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WCW Saturday Night 2/11/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Brian Pillman defeated George South
2.)Avalanche defeated Scott Studd
3.)Nasty Boys defeated Rock Stockhauser & John Faulkner
4.)WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson defeated Mark Starr
5.)WCW United States Champion Vader defeated Rick Keller & Mike Glory in a handicap match
6.)Kevin Sullivan defeated Davey Rich
7.)WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell & The Patriot to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Tonight, Stars & Stripes will be going for the gold against WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat. Both teams share their thoughts on the match with both teams saying they will win the titles tonight.

2.Mean Gene tells us that he had a special interview with Ric Flair, who is retired from WCW after losing to Hogan back at Halloween Havoc in October of last year.

3.Brian Pillman returned to WCW with a new theme song that says “Blondes have more fun.” I’d have to agree with that. Pillman hasn’t been on television for a few months but he is able to return with a victory over George South following a tornado DDT.

4.Ric Flair says that everyone who thought he was gone, is wrong. He is going to be involved with WCW. He says he has never left professional wrestling and brags about the fans chanting his name every night. He is the only man to have wrestled Vader and Hogan in the entire world. Flair believes that Vader is going to rock the world on February 19th. Flair promises to show up next week on Saturday Night. He needs wrestling just as much as wrestling needs him.

5.Avalanche had no problem with Scott Studd this week and won following a sit down splash. After the match, Gene interviews Avalanche and Big Bubba. Bubba doesn’t need to tell Gene what made him attack Sting. Bubba says they aren’t going to play any silly games with Sting and Savage. Avalanche tells them that they will be in the for fight of their life.

6.Nasty Boys get another squash match this week. They need the momentum as they head towards Superbrawl. Saggs comes off the top and hits an elbow drop on Faulkner to win the match. After the match, Gene interviews them and Saggs tells Harlem Heat they better be prepared at Superbrawl because they are going to Nastyville. Knobbs doesn’t think Harlem Heat can beat them.

7.Footage from WCW Pro is aired where Dave Sullivan and DDP had a confrontation. Dave Sullivan is willing to put his piggy bank up against DDP’s valet Diamond Doll. The piggy bank is very important. DDP wants Dave to bring the piggy bank to him when he beats Dave. This is kind of stupid.

8.WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson squared off against Mark Starr in singles action. Anderson wins the squash match following a DDT. It wasn’t that bad of a squash. After the match, Mean Gene interviews Arn Anderson and Col. Robert Parker. Parker considers it an honor to stand next to Anderson as the champion. Anderson chimes in to say that everyone thought it was a mirage when Anderson beat Bagwell and Badd until he beat Savage. Now, everyone is afraid of him because he is hot. Anderson wants Hogan to show him how great he thinks he is.

9.A video promoting Sting is aired. He is panting his face and talks about Great American Bash 1990 where he won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship for his first title reign. He also relives wrestling Lex Luger at Superbrawl II to win the championship again. Sting talks about Spring Stampede 1994 where he pinned Rick Rude for another championship reign. Sting knows that he made Avalanche tap out at Clash of the Champions.

10.Back at the arena, Gene interviews Sting and Randy Savage. Savage is pumped to wrestle Avalanche and Bubba in eight days. Sting nobody is going to be able to change Sting. He is waiting for anyone to challenge him here in WCW.

11.It’s time for Vader to compete in another handicap match. Vader just has his way with the poor young jobbers. Vader pins one of the jobbers after a power bomb. He actually pins both of them just because he can. After the match, Gene interviews Vader and Harley Race. Vader says he nearly squeezed the life out of Hogan at the Clash. Vader knows that Hogan is afraid of him. The interview is really similar to what Vader said last week.

12.Kevin Sullivan competed in a squash match, which he won following a double stomp. After the match, Gene interviews Sullivan and the Butcher. Gene wants to know what is going on in Sullivan’s head. Sullivan claims that he is a kind man and has a warm heart for his brother Dave. Kevin hopes that Dave will remember that the haircut was just the beginning. Butcher wants Vader to thank him for Hogan slipping away with a victory. Butcher knows that Vader is going to get the job done at Superbrawl.

13.Bagwell and Booker open the bout with Bagwell hip tossing Booker over the top to the floor and keeps the advantage with Patriot coming in to hip toss and backdrop both Booker and Stevie. Booker stops Patriot with a big boot as he charged the corner and got the upper hand. Patriot scoop slams Stevie and Bagwell keeps the advantage. Bagwell battles back when Booker gets the tag by hitting a cross body. Booker dropkicks Bagwell to the floor after Stevie knees him in the back. Stevie clubs away on Bagwell while on the floor as the referee is distracted. Bagwell is worked on for several minutes and the Patriot doesn’t exactly help him out when he distracts the referee a couple of times. Bagwell avoids a middle rope leg drop attempt by Booker and Patriot gets the hot tag. Patriot cleans house with left hands and elbow strikes. Patriot nearly pins Booker after a top rope shoulder block. Sherri rakes Patriot’s eyes when he rolls Booker up and is clotheslined by both Stevie and Booker. As a result, he is pinned. By the way, Bagwell could’ve made the save but stopped. After the match, Sherri splashes onto Bagwell while Harlem Heat hold him. Here come the Nasty Boys and they brawl with Harlem Heat until they bail to the floor and leave.

14.A video promoting the feud between Hogan and Vader is shown. After the video, we hear from WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan. Hogan says no one cares about any other promotions and only care about WCW. Hogan believes he can handle Vader. He is going to tear Vader apart in Baltimore. Hogan knows that Ric Flair could slip him up and that is why he has Jimmy Hart by his side to watch out for Flair. Hogan is going to slam Vader and is going to beat Vader, brother.

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode of Saturday Night this week. It seems like they are just repeating the same things in the promos, especially since there weren’t any new promos. We hear from Vader, Nasty Boys, Hogan and Savage/Sting yet again this week. There is only so much people can say to promote their feuds. Anyway, hopefully next weeks episode adds some last second promotion and features some high profile matches involving guys not on the pay per view. Plus, Flair returns (again) to WCW television!

Thanks for reading.

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