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ECW Hardcore TV 1/3/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV

1.)Mikey Whipwreck defeated Don E. Allen
2.)ECW World Tag Team Champions Public Enemy defeated Tazmaniac & Sabu to retain the titles (from Holiday Hell ’94)
3.)ECW World Champion Shane Douglas defeated Ron Simmons to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.The program starts off with Whipwreck competing in singles action. Whipwreck finishes Allen off with a middle rope bulldog to win the match. It was just a squash match for Whipwreck to start the new year. After the match, Joey Styles interviews Mike Whipwreck. Styles notes that Whipwreck was third runner up for PWI Rookie of the Year. The microphone is awful so I can’t really hear anything. Paul Lauria is at ringside and was partners with Whipwreck. He says that Whipwreck has been doing great. They shake hands but Lauria drops him with a right hand and attacks Whipwreck, sending him into the ring post! Lauria smashes Whipwreck with a chair a few times. Jason Knight comes out and is apparently his manager now. Whipwreck is helped to the backstage area.

2.Jason Knight talks to Joey Styles saying that he is going to ruin Whipwreck’s life in every way possible with the help of his former friend Paul Lauria.

3.We hear from Woman and Sandman who say that they are going to show what they are all about to Cactus Jack on January 14th in Florida.

4.The ECW World Tag Team Champions Public Enemy are hanging out outside. They rap about people backing off from them otherwise they will regret it, I think.

5.We see the match from Holiday Hell 1994 between Public Enemy and the team of Sabu and Tazmaniac. All four men brawl around ringside and in the ring. Sabu hit a moonsault on Grunge early on for a two count. Taz drops Rock with a Tazplex but only gets a near fall because the referee was out of position. We skip ahead to where Sabu sends Grunge through a table with slingshot splash on the floor. Taz hits an overhead suplex on Rock. Taz continues to suplex both Rock and Grunge. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko come out and Benoit attacks Sabu with Rock. Benoit drives Sabu down into the mat with a DDT. They don’t show the finish, but I’ll assume that Public Enemy won since they had the titles in the previous segment. After the match, Taz and Sabu are attacked by Public Enemy, Benoit and Malenko. 911 comes out and makes the save.

6.Paul Heyman cuts a promo about ECW providing the best entertainment. He hypes up a 4 vs. 3 match that will see 911 team up with Sabu and Taz to take on Public Enemy, Malenko and Benoit.

7.Shane Douglas cuts a promo saying that all his opponents keep on dropping like flies. Steve Austin isn’t allowed to show up and he mentions that Simmons was injured by Benoit and Malenko. Ron Simmons comes out with his arm in a sling. Simmons decks Douglas with a microphone and this match is happening with Simmons only having one good arm and in street clothes! Simmons controlled the opening moments with a few clotheslines. Douglas kicks Simmons into the guard railing back first. Douglas sends Simmons shoulder first into the ring post, with Simmons hitting his bad arm. Simmons drops Douglas with his cowboy boot! Simmons begins to whip Douglas with his belt a few times before using his boot again. Douglas avoids a splash in the corner and nails Simmons with his own boot a few times. Simmons is begging off as Douglas rips off the sling. Douglas comes off the top but is met with a boot to the face. Simmons hits his shoulder on the top turnbuckle and Douglas rolls Simmons up to win the match.

8.Joey Styles reveals that Shane Douglas will defend the ECW World Championship against Tully Blanchard on Saturday night!

Final Thoughts:
Not much all that exciting taking place this week on ECW Hardcore TV. The announcement of Tully Blanchard competing against Douglas was probably the highlight and that came at the very end. I’d expect better programming to come soon, though.

Thanks for reading.

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