WCW Saturday Night 2/18/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Big Bubba defeated Scott D’Amour
2.)The Nasty Boys defeated Greg Sawyer & Rip Rogers
3.)Bunkhouse Buck defeated Atom Flash
4.)Kevin Sullivan defeated Scott Sandlin
5.)Paul Roma defeated Tim Horner
6.)Alex Wright defeated Dave Dalton
7.)The Blacktop Bully defeated Buddy Wayne
8.)WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated Scott Armstrong & Mike Davis
9.)Johnny B. Badd fought WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson to a draw

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Tonight, Johnny B. Badd looks to regain the WCW Television Championship when he meets Arn Anderson in the main event tonight!

2.Tony and Bobby talk to Nick Bockwinkel who says that if Ric Flair wants to talk to him he will have to do so in front of the world.

3.Big Bubba competed in singles action this week, only twenty four hours away from the big tag match with Avalanche to take on Sting and Randy Savage. Bubba took out some of his frustration on the poor jobber and finished him off with a side slam. After the match, Sting runs out to the ring as Bubba attacked the jobber some more. Sting trades right hands with Bubba and gets the better of him. Here comes the big Avalanche who holds Sting for Bubba. Randy Savage sprints to the ring and attacks Bubba to help out Sting! All four men brawl until the heels bail to the floor. Tony Schiavone interviews Savage and Sting. Savage tells Sting he will watch his back and make sure nothing happens to him. Sting says Bubba is nothing but trash to him. They are confident about winning tomorrow night.

4.The Nasty Boys competed on the show for the third week in a row. They won after Saggs hit a top rope elbow drop. After the match, they were interviewed about facing Harlem Heat, but it’s just the same stuff as usual.

5.Bunkhouse Buck won his squash match after delivering a right hand.

6.A video promoting the Kevin Sullivan vs. Dave Sullivan feud is aired.

7.Speaking of Kevin Sullivan, he was in action. His squash match came to an end after a double stomp. After the match, Kevin Sullivan is interviewed. He thinks that Hulkamania is coming to an end tomorrow night. Butcher is going to see Vader squash Hogan and thinks tomorrow night will be a good night for them.

8.Huh, Tim Horner gets a ring introduction. I’m pretty sure he is just a jobber at this point. Roma won the squash match following a top rope fist drop.

9.Tony Schiavone is with Nick Bockwinkel and calls out Ric Flair for an interview. The guy is “retired”, but still comes out with ring music and comes from the backstage area. I wouldn’t have had the music and such, personally. They talk about the Halloween Havoc cage match that caused Flair to retire. Flair has not retired since October ’94. Flair is tired of watching wrestling on television. He is either going to buy the company from Turner or in some other fashion. Flair tells Bockwinkel that he is going to be at Superbrawl tomorrow night. Flair is clearly rooting for Vader to beat Hogan tomorrow night.

10.Alex Wright successfully competed in singles action picking up a win after a top rope cross body. After the match, Paul Roma came out to confront Wright, but was prevented from doing so by several officials.

11.A video promoting the feud between Dustin Rhodes and Blacktop Bully is aired.

12.Blacktop Bully competed in singles action and won with the Breaker 1-9. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews the Stud Stable. Blacktop Bully tells Parker he will get his money worth tomorrow night when he takes out Dustin Rhodes at Superbrawl. Bunkhouse Buck says he is going to whip Jim Duggan like he is a red headed step child. Arn Anderson believe he is the greatest WCW TV Champion of all time. He says that Johnny B. Badd will fail a third time to take the championship away from him.

13.Harlem Heat competed in a squash match this week. Booker T debuted the Harlem Hangover this week and pinned Davis. It’s a really nice move, and in 1995 it was crazy to do that for sure. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews Harlem Heat. Sherri says they are going to turn up the heat and says the Nasty Boys will not be able to do a damn thing when they are done with them. Stevie says they better show up with a lot of guts and heart to try and take the belts away from them this Sunday.

14.Can Johnny B. Badd regain the WCW Television Championship? It’s a slow start with Anderson avoiding Badd early on, but when Badd gets a hold of Anderson he works on his arm. Badd comes off the ropes but is driven down to the canvas with a big spine buster! That allows Anderson to work on Badd for a few minutes, tossing the challenger to the floor so Parker can get a few shots in. Anderson connects with a side slam for a near fall. Anderson begins to weaken Badd’s back with a knee lift and locks in a bear hug. There is only two minutes left in the match. Badd makes his comeback with a slam and backdrop. Anderson tries to bail to the floor and is able to. Badd tosses him back into the ring and hits a double ax handle off the top. Badd with a top rope sunset flip but Anderson kicks out. Badd tries several times to pin Anderson but isn’t able to get the three count. Badd knocks Anderson out with a left hook but the time expires and Anderson retain the title.

15.Tony Schiavone introduces WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart for an interview in studio. Hogan is ready for Superbrawl and is ready to meet Vader in the ring. Hogan is focused on Superbrawl and says the whole world is going to see what they have been waiting for. Hogan needs to win so he can be the future of WCW. These guys are doing the same exact promo that they did last week. Seriously, it’s remarkable.

16.To close the show, Nick Bockwinkel announces that Arn Anderson will wrestle Johnny B. Badd tomorrow night during the Main Event. It will be contested with lumberjacks around the ring. That’s a wrap!

Final Thoughts:
The show was really repetitive as they just repeated things they had been saying for the past three weeks or so. The main event was the best match, obviously, and the segment that opened the show action wise was successful in adding some emotion into the tag match. I’m not surprised that Flair is returning rather sooner than expected, but it needs to happen. Superbrawl V is a rather weak pay per view on paper with the most anticipated match being the main event and really nothing else.

Thanks for reading.

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