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WCW Nitro 8/7/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
From: Denver, CO

1.)Vampiro, Great Muta & The Demon defeated The Jung Dragons
2.)WCW World Tag Team Champions Kronik defeated Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak by disqualification
3.)Buff Bagwell & Judy Bagwell defeated Kanyon & Pamela Paulshock
4.)Scott Steiner defeated Sting in a piper on a pole match
5.)WCW World Champion Booker T defeated WCW United States, Cruiserweight & Hardcore Champion Lance Storm to retain the title
6.)Jeff Jarrett defeated Mike Awesome
7.)Sting & Kevin Nash defeated Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.The show opens up with Scott Steiner attacking an innocent cameraman and Goldberg looking for Kevin Nash in the backstage area.

2.Tank Abbott is on commentary for the opening contest. Vampiro drops Jamisan with a release powerbomb early on. Jamisan hits a somersault dive off the top but only managed to get a near fall. Yang puts Vampiro on a ladder but Hayashi doesn’t quite hit a splash. Hayashi recovers and hits Muta with a spinning heel kick off the middle rope. Muta ends up spitting mist into Yang’s eyes and wins after hitting a top rope moonsault. After the match, Sting comes out and attacks the heels with his bat.

3.Apparently during the break there was a pull apart brawl between Nash, Goldberg and Steiner in the backstage area.

4.Back to the ring, Sting is leaving the ring but Scott Steiner comes out and tells him that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Steiner proceeds to beat Sting up with his pipe.

5.The Cat comes out and warns both Goldberg and Nash that if they screw up tonight they will be sent to jail. Cat also books a pipe on a pole match with Sting taking on Scott Steiner. Lance Storm comes out and demands a WCW World Championship match so he can become the first ever grand slam champion. Cat asks the fans and ends up booking the match to take place.

6.We hear from Billy Kidman who says that tonight is Torrie Wilson Appreciation Night. He is still trying to apologize to her.

7.O’Haire and Palumbo aren’t able to to win the tag titles this week. Kronik had the challengers in trouble to finish them off. However, Palumbo saved his team from being beaten when he hit Clarke with the Lex Flexor to cause the disqualification. After the match, the Filthy Animals and the MIA come out to get involved in a brawl. The Filthy Animals end up stealing the tag team championships to end the segment.

8.Our next match is a mixed tag match with Buff tagging with his mother Judy Bagwell to take on Kanyon and Pamela Paulshock. Pamela doesn’t want to be involved in the match, but is actually forcefully tagged in by Kanyon. Pamela is saved by Mean Gene who runs in and kicks Kanyon in the balls. That allows Buff to drop Kanyon with the Blockbuster to win the bout.

9.Tony Schiavone recently had a sit down interview with Vince Russo. Russo sees WCW as a great challenge and proceeds to talk about raising the ratings to a 3.4 after a few weeks on the job. He thinks that in ten months WCW will be where they need to be. Russo is going to do whatever he needs to do in order to help the company. Russo lets us know that he wants to wrestle John Rocker at Starrcade 2000, which will be taking place in New York, apparently. He also promotes the triple threat match at New Blood Rising saying that the winner will be who is best for the company moving forward.

10.It’s time for the pipe on a pole match. Sting had the early advantage with a flying clothesline but Steiner came back with an overhead release suplex. Steiner continued with a t-bone suplex. Sting fought back with a Stinger Splash on Scott and delivered another one to Rick Steiner, who has come down to ringside. Rick tossed Scott the pipe and that gives Scott the win, I guess. After the match, Scott locks in a Steiner Recliner with the pipe under Sting’s chin. Kevin Nash comes out to make the save but officials break up the fighting.

11.Prior to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship match, Mike Awesome and a large woman came out to the commentary to talk about the match. That’s not a good sign. Storm knocks Booker to the floor early on after drop kicking his injured leg and followed up with a dive on the floor. Booker is able to escape as Storm tries for a single leg Boston Crab. Booker connects with an axe kick and nails Storm with the Harlem Sidekick. Booker counters a body press with a slam. Storm rolls through on a go behind and locks in the Mapleleaf. Booker reaches the ropes. Storm regains control with a sidekick. Booker battles back with a side slam and a top rope missile dropkick for a near fall. Storm battles out of a Book-End attempt but Booker connects on the second try to win the match. After the match, Jeff Jarrett comes out and attacks Booker. Jarrett also beats down Booker with the Canadian flag and that doesn’t sit well with Storm. Jarrett goes to hit Storm with a guitar but hits the overweight woman on accident! Awesome chases Jarrett, who walks right into the Book-End to end the segment! That was a very good match and the aftermath was done nicely as well.

12.Backstage, Jarrett challenges Awesome to a match, tonight.

13.Billy Kidman comes out to the ring with some flowers, candy and some champagne. Kidman apologizes for everything he has done to Torrie. He claims that Torrie still means a lot to him despite the fact she is with Shane Douglas now. Torrie ends up coming out by herself and Kidman plays a video from Torrie’s sixteenth birthday party. The footage sees an overweight Wilson destroying her birthday cake. Thousands of pictures of an overweight Wilson fall from the ceiling as Torrie as been embarrassed by Kidman again. Douglas tries to attack Kidman from behind but fails at doing so. Reno enters the ring and chokes Kidman. He holds Kidman so that Douglas can whip Kidman with his belt to end the segment. That was a good, funny segment.

14.Backstage, the Filthy Animals are trying to leave the arena with the tag belts but Kronik catch them and beat up the car with a sledgehammer. They end up getting the belts back and slam Disco Inferno onto the car.

15.Back to the arena, Major Gunns brawls with Tygress and Miss Hancock in a mud pit. Hancock and Tygress shove Gunns face into the mud and just kick her around for the segment.

16.Well, Awesome has accepted Jarrett’s challenge. Jarrett sends Awesome into the guard railing a couple of times and uses a chair to get the early advantage. They trade a few chair shots. Awesome stops Jarrett with a middle rope back elbow. Lance Storm appears at the top of the ramp way as Awesome nails Jarrett with a flying clothesline. Awesome continued with a spine buster. Jarrett uses an object from his tights to hit Awesome but isn’t able to get a three count. Awesome looks to powerbomb Jarrett through a table but Storm gets on the apron to prevent that from happening. That allows Jarrett to hit the Stroke and wins the match.

17.Backstage, Kwee-Wee talks to Pamela but just insults her.

18.The main event was the one of the most boring matches I’ve ever seen end a Nitro. They hardly did any moves as it consisted mainly of punches and clotheslines. Towards the end of the match, Sting misses a splash in the corner as Scott avoided it. On the floor, Nash powerbombed Rick through a table. Scott goes for the Steiner Recliner on Sting but is attacked by Goldberg. Sting is able to cover Scott and wins the match. After the match, Goldberg decides to hit Sting with a side kick. Nash, Scott, and Goldberg brawl to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
The show was looking like it was going blow until Booker/Storm took place. Those two guys put on one hell of a match and showed the fans that they could be main event guys for WCW for a long time. The second hour was by far a show saver. Kidman’s segment was done nicely and the Jarrett/Awesome match was decent. I just wish they would’ve waited one week and promoted the Jarrett/Awesome match for the next pay per view. Why would people pay for a match that they saw on free television just a few weeks before? As for the Russo interview, the guy just shows he is a complete moron. One second he says that the company isn’t about him, and proceeds to say he wants John Rocker in the ring. One thing is for sure, as long as WCW has Russo influencing their programs, WCW will not be a consistently good show. This show was one of his better showings, but on a regular scale it wasn’t all that good.

Thanks for reading.

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