WCW Thunder 8/9/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Thunder
From: Denver, CO

1.)WCW World Tag Team Champions Kronik defeated Perfect Event, and Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire
2.)Elix Skipper defeated Crowbar
3.)Tank Abbott & Three Count defeated Misfits In Action
4.)Norman Smiley defeated Mike Sanders
5.)Lance Storm defeated Mike Awesome in a flag match
6.)David Flair & Miss Hancock defeated Sgt. AWOL & Major Gunns in a tables match
7.)Billy Kidman defeated Reno by disqualification
8.)Buff Bagwell & Gene Okerlund defeated Kanyon & Mark Madden
9.)The Cat & Sting defeated The Great Muta & Vampiro

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Brian Adams was smart enough to want Jindrak and O’Haire added to the math, putting the risk of losing the titles even more at risk. It was a decent back and forth match with every guy getting some level of offense in. Adams was cleaning house hitting a gut buster and a full nelson. Adams also drives Stasiak down to the mat with a pile driver. The younger guys end up getting the advantage on Clarke and Adams with O’Haire hitting a senton bomb. Adams recovers and sends them to the floor and along with Clarke they hit the High Time to win the match. After the match, Juventud Guerrera steals the tag team titles again while Kronik is distracted by Vampiro and Muta.

2.Backstage, Ernest Miller books Mike Awesome in a flag match against Lance Storm. He also fools around with the Jung Dragons briefly.

3.Backstage, Daffney tells Crowbar about a shirt she had made, which says “Watch Crowbar Wrestle”, but that together and you get WCW. Crowbar tries to tell her something but doesn’t.

4.Crowbar competed in singles action against Elix Skipper. During the bout, MI Smooth came out and gave Daffney flowers after whispering something to her. She has a secret admirer. Crowbar had the early advantage with a chair shot, slingshot body splash and a Spicolli Driver. However, Skipper was able to avoid a moonsault and hit the Overdrive to win the match.

5.Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is looking for WCW World Champion Booker T, but Jimmy Hart tells him that Booker isn’t here. Jarrett warns everyone that they will regret that Booker isn’t here.

6.Kanyon issues a challenge to Buff Bagwell and his mother. Bagwell accepts the challenge for later tonight.

7.Three Count and Tank Abbott got a pin fall victory over the MIA. David Flair and Miss Hancock got involved in the match. Helms and Moore hit a leg drop/splash combo off ladder to get the victory. Who cared about that one?

8.Backstage, Crowbar asks MI Smooth about the flowers, but Smooth tells him he has to worry about someone taking Daffney. Also, we see Vampiro and Muta attacking the Jung Dragons and Ernest Miller telling Vampiro he will see him in a tag match later on.

9.Sanders challenged Smiley to a hardcore match, and it didn’t work out quite the way he wanted it to. Sanders sent Smiley through a table with a t-bone suplex. Smiley slams Sanders through a table but can’t win on the floor. Sanders ends up missing a chair shot and the chair whacks him in the fact allowing Smiley to win the bout.

10.Well, the flag match wasn’t really a match. Heidi ends up turning on Awesome by hitting him with the American Flag. Storm is handed the Canadian flag and wins the match in under three minutes.

11.Backstage, Kidman issues a challenge to Shane Douglas for New Blood Rising. He wants to fight Douglas in a strap match. Kidman isn’t done as he goes over and makes out Reno’s girlfriend.

12.Ugh, Miss Hancock and David Flair were victorious over Sgt. Awol and Major Gunns in a table match. Hancock was able to whip Gunns through a table in the corner. After the match, Awol choke slams Flair through another table.

13.Reno starts the match with several suplexs but Kidman tries to battle back with a head scissors and bulldog. Reno is able to hit the Roll of the Dice but didn’t go for the pin. He instead gets a chair and tries to powerbomb Kidman, but that was a failed attempt as Kidman counters by ramming Reno face first into the chair. Shane Douglas comes out and attacks Kidman with a chain to cause the disqualification. After the match, Big Vito runs out to make the save on Kidman.

14.Backstage, The Artist sees Paisley rubbing down Kwee-Wee. So, the Artist acts like any other normal guy and brawls with Kwee-Wee.

15.Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring and gives David Penzer a note to read to the fans. Penzer says that Jarrett is going to continue to take innocent victims and disrupt the show because Booker isn’t in the building. As soon as he is done reading that, Jarrett smashes him with his guitar! Jarrett guarantees that he will win back the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

16.Tony Schiavone did a sit down interview with the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T. Basically, Booker says that he worked hard to be the champion and that his knee is inflamed but he will not need to go under the knife. As per usual, Booker tells us that if you want the belt you’re going to have to kill him.

17.I suppose the tag match with Bagwell and Kanyon is comical. So, Madden and Gene get the hot tags towards the end of the match. Madden looks to low blow Gene, but Gene reveals he was wearing a protective cup and presses it against Madden’s face. Buff enters to hit the Blockbuster and Gene gets the pin fall victory. After the match, Kanyon enters the ring and hits the Kanyon Cutter on Bagwell.

18.The main event starts off with all four men brawling. Sting missed a Stinger Splash and landed on the guard railing. Muta worked on Miller with a chair. Miller gets a hot tag after Sting was worked on for several minutes. Miller plants Vampiro with a DDT as the Demon makes his way down to the ring. Muta spits mist into Sting’s face. Miller nails Vampiro with the Feliner and wins the match. After the match, Muta spits mist into Miller’s face. Demon drops Sting with the Scorpion Death Drop to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
From a wrestling perspective, the in-ring stuff wasn’t all that thrilling. I suppose the angle advancements made for the feuds was done well. Most of the feuds had some kind of development and if you notice, the heels had the upper hand on this show. Perhaps they are hoping that the babyfaces looking to get some revenge on the pay per view would work fr the buy-rate. The best matches were the Reno/Kidman and the tag match involving Gene and Madden just for the humor associated with it. It wasn’t an awful show, it was just there and not much of note taking place.

Thanks for reading.

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