny Siaki attacked D’Lo Brown until Jarrett made the save by running Siaki away.

18. Glenn Gilbertti comes back out with Hollywood. He says Russo wanted to take SEX out of Tennessee. Russo would take them to California. Gilbertti says Hollywood is issuing an open challenge. The challenge is answered by one of the cage dancers, Lollipop. They have a catfight until Hollywood rips off Lollipop’s top exposing her breasts. Jeremy Borash enters the ring to cover her up.

19. Jeff Jarrett comes out to sit at the commentary table for the main event.

20. The winner becomes the number one contender for the NWA-TNA World Championship. Styles nearly hit’s the Styles Clash early but Raven broke free and bailed to the floor. Raven crotches Styles on the railing on a springboard attempt. Raven whacks Styles over the head with a chair and Styles is busted open. Raven delivers a clothesline and a running knee lift. Styles puts a sleeper on raven but Raven breaks free with a jaw breaker. Styles clothesline and spin kicks Raven before hitting a reverse DDT. Styles attempts a springboard but Raven power bombs him for a near win. Styles battles back with a super kick for a two count. Styles hit’s a hurricanrana for a near fall. Styles plants Raven with a DDT but couldn’t get the win. Styles tries for a slingshot cross body on the floor but Raven counters with a gut buster. Raven piece faces Jarrett who attacks both men. Styles accidentally hit’s the referee with a missile dropkick and Raven plants him with the DDT for a near fall. Another referee goes down and Styles hit’s the Styles Clash for a two count. They both go down after a chair shot/spin kick spot and they both are pinned. Both referees make the three count but who won? We fade to black.

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a fine week for NWA-TNA. The X-Division match, tag title match and the main event were all entertaining matches. I suppose the only negative was the fact of how many times Jarrett showed up and the constant promotion of the New Generation guys. The addition of D’Lo Brown to the roster is fine, but they are going to make him a main event guy. The fact they are bringing in guys who competed on HEAT in the WWE is just going to make them look kind of dumb. But, those guys are talented, I guess. Anyway, a solid overall episode this time around for TNA.

Thanks for reading.

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