WCW Saturday Night 2/4/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
Date: Atlanta, GA

1.)Nasty Boys defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & Lt. James Earl Wright
2.)Lord Steven Regal defeated Al Phillips
3.)Paul Roma defeated Larry Santo
4.)Todd Morton & Brian Logan defeated WCW United States Champion Vader by disqualification
5.)Jim Duggan defeated Bobby Hayes
6.)Johnny B. Badd defeated Rick Matrix
7.)Sting, Randy Savage, & Dustin Rhodes defeated Bunkhouse Buck, Dick Slater & the Blacktop Bully

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Col. Robert Parker says that Dustin Rhodes and company will fall to his team. Sting, Rhodes and Savage say that they will take care of business. I’m totally assuming that because it’s hard to understand them when they yell like that!

2. Bobby Heenan likes that Big Bubba is back to being a lowlife and is excited to see him compete in the future.

3. The former WCW World Tag Team Champions and current number one contenders for the titles kicked off the show in action against the Border Patrol. Knobbs drives Wright down to the mat with a running power slam and Saggs hit a top rope elbow drop for the win. It was nearly ten minutes long, but I’d still call it an extended squash match. There was never any doubt about the outcome for this one. After the match, they talk to Mean Gene. Saggs says that the heat is turned up as they are going for the gold. Knobbs says they are ready to fight and they are going break some bones. He says that Sherri will go to Pity City if she gets involved.

4. Lord Steven Regal forced Al Phillips to submit quickly to the Regal Stretch (STF).

5. A video promoting Brian Pillman is aired.

6. As Paul Roma picks apart his opponent, he looks into the camera and taunts Alex Wright saying he is going to break his back and find him if he tries to hide from him. I didn’t understand this squash match as Roma tried several pin attempts and couldn’t get the win. That just seemed odd to me. Roma finishes off Santo with a top rope fist drop.

7. WCW United States Champion and the number one contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, Big Van Vader competed in a handicap match this week. Vader ends up delivering powerbombs to both jobbers on the concrete floor and is disqualified for doing so. Watch out Hogan! After the match, Vader is interviewed by Mean Gene. Vader says that Superbrawl is going to be the biggest event in wrestling history (until the next one). Vader says the fans saw fear in Hogan’s eyes. Vader says he heard Hogan say that he is the man and has no fear. Harley Race says that Vader is the demon and is staring right at Hogan, which scares Hogan.

8. We see footage from Starrcade ’94 where Vader confronted Hogan after he retained the title over the Butcher in the main event.

9. A video promoting Randy Savage in WCW is aired.

10. Footage from the last Clash of the Champions where Big Bubba turned heel by attacking Sting.

11. Mean Gene is standing with Sting and Randy Savage for an interview. Sting says that Big Bubba is evil and gets aggravated when he thinks about the guys who have turned on him. Sting says he and Savage want Bubba and Avalanche at Superbrawl. Savage says that Sting is no longer mister nice guy. Savage promotes the six man tag taking place later tonight. They don’t have a plan for tonight because they are just going to be wild and crazy.

12. Footage from WCW Pro is shown. Dave Sullivan confronted DDP and they agreed to have an arm wrestling match next week on WCW Pro. If Dave wins he gets a date with Diamond Doll.

13. Jim Duggan won his squash match following a clothesline.

14. Johnny B. Badd competed in singles action as well and won his squash match after a left hook to the face.

15. Mean Gene is standing with Kevin Sullivan and the Butcher. Gene talks about Kevin’s match with Dave Sullivan at Superbrawl. Kevin defends the reasoning why he cut Dave’s hair and calls Hulkamania “crap”, which is censored by TBS. Sullivan believes that Dave is going to have his world fall apart. Butcher isn’t going to cry over spilled milk for not winning at Starrcade.

16. It’s time for the six man tag team main event! The babyfaces enter the ring and send the heels to the floor to get the early advantage. Rhodes and Slater open the match with Rhodes hammering away on Slater. Buck enters but doesn’t fair any better than Slater. Sting tags in and press slams Buck onto Blacktop Bully. Dustin tags in and clotheslines Bully down to the canvas. It was only a matter of time until the heels got the cheap advantage and they work on Rhodes in their corner. Col. Parker gets a few cheap shots in on the floor as well. Rhodes fights back with a leaping cross body on Bully, but that doesn’t last. Rhodes collides with Bully after a backdrop and tries to make a tag. Savage and Slater the tags. Savage cleans house until Buck comes from behind with a shot to his back. All six men begin to fight with Rhodes taking Bully on the floor. Buck accidentally hits Slater with his boot and Savage comes off the top to hit the elbow drop for the victory. After the match, Sting and Meng almost have a brawl but they are held apart.

17. To close the show, we hear from WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan. Hogan says that everything is on the line at Superbrawl. He says whoever wins will have the piece of wrestling for the 1990’s. Hogan warns Jimmy Hart to watch his back at Superbrawl. Hogan does look worried. Hart assures Hogan that he will believe in him forever. Hogan knows how quickly Vader can break him in half if he isn’t prepared for the big title match. Hogan flexes to finish off the interview.

Final Thoughts:
I’m liking the Vader/Hogan advancements because Hogan competing against a bigger man who can seriously threaten him and title is really needed. WCW is rather weak on the heel side, and with Flair gone for awhile, Hogan is probably going to need to work with Vader until the spring. Aside from the promotion for the Vader/Hogan feud, there wasn’t much going on this week.

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