ECW Hardcore TV 1/10/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV

1.)Stevie Richards defeated Hack Myers
2.)Too Cold Scorpio defeated the Sandman

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Joey Styles kicks off the show with saying the ECW Arena has been expanded to allow more people into the arena. Styles introduces Stevie Richards, who is dressed up like Scotty Flamingo from WCW. Styles tells Richards that Johnny Polo isn’t here tonight. Richards considers this to be the greatest night of his life. He says that his man is mad at Tommy Dreamer. Well, Dreamer is in Japan, but Richards thinks that Dreamer is hiding. Richards introduces the debut of… RAVEN! Out comes the man formerly known as Johnny Polo in the WWF. Raven talks about waking up with cardboard as his pillow. He doesn’t want that to happen again. Raven wants elimination by any means necessary. Richards will be competing in singles action next.

2.Myers is wearing a neck brace due to his match with Benoit at Holiday Hell ’94. Raven ends up getting involved when Myers controls Richards. Raven kicks Myers right in the face and that allows Richards to steal a victory.

3.We see footage of Public Enemy entering a club while wearing the tag team titles.

4.A segment called Extreme Encyclopedia is aired which gives us a definition of Sandman and Woman. It basically just describes their characters. They do the same for Too Cold Scorpio.

5.ECW World Champion Shane Douglas is at a club partying with four women. Joey Styles ends up at the club to interview Douglas. The champ talks about his journey to the club and wondered how many women it would take to satisfy him. He actually make a boner joke, too.

6.We hear from Ron Simmons who says he is going show Douglas what being a champion is all about. He is going beat Douglas and is going get revenge on Benoit and Malenko. He will be teaming with Too Cold Scorpio in Florida to get his revenge.

7.Too Cold Scorpio calls out Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit. They respond to the challenge and walk down to the ringside area. Scorpio tells them he is going take care of them in Florida. They enter the ring and Scorpio punches them before hitting a drop kick. Benoit drops Scorpio with a full nelson suplex and they drop Scorpio throat first across the top rope. Malenko power bombs Scorpio and Benoit comes off the top with a leg drop. Tod Gordon comes out to try and stop the beating with several officials. They eventually leave Scorpio in the ring laid out.

8.The Sandman walks out to the ring for his scheduled match against Scorpio. Sandman takes his sweet ‘ol time getting into the ring, which pretty much allows Scorpio to recover from the beating moments ago. That might just give Sandman the award for being the dumbest wrestler. Sandman finally enters the ring and takes control with a vertical suplex. Sandman leaps off the top to hit a leg drop. Scorpio whacks Sandman with a chair on the floor to make this a competitive match, only to be met with a chair shot from Sandman as he tries to enter the ring. Scorpio drops Sandman and comes off the top with a big splash, but decides against making the cover. Scorpio spikes Sandman with a pile driver but misses a second top rope big splash. Scorpio springboards off the top rope and pins Sandman with a top rope moonsault! After the match, Sandman beats down Scorpio with a kendo stick. Benoit and Malenko return to the ring and beat down Scorpio some more as the show comes to an end.

Final Thoughts:
This was a better episode compared to last weeks. The debut of Raven starts a new era for ECW, in my opinion. We all know what Raven did in ECW, so seeing how he starts off in the company should be interesting and fun to see. They already planted his feud with Dreamer to start. The Scorpio/Sandman match was actually enjoyable and I thought it was good and unexpecting that Scorpio won since he was attacked earlier. I’d give the show a mild thumbs up this week.

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