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ECW on TNN 4/7/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Richmond, VA

1.)Steve Corino defeated Kid Kash
2.)ECW Television Champion Super Crazy defeated Mikey Whipwreck to retain the title
3.)Tommy Dreamer, Sandman & Raven defeated Da Baldies

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Joey Styles and Joel Gertner open up the show as usual. Styles introduces Francine and Raven to come out for an interview. Raven denies putting a bounty on Dreamer’s head. Francine asks if Styles is going to believe the Baldies or herself. She decides to let us know that she is a baldy, but can’t show us. That’s classy. She knows for a fact it wasn’t Raven. Styles wonders if it was her! She gets defensive when the Baldies make their way out. Raven insults Angel saying that he smells his mother on him because he only had ten dollars. He is beaten up by the Baldies.

2.We go outside to the Sinister Minister who says that Raven tells the truth even when he is lying. He think someone is pulling a lot of strings. It’s revealed that he has Mikey Whipwreck attached to strings and is playing with him.

3.Kash controls Corino early on with basic offense sending Corino over the top to the floor following a clothesline. Kash hits a springboard somersault dive onto Corino and Victory on the floor. Corino hits a sit down power bomb but only gets a near fall. Kash hits a double springboard cross body but isn’t able to put Corino away. Corino drops an elbow after hitting a clothesline for a two count. Kash fights back with a hurricanrana off the top rope and dropkicks Victory into the referee. Kash drives Corino down to the mat with a face buster but Rhino comes out. Kash avoids one spear, but is met with a second one. Corino covers Kash and wins the bout.

4.Backstage, Big Sal says that Little Guido is going to win the ECW Television Championship against Super Crazy. Cyrus comes over and says next week it will be a three dance between Guido, Crazy and Tajiri. Cyrus assures Guido that he is going to win the title.

5.Whipwreck goes for ECW gold this week against Super Crazy. Crazy opened the match with a head scissors and a spinning heel kick. Whipwreck avoids a moonsault on the floor and super kicks Craxy on the floor! Whipwreck drives Crazy back first into guard railing. He also drops the champ throat first across the guard railing. Crazy manages to hit a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Whipreck hits a gullotine leg drop but still can’t put the champion away. Crazy power bombs Whipwrecks off the top rope and hits a moonsault off the top to win the match. After the match, Little Guido enters the ring and attacks Crazy. Tajiri comes out as well and attacks Guido with several kicks and spits mist into Crazy’s face!

6.Backstage, Tommy Dreamer is talking about the bounty by Raven. He decides to double the amount that Raven is offering. He wants to know why Raven will not wrestle him. Dreamer punches the lockers around him. Dreamer thinks that Raven is nothing without him and that Raven needs him.

7.Next week, Rob Van Dam returns to television.

8.Tommy Dreamer was originally alone of the main event. He ends up having the Sandman as his partner for the match. During the commercial break, Sandman and Dreamer were controlling the Baldies throughout. Dreamer tosses Grimes off the top onto a piece of barbed wire. Dreamer wraps the barbed wire around his arm but misses an elbow drop and hits the ladder instead. Baldies have control now using the numbers advantage. Here comes Raven to maybe get revenge on the Baldies. Yes, that is exactly the case. Raven cleans house and plants DeVito with a DDT. Raven covers and wins the match. I didn’t know he was legal. After the match, Raven sits in a corner and looks at Dreamer. Mike Awesome’s music hits and the ECW World Champion makes his way out to the ring. Awesome is trying to be the voice of reason. Awesome knows for a fact Raven didn’t put the bounty out on Dreamer. Judge Jeff Jones put the bounty out on him! Awesome attacks Dreamer and Raven. Awesome power bombs Raven through a table. Awesome tosses Dreamer through another table in the corner to leave both men laying in the ring.

9.Backstage, Judge Jeff Jones put the bounty on Dreamer because he just wanted to have fun. Awesome tells Jones to shut up and demands his payoff. Awesome wants a payoff for taking out Raven as well. Jones gives Awesome some extra cash for that as well after being threatened.

10.Backstage, Cyrus talks to the Impact Players saying they have the hottest manager in wrestling. Jason thought he was talking about him.

11.Backstage, Jazz chimes in saying that she will bust Dawn Marie’s ass.

12.Backstage, Cyrus is hanging out with Rhino. He says RVD has come back just in time to see Super Crazy lose the ECW Television Championship. RVD will be taking orders from him and Rhino will beat RVD up. Rhino rams his head into a locker several times to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this was a good all around episode for ECW. The swerve with having Jeff Jones putting the bounty on Dreamer was nicely done. I don’t think that changes any of the issues with Raven and Dreamer, but having Awesome feud with Dreamer now could be a fun program. The action this week was fine. Corino hasn’t really wrestled on the program at this point, and his change in appearance when it comes to tights may be an attempt to make him look serious. It was a productive week and I’m interested to see where this goes.

Thanks for reading.

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