WWF Superstars 2/6/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Hershey, PA

1.)Ricky Steamboat fought Rick Rude to a double disqualification
2.)Don Muraco defeated Dusty Wolfe
3.)Ron Bass defeated Gary Starr
4.)Jim Duggan defeated Brian Costello
5.)Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Gino Carabello
6.)One Man Gang defeated Jerry Gray

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Vince McMahon talks about officials not being allowed to discuss what happened between Hogan and Andre before the start of the show.

2.We actually get an interesting featured bout on Superstars. During the first thirty seconds of the match, Hercules and Harley Race come out to ringside. Steamboat hits a leaping cross body and arm dragged Rude a few times. Steamboat begins to work on Rude’s left arm with a knee drop. Rude stops Steamboat with an atomic drop and clothesline. Rude follows up with a scoop slam for a two count. Steamboat counters a backdrop attempt with a swinging neck breaker. Steamboat heads to the top rope and drops Rude with an overhand chop. Race trips Steamboat as he runs the ropes. The referee didn’t see that happen, but he does see the Ultimate Warrior come out and roll Race into the ring which causes the double disqualification. Jim Duggan comes down to the ring with a 2×4 to send Rude, Race and Hercules to the floor. Duggan stands tall with Steamboat and Warrior to end the segment.

3.Craig DeGeorge hosts the Update segment and heavily promotes WrestleMania IV. It takes place on March 27th live from Atlantic City. That’s all he has to tell us.

4.Don Muraco competed in a squash match this week. Muraco is an enormous man. Ventura tries to talk about what happened with Andre and Hogan but they actually censor him from doing so. That was actually pretty funny and creative to me. Muraco wins the match following a tombstone pile driver.

5.Craig DeGeorge interviews Rick Rude before his match with Koko B. Ware in New Haven. Rude gives Koko B. Ware some credit for having talent. He thinks he can sing and dance better than Koko. He knows he is a better wrestle than Koko. Rude predicts the match will last only three or four minutes. “It might take late long for me to get my hands on him.”

6.We hear from the British Bulldogs who give us an update on Matilda. They say she is getting better but she is still in rough shape.

7.Ron Bass bullied his way to victory after hitting a pedigree. After the match, Bass choked the jobber with his whip.

8.Jim Duggan came out to the ring to compete in singles action. We hear from Bad News Brown during the match, and he tells us that more bad news is coming to the WWF. Anyway, Duggan got a pin fall victory after a running clothesline.

9.Craig DeGeorge is standing with Sensational Sherri. Sherri tells us that she will stop at nothing to keep her championship. Sherri believes that because she is the champion, she can do whatever she wants to do. She laughs at Craig for saying that Rockin Robin has worthy competitor.

10.Footage of Dino Bravo trying to break the lifting record is shown. Jesse Ventura clearly helped Bravo lift up the bar.

11.Bam-Bam Bigelow competed in singles action this week. Bigelow won the squash match following a slingshot splash from the apron into the ring.

12.Craig DeGeorge is with the Bolsheviks and Slick. Slick has a lot of plans for his team. However, he is pissed off because he knows that Russia is one of the best countries in the world today. Slick says his guys are ambassadors of good will. Volkoff says they are the best. They don’t think they are given enough respect. We are lucky enough to hear them sing the Russian national anthem.

13.The Islanders and Bobby Heenan tells us that they hate animals and they don’t have any remorse for what they did to the Bulldogs.

14.One Man Gang took care of business in his squash match and won following a front suplex slam.

15.Mean Gene interviews Dino Bravo in New Haven before a house show takes place on a Tuesday. Frenchy Martin says some stuff that I can’t understand. I know he calls Hillbilly Jim a pig farmer. Bravo knows that he beat the record and Ventura didn’t help him. That’s it for this week.

Final Thoughts:
Not a bad episode this week. I thought the Rude/Steamboat match was solid for how long it went. Considering WrestleMania is several more weeks away, I don’t expect a lot of fresh new things happening on Superstars for a little while.

Thanks for reading.

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