WCW Saturday Night 2/6/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.)Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated Johnny B. Badd & 2 Cold Scorpio
2.)Steve Regal defeated Bob Cook
3.)Ron Simmons defeated Mike Thor
4.)Rock N’ Roll Express defeated SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies by disqualification
5.)Maxx Payne defeated Brad Armstrong
6.)Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn defeated Shanghai Pierce & Tex Slazenger by disqualification
7.)Barry Windham defeated Sting via disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.The program starts off with the Hollywood Blondes competing against Badd and Scorpio. Pillman and Scorpio kicked off the contest exchanging blows. Scorpio sends Pillman to the floor following a drop kick and leaps off the apron to drop Pillman with an overhand shot. Pillman sends Badd into his corner and tags in Austin who works on Badd with several right hands. Badd nails Austin with a clothesline but isn’t able to get a three count. Scorpio enters but is slammed gut first to the mat by Austin. The referee is distracted when Pillman is able to suplex Scorpio from the ring down onto the floor! Scorpio hits a springboard cross body on Pillman for a near fall. Scorpio side kicks Austin and tags in Badd. Badd cleans house with slams and dropkicks. Austin breaks up a pin attempt by Badd after a sunset flip and Pillman is able to roll Badd up after Austin hits him with a right hand for the win. That was a solid television match between four quality workers.

2.Backstage, Tony Schiavone is with Barry Windham. Windham says that Sting only got a little taste to what is going to happen at Superbrawl. He believes Sting will be done with the business come Superbrawl.

3.This is Steve Regal’s debut in America. He is not a heel, but rather a plain babyface. Regal wins the squash match following a gut wrench slam.

4.Tony Schiavone sits down with Erik Watts and they look at the footage of Arn Anderson attacking him at a gas station. Anderson has an injured leg and his career might be over, according to Tony. He feels bad for probably ending Anderson’s career but he was just defending himself.

5.Ron Simmons had a squash match this week. Simmons wins the bout following a power slam.

6.Jim Ross is with the WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes will be defending against Ron Simmons at the Superbrawl event. They shake hands and wish each other luck at the event. Simmons plans on leaving the ring with the championship.

7.Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies and Bobby Eaton come walking out from the crowd to talk to Jim Ross. Cornette wants to see Bill Watts because he doesn’t answer his phone calls. Watts makes his way over and Cornette says he left the company because they wanted to make them look like fools. Cornette is mad that they showed footage of the Rock N’ Roll Express beating them up at SMW. Cornette wants Watts to apologize to them for trying to make them look like clowns. The microphone cuts in and out several times. Watts calls Cornette a sissy and he isn’t going to apologize to Cornette. Watts threatens to put them in jail if they arrive on their show again. Here comes the Rock N’ Roll Express who want a piece of the Heavenly Bodies. Watts decides to book them into a match, right now!

8.Morton and Pritchard legally kick off the match trading right hands until Morton catapults Pritchard down to the mat. The Express has been able to keep control of the match with the Bodies not getting any offense in. Morton drops Pritchard with a hurricanrana! Morton is tossed to the floor where Cornette nails him with a tennis racket shot to the throat. Pritchard is met with a double dropkick and Eaton enters to cause the disqualification. Eaton leg drops Morton while Lane held him! Gibson is back dropped over the top to the floor. Here comes several jobbers but they aren’t able to enter the ring. I really enjoyed the last two segments.

9.Gordon Solie hosts the WCW Up Close segment. He is sitting with Cactus Jack. Jack welcomes Solie into his world. Jack isn’t here to meet anyone’s approval. He doesn’t mind what the fans do when he wrestles. Nothing was going through his mind when he took out Vader and Orndorff with a shovel. He tells Vader that he has a date with Cactus Jack, but he has to deal with Paul Orndorff first.

10.Maxx Payne won his squash match by submission with the Pain Killer.

11.Johnny Gunn worked on Tex early on with an arm bar but Tex gains control by avoiding a big splash and Gunn hits the top rope throat first. Tex drops Gunn with a kick to the face. Gunn drops both men with a double clothesline. Zenk tags in and cleans house with kicks. Tex tosses Zenk over the top to the floor and is disqualified for doing so. After the match, Zenk and Gunn punch Tex and Shanghai to the floor.

12.Backstage, Tony Schiavone is with Vader and Harley Race. Vader brags about whipping Sting last week. Vader says it’s only a small taste to what he will do to Sting at Superbrawl.

13.Sting hammers away on Windham to start the match. Windham stops Sting with an eye rake but Sting is able to counter a suplex with one of his own. Sting no sells a back suplex and backdrops Windham. Windham avoids a splash in the corner and comes off the top with a leaping clothesline. Windham gets a two count following a vertical suplex. Sting battles back with a snap suplex but Windham quickly regains the advantage. Windham plants Sting with a DDT but isn’t able to put Sting away. Sting refuses to stay down for a three count. Sting blocks a superplex attempt and knocks Windham off the middle rope. Sting hits a top rope clothesline! Windham collides with the referee on accident and then collides with Sting, sending Windham to the floor. Harley Race gives him a strap but Sting gets the strap and hits Windham with it. Sting covers and wins the match. After the match, Sting hangs Windham with the rope until Vader comes out to save Windham. The referee has reversed the decision to give Windham the disqualification win.

Final Thoughts:
It was a solid episode this week. The SMW segment was actually the best segment and in my opinion the best match on the show. The opener and main event were also enjoyable matches. I did think it was weird to see Steve Regal playing a clean cut babyface, but this was just his debut and they would figure out a way to make him a star for them later in the year. This show did a good job of advancing the top angles and some good progress was made towards Superbrawl this week.

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